New York Sport Biker Drama Blows Up

October 5, 2013

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The ugly road rage incident in Manhattan last Sunday has become the fatal hit and run in Thomas Wolfe’s 1987 satire The Bonfire of the Vanities. This story is growing as tropical depressions grow into Hurricanes. Feminist attorney Gloria Allred joined the ensemble cast yesterday. This morning Fox News recruited George Christie, Jerry Langton and Kerrie Droban to lend their voices to the loudening chorus.

Oh yeah, and as many as six undercover cops might have been eyewitnesses.

The Incident

If you have just returned from Mars, or as they say in New York, “friggin’ Mars,” the first thing you should know is that last Sunday in the Big Apple as many as a thousand sport and dirt bike riders participated in an informal rally called “Hollywood Stuntz” to commemorate the end of yet another Summer in the soon to be bleak Northeast. The point of the ride was for very sloppy packs of sport bikers to play cat and mouse with police as the riders stunted their way to Times Square.

Local cops saw it coming and set up checkpoints. Sixty-eight riders were ticketed. Fifteen of the stunt riders were arrested and cops impounded 55 motorcycles, at least some of which were not licensed to operate on public roads.

Into the midst of this chaos stumbled a black Range Rover driven by a local entrepreneur named Alexian Lien. Lien was on his way to celebrate his wedding anniversary with his wife, Rosalyn Ng and their two-year-old daughter. Some reports say Lien was impatient with the mob of motorcyclists. Eventually he ran into one of them and knocked the rider down. His car was then surrounded by sport riders, two of his tires were reportedly slashed and Lien panicked. Which is where Gloria Allred comes in.

Jeremiah Mieses

While attempting to escape a real or imagined threat, Lien ran over three motorcycles and very seriously injured Jeremiah Mieses of Lawrence, Massachusetts. Mieses suffered two broken legs, a broken back and spent a couple of days in a coma. He seems to be irrevocably paralyzed.

Mieses, who may not yet realize that his mother has found him the mother of all ambulance chasers, is now represented by distinguished advocate Gloria Allred who yesterday described Mieses as an “innocent victim.”

“Are people so blinded by their fears and prejudices in this case that they cannot see that before anyone laid a hand on Mr. Lien, that Edwin Mieses was run over and left severely injured,” Allred told a well attended presser. “Where is the justice in that?”

She humanized Mieses as the loving father of two children with his longtime companion Dayana Mejia and portrayed him as a peacemaker. “He tried to encourage people to move on and keep riding,” Allred said. “He was attempting to defuse the situation…he turned his back to the SUV to start walking back to his own bike. It was then, with his back to the SUV and as he was in front of it, that he was run over and crushed.”

What Would Real Bikers Do

The mob on bikes then gave chase. Near the George Washington Bridge one of the pursuers tried to pull open Lien’s driver’s side door but Lien escaped again by running over another motorcycle and speeding off.

The stunt riders finally caught Lien in traffic near the intersection of 178th Street and Saint Nicholas Avenue north of Harlem. Two riders smashed more windows, pulled Lien out of the car and roughed him up. The driver suffered a facial cut from the breaking glass and sustained two black eyes.

And since the stunt riders have been widely described as “bikers” in the last week numerous commentators have speculated about what would have happened to Lien if he had run into an angry pack of Hells Angels, Mongols or Pagans. Which is where Christie, Langton and Droban come in. All three agree that outlaws do have rules, that they wouldn’t have been all over the road harassing civilians in the first place and that real bikers ride in tight packs. Droban told Fox & Friends that patch holders and friends wouldn’t have been “taking over the road the way these guys did.”

Whether Lien deserved his beating or not is debatable. Langton told Fox, “It would be highly frowned on to be violent in front of a wife and kid. Let’s just say that.”

Christie was a little more ambiguous and realistic. “These guys just saw one of their friends get run over by an SUV. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen someone on a motorcycle get hit by a car…that takes off…let me tell you: It affects you.” Christie also told Fox that considering the minor extent of Lien’s injuries he thinks the sport bikers were restrained. “Maybe they noticed the mom and kid looking on,” he said.

Undercover Cops

Meanwhile numerous published accounts and informed sources have alleged that there was at least one undercover cop and possibly as many as six “undercover” cops in the motorcycle mob that pursued the black SUV. In several versions, the police are identified as “off duty” policemen which is hardly the same thing as being “undercover.” “Off duty” suggests any police who were present were there to stunt their way to Times Square. “Undercover” suggests a formal investigation of these seemingly undisciplined riders was underway.

The Daily News reported this morning that “An undercover NYPD detective, afraid of blowing his cover, watched a frothing motorcycle mob terrorize a defenseless Manhattan dad.” Citing a confidential source the Daily News said, “the detective wasn’t investigating anyone on the ride, but he thought he could pick up some tips about criminal activity. ‘It was like cold calling,’ said the source.”

Or, borrowing a phrase from journalism, the Daily News could have called it “enterprise policing.” But it makes sense when a reporter goes out and looks for a story all on his own. It seems unlikely that a New York cop was there because he decided to launch his own unassigned investigation.

Almost buried under all this speculation and analysis is the fact that two more men have been arrested. Police have identified Reggie Chance and Robert Sims as the men who smashed in the windows on the left side of Lien’s SUV. Two other men named Christopher Cruz and Allen Edwards were arrested earlier in the week.

There will be more. Count on that.


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92 Responses to “New York Sport Biker Drama Blows Up”

  1. jj solari Says:

    if you are driving an auto vehicle and you are suddenly surrounded and immersed in motorcycles what you do is gradually slow down and allow the motorcyclists the right of way. you do this even though they dont have the right of way. most people on bikes think they are the kings of the road just like most drunks think they can win a fight with Godzilla. if you are in a car you have the advantage even if it is Darth Vader on the motorcycle. so there is no glory in declaring war on motorcyclists while in your car, in terms of sheer slaughter ability you will be the victor. so you slow down or get the hell out of the way of the motorcyclists no matter who they are. because they are very likely idiots and will be killed down the road anyway when they crowd out the next guy. and if the next guy they crowd out is an asian at the wheel then….well, we all know what an asian behind the wheel of an SUV is capable of from just this incident. this is what asian drivers do. so you had asshole motorcyclists interacting with an asian driver in a huge car. its called cause and effect and none of this should be a surprise to anyone.

  2. WARTHOG Says:

    It all starts with respect. I live a couple miles away from the “enemy’s” clubhouse. Never, ever have had any trouble with any of them. They are Illinois’ dominate club and I have shown nothing but respect that that title deserves. Takes 5 minutes for initial introductions if we end up at the same event and have been shown the same respect in return. We won’t be holding hands singing “we shall overcome” anytime soon, but I’m not worried about getting shanked, either.
    Give respect, expect respect back. Just that simple.




    Great story, Base.


  3. Jim666 Says:

    Hose-a 1%er Says:
    October 24th, 2013 at 5:11 am
    @Jim 666 I couldn’t agree more.It’s unfortunate that problems in the past between clubs.No matter what club keep keeps the pot boiling.I.M.O. geography plays a big role in what patch someone wears.

    Hose-a 1%er
    I know some of your brothers some still around and others gone before their time, as of the ones I know/knew they were all good stand up men.
    I will not mention names here as this is not the place
    you touched on something the “Geography” defining what patch you wear.
    It us to be that very thing that decided your fate as a Patch holder , but as of late more areas are becoming melting pots of clubs,
    Where I live in Va. there was one Dom. Club at one time and it was yours
    Now there are at least 8 to 10 1% clubs in this state, and it seems to be that way everywhere now, not to mention the little mickey mouse start ups that have no sanction,
    Well as has been said before “the times they are a changing”
    Only time will tell how it all plays out.

    Respects Jim


  4. JMacK Says:


    Great story. Thank you. I know I’m guilty of forgetting to reminisce occasionally. It was a great story but it reminds me that without our memories, we basically have nothing.

    Jim666 and PigPen (and others) Great points. Not being a PH, I’m not at liberty to speak too loud on the subject, but that’s a great reminder of the way things should be. Especially if we have any hope of sustaining this lifestyle.

    Much Respect

  5. PigPen Says:

    agreed with Jim666. When I come here, I leave my Patch at the door. I have never said who I ride with, I have never asked anyone here who They ride with. I come here to get information, stay up on my community news, talk to those I have become close with. This is not the place to stir the pot in my opinion. Hell, some of the people that I am comfortable with here, might “play for the other team” and I wouldn’t know it. Jim666 said it very well, if you are a stand up guy, I can look past the Patch. That doesn’t mean my loyalty is any less for my Club, and It will always come first. But it does mean I can put certain things aside and learn something from a stand up cat.

  6. Hose-a 1%er Says:

    @Jim 666 I couldn’t agree more.It’s unfortunate that problems in the past between clubs.No matter what club keep keeps the pot boiling.I.M.O. geography plays a big role in what patch someone wears.
    Every body that wears a patch is very proud of their patch rightfully so. I’m done posting I’m going back in the weeds.
    Hose-a 1%er Pagan’s M.C. Retired F.T.F.

  7. Road Whore Says:

    @ Jim666…much respect for what you said: “I have very good friends is various clubs that some just would not understand. If I respect the man I couldnt care less which patch he wears. Of course this has led to some pretty harsh arguments between me and some of my brothers at times.
    But I still stand where I stand.”

    I think in this day and age we must especially remember that we are all Americans, we are all fellow human beings, and we should not consider a fellow human being and American an enemy because he belongs to a different club, when there are much larger issues at stake, especially the loss of our freedoms if we don’t band together to prevent that.

    Ride Free

  8. Base Says:

    Thanks y’all.

    After posting I called my sister and we talked for a couple hours about days gone by, she even logged on to Rebels page and read. She pointed out to me I forgot something.

    My Grand Fathers Rooster a Road Island Red named 2 toes (he lost them fighting a fox) Went after 3 Wheels for killing the chickens. I had forgotten all about it. And it was 1967, not 65.

    My apologies.

    Head on a swivel.


  9. FF Says:

    All, good stuff!

    Don’t have much time to respond; I’m at the Tampa airport catching a flight to the Big Rotten Apple, got a job interview tomorrow. wish me luck.


    If I get this job, you’ll be seeing me a lot. Thanks for the invite!

    PEACE and RESPECT to all 1%’ers.

    Frequent Flyer

  10. Jim666 Says:

    Great story Base thanks for shairing it,

    @ Dr. Sardonicus and Hose-a 1%
    I grew up in the same aria we might have stumbled across each other once or twice.

    Hose-a 1%er said

    October 23rd, 2013 at 5:20 am

    that’s hard for some to understand.There isn’t too much that is different about most 1%ers
    Pretty much leave us alone and we can all get along.But that’s another story.I’m not much on politics.

    I agree 100 % The Patch to me dosent matter quite as much as the man wearing it,
    Although I Respect my patch highly as I do some others.
    But the saying is very true

    “The patch doesnt make the man
    The man makes the patch”

    I have very good friends is various clubs that some just would not understand. If I respect the man I couldnt care less which patch he wears. Of course this has led to some pretty harsh arguments between me and some of my brothers at times.
    But I still stand where I stand.

    Respects to most here


  11. stroker Says:

    great story Base………brought back a few memories and a few chuckles too. Thanx

  12. Hose-a 1%er Says:

    Hose-a 1%er Pagan’s M.C. Retired F.T.F.

  13. Rahlow Says:

    Awesome story sir! Thanks fer sharing. Much Respect.

  14. 10Gauge Says:


    One hell of a story…for one hell of a man.

    RIP 3 Wheels

    Much Respect,

  15. sherides Says:


    Thanks for sharing your memory with us. I enjoyed it very much.


  16. Base Says:

    DR.S posted:

    a few of them could replace the 45 cubic inch flathead motor on a 1941 HD military trike with a 68 cubic inch knucklehead motor, connect the son-of-a-bitch to the 3-speed tranny (with reverse) utilize a drive shaft instead of a chain to power the solid disc rear wheels, install a Dana 44 automotive rear end and an XA springer front end and tear up the asphalt with it.

    You jarred loose a memory

    As a child, my family lived on the east coast, my grand father among other things was a Dairy farmer and his sons, my uncles & father all had houses on or near his land. My family, our friends all of them were hot rodders & bikers, greasers & hippies.

    You know blue collar, common folk, Earth people.

    A couple times a year we would roast a pig or steer and have the local’s out for a week end of partying. It was 1965-ish and the Viet Nam war was on the TV every night and it was a dark but simpler time.

    There was a 3 piece MC that always showed up riding their chops & bobbers. I believe all of them Vets. A couple of them worked for my Grand father once in a while during planting & harvest season. One in particular road a trike with a Knuckle engine. He carried all their gear as it were. But they used to set up this huge tent by my Grand Pa’s barn and that’s where they lived for those week ends.

    My memories of him are found because one of the things he always did was pull all the kids around in the fields on the hood of an old Chevy truck tied to the back of his trike. My sister & I always road on the trunk of that trike. I would stand between him & her. She’d wrap her arms around me & hold onto his cut. Yeah I’m the youngest.

    Not sure if we were his favorites because he always had time for all of us, perhaps it was perks for being my Grand fathers grand children. But he called us his brats!

    Now often these week ends could & would get rowdy. We had a roughly 3 acre track over a hill behind the barn we used for a race track and it was RWYB. So often it was a mix of cars & bikes racing side by side. Amazing someone wasn’t killed!

    On one particular fall gathering this patch on his trike was racing after consuming a little to much home brew and possibly a little mother nature. Not certain what happened if the throttle stuck or what but he went off the track over the hill, took out the large tent, part of the chicken coop and then on through the wall of Gramp’s barn.

    I can still see that tent flapping and dragging everything and anyone that was in it through the side of the barn and hear the roar of that old knuckle motor as it crashed through the barn wall with feathers & people flying. The only reason it did not come out the other side was it hit my Grand Fathers old Harvester they had hauled in the barn to repair the week end before. If it hadn’t been there he would have most certainly went straight through and made it to the rock wall that separated my fathers & grand fathers property.

    I remember vividly the laughter and gafa’s as they pulled him out with a broken leg and throwing dead chickens at his feet while he lay there on an old army cot suffering the humiliation & pain while they cleaned up and re-picked the tent.

    He laid there with a jug of my mothers home made wine smoking & laughing and wincing once in a while when one of his brothers walk by kicking his foot or dropping another dead chicken on his lap making some comment. They finally after what seemed a few hours hauled him off to the hospital in a VW van. As they carried him by me he winked and said.

    “See ya in a bit brat!”

    I was a little down because I liked him and thought he wouldn’t be back.

    I also remember waking the next morning to the sound of that old trike being fired up (his club brothers repaired it in the old mans shop over night with parts donated or fabricated by everyone)

    Anyway picture this wild eyed biker roaring around our property throwing turf in a fish tail hooting & howling with his leg in a cast sliding to a stop smiling and shouting at my sister & self

    “Hey brats, want to go for a morning ride?”

    Took her & I all of a half a tic to jump from the porch onto the trunk of that trike and we were off. I remember he smelled of sweat, elderberry wine, smoke and antiseptic. His cast already had signature’s and pictures of flying chickens and the sort all over it.

    My sister and I standing behind him with her arms wrapped around us, his hair slapping me in the face and all 3 of us laughing and hollering like the foxes who just hit the hen house ripping through a line of his club brother ol’ladies and others all shouting encouragement’s of various colorful medi-fores.

    I also remember distinctly passing the porch and my mother smiling with a look of not so much pride but satisfaction or happiness on her face as we blasted past her and shot down the lane and out onto the road tilting up on two wheels because we took the corner so fast.

    Good times.

    Thanks Dr. S, thanks for bringing me back to a time when life was a whole lot simpler and remembering a man I knew, he’s long been gone riding like a ghost in my memories with so many others I have known.

    RIP 3 Wheels, thanks for being who you were and thanks for showing 2 kids what it’s like to live for the moment. We will never forget and will always cherish & honor you memory and we will always be your brats.

    Now I am going to call my sister and take another trip down memory lane.


  17. Hose-a 1%er Says:

    @Dr.Sardonicas that is a great picture you paint of the old days.Some times I’d like to go back to them.Thats when you didn’t have to worry too much about the alphabet army and so much invasion of privacy.
    I have a very good friend that is a retired 81 that’s hard for some to understand.There isn’t too much that is different about most 1%ers
    Pretty much leave us alone and we can all get along.But that’s another story.I’m not much on politics.
    Thanks for the memories you shared.

    Hose-a 1%er Pagan’s M.C. Retired F.T.F.

  18. Redneck Says:

    I’m with Vince!

  19. Dr. Sardonicus Says:


    Thank you, sir. I appreciate that. I salute you for retiring the right way and in good standing.

    Being on the west coast, I miss those beautiful Virginia weeds – and dogwoods and maples, creeks, lightning bugs in June, Civil War battlefields, Stuckey’s, Great Falls, ozone before a thunderstorm, the blue ridge, Manassas, swimming holes in rock quarries, traveling carnival in the spring with the inevitable teenage (clean)fist fights every year (got my 2 front teeth knocked out once), Topps Drive-In, bar tending with a baseball bat in Blacksburg at the best redneck bar, white lightening, Dickey Betts and the Allmans w/ Duane, my parents and brothers now gone –

    Mostly I miss seeing long double-file Pagan’s blowing by my Plymouth Fury cage in an eardrum-breaking blur on I-95 or I-81. No helmets then, just black welder-goggles, calfskin dark brown (I think) scarves around the neck or fashioned as bandanas on a few, or none at all – many had waist-long hair whipping straight back at 90 mph like fuck you freak flags. Some made Frank Zappa look like Dan Quayle. You did NOT look them in the eye if you were a civilian. The last thing you’d see is the Pagan’s MC patch on the guys bringing up the rear – but barely, and only for a second ’cause they were gone as fast as they appeared. That’s how I remember my home state of Virginia born and bred.

    So long ago it’s almost like I dreamed it…

    It’s funny – I have an ex-Hells Angel Chapter Prez for a business partner but he knows I learned early on Pagan’s are a special breed. Cannot be explained in words – you have to experience it. When we met I made that clear. He has never once
    raised a brow or remotely hinted that I was mistaken or had poor judgement. He has always respected my respect for PMC.

    That’s saying a lot about Pagan’s MC in my opinion.

    Peace and respect, Hose-a 1%er

  20. Hose-a 1%er Says:

    @Dr.Sardonicas,I jumped out of the weeds into a conversation that was on going and that was my bad.I looked into another thread and caught your conversation with @FF and see where I jumped in half cocked.So I’ll take my fuck you back and go back into the weeds now.Thanks for the link to the Spirit album brought back some good memories.I’m a Virginia Pagan from Southern Virginia.I got in the club 23 years ago and Iam still in good standing with my Colors but retired. Now I’ll go back to the weeds.
    Hose-a 1%er Pagan’s M.C. Retired F.T.F.

  21. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    Hose 1 %er Wait before you go back in the weeds, I said this on that other thread few days ago before you made your comment. If you want to fuck me off after reading it fine. You’re a retired PMC and I won’t challenge it – read on you’ll understand why. It matters.

    “If you were a Northern Virginia Pagan somehow teleported from 1972 to present day, not only would you have not found the remark disrespectful, you would have agreed with it if you understood it to be steeped in sarcasm.

    It was a throwaway abstract remark intended for the few readers born
    before 1960 that would get it. You had to read between the lines. What was
    going through my mind as you ask was this:

    The debate and comments on the page (Iron Order) had, after some 200 of them, deteriorated into a pissing contest of monumental proportions, bitchy name-calling, mud-slinging and character assassination . You know, a typical Saturday night sorority party after 11pm.
    Actually it became an all-out keyboard commando brawl. The back and forth bitch-slapping had gotten to the point
    that if people were on the phone doing this they’d hang-up on each other, call back and hang up again. You’d never know it was an “outlaw biker” blog by the comments.
    In the midst of it all my remark meant this – “Take the Pagan’s for instance, they are the real deal and you don’t find them posting on the internet that much. They never cared to master the keyboard. They are not secretaries.
    They are highly regimented 1%er outlaw badass bikers. They wouldn’t be on the web dicking around with this Iron Order nonsense.

    The ones I knew couldn’t type because they WOULDN’T WANT TO– but in their home or club garage in Winchester, VA a few of them could replace the 45 cubic inch flathead motor on a 1941 HD military trike with a 68 cubic inch knucklehead motor, connect the son-of-a-bitch to the 3-speed tranny (with reverse) utilize a drive shaft instead of a chain to power the solid disc rear wheels, install a Dana 44 automotive rear end and an XA springer front end and tear up the asphalt with it.

    I never said they couldn’t spell or they were stupid. But it is sounding like it was interpreted that way.

    Long before my paths crossed with certain well-known chapter presidents from 3 different well-known clubs on the west coast, my first exposure to this life was when I was 16 years old and got
    to run errands for the 2 Pagan’s that lived a few blocks away from me
    in Fairfax County, Virginia. This was in 1972-73, and they are not alive anymore.

    From my experiences only, I concluded that if you are not a friend, a Hells Angel and a Pagan can be equally frightening.

    The difference to me was, if you were on either one’s shit list, at least you could always reason with the Hells Angel. Interpret that any way you want but know that I mean that with love and respect to both, who have given that back in kind.”

  22. Hose-a 1%er Says:

    Point made going back in the weeds.Hose-a 1%er Pagan’s M.C. Retired

  23. Dr. Sardonicus Says:


    I meant it was under “Latest On New York Biker Rage”

    Jesus I don’t know what the hell I’m saying. Losing it..

    It’s probably not under that either. I’m an idiot.

  24. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    @KK It was at the end of “Latest On New York Biker Drama Blows Up” under the PMC explanation.

    20 years from hack to Christie (also USMC).

    Agreed on PMC statement.

    @ Hose 1%er – Well that shoots that theory all to hell.

  25. KK Says:

    Hose 1%: LOL He tried to justify his comment on another post to FF.
    Cut him some slack he was in “duress” the night he made the comment. hahaha.

    I was thinking though what 1% patch holder isn’t in “duress” everyday of the week. wtf do I know.

    FF:No disrespect here, but I gotta take my “laptop”( can’t read to good on my Iphone) to the head when I read your posts/rebuttals, thier long & entertaining man. (“college psychobabble”, gotta try that on them youngin college females).

    You ever near Pittsburg,Del., Philly(yea I’m all over) hit me up.

    Dr S: You went from being a cab driver in LA to being a 50% partner with Christie, rather interesting I must admit.

    If you were schooled by PMC members in the early 70’s as you state, you were given an education no price can be put on.

    I can’t find where you & FF traded your pleasentries but I respect it, site gets old when it becomes a pissn match, assclown this assclown that.

    Hose 1% Take care as always.

  26. Hose-a 1%er Says:

    Dr.sardonicus FUCK YOU FROM MY LAP TOP
    Hose-a 1%er Pagan’s M.C. retired

  27. donny1020 Says:

    Fuck the police, fuck the squares, and fuck all yuppie assholes who ride road kings and such. You’re just a bunch of fag businessmen. DFFL

  28. Jim Wassumtate Says:

    Dr. Sardonicus where is the love? That’s a lot of anger for a liberal disguising himself as a “racist.” Relax, doc – everybody doesn’t have to love George Christie you know. I’d even go so far as to guess that he
    has more important things to worry about than a little criticism on a message board.

    Where he’s headed right now he’ll get more than his share of it. I’m sure he can handle it. Lay off the Prozac Doc it turns your brain into oatmeal and makes you ramble on incessantly, bro.

    It can also make people delusional, making them think they are friends with people they’ve never met..

  29. FF Says:


    Yes, I’m Frequent Flyer.

    Nice catch on “Dr. Sardonicus”. I noticed that too, but I refuse to respond to him, he’s obviously a troll looking to play me and my shadow on the internet.

    90% of his posts read like so much community college psychobabble.

    If I had to bet dollars to donuts, he’s majoring in criminal justice.


  30. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Doing good here man still out and about bracelet free and living the dream. Just had the first winter storm that dropped heavy rain, winds and a dusting of snow now watch next week it will be eighty degrees out. Strange ass southwest weather but it beats the easternwinter weather.

    Take care & my very best to you and yours.

    Viva Los Vagos

  31. Glenn S. Says:

    Thank you, AVAGOVFFV, KK, and Tricky Tramp. Respect to you.

  32. Tricky Tramp Says:

    Glen S.
    You said it all.

  33. Meh Says:

    “If enough people would write congressman and city official, stating that le forming mc clubs makes them feel unsafe to trust law enforcement, i bet ya the gov would come up with a rule restricting leo’s to be in mc’s.”

    Brilliant idea. Make sure to post comments anywhere you can, because it could certainly create the impression of conflict of interest!

    “Dear Editor,
    I recently saw a very scary bunch of icky “bikers” doing “icky biker stuff” then heard them saying they were policemen! I can’t hold up Officer Friendly as a moral example to my grandkids when they carry on like that. My tax dollars shouldn’t be paying for public safety officers who indulge in such clearly unprofessional conduct!

    Granny Bluehair
    Concerned Citizen”

  34. Freeman Says:

    If enough people would write congressman and city official, stating that le forming mc clubs makes them feel unsafe to trust law enforcement, i bet ya the gov would come up with a rule restricting leo’s to be in mc’s.

  35. FBomb Says:

    To hear the pigs tell it their cop clubs never get in trouble or break the law. They’re all “law-abiding”.

    Yeah, and Liberace didn’t smoke poles like he was at an Iron Order rally either…

    Here’s another group of jiz-guzzling pig cops from the “Iron Buttbrotherhood” that SHOULD be in jail but as usual nothing is going to happen:

  36. FBomb Says:


  37. Sieg Says:

    Shit, they are everywhere. Here’s a good one for y’all, a group of Melrose PArk piggies asking the AOA for the nod to fly in their AO, and wearing support patches. Course, with Melrose Park, well, anyone that lives around Chicago knows they’re crookeder than the crooks.

    5 to 1

  38. Freeman Says:

    There is a shit load of pig mc clubs, specially in the states.

  39. KK Says:

    Dr Sardonicus: You left a remark a few weeks back, don’t recall verbatim what is stated , no time to look for the post, but it went something like this:

    “Didn’t know Pagans knew how to read or could afford laptops”

    Now, Im reading how your “pissed” & how dare anyone have a difference of opinion of Mr Christie comments on some tv show, then calling out another poster here FF.

    (FF: You “Frequent Flyer” or is that another poster? Curious.)

    “Mocking George like a fucking 10th grader cancels your credibility, so much for representing your fellow 1%ers”

    Then you leave this long winded history drivel on race relations and end your comments with:

    “I really don’t give a rats ass about a bunch of niggers on scooters in New York.

    But I do give a rats ass and a lot more about George Christie.

    You could learn a thing or two about good manners from him”.

    I never met Mr Christie, no disrespect here but don’t have any plans to either, don’t care who you support, but perhaps you could take a note or two on manners from him.

    Wipe your mouth once in a while about respect & credibility, your hypocrisy is leaking out the side a bit.

    Just my O Dr.

    Glenn S: That about sums it up for me & many others we ride with.

    AVAGO: How you been? hopefully all is well, good health.

    Bill: All to common video lately, speaking of video, was it one of the ” NY undercover” cops who had the original video that went viral?

    How did Gloria Allred get involved , damn, all the press whore lawyers in NY & she gets to represent him from LA.

    Rebel:Rapper weed is strong.

    Watch out for wet leaves! Back to stalking………….

  40. jcfromnj Says:

    I feel in a very sharing mood this morning with all my fellow Road Warriors. I’ve dug deep down into my audio file collection, past the 8 tract tapes to the absolute best little law enforcement parody that I own….it’s called “His Majesty The Policeman” by the hippest Hipster of them all Lord Buckley, before Carlin, Lenny Bruce et al… enjoy

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