Road Rage Warriors Arrest

October 1, 2013

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There was an arrest this morning following Sunday’s ugly confrontation between an oblivious driver and an enraged pack of aggressive sport bike riders in Manhattan.

Christopher Cruz of Passaic, New Jersey turned himself in to police in New York City. He was charged with reckless endangerment, reckless driving, menacing and endangering the welfare of a child. A second suspect, Allen Edwards of Queens, also turned himself in but has not yet been charged. Multiple news sources in New York are reporting that police are seeking a third suspect in Brooklyn.

The sport bike riders were participating in an informal rally called “Hollywood Stuntz.” About a thousand motorcycles participated in the rally which marks the end of the summer riding season in the Northeast. According to New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, “This is a major stunt event where motorcyclists from various locations come together. Their ultimate goal is to get into Times Square, which they did last year. Quite frankly, it wasn’t on anybody’s radar screen last year. We were aware of it this year.” Police set up checkpoints throughout the city on Sunday and arrested 15 riders, issued 68 tickets and impounded 55 motorcycles.

Alexian Lien

The oblivious driver behind the wheel of a Range Rover was a New York entrepreneur and graduate of Columbia University named Alexian Lien. Lien (above), accompanied by his wife and daughter, was driving his black SUV on the Henry Hudson Parkway about 1:30 p.m. on Sunday. The pack had just crossed the Brooklyn Bridge and encountered Lien as the bikes began to move north. The New York Times reported this morning that Lien sped up as he was enveloped by the pack and cursed at the riders. When one of the bikes slowed to a stop in front of Lien he ran into the bike and knocked it down.

New York police are describing that collision as an accident

Some of the sport riders dismounted to offer assistance to the fallen biker. As the men approached Lien panicked and ran over three more riders. The most seriously injured of those was Jeremiah Mieses of Lawrence, Massachusetts who suffered two broken legs and a broken back. Mieses is now paralyzed.

The Pursuit

As Lien sped away the pack gave chase and caught the SUV near the entrance to the George Washington Bridge. After one of the riders dismounted and tried to open Lien’s door, the driver again accelerated and ran over another motorcycle.

The pack finally caught Lien after he was stopped by traffic near the intersection of 178th Street and Saint Nicholas Avenue in Washington Heights in upper Manhattan. At least two riders smashed the Range Rover’s windows, pulled Lien out of the vehicle and beat him as his wife and daughter looked on.

Lien was taken to New York Presbyterian Hospital where he was treated for facial cuts and released. He has not been charged.




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  1. Sieg Says:

    “A non violent citizens arrest attempt was made at exit ramp 14”

    Obviously ray-ciss. The poor downtrodden yoof should get Alsharpton in on the action.


  2. Base Says:

    Using the gear box to slow down suddenly is just as effective as breaking to check another vehicle. And it gives no indication of your intentions. Especially the vehicle to your immediate rear.

    Cruz lied. He checked that SUV. He knows it. I know it. Anyone that drives a vehicle and has seen the video knows it.

    After doing so he made eye contact with Lien. If he was looking for his friends he did that after he gave Lien the ha ha look.

    Also recorded at that moment was the fact that Lien was already panicked? Or: Driving just as aggressively as the mob?

    What happened before the camera started rolling will always be a bit of a mystery. As indicated, the smashed mirror & experience tells me that when the squid/Mob (group of bikes) came upon Lien & his family their were at least some aggressive posturing from both parties before any contact was made.

    People in cars always feel they have the edge by about 1200 or more lbs when it comes to right of way on the roads. And are willing to be some what more aggressive than your average motorcyclist.

    But this Mob of bikes were not the average that day. They were out to disrupt and “stunt all the way to the square””take over the streets” That was the big speech the organizers or coordinators used at the rally point.

    Every time they have had this event their has been incidents.

    Everybody involved has to look no further than a mirror to find who is responsible for what happened.

    The head line should have read

    “A bunch of dumb asses got together and!”

    “If you listen to fools the Mob rules”

  3. ae em Says:

    Many bloggers claim a ‘brake check’. Looking at the video you can see that Cruz does NOT have both of his hands on the handle bar. Cruz left hand is on his left thigh. In the video it sure looks like a massive slowdown, but the resting left hand would be my ‘proof’ that it was not intentional.

  4. ae em Says:

    The drivers handbook offers a few common sense instructions for passing and being passed. Aggressive drivers do not follow these recommendations. There is a reason why Lien does not want to voluntarily yield or stop for these motorcyclists. According to Clint Caldwell the SUV driver throws a water bottle at motorcyclists. The police also reports a smashed side mirror. The side mirror is an interesting detail. A smashed side mirror is not a random act of anger. Typically a careless driver is awarded with a side mirror smash when an unsafe lane change nearly takes out a motorcyclist. Which side such as left or right matters. Passenger or driver side smash depending on which side was the offensive side in the incident. The side mirror smash is a telltale of a biker zero incident prior to the minor incident with Cruz. The excuse of protecting the 2 year old girl could equally be seen as child endangerment misdemeanor if the SUV driver was the aggressor. A non violent citizens arrest attempt was made at exit ramp 14. This is witnessed by 5 cars including white Toyota station wagon that by leaving the scene allows felony suspect to continue fleeing.

  5. Va.Bob Says:

    [email protected] and dirtbikes will be in style for said groups for the rest of your life.The vehicles are more attainable than a lot of things,by hook or by crook.And in the inner city,easy to evade the popo utilizing these rides.Expect more of these incidents.And remember:anarchy by means of internal-combustion ain’t just for white folks.Must be fun to be a not-give a-fuck motorcycle rider in an imploding city like Detroit,these days.

  6. E Says:

    The mudblood stopped short in front of him to try an catch an insurance payoff! Life will be better for Bikers and Motorcyclists in Philly (and New York) when crotchrockets and dirtbikes are no longer in style for non-whites.

  7. Phuquehed Says:

    @FF – Good link. Nice to know the fucktard DA Agnifilo thinks the crimes are too fucking simple to charge anyone with, yet I’ll bet my right fucking kidney the cunt uses RICO for the slightest offense she can think of against 1%er’s.

    Fuck the feebs, fuck the feds, fuck the government, fuck the pigs and fuck dishonest DA’s. TOSIAR

  8. FF Says:

    It’s a good this the family dog wasn’t in the car *rimshot*

  9. SingSing Says:

    This was from an article making the rounds here in NYC: Former Hells Angels leader slams New York beating after motorcycle chase

    A former Hells Angels leader who watched the helmet-cam video of a high-speed chase in New York that resulted in a father taking a beating in front of his wife and 2-year-old child said nothing justifies the attack.

    “These types of incidents unfairly give us a bad name,” George Christie, who led the Ventura, Calif., chapter of the Hells Angels for 35 years, said. “They are not an example of what we stand for.”

    The six-minute video, which was taken last Sunday, shows dozens of bikers alongside a black Range Rover SUV on Manhattan’s West Side Highway.

    The bikers surround the SUV.

    “I don’t know if you’ve ever seen someone on a motorcycle get hit by a car—that takes off– let me tell you: it affects you.”
    – George Christie

    Alexian Lien, the driver, steps on the gas and runs into Edwin Mieses Jr., who suffered a broken spine and other serious injuries, according to Gloria Allred, his defense attorney. Allred said Mieses may be paralyzed.

    “These guys just saw one of their friends get run over by an SUV,” Christie said. “I don’t know if you’ve ever seen someone on a motorcycle get hit by a car — that takes off– let me tell you: it affects you.”

    Christie made clear that there is no excuse for the beating, but said the riders appeared to be acting on emotion. He said you can compare the feeling of riding with a group with the sensation of being in a charging army. “There’s a lot of power; it’s very seductive.”

    The helmet-cam video cuts out when the riders catch up to Lien and one uses his helmet as a hammer to smash in his driver’s side window. Christie said Lien was grossly outnumbered and the fact that the bikers, considering their frenzy, only left Lien with two black eyes and a cut on his face that required stitches indicates that they exercised some restraint.

    “Maybe they noticed the mom and kid looking on,” Christie said.

    Lien’s wife, Rosalyn Ng, has said that her family’s sympathies go out to Mieses, but that they had to flee a dangerous situation. She said her husband was trying to protect her and their child.

    Jerry Langton wrote several books on motorcycle clubs, including a profile on Walter Stadnick, the founder of the Hells Angels in Canada. Langton said the riders who appeared in the video are far from being a true motorcycle club. These clubs, like the Hells Angels or Outlaws, often wear uniforms, ride Harleys and adhere to a code of conduct that would oppose what was seen in the video, Langton said.

    “It would be highly frowned on to be violent in front of a wife and kid,” he said. “Let’s just say that.”

    Langton recalled a story of an associate from the Montreal chapter of Hells Angels who accidentally killed an 11-year-old in a bombing. That associate was later killed.

    A former rider with the Legion of Doom, a New York motorcycle club, told that these bikers who terrorize motorists give responsible bikers a bad name. These thrown-together groups are often comprised of riders out for a thrill who take little precaution.

    “I don’t have any respect for people who don’t know how to ride in a proper formation on the highway,” said Angel, the former rider who only gave his first name for the report. “You also don’t chase and beat up a man in front of his family. They’re a bunch of cowards.”

    Angel, now 48, rode motorcycles since he was a teenager in Puerto Rico and continued in Brooklyn until he got married in 2004.

    “If I was with my family and I was being chased, I would have just drove my SUV into as many of them as I could,” he said.

    This group of motorcyclists were headed to an annual rally in New York’s Times Square sponsored by Hollywood Stunts, Kerrie Droban, a lawyer and author of three books on biker gangs, said.

    Droban said when a traditional motorcycle gang takes to the street there’s an order in place. Oftentimes a road captain and riders are traveling in a particular order. When a member is pulled over by police, “all of them pull over together.”

    “They’re not taking over the road the way these guys did,” she told Fox & Friends.

    The Daily News reports that Reggie Chance, 38, turned himself in and is being questioned by police in connection to the beating. Robert Sims, 35, was charged with gang assault and other charges the report said.

    Photo by The Ventura County Star

  10. Road Whore Says:

    @ Tooj: Happy Birthday and Slainte! :)

    Ride Free

  11. jcfromnj Says:

    A cluster-fuck of Rice Burner’s, Yep.But Rebel check this out, there was an Undercover NYPD on the scene that day and has just surfaced. An IA affairs Investigation (yeah) is underway..WTF was that all about ?

  12. VINCE 1%er Says:

    Yeah….I read that earlier today before opening up the shop here on a Saturday for 1/2 a day.
    Nice….this “undercover’ Narcotics PIG lets this whole scenario of BEATING a Man in front of his wife & 2 year old Daughter play out in front of his eyes and he declines to intervene because he doesn’t wanna “blow his cover”. I wonder if he was working any of the SCUMBAG COWARDS in the bike crowd as part of his undercover work ?
    Now this PIG is called into an Internal Affairs Investigation,having to explain :
    1) Why He Was There ?
    2)Was he working an active case/investigation involving any riders ?
    3)Why Didn’t he ACT/HELP/Intervene or STOP this Violence and Madness ?
    4) and lastly….Remember that oath you took YOU FUCKING PIG…?
    yeah thats honor,integrity & professionalism nypd style.

    This whole fucking scenario that played out down there just reeks of Liberal NYC government policies & Cowardice,non action and vigilance on the part of the PIG COWARDS Not doing their job,and the SCUMBAG PUNK COWARD BULLYS who beat an innocent man because they wanted to be cardboard gangsters.They roam the streets with impunity because of their ethnic backgrounds and the terrified populace in nyc are just “used to them”.
    It seems like the Cowards & Bad Guys are running that city huh…?

    ***On this last note : That ratpack of PUNK COWARD SCUMBAG PUSSYS wouldn’t DARE Ride down East 3rd Street between 1st & 2nd Avenue. I Think most everyone here knows WHO’s Street That Is.
    Vince 1%ER

  13. Tooj Says:

    @Rebel, I shall post advance warning. Today marks the day mum pushed her first and there may be an occasional drunken post later after the Night Train run. A lot of shit lately makes me laugh at myself and others. That, and liberal doses of Jameson…

  14. Tooj Says:

    Theirs is a weird ass culture involving the internet and YouTube…wait a sec…

  15. Road Whore Says:

    Check this shit out:–abc-news-topstories.html

    “An off-duty undercover New York City police officer was among the crowd of motorcyclists on the scene as SUV driver Alexian Lien was beaten on Sunday, officials confirmed to ABC News today.

    The undercover narcotics cop did not intervene in the beating out of fear that his cover would be blown, sources said.”

    Fucking pigs!

    Ride Free

  16. Bill Says:

    From Craigslist New York Rants & Raves:

    Video might not be clear but good thing these bikers like to brag and self-incriminate, if not themselves then each other. Speedbump Jay wasn’t on a sidewalk, he was on the road itself. Corner an animal but don’t be surprised when you get bitten. Be even less surprised if it’s a mama bear with her cubs nearby tearing you apart. Gloria Allred’s lame and feeble attempt at trying to portray him as an “accomplished human being.” Alexian Lien didn’t want to stop in the middle of the road for no reason, he was forced to. Oh, Mr. Lien hit one of the motorcyclists first? With reckless riding and white-lining, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was them that hit the SUV first and oh hey a Range Rover, must have $$$ in his eyes. Yeah, Jay was just there to “help” his fellow biker, and we know this how? When police sources state that most of these bikers claim to be there but not see anything??? Two people burglarize a home, one of the intruders is shot dead, the other intruder is alive but will be charged with murder. Go after the riders that cause the illegal mid road traffic stop. Jay was apart of this packwolves of motorcycles, he may not have any ties, but it doesn’t mean that AT THAT TIME he was not apart of it. These guys ride recklessly, cause accidents, and play the blame off of the SUV driver, nice. As Gloria Allred likes to attribute these bikers as model citizens that contribute so much to our society, in reality, these guys have no money . So let’s go after Skrill executive Lien instead, Mr. MoneyBags. From miistawriight “Dude in a range ran ovr homie n 3 bikes after dudes punched his mirror n kicked the jeep……We caught the range driver tho” ….yeah AFTER being surrounded and attacked, sure what can punching and kicking do to a vehicle? I suppose he should have waited because there’s a 100% chance the level of violence wouldn’t have escalated, if you’ve taken Sociology 101 you should also see how crowd-mentality applies to this motorcycle pack. When you’re faceless (literally as well with those helmets), it’s a lot easier to get away with crime, especially with easily maneuverable 0-60 in ~4 seconds crotch rockets. 30-40 motorcycles, all going in different directions? With the rear pack blocking views of other vehicles, no one would be able to identify these attackers if the family father was pulled out of his vehicle and attacked on the roadway instead of the inner street. Yeah, that’s right, Alexian Lien the family father spending his Sunday with his wife and child, his family. Not Jay Mieses the “family man” who on the same Sunday is out with a motorcycle gang that caused over 200 police calls. Good job to Gloria Allred in portraying this dude as the victim and for trying to extort Mr. Lien for money and fame.

    And Christopher Cruz’s attorney, Benjamin Perez, “I wouldn’t classify that as a deliberate effort to block the car.” Yeah….let’s say I had engine trouble…..I should slow down in front of a moving SUV. We should present him with a Darwinism Award along with the bills for Mr. Mieses.

    Oh, let me clarify, no not all motorcyclists are bad, my family rides (Goldwing & CB1kR). But we don’t rap about drugs, portray women as sex toys, or glorify crime and easy money.

    Craigslist Rants & Raves (in personals) is always a good place to get street-level views of whatever is happening somewhere in the world. A fair amount of this incident still there there, most in agreement that the bikes were quite wrong.

  17. Phuquehed Says:

    @Vince 1%er – You tell him! You’re absolutely correct and GlenFSB is absolutely wrong.

    BTW, I’m hoping too that the punk bitch that got run over croaks. I’ll consider that a ‘Good Start’.

  18. VINCE 1%er Says:

    @GlenFSP :
    Irregardless of Reckless Youth, Adventurism & Bulletproof mindset,Testosterone,hormones,Bravado,BULLY Like Mindset,Bad Driving Skills,ignorance,Ill Manners and all the other socially redeeming anti-values these PUNKS have or even recognise…..
    These individuals who Attacked that driver(3 Times)-once after the bumping-braking intimidation & Confrontation,next after running over that squid when surrounded and has his familys lives in the balance -who I Hope DIES, and then again after Intimidating Him further and trying to RIP OPEN his car door where his infant is….and then the poor guy gets a beating stuck on 178th street in Washington Heights(little Dominican Republic).

    If it were Me or My Son in the Car…..I’d have been on a Locked & Loaded Drive on Bye Bye…and more than 1 or 2 of these COWARDS would Be Dead.
    (and no joke…My 21 Year old Skateboarding Son with a Concealed Carry Permit & a Kimber Combat Commander .45 on his hip Drives a Land Rover….how poignant)
    But I Digress…..

    My Point was that I TRULY SERIOUSLY & Religiously believe the riders on motorcycles in This Scenario were THUGS,SCUMBAGS,Criminals and even worse: BULLYS.
    They ALL Deserve a Bullet in the face despite the make & Model of the bike,their race color creed or religion….
    And I am Happy Thrilled & Ecstatic that at least one fucking cretin Scumbag Thug PUNK COWARD Piece Of Human SHIT got squashed and hopefully Dies.(i even went to his supporters facebook page & said so)

    I’ve been IN & Lived thru Mob Mentality & Seige in The USMC (I was in Somalia)

    …the only difference in NYC was they were on motorcycles,bent on havoc & hatred,not armed but ready to intimidate,assault,and BULLY Innocent people on a public roadway which THEY Commandeered and tried to rule,Run and Run OVER anyone who dared use that road in a car with equal rights (and Licenses,Insurance & Registrations).
    FUCK the NYPD nazi Pig Motherfuckers…..where were they…? The West Side Hway is a well policed & travelled area….(I’m a former Westchester County NY Resident now living in OPEN GUN CARRYING CONNECTICUT).i’ve been on that road way too many times.

    Where were all these cop pig motherfuckers who KNEW about this irresponsible and bullying type ride was gonna take place…?
    …? These assclowns rode from staten Island(the NJ Outer bridge crossing) Into Brooklyn(crooklyn) into Queens, Over the Triboro bridge to the Bronx,Doubled Back and into Manhattan and then North again into the Northeast Bronx only to drive back down the west Side Highway and into the GW Bridge crossing and disappear.

    NO Good Guys with Guns anywhere(in NY or NJ you cant even own a bow & arrow).
    So I Take UMBRAGE at your comments and support of these SCUMBAG Rice rocket jerks.
    And again(I digress but what the hell) : I Drag Raced a Suzuki GS1100 @ Englistown NJ for Years running mid to low 10s @ 133 to 146 mph so I a NOT of the hate group against Jap Bikes (or those ridden by these SCUMBAGS).
    All These PunkASS COWARDS involved in this ride are worthless and we should trade THEM To The Taliban or Alqueda for 1 or 2 REAL Brave Americans that are STILL held in Iraq & Afghanistan – but you dont hear about that from that Monkey nigger barack obama …do ya…?.

    Each & Every One of these Scumbag NYC pack Bully Riders should Be SHOT In The Face.

  19. GlenFSP Says:

    I have to wonder what happened before the footage started, a matter that will probably be a hotly contested in a courtroom at some future date. If I knew that my opinion could be swayed considerably.

    Based on everything I have seen and heard the guys on the metrics certainly don’t sound like choir boys. But so what? Young people have been, and are going to continue to, show their bravado and bravery in marginally anti-social ways long after all of us have turned into earth. Doesn’t anybody else remember when they were young, a little anti-social, and had a death wish? Part of the attraction of motorcycles is the ideal of freedom from social hierarchy. I don’t know about you but I am not riding a bike in a search for more conformity. Sure straight society looks at this and frowns but what are their kids thinking?

    Too bad range rover guy didn’t have the good sense (especially since had his family with him and was unarmed) to back off and let the tween-aged stoned death game go on without having to measure dicks. They watched their buddy get maimed and they only beat the driver up? They could have killed him and they chose not to? I think they showed some restraint. If getting stomped is the worst thing that happens to him for ruining a guy’s life, I’d say he got off light. There is plenty of blame to go around but bad riding and an unfamiliar social setting does not equal to a license to kill and maim.

    Do you see this behavior in Shall Issue states? I’m guessing no. People live in a place that disarms them, and then act shocked when they suddenly realize that guns do save lives, in this case possibly theirs or their families. Weird.

  20. Pat Says:

    Nice spin. I suppose they were just trying to assist the fallen biker by beating on the guy’s car and slashing his tires.

    This story could have turned out very differently had Mr.Lien been armed. In that situation, myself and MANY other feel he would have been completely justified in using deadly force to protect himself and his family.

    I won’t make friends here for saying it, but I hope this incident helps to get sport bikes banned from public roads. They don’t belong there. Ever seen a large group of sport bike riders following all the rules of the road? They don’t. They’re all on two-wheeled penises and have something to prove.

    That rider had no right to brake check that SUV. He and his fellow riders were 100% responsible for that accident and everything that happened after. Everyone riding with that group that day should be charged.

  21. DesertH-D Says:

    ol’goat – Yeah, you’re missing something! It’s “the very behavior that 1%ers are famous for!”.

    This is NOT a case of that!

    In general, 1%ERs ride in tight packs, bar to bar, nose to tail, fast and loud. (And I don’t mean the kinda lame TV show.) NOT all over the road like a bunch of mindless squid… Did you not think there’s a reason ricers of this sort are often called “squids”?

    When 1%ERs tangle with a cager, it’s because the nimrod driver wasn’t paying attention, or was just stupid, and either cut off, or tried to cut into a pack. He might get a busted mirror or cracked windshield from a get-back, sure… But a ratpack situation will only develop if the cager is overtly aggressive and stupid.

    It’s just like in a bar… A 1%ER isn’t going to be the one mouthing off to Joe Citizen and looking for trouble, but it has often gone the other way around. 1%ERs go down the road, in specific formation, taking care of their business, not acting like a bunch of douchebags like these ricers.

  22. Sieg Says:

    Goat, I’d step in if I saw a lil gook like this one getting japped by a crowd of apes on the street, too. Matter of fact, I don’t know anyone that WOULDN’T step in.

    Just me. I don’t give a fuck about either the driver or the little shitwipes on the ricers, but I don’t much care to see someone get ratpacked for no reason.

    I WOULDN’T step-in if someone was, say, holding up a bank. Get the difference?

    5 to 1

  23. Phuquehed Says:

    @goat – Fuck yes you’re “missing something here”!

    The actions those rice-riders do is what is seen *constantly* throughout the country. They have no clue about how to ride in groups, how to use the road correctly, how to *share* the road correctly, how to ride their damn PoS machines correctly, ad nausea.

    Tell us where 1%er’s have earned this same reputation. Give cites. For every ‘one’ cite you give, I bet you I can find 20 for these asshole rice-riders do. Shit, I’ll take fucking pictures myself if that’ll get through that thick skull of yours – that’s how often that shit happens with rice-riders and *NOT* with 1%er’s and independents on heavy bikes.

    What you’re doing is called ‘projecting’…because *you* admit you ride like these asshole rice-riders, you believe *everyone* does.

    It’s rare that you *ever* read about *anyone* on a heavy bike doing wheelies down the middle of a road/highway/interstate. It’s rare if you ever read about *anyone* on heavy bikes riding on sidewalks and running people off the curbs and such. When was the last time you read about a 1% club ganging up on a cager and beating the shit out of him with his wife and 2 year-old kid watching…*especially* when the cager did nothing wrong because of the poor riding skills of the club as a group?

    You tell us where all these things those air-wasting rice-riders do to harrass, intimidate, annoy, and endanger others, is less than any 1% club does. You get no credit for bullshit that’s been blown out of proportion by persecutors and court happenings.

    In other words, you’re way the fuck off and wrong with your statement.

  24. ol'goat Says:

    Personally, I dont give a fuck about this SUV driver nor the rat-pack that surrounded him but it sure is irony to see some supposed 1%’ers condemn the very behavior that 1%ers are famous for! Personally, I got tons of flaws, and have a record of misbehaving and not giving a fuck, but I don’t get this shit where supposed 1%ers condemn others who misbehave. Am I missing something here?

  25. SingSing Says:

    Sucka Free MC
    2 hours ago
    Is it Profiling or the Truth?

    At some point the donkey has got to stop being angry for being called an ass. If we cannot act better then why do we expect people to treat us better? Do you know the definition of madness is to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

    If we do not want to be labeled thugs, gangs, pyschos, brutes, madmen or whatever new label they assign to us, at some point we will have to do better.

    Yesterday in NYC there was a run scheduled in support of the rider victim in the Range Rover attempted murder and guess what…the cops weren’t having it and because the meeting places were splashed all over social media the cops were there to arrest bikers and check paperwork and issue tickets. Now the ride that actually “did” happen was already featured on the news and guess what those riders did in support of our fallen rider…

    …wheelies on NYC sidewalks, riding in between cars, swarming other vehicles, cutting pedestrians off and more of the same. The police said they received over 500 calls regarding yet another run where “biker thugs” were again out of control.

    So I ask you this morning if you had been stopped by the cops for doing a wheelie on the sidewalk would that have been because you’re being profiled or because you’re doing a wheelie? Now compare that to a friend of mine who was coming home from work and he was stopped and asked to see paperwork. When asked why he was pulled over the cop was honest enough to tell him, “We were told to pull bikers over on site.” Now THAT’S profiling. Profiling is the general and (un)lawful persecution of some because of the actions of many.

    Please do not evoke a sense of freedom and how your civil liberties are being taken away when you are actively endangering civilians and cagers who already have a negative perception of you but you’re also putting your fellow “innocent” riders in the community in danger as well because they are taking the blame for what you did.

    And lastly, how are you honoring the victim of this attack by continuing the actions that originally began these series of unfortunate events? That’s as dumb as getting attacked by Saudi Arabia and attacking Iraq…

    Oh wait…

    I’m starting to think instead of licenses to ride motorcycles we should have to pass an IQ test and that should take care of a lot of this problem.

    SFMC Founder


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