A Safer Street Vibrations

September 26, 2013

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This is Street Vibrations weekend in Reno. It is also the second year the event, which was once and may yet again be everything Laughlin and Sturgis are not, will try to enforce a no colors policy.

The gutless boilerplate reads: “Due to events which have occurred at recent motorcycle rallies, and for the safety of participants, Street Vibrations prohibits the display of colors affiliated with Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs as defined by the US Department of Justice. Persons displaying these club colors at Street Vibrations Reno and Sparks venues and participating sponsor properties will be asked to conceal them or exit the event.” Presumably, the “events which have occurred at recent motorcycle rallies” means the gunfight Gary “Jabbers” Rudnick started two years ago at John Ascuaga’s Nugget in Sparks.

Color free or not, most of the event will take place on public property in downtown Reno where visitors can wear anything they want. Local resident Troy Regas told Emerson Marcus of the Reno Gazette-Journal, “The event will survive. This (the color ban) isn’t going to hurt this event. This event will grow. It will come back to be normal again. It’s just going to take time.” You can read all of the Gazette-Journal article here.


Event planners expect about 1,000 people to “register” for the event. Registration costs $70 and entitles you to a parking pass, “Official Event Participant T-Shirt,” “Official Event Participant Ride Pin,” bike games, two poker runs, three poker walks and three “VIP Parties.”

Another 29,000 motorcycle enthusiasts are expected to just show up. A room for Friday and Saturday night will cost them about $400. Room packages include soap, towels and shampoo but do not include food, beer, liquor, drugs, women, lawyers, court costs or medical fees.

Reno boosters expect registered visitors to spend $614 per day during their visit. People who just show up will spend an average of $390 each day. The five day event should pump about $56 million into the local economy.

Safety Ueber Alles

Biker visitors who are as afraid of motorcycles as they are of the people one may meet riding a motorcycle may want to visit the website for HaulBikes Motorcycle Transportation.

HaulBikes appreciates your neuroses and is there to help. “Cycle transport makes getting to Street Vibrations a smooth ride,” the company’s website explains. “Planning to make Street Vibrations road show your next cycle rally destination but don’t want to deal with weather or wear and tear along the way? HaulBikes understands that when you go to a rally like Street Vibrations you want your bike waiting for you when you get there – battery connected, fluids intact and ready to ride.”

“HaulBikes Motorcycle Transportation will haul your motorcycle from almost anywhere in the United States, with shipping rates based on mileage from pick up to delivery location, making delivery of your cycle to Street Vibrations hassle-free.”

Bikers who intend to pose on their outlaw machines for a few photos then leave them parked will also be happy to know that there will be a free shuttle from the Nugget’s valet area to Downtown Reno every half hour from 8 a.m. until 11 p.m. A woman named Lauren Garber who works for the Nugget explained “The Nugget encourages event goers to take advantage of the free shuttle to help keep our roads safe.”



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  1. VINCE 1%er Says:

    @calexpat :
    I Build what I Ride. I’ve been doing it for almost 23 years now……
    Went to AMI, then S&S School in Wisconsin & became an *A* Tech for S&S & opened a High Performance Shop here in Connecticut.
    Never blown an S&S Motor (But I’ve “fixed” many a H-D)….but they are fine motorcycles just the same-and the newer they get,the less they need.
    And I still Own an old FXR which I occasionally have to fix (after many burnouts,replacing the chain & sprockets and other stuff)- so Yes your comment is appreciated,well documented,known,familiar and gave me a smile !
    i Ride em like I stole em…and if need be : I fix Em .


  2. calexpat Says:


    Naw. “Ride it like YOU can fix it!”…

  3. VINCE 1%er Says:

    Isn’t a RUBY a “Rich urban biker yuppie” ?
    Well @ H-D of Danbury each & Every sunday a.m. theres a ton of em.

    They dont socialize with *US* because were at the front of the lot and meet there for local Charters & Others to set off towards upper CT and Kent.
    But You get an occasional up front,cool,honest or rather “real” one that’ll walk up & engage Us,Me or Others in conversation and or bike banter-and it’s all good.
    WE talk,discuss & respect the inquiries,and are friendly with all of them(most are respectful) ……but I’ve had more than a few soa garbage wearing poseurs ask about Street Vibrations and past rallys.

    I’m polite & tell them; if You Trailered,Trucked or Sent your bike to ANY Rally….why are You asking Me if it’s justifiable and cool…?
    WE/ I RIDE There……whats in this ??? you need me to answer for you Dude?
    They Dont have a clue , and I’ve talked with More than My Patience quota from GOD has endowed me with.
    Ride It Like You Stole IT.

    And I DO Realize that many here dont have a Shop or several Bikes they Built & can ride anywhere (like myself) but i’m always willing to help out,step In,participate & engage in helping out another REAL RIDER either from point A, on The Road, Broke Down,Stopped,In Trouble or at Point B and in need.
    Thats the way I am & thats the way ALL OF Us REAL 1%ERs and Good People are.
    I’ve NEVER ridden past a Dude on the side of the road on a Bike without stopping,asking if they are OK and either helping out,loading them on Our Chase truck or moving on after repairs.

    This street vibe karma and trailer hitch pony ass & dog show for weekend soa watchers and others is just too whack for my walnut sized brain to understand and swallow.
    I’ll stick to being a hard core(hard headed) Vince……i do that Best.
    Respects to All Here & Rebel as well.

  4. BMW Says:

    I think others have properly addressed Officer 06 so I will leave him alone in his dream world.

    I think that the “Street Vibrators” party is properly named. It really is a party for dildos — that is another way to say Fakes, or poor substitutes for reality. It is a party for RUBBIES to show their “outlaw” side, and for the local cops to show how “tough” they are by exaggerating the risks involved. Both the Rich Urban Bikers and the local cops are total fakes, and both are very much aware that they are faking it.

    The RUBBIES buy the “outlaw” image which was expropriated by Harley and their fellow “cruiser” sales machines. We can see this in the thousands of dollars each has spent buying Chinese-made “official fake biker” clothing from their local motorcycle/clothing store. It has a practical side. The RUBBIES hope to buy respect and maybe even get laid by imitating real bikers and the way we dress.

    (Hell, the RUBBIES and Harley have driven the price of “American-made” up to the point where it is difficult for us working-class kids to buy a bike — my first Harley was a 1951 EL that I bought for $300 in 1969 –three paychecks at the time — now a used sportster sells for more than TEN TIMES what I paid for a Big Twin — and a lot more than three weeks’ pay today!)

    The cops exaggerate for a very practical reason in addition to their political goal of “looking tough”. Insiders know these types of events have become a license for local police departments to steal “overtime pay” from the community, orchestrated and led by “Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Intelligence Association” seminars which teach them exactly how to profit from exaggerating the never-quite-articulated possibility of threats of violence against everyday citizens. How many hours of overtime will the local PD make as they protect the town from the threat of invading biker hordes?

    The process the cops are now using was taken directly from the 1960’s era “community organizers”, and is well-known as “Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers”. (This is also the title of a Tom Wolfe book which describes the process.) Community organizers would show up at a city council meeting and pour out on the committee table a bag full of switchblade knives, brass knuckles, old guns and baseball bats studded with nails. They would then explain that these weapons had been taken from the “neighborhood boys”, and that the neighborhood was a “tinder box: waiting to go up in flames. City councils would respond by hiring the “community organizers”, who of course, really did little but cash their own paychecks. Some of us old bikers might remember that this scam goes way back in American society. It was the premise of “The Music Man” after all…

  5. Rahlow Says:

    Ain’t no real “biker” parties no more. ………..unless you at a clubhouse somewhere.

  6. Austin Says:

    @Latigo Morgan re: “and accidentally wind up in a bike rally” …that is Serendipity!
    You were riding with purpose, on a mission. The packs were mosey-ing and socializing – which is a worthwhile pursuit – but as you state – they were working too hard at it- and you were simply be-ing. And THAT is what makes all the difference.

  7. 11c_infantry Says:

    Hey is that a police edition you ride? Is it issued by your department? The way I figure it, you’re either a cop or a cop groupie…either way, it’s obvious you’ve read (and are a true believer in) the manuals by turncoat backstabbers like Jay Douchbag Dobyns and Billy “her majesty” Queen. Here’s an idea…instead of judging us “knuckle draggers” from afar, you might want to try to actually talk to us. I’m betting you’ll find out we’re people just like you. Well, maybe not just like you since we don’t have badges and a borderline obsessive fear of anything we don’t understand. Of course, I realize I’m asking a lot. You’d have to step out of your comfort zone since we don’t quake in fear like the sheeple when you show your shiny, powerful badge. We’re more likely to turn our backs on you…but oh yeah, you don’t understand what that means do you? You probably actually think you’ve won a battle with a patch holder when he turns his back on you. But like I said, try leaving your badge in its fancy little leather wallet and talking to one of us. You might find out we aren’t the dog murdering, daughter rapers you ASSuME us to be. Then again, if you talk to one of us with the blatant disrespect you displayed in your post, you might limp away with a much worse view of us.But that’s up to you.
    L&R if you deserve it,

  8. Latigo Morgan Says:

    I rode down to Ruidoso, NM weekend before last, to meet my daughter for lunch.

    Ever go for a ride and accidentally wind up in a bike rally? I started out in the morning and it was foggy, then overcast. It cleared off later, enough to give me a nice wind and sunburn on the ride home.

    I won’t do that again. Too many folks were riding like they were scared to death to be riding. Plus, they were all riding way too slow in their formations on the highway. I’d pass them up and they’d all give me the stink-eye. I was the only one I saw riding with a grin on my face. When the time comes that riding doesn’t put a grin on my face, I’m going full throttle into a brick wall.

    It was entertaining to sit out on the patio at Farley’s, listening to the band and watch the stream of costumed people walk in. From what I saw, Harley-Davidson apparel is in no danger of going out of business.

    In front of another cafe, it looked like every motorcycle cop in the state had their bikes parked there. No cops in sight, but their bikes were there. Maybe they hadn’t taken the shuttle from their hotel, yet?

  9. Road Whore Says:

    Major kudos to Rebel!

    Ride Free

  10. Freeman Says:

    Next years event to be sponsored by U-haul.

  11. Mojave Says:

    @ 06 Electraglide,
    Fuck you and Street Vibrations too!!

  12. REDimus Says:

    I seen a shit ton if bikes on trailers, was street vibes thus last weekend or something?

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