NewsCorp Villifies The Mongols

October 30, 2013

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Anyone who doubts that there is a global war against motorcycle clubs and that that war is being largely fought with hot air doesn’t have to look any farther than the front page of this morning’s New York Post.

An article there, titled “Inside the world’s deadliest biker gangs” was simultaneously published this morning by News Limited in Australia and appeared in a half dozen major newspapers down under. All these news outlets are owned by Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp, the same monster that poisons jury pools with Sons of Anarchy. In Australia, the story is illustrated with a video news feature that originated on the Fox Television affiliate in Los Angeles and was dramatically hosted by a Peabody Award winning reporter named Chris Blatchford.

Ashley Charles Wyatt

This morning’s story focuses on the recollections of a man known to the world as Charles Falco – a nom de trahison used by a born again Christian named Ashley Charles Wyatt. (You can learn more about Wyatt here.)

Wyatt describes “the brutal Outlaws as ‘a war machine,’ the Vagos as ‘mafia on wheels’ and the Mongols as ‘way, way more ruthless … because they aren’t afraid to go to prison – forever – so they walk right up, around children, and blow people away.’”

The man with multiple names describes the Mongols as “much, much more violent” than other clubs. He goes on to authoritatively state: “The difference between the Mongols and all other biker gangs is they brought in outside Hispanic street gang members…. They were 18, 19, 20 years old and they were willing to go to prison, they expected to…. So they would go where the Hells Angels were. There might be cameras, but they’d walk right up and blow them away…. They almost stabbed a Hells Angel to death at a Chucky Cheese pizza joint … in front of children…. They don’t care if they get caught..”

He tells the world that his Mongols chapter in Virginia, which was comprised almost entirely of sworn and unsworn government employees, devoted most of its member’s energy to “planning and hunting down Hells Angels….That’s what they (Mongols patch holders) live for…. It doesn’t matter where they are, they have to continue the war against the Angels.” So Australia better watch out. It seems almost beside the point to notice that almost everything Wyatt says is a lie.

Steve Cook

Today’s alarmist propaganda follows another News Limited story three days ago titled “Mongol invasion: Inside the most powerful bikie gang in Australia.” That story relied heavily on quotes from an unidentified “Australian police officer who has been investigating outlaw bikie gangs for more than a decade” and American motorcycle gang expert Steve Cook.

The Australian cop states unequivocally the Mongols are “known for ‘torture, murder, drugs, guns, explosives.’”

“Their reputation for violence and criminality is well deserved,” the Australian blowhard proclaimed. “And don’t believe all the PR they might say about how they’re just men who love their bikes and have a fight now and again, but collect toys for kids at Christmas. They are criminals. They are one percenters. They deal in methamphetamines, and to a lesser extent ecstasy and cannabis. They are into extortion big time, fraud and involved in places that are on the knife edge of criminality, like strip clubs.”

Cook warns Australians that newly patched Mongols down under “are now under the rule of the gang’s mother chapter, the Mongols in the U.S.” Cook, who lives in Missouri says, “We are gathering intelligence so we can be ready for when it begins…beatings, stabbings, shootings and arson, whatever happens.”

The Sunday story describes Cook as “Founder of the Midwest Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators” and as “one of the few international law enforcement officers with a working knowledge of the bikie gang scene in Australia.”

Cook also explains that the Mongols “love hiding behind these images that they are just a group of guys who just want to ride their motorcycles, the whole brotherhood thing. Don’t buy it. They are in it for ego, status and money from criminal activity. They are violent and anti-social and will threaten, intimidate and mistreat the general public. And they are selfish and childish. What kind of grown man likes to call himself Pig Pen or Tank and wear patches and a costume? They turn it on for the media and then they go out and shoot someone and an innocent person gets hurt.”



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59 Responses to “NewsCorp Villifies The Mongols”

  1. Road Whore Says:

    @ Bill

    Make sure you also scroll all the way down Rense’s page to the bottom and read the disclaimer, preferably the full disclaimer, to which there is a link in the main page disclaimer.

    Just be aware that there is a lot of pure crap out there on the Net, as well as elsewhere.

    I do have a dog in this fight.

    Ride Free

  2. Phuquehed Says:

    I notice on that other facebook page of Cooks, that he doesn’t allow commenting. What a fucking bitch.

    He’s also whining about some supposed “outlaw” hanging around them yet he’s tickled the said “outlaw” is buying the drinks and such. If that isn’t underwear scum, nothing is. Fuck you Cook, you faggot, pro dirty-sanchezer! I’d buy you a beer and piss in it and hand it to you all while you could watch/see, you fucking waste of good air.

  3. Bill Says:

    Here’s where I get my “news”, in addition to the running commentary on Rebel’s fine site: (scroll down a bit to Fukushima, if you’re feeling especially brave at the moment)

  4. Paladin Says:

    I don’t watch or listen to the news. I don’t watch or listen to shows that start out with “Good morning” or “Good Evening”, then spend an hour telling you why it isn’t.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  5. FF Says:

    I’m done with the “news”. it’s propaganda and lies. Distractions. Interference. Pap.

    I don’t even watch tv— just sports and barely at that. I despise fucking communists which is what that skinny affirmative action lowlife president is, and I hate the Vichy regime. They are all scum.

    I don’t care about politicians or voting LMFAO WHAT A JOKE THAT IS because their will be no political solution. Indeed, the PROBLEM IS POLITICAL. The politicians, the political class have created this calamity.

    And it will result in violence. EXTREME VIOLENCE. It’s going to make the former Yugoslavia (bosnia/Serbia/Croatia) look like a day at the ballpark.

    This country is broke. BROKE!!!

    I tell people that every day and they look at me like I’m crazy.

    Wait until that day comes when they go to the supermarket for a dozen eggs and a loaf of bread and it cost’s $10,000 dollars.

    Yeah, laugh it up funny boy. Laugh it the fuck up.

    And as far as these pigs are concerned, they’ll go away as soon as their paychecks are worthless.

  6. Sieg Says:

    With the so-called “news media”, I figure ya read the Communist News Network, Faux News, all the other lamestream media, then ya look at the various left/right websites, then you come here to read the news that really matters.

    5 to 1

  7. Dirty Dingus McGee Says:

    @YYZ Skinhead

    Yes Fox news is biased, but then so are any and all of the other “news” sources. If your political views are to the right or to the left, most folks gravitate to the sources that lean towards the same view point(ever watched MSNBC?).

    Those who have views that support some aspects of both the left and right, tend to not even bother with TV or print media(witness the dieing off of both mediums). Many use this here interweb to search out news, as it is easier to skip over the “fluff” and BS. That being said, most all reporters(very few are actual journalist’s)will still say or infer things that tend to support their views. One only needs to read the same “news” as written by Media Matters, then go and read the same “news” on, say, Fox news. You would have to read very closely to come to the conclusion they were talking about the same thing.

    Moral of my story; Believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see.


  8. Tooj Says:

    Cook isn’t worth waxing poetic over. His father wasn’t and none of his progeny will be.

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