Finks Become Mongols

October 2, 2013

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According to published reports in Australia, about 90 percent of the Finks Motorcycle Club has joined the Mongols Motorcycle Club. The Mongols previously had Australian chapters in New South Wales, Victoria, Adelaide and Perth. The reports describe the patch over as amicable. The Brisbane Courier Mail reports that there will now be about 400 Mongols in Australia

Australian police have become increasingly hostile to motorcycle clubs since the enactment of a series of so-called “bikie laws” began in 2009. The original law in New South Wales was called the “Criminal Organisations Control Act.”

The bikie laws ban membership in motorcycle clubs based on “criminal intelligence.” The laws vary from one Australian state to another. Some laws specify that the ban must be made public before it is implemented. Some states allow the ban to be kept secret. Generally, the “intelligence” on which a ban is based can be kept secret.

The Finks

The Finks was formed in Adelaide in 1969. The name derives from The Wizard of Id comic strip. A running gag in the 50-year-old strip is to have peasants proclaim “The King is a fink!” The Finks MC has been officially banned in Australia since March.

Queensland Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie told The Australian, “It’s concerning and disappointing they (the Finks) think they could get around these new laws we’re introducing by showing strength in numbers.” Among the laws proposed by Bleijie is one that would allow club members to “be hauled before secret hearings and stripped of their assets in a bid to gut their business model.”

Bleijie described the patchover as “just a fear and intimidation tactic by the Finks.”

“They can do whatever they want to change their names, to change their membership, to change their organization but we will find them. We will track them down,” Bleijie said.

The Australian also reported “Authorities have ‘no idea’ what the patch over will do to moves to have the Finks declared a criminal organization or if the legal action will proceed if the Finks walk away from the club.” An unnamed police spokesman told the paper “This is massive…. This will elevate the Finks to the international stage and make them the most powerful gang in Australia…. It will also give them international links equal to the Hells Angels.”

The Mongols

The Mongols Motorcycle Club was founded on December 5, 1969 in Montebello, California. Within five years the club had additional chapters in Los Angeles, San Diego, Bakersfield, Long Beach, the San Gabriel Valley and the San Fernando Valley.

The Mongols MC was the target of a major ATF undercover entrapment called Operation Black Rain from 2005 through most of 2008. The subsequent racketeering prosecution attempted to seize the Mongols name and patch. Three judges ruled the attempted seizure to be unconstitutional.

As a result of the investigation, former Mongols President Ruben “Doc” Cavazos was sentenced to serve 14 years in prison. Cavazos had previously been expelled from the club.



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21 Responses to “Finks Become Mongols”

  1. grant philpot Says:

    muck is comancheros hammer not a shin head ,kfer, their is a difference

  2. grant philpot Says:

    i second danny thank you

  3. SOUTHPAW 1%ER Says:

    Fuck you Shotgun!!,
    What a lame,your slip is showing chump LMAO..BIG SOUTHPAW 1%ER.

  4. Danny Says:

    The problem is that the politicians & the so called judicial system is more corrupt then any 1% MC,the US has always had the bad boy image & that’s what makes the US the US.
    Let’s all review…. From Bonnie & Clyde to Jesse James to Al Capon, Baby Face & so on & so on. Even our fighter pilot’s are given per scribed speed during a time of war so that they don’t fall asleep but if a biker is to use speed to get across our so call ed FREE country he’s an outlaw who’suusing drug’s illegally. So it seems to me that ilegal actions are more then fine when our goverment does it. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to get on the Internet and see all the illegal actions the goverment has taken. There just pissed that whatever they do an MC is better at it. It’s kind of like our justice system. They say in god we trust and do you swear to tell the truth. Well I don’t believe in God and to whom am I swearing to ? Is it your so called god because he’s about as real as santa Claus . And what happened to innocent until proven guilty? Because I myself have had warrants put on me without facts or even knowing about a warrant. That doesn’t seem like a fair judicial system to me ! Our laws are so crazy that you have to hire an attorney to make any sense of the garbage. They want to go after bikers for running guns drugs and various other thing’s it’s a lot better then the US selling gun’s to Iran, I rag and Northern China. Or what about us not only funding Bin Laden with tax payers money but training him and training the ass holes who flew plane’s into our own buildings on US turf ????
    Anyways I could go on and on about our corrupt goverment I just basically want to say get a life and leave the 1% MC Club’s alone. Maybe you should take a long look at yourself in the mirror before you go picking on people that are doing thing’s that are way less worse then what you the goverment are doing. I think there just pissed because all 1% ers have enough back bone to stand up to them. One last thing. Since our judicial system is basically founded on our so called god and bible one of the most important thing’s is the so called 10 commandments is thall shall not kill. Of course unless the goverment says it’s OK then you have a free pass to ignore what God said and commit murder ???? Well how does that work? I’ll tell you how it works. The goverment said it’s OK to go against there god and right there own rules

  5. Dom whoo Says:

    When are the mongols mc coming to the United Kingdom. ????

  6. Observer Says:

    Very sad. The mongols should have patched over to the Finks not the other way round. Another bit of australian history and culture disappeared

  7. ShotGun 1%er Says:


    Shut the fuck up about Respect, because your club hands fucking patches out anytime a patch holder wants to start a new chapter.

    Think about it. ! Mother fuckers don’t even have to prospect as long as your a Big enough Thug, or your ride a PatchHolders dick your in. Personally that’s why alot of the Ole School Lifetime members have been retiring because its a fucking Joke.

    Your fuckin lames , and before you or anyone says anything about coming to say it too a Mongols face I already have!

  8. Muck 1%er Says:

    @ Hammer?%

    Where the fuck did that come from? Never mind, I don’t even care. No matter where it came from, it was an unprovoked attack on me personally. Also an attack on the Honor of my club which has EARNED it’s place and the respect of the other clubs. Even the ones who may not like us…respect us.

    You on the other hand are a DISRESPECTFUL FUCK and I couldn’t give two shits about your worthless opinion.

    It is absolutely none of your business what symbols my club does or does not use. For your information, I have never in my life claimed to be a “skin,” nor would I aspire to be one. Again…my beliefs and opinions on such matters as racism are none of your business either.

    I’m givin you the benefit of the doubt here and I’m gonna think that maybe you have me mixed up with someone else named Muck, because I don’t know you and I REALLY think that you don’t know me. There IS not doubt though as to your DISRESPECTFULNESS!!!

    On that note…my back is to you

  9. Tooj Says:

    …and these…are the days of our lives…


  10. Hammer 1% Says:

    Muck O% you call yourself a “proud” White man but you join the only Mexican club around? The only MC in history to ban ANY and ALL symbols of “hate”! What a joke!You were never a skin and you will never be a 1%er!

  11. PAJAMA Says:

    Outstanding, Brilliant and Triumphant move! HUAH to all new Brothers from Down under.

  12. Jim Says:

    Former Mongol and Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura said “Once a Mongol, always a Mongol”.

  13. JAMES Says:

    Deleted one message

    Read Message

    Subject: Hells Angels ‘offering cash incentives’ – Oct 5, 2013 – Australia…

    Size: 19 KB
    Article URL:

    SOS MC Retired
    Hells Angels ‘offering cash incentives’
    Robyn Wuth | 12:01am October 5, 2013

    OUTGUNNED Hells Angels have opened their war chest, offering millions of dollars in a desperate bid to recruit members as the club tries to muscle up before the arrival of bitter international rival, the Mongols.

    The Angels are offering huge financial incentives to seduce members of rival bike clubs to patch over the to “red and white army”.

    Sources say the club has millions of dollars in cash to lure new members.

    In 2011, the Hells Angels paid a rumoured $6 million to patch over 60 members of the Bandidos in Sydney, including the entire Bandidos Parramatta chapter, when it needed to boost numbers.

    That translated to $100,000 for every Bandido who adopted the flying skull logo of the Hells Angels.

    The Hells Angels recognise they are “hopelessly outnumbered” on the Gold Coast after the Mongols’ underworld coup of patching across hundreds of members of the Finks, with more than 300 reported to have committed to join the US powerhouse.

    Insiders say the “vast majority” of the club is now officially Mongol, with only the stalwart old timers refusing to hand in their beloved Finks colours.

    The official Mongol vests have been shipped from the US and will be on the streets within days.

    The patch-over has sent shockwaves through Australia’s outlaw gangs.

    Sources said members of other clubs are “falling over themselves” to join the super club which authorities fear will now dominate the landscape of Australia outlaw gangs.

    “They have a frightening history in the United States,” police said.

    “We have no way of knowing if this patch-over will increase levels of violence, or if it will be status quo.

    “Will it be the same guys in new vests, or will joining the so-called Mongol Nation bring with it increasing levels of violence?”

    The US has struggled to deal with the Mongols who have been labelled the “most violent and dangerous in the US”.

    With the bitter history between the two clubs, the Hells Angels are desperately trying to buy new members.

    The Hells Angels have yet to make an impact on the Coast , with their Lemana Lane clubhouse at Burleigh Heads – the third bid by the club to gain a toehold in the city.

    The club has recruited former Paramatta-based Bandido national Sergeant-at-Arms John Fahey to draw new recruits.

    Sources say recruitment has gone into overdrive.

    “They would take anyone at the moment,” sources said.

    “They are throwing the cash around and promising the world, as usual.

    “That’s where the Angels get it wrong.

    “They think they can buy loyalty.”

  14. Muck 1%er Says:

    Welcome to my new Australian Brothers.

  15. BOGART 1%ER Says:


  16. JAMES Says:

    Welcome all FINKS M.C.

  17. MeYeahMe Says:

    Spot on CN. This is definitely coming to Amerika at some point, as soon as the Feds get it ironed out. They are counting on the average Joe to care less about the biker sub-culture, as well as the fighting between various clubs as a way to divide and conquer. The only real way to survive is for ALL clubs (even those that are sworn enemies) to band together against it. There IS strength in numbers…

  18. rookery Says:

    CN, actually what you are seeing here is just a small part of a vastly more complex US led exercise. The US feds are advising on both efforts in Oz and Europe to destablise all the international clubs and big MC’s as a prelude to instigating similar tactics in the good ol USA. The original premise for this operation was a lengthy tome called operation Monitor which was the brain child of ex Danish biker cop called Manfred Seitner (you can google him). He’d seen at first hand how easy it was to manipulate fuckwit politicians into passing draconian legislation in the biker conflicts in Denmark in the eighty’s. His thoughts on this were taken up by the feds in the states and refined to the point where it became a 1200 odd page operating manual for various worldwide alfabet agencys to act against the MC’s. Everything is covered, manipulation of the media is a major major part of the plan. If you watch, as I do the media in Canada/states/oz and Germany you will see that a almost identical pattern of negative reporting is published. Why? because fed trained media spokespeople are feeding the same malignant tripe to imbecile reporters everywhere, most of whom care little and think less about us. There is serious manpower and budgets being used here. The morons in politics in OZ are dancing to the tune of the US feds only they are too fuckin stupid to realise it.
    As a ps to this rant the original publication of ‘monitor’ ( I myself have only seen a partial German translation) has to be available somewhere somehow in some form under the freedom of information act in the states. I wouldn’t know how to start tracking it but if you are a MC member with the nous of how to go digging through the system looking for it, i’d advise you in the interests of your club to do just that.

  19. CN Says:

    Australia is the poster child for Totalitarian treatment of Motorcycle Clubs. I’m not at all up to speed on what sort of Constitutional Civil Rights Australians are entitled to but being in or associated with an MC in Australia seems to have nullified them. Much like “the plague” these extreme cultural prejudices can jump from port to port on flea infested rats and thus as other governments jealousy eye the Australian experience similar banishments of subcultures who refuse to be controlled can establish themselves on other shores. The Australian example must never be allowed to infest itself here. Banded together MC’s could defend against this, divided
    the defence against this is less likely to succeed however a unified front means hearts & minds will have to overcome long held divisions and that needs to happen sooner rather than later. Either way, know your rights. The future is unwritten.

  20. jrnr Says:


    Amen to that! Amerika, you should pay attention.



  21. Sieg Says:

    TOSIAR-coming soon to an Australia near you.

    5 to 1

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