Kill Bikers Go To Jail

September 25, 2013

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Clinton Lovelace, above, a driver who swerved into a pack of twelve motorcyclists on State Road 151 near Fond du Lac, Wisconsin on May 31, 2012, reached a plea agreement yesterday that will send him to prison. Lovelace pled guilty to two counts of homicide by negligent use of a motor vehicle and three counts of reckless injury.

Lovelace had faced up to 90 years. He will probably be sentenced to 20 years by Fond du Lac County Judge Gary Sharpe on February 6.

Lovelace’s victims were members of a Muskegon, Michigan riding club called the Muskegon Motorcycle Gang. Twelve members of the club had taken an express ferry from Muskegon to Milwaukee and were riding north to the Mackinac Bridge and a return trip home through most of Michigan. The loop was an annual club event called The Bridge Run.

The Accident

The dozen riders were about 70 miles into the ride when Lovelace, travelling in the opposite direction, suddenly swerved into the pack. A police report said “the vehicle’s crossing wasn’t a slow gradual movement, it was almost like it jerked over the centerline striking the motorcycles.”

The first bike struck was ridden by Eric “Ric” VanDam. Lovelace hit VanDam in the left saddlebag. VanDam spent two weeks in a coma, more than three months in a hospital and lost a leg. He is now confined to a wheelchair.

Dan Winsemius, one of the riders directly behind VanDam was pronounced dead at the scene. Douglas Yonkers, the man riding next to Winsemius, died a week later.

Lovelace struck ten bikes and all ten of those riders either died or were seriously injured.

The Drugs

Lovelace told police he took Adderall and Xanax daily. He also had a prescription for oxycodone and traces of Oxy and marijuana were found in his system.

Lovelace was injured in the crash and briefly hospitalized. After he was admitted, nurses found two unused syringes and multiple doses of what appeared to be blotter acid in his clothes.

Lovelace told investigators he couldn’t remember the crash or anything that had occurred since that morning. He said he couldn’t remember taking Adderall or Xanax. The level of oxycodone in his blood was within legal limits in Wisconsin.

He was 25 at the time of the accident. An examination of his car found no mechanical problems that might have contributed to the crash.



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  1. Bruka Says:

    This happened in my neck of the woods, reminded me of this shit. Respects to all.

  2. Budweiser Says:

    DesertH-D- I remember my mom watching talk shows all the time growing up. I would bet her show started like 25-30 years ago. Back then you had Phil Donahue, Geraldo Rivera, and of course Oprah Winfrey. Sally was most likely considered the worst or least popular. More along the lines of Geraldo with sensational scandalous stories. I wouldn’t take it as a compliment. And, no, I’m not proud of my 80’s-90’s talk show knowledge. Go ahead and flame way…lol…I deserve it.

  3. DesertH-D Says:

    So… Guys, help me out here. I’ll probably regret this, but curiosity is getting the best of me!

    Our ol’ ex pal Barney made a reference to a lady that had some kind of daytime TV talk show 15 or so years ago. I didn’t have much access to TV, particularly in the daytime, back then. I’ve heard her name, but never once saw a show. Looked her up on google, but that doesn’t really tell it…

    My question is: What was this gal like?? I honestly don’t know whether to say fuck off at his comment, or say thank you!

  4. BMW Says:

    It almost seems ro me like Officer Budweiser has morphed into an alter-ego: Barney Phyffe. Of course it could be the illegal level of oxy-codone or alcohol in his blood as he writes on his computer…depending on Wisconsin’s Criminal Code…of course.

    Does HE (Barney Phyffe) really think HE is Steve Cook? Seems like it from what I’ve read here…not that I’d call him out as a cop…or even need to…

    Is it “cold-hearted murder”? Maybe, depending on a reading of the statutes of Wisconsin. Wisconsin rates deliberate murder as a Class A felony, punishable by life imprisonment. Section #940.09, entitled “Homicide by intoxicated use of vehicle or firearm”, provides for a Class D Felony, punishable by a sentence of a fine not to exceed $100,000 or imprisonment not to exceed 25 years, or both.

    So perhaps in a legal sense, in Wisconsin, under the current statutes, it is not considered “cold-hearted murder”, but to those of us who ride motorcycles, we consider it to be a deliberate act of mass-murder!

    As to “some long overdue karma comeup”, (mentioned by Barney Phyffe) who is the real criminal here? Is it the man who deliberately aimed his car at motorcyclists, killing them? Or could it be the motorcyclists enjoying the day, and riding together as a group? Only a total idiot would think the group of motorcyclists deserved death, for what-ever imagined faults…for riding together.

  5. Tooj Says:

    Any chance you’d give a Kansas geek that IP? I can make a ‘stab’ @ him.

  6. ol'Goat Says:

    Condolences to the deceased and injured and their families. Takes a special kinda moron cage driver to swerve into a pack of bikes. Theres a welcome mat for him. He’ll come to understand why it’s called the pokey.

  7. Rebel Says:

    Dear Warthog,

    Barney appears to be in Kansas. Gee, what ATF co-conspirator lives in Kansas? Real whodoneit.


  8. SMFtwstdHICK Says:

    Budweiser Says:
    October 1st, 2013 at 3:21 pm
    SMFwhatever- Huh? I agreed with “DesertH-D” saying to just ignore me. They say nothing about a bike. Point proven again…sigh

    @ Budweiser.. The only point you “proved” is that you are an embarrassment and only here to cause shit..

  9. Budweiser Says:

    Paladin- Really??? This again? How you can look at my posts and the one’s from “Barney” and see any similarity is beyond me. Keep believing I post under different names if it makes you feel better.

  10. Jim666 Says:

    It,s amazing how cops bring out the very best in people,,,lmao

  11. Ronbo Says:

    I don’t think your THAT boring. In fact I appreciate the time and insights you put into your post. I know you know what you are talking about.

    Head on a swivel


  12. Snow Says:

    Thanks for the heads up, where do you think all these shitheads come from?
    Much respect sent your way my friend, Snow.

  13. Rebel Says:

    Dear Snow,

    Barney. He gone.


  14. Phuquehed Says:

    Hey, Barney, you illiterate faggot – fuck off and die.

    When you get a clue and get your mouth off Budweiser’s dick, come back and play. Until then, follow the instructions above.

  15. Snow Says:

    here piggy piggy, come here asshole, let’s see if you can back up that shit hole you call a mouth.
    you are a cunt, not a pussy cause that’s too good for you, a nasty infested fucking cunt. do the world a favor and go swallow your gun cunt.

  16. WARTHOG Says:


    Wait. You’re ATF ain’t ‘cha?

    Rebel says, “You may very well be some Barney who aspires to someday become an ATF TFO.”

    I’d tell you to fuck off and die, too, but I’m afraid if I did you’d be in my house, shooting my dogs, and terrorizing my OL. Good day to you, sir.



  17. WARTHOG Says:


    As in Fife…Barney Fife? *yawn* You was saying?



  18. Freeman Says:

    @ barney’sbutt


  19. Paladin Says:

    I think Barney is really Budweiser. Their writing style is evry similar. On 10/01/2013 @ 12:06 PM, Budweiser tells Bill to “Go away goof.” On the same date, @ 2:48 PM, Barney posts: “Wink, eat it you doofus bitches.”

    The fact that two supposedly different posters would use the same type of archaic terminology is more than just by chance, especially under the circumstances.

    Long may You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  20. Tooj Says:

    In a bit of riding, I can positively say that automobile drivers have gone a long time receiving naught but the “I just didn’t see him” slap on the wrist.

    @Budweiser you try to be right so loud that I can’t hear a thing you’re saying…

  21. Martin 1% Says:

    Well Barney , I never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed , & I ‘ve done some dumb things but I & many other people would not consider me a dummy. What’s the matter , with the Government shut down , you may not get your junior G-Man check , little shake up in the finance department at the Fed building. I personally don’t care if Bud is in the wind or not ( his choice) as a matter of fact , I don’t think of him as Dumb , just ignorant. Him posting on AR or any web page concerning Motorcycles or Club life w/ no personal experience of either , is like someone who says Jimi Hendrix was a o.k. guitar player when they have never tried to play a guitar in their life. Just ignorance…. & if you wanna defend him … you buy him a bike….as long as I’m in the wind , I don’t care if he rides or not. Respects to those who deserve

  22. Barney Says:

    Aw…bill? You’re sad I left you out!

    Okay , okay. You’re an ignorant douch as well.

  23. Bill Says:

    Barney: “golf clap”? Seriously? You’re practically in Bedwetter’s league already with just your first post.
    Congratulations, loser. How do all you intellectual plankton find this site, anyway?

  24. Budweiser Says:

    Freeman- What does that even mean? I guess you think “Barney” is a buddy cop….lol…just like the time I knew Hamster or Dunkin’ Donuts or whoever was posting. Again, I’m not a cop. I hate cops and probably have been in more legal trouble than a majority of this site.

  25. Sieg Says:

    My my…another piggie troll comes out of the woodwork. Ever notice how whenever B-boy chimes in, the LE sock puppets aren’t far behind?

    5 TO 1

  26. Budweiser Says:

    SMFwhatever- Huh? I agreed with “DesertH-D” saying to just ignore me. They say nothing about a bike. Point proven again…sigh

  27. Freeman Says:

    Looks like budwhiper dialed 911 and finger puppet showed up.

  28. Budweiser Says:

    Phead- I think I’ve proven it time and time again. The comments in this article are a perfect illustration. I asked if Wisconsin(or any other state for that matter) had a legal limit for oxycodone while driving. I get these replies trying to prove I’m stupid or that this site is “over my head.” No one has answered the question. All they did was reply(like you) to start an argument with me. They only poster on this website that I have ever insulted personally was “Bill.” That’s because I have a strange feeling I may catch him peeping in my window one night. I barely even post here to avoid discussions like this. I ask alot of questions. Big fuckin’ deal. The articles are here to discuss. How someone can get so worked up over a person on the Internet that they don’t know, never have met, never will meet, and doesn’t affect their lives in any way, is beyond me.

  29. Barney Says:

    Before anyone starts calling people out as cops..(which seems to be par for the course on this site; poor biker vs evil cop) just think for a minute. Forget your bike and the wind and the bullshit other toothless whore mongering wannabe twats have told you. This is not cold hearted murder. It’s a sentence for a dumb ass who took too many pills. Bet you this guy can’t even stand the site of blood. Yet you miserable loons can’t see the moral of the story and wish to find justice for the bikers who died in an accident. I’m gonna hope the men who died rip. Unless they were childfucking rapists..oh wait! Now I see why you guys are upset! Silly Barney :)
    Though, I’d rather be called a pig than a criminal who gets some long overdue karma comeup.

  30. Barney Says:

    I bet you people are gonna defend the shitbags in NYC too….
    lmao…smh. clowns of the road.

  31. Barney Says:

    Phucked , in the ass? Or the skull? I’m gonna guess and say skull, just because the retarted shit you just posted.

  32. Barney Says:

    Hold up. Whoa, boys. Let’s take a look at the “off the deep end ” posts.
    Austin, you think you’re smart. But really, who’s badgering who? If you think you’re so smart then why make yourself deal with the cold hard facts Bud gave? He wasn’t saying shit beyond the legal ramifications of drug use. Wow didn’t know smart folk reacted the way you do when reading facts.
    Martin1% dummy. You go buy another bike and give it to Bud if you want him to ride so bad
    Snow. You are stupid. Go fuck yourself, dummy
    Deserthd what are you Sally Jesse rapheal? Go blow a horn
    And warthog, the most yawn inducing failure here…besides your shit sucker, paladin.

    Do any of you people understand what murder is? state or federal ? You really think this asshole went out to kill bikers? Are you kidding me? The ignorance you people throw at LE is flying right out of your finger tips. It’s hilarious if it wasn’t true. Everyone has it out for you and no one is on your side. Right?
    If this was an innocent biker who took too many, or had too many you all would be screaming and howling about how the big bad wolves of law enforcement hates your beards and tattoos. I thought liberal minds thought deeper than this lot of jerk ass fucks.
    Wow. It’s a shame you are using the deaths of your brothers to get on Bud for a fact he typed out.
    Want some glory? Here’s a golf clap from just a typical reader, sent out the douches here who are happy to make a grand display of stupidignorantcuntism for us.

    *golf clap
    *wink ;) eat it you doofus bitches.

  33. SMFtwstdHICK Says:

    Budweiser Says:
    October 1st, 2013 at 8:45 am
    DesertH-D- Well said, and I agree.

    You agree? With what? You have stated that you don’t on a bike, yet, you agree? haha..

    See? THAT is the type of shit that makes all of us citizens who like this website and enjoy learning about the culture, look like dumbfucks.

    Sorry all, to me that was just funny and stupid at the same time. And, no Budweiser, I am not stalking, nor trying to “fuck with you” or anything like that.

    You just ain’t helping yourself here man..

  34. Phuquehed Says:

    The reply to Rebel on October 1st, 2013 at 8:36 am, is pretty much the way pigs are trained to argue with the peons. Examine every other post of his and compare it to any video of someone arguing with a pig or any arguments you’ve had with a pig and check out the similarities. His piss-poor attitude and holier-than-thou-my-intellect-is-far-above-anyone’s-here bullshit (yes, Budweiser, you’ve yet to prove it), just keeps fucking himself. Smart people don’t keep fucking themselves, Budweiser, if you keep trying to self-proclaim how intelligent you are to the world, why do you constantly self-nuke yourself (in case that’s over your head (an easy concept to imagine), here’s another way of putting it – why do you keep shooting yourself in the foot whenever you post, you sub-moron).

  35. Budweiser Says:

    And like clock work…….”Bill” checks in. You wish you had a picture of me I’m sure. What, you don’t want to try and correct me on something(that isn’t wrong) or say that this site is “over my head”? Go away goof. Stare down any cops yet today after getting pumped up by posting about me? Funny pic though.

  36. Freeman Says:


    I second that motion

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