The Facebook Biker War

September 23, 2013

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It is no longer 1975. This is the age of postmodern decadence. And, not just in Congress. Even in the small and interesting motorcycle club world.

A handful of celebrity outlaws have assumed recurring roles playing some version of themselves on television. Biker trials, like the Rock Hell Nomads trial in South Carolina, are cynically dramatized: As when the Rock Hell prosecutor advanced his case by surrounding the courthouse with Homeland Security extras. Year after year, loathsome snitches are celebrated as heroes. The chameleon like Jay Dobyns may actually end up a multimillionaire. The Harley-Davidson Motor Company makes machines that are priced to reflect their symbolic rather than their practical value.

And, now there is a social media “war” between the widely loathed Iron Order Motorcycle Club and whoever is behind a Facebook page called “IOMC SUCKS.”

IOMC Sucks

The page is a social media referendum on the right of the IOMC to exist. It describes itself as a page “for people that do not support the Iron Order Motorcycle Club and feel that they are a disgrace to the Motorcycle Club Community.” In a status update on Monday morning, an administrator announced he intended “to push the shit out of this site, create more swag and continue to make fun of pussies…. This page has one goal, to hopefully spread the word about these pussies and run them off.”

The page, which currently has 2,170 likes, is notable for its contempt for the Iron Order and for its seemingly endless access to embarrassing photos of club patch holders. Very many of the photos suggest homoeroticism. The page runs a photo of a “douche of the day” everyday. Occasionally it prints photos of members of an associated club for women called the Iron Order Maidens.

According to an Iron Order memo printed on the page yesterday, the Iron Order would like to have the page taken down but “trying to report to Facebook apparently does no good.”

The Facebook page’s administrators declined to comment for this article.

Iron Order Responds

But Ray “Izod” Lubesky, the current President of the Iron Order did agree to comment. Lubesky began by conceding that “The Iron Order MC is not the most respected or liked MC in the club world for many reasons.”

Chief among those reasons is that the Iron Order has simply ignored the long established, if informal, rules followed by other three piece patch clubs.

Lubesky Says, “Our heritage and fundamental principles have put us in conflict with many clubs because of our firm stance on our rights and freedoms we have fought for and have brothers fighting for right now. Those rights and freedoms completely contradict many of the protocols and current thought process of many clubs regarding the need to ask permission to exist, wear what we wish, go where we want, have chapters where we want, and exercise all the freedoms and liberties guaranteed to us under our Constitution and other freedom loving countries around the world.”

Lubesky reckons that “it is not responsible for any group of individuals to cast dispersions on any club which in turn brings disfavor on all clubs from John Q. Public. Unfortunately the people on the Facebook page of IOMC Sucks have crossed the line many hundreds of times. They are clearly entitled to their opinion as to how we run our club or conduct our business. No MC is free from criticism for its actions and nor should they be. However no one has the right to incite violence or to put families and loved ones at risk of violence in the name of that criticism and that is exactly what the host of this site has done many times and the contributors continue to do. No one can condone those actions however we see many who not only accept it, they encourage it.”

“Thankfully, in the entire nine plus year history of the Iron Order MC,” the IOMC President continues, “we have never once had one single keyboard commando identify himself in person to us or follow through on their threats. Its also a credit to the 1% clubs who have really stayed away from these trash sites and have respected the old school rules of leaving families and children off the playing field. We have identified about 90% of the posters and we can safely say they are made up of mostly wannabe posers who either belong to small support clubs or no club and in some cases they don’t even have a motorcycle. A good percentage are bitter ex-IOMC members who are supplying the pictures and material in an effort to disparage and slander a law abiding club that does millions of dollars in charity and good work for our communities and bikers around the world. Our shame lies in ever considering such people for membership in our brotherhood in the first place. One final thought, how low have we come that we cannot face our adversaries in person and we find it comfortable to spar in cyberspace like children on a playground. You will find the IOMC brotherhood does not participate in such childish sparring matches.”



477 Responses to “The Facebook Biker War”

  1. Mike Smith Says: just released a short story. It is called “The Waco Texas Biker Massacre.”

    It is not great literature but, it reads well and the author seems to really know a lot about what happened.

    There is a paperback and a Kindle edition. People with Prime can read it for free.

  2. RtC Says:

    Yeah, he claims one thing, does the stupid shit other! I usually say
    “You can get a shot for that” but I’m afraid that the “shot” It’sODD
    needs is usually in-compatable with the human body. He is just another
    example of the “stupidifying of America” taking place. Too stupid to KNOW
    they are, too SCHITZO to admit they are, and just plain fucking DUMB.
    It’s truly a shame there are people with lower IQ’s that will believe this
    mediocre intelligent “man” knows what he’s saying. He is proof that the
    general populace is lower IQ in the fact he was hired by Papa John to run
    their company(or parts of) BUT then he’s no longer there! Ah, hell! I’m
    staying home with my 4-footed kids, & woe betide the fuck the ain’t
    welcome in my front door!
    RESPECTS for the REAL

  3. Sieg Says:

    RtC, Izod already does eat shit, and he already has fucked-off, many times. Trouble is, he enjoys it!


  4. RtC Says:

    I joined FB to see the I THINK IRON ORDER SUCKS TOO page & they had gotten
    word that the UrineOder BOYS whinned to the FB staff about being called
    FAGGOTS! Said couldn’t use that term anymore. So I asked if we could just
    say they were HOMOSEXUAL DEVIANTS then? Next day I get an Email from FB
    saying I got a warning because of posting nudity, but my post wasn’t
    removed because it wasn’t against FB standards! I haven’t posted ANY pics.
    These FAGGOTS will try anything, I guess. Plain out fucking FAGGOT LIES!
    FOESAD Izod!
    RESPECTS to the REAL

  5. Raven Says:

    Izod, why would you wanna stick your head into 3 piece, but run your ass off when confronted? Why even ask for it? Why provoke things such as murder, then justify it and even get away with it? I watched you guys, and have asked many things from you all and others. You guys are cowards, shit starters who misuse law enforcement to finish fights you started. The 3 piece is just to provoke. You all know what you’re doing, and that’s a disgrace to Americans most certainly since you wanna boast fought for-fighting for. Bullshit, very disgraceful. You identified 90%, but why? You sure didn’t do anything about them, except call 911… Unfortunate, it really is. Why not just present as a family club does, and don’t represent as an OMG or OMC…. Be what you are, and don’t provoke others for your fake representation. You ask for what you get, and karma is a bitch and life is full circle… It all comes back on you. Good is coming to me, can you say the same? No, you can not… You break the law and dodge the punishment. Meanwhile, get others jailed and punished to the fullest. You’ll pay 10 fold…..

  6. Two tone 1%er Says:

    The “go to” page spreading the word on this joke org on Facebook now,(I refuse to call them a club), is “I THINK IRON ORDER SUCKS TOO”. Almost 4000 likes, and gets over 20,000 views a week now…….

  7. RtC Says:


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  9. Castle Says:

    fought for? somebody remind this turd IZOD, that he hasn’t fought for shit. These dog breaths put on a mail order patch and call themselves a MC. They haven’t fought for shit.

  10. RtC Says:

    @ SAMURAI That’s some good shit there! BBBAAWWAAAHHHAAAA
    If ANY of these fucks ever showed up here, I wouldn’t even throw them to
    my dogs! THEY DON’T EAT SHIT!!! Sad bunch of waste of human skin!
    RESPECTS to the REAL
    Redwolf the Conchoman

  11. Samurai Says:

    The io got busted again for an act of stupidity. One of their members by the name of Travis “Scud Rocker” Barger has been claiming for the 2 years or so he’s been a member and P of his chapter, Half Cocked Crew out of GreenCastle, IN, that he is the nephew of Sonny Barger. Upon his entrance to the io Izod posted on their forums that the io was gaining MC Royalty. Once this was reported on facebook it was researched and that included talking to Sonny’s family it has been proven that his claim is complete and utter horse shit and also not the first time that this piece of shit tried cashing in on a last name that ain’t nothing but coincidence. to top it off almost everyone who thought he was the nephew treated him like he was something special. They say they don’t want to be outlaws or to copy them but any time someone from the real biker world comes in they almost trip over themselves to get a piece of the action. I’ve seen grade schools who have gotten visits from celebrities who have acted more mature

  12. Phuquehed Says:

    Good fucking grief…someone left the gate to the stupid farm open again and Massive Girth found its way out.

  13. WARTHOG Says:

    @Massive Girth,

    What the hell does it matter if he’s in a club or not? Rebel’s not a patch either.




  14. Tooj Says:


  15. Massive Girth Says:

    like they care about your web page. get out of here with that. yo’re not in a club.

    GT “Rex”


  16. Phuquehed Says:

    @Tooj – So that the feebs/pigs/gov’t fucks can chomp at the bit about me posting some of the ‘Bad Words’ they don’t think anyone should be saying or typing or using in any way and they can do nothing about since the first amendment still exists even if it is hanging on by a thread. They know who I am because of my link to my webpage but I don’t sweat it none, fuck ’em, heh heh heh.

  17. Tooj Says:


    I get the whole “up yers”. Can I ask why you would choose to post a bunch of flagged term onto Rebel’s site?

  18. RtC Says:

    I keep seeing this ad on a “sell site” (NEXTECH CLASSIFIEDS”) for POS’s
    to contact to join the “EXPENDABLES MC” Fine name for a cop GANG! I make
    CONCHO’s for about 175 LEGIT MC’s & I’m waiting for them to hit me up.
    SORRY, BUT NO POSEURS will be acknowledged! FTBG!
    Phuquehed, hope ya got the dogs(4-footed KIDS) fed!!!
    RESPECTS to the REAL
    Redwolf the Conchoman

  19. Jim666 Says:

    Phuquehed Says:
    March 4th, 2014 at 5:23 am
    Ah shit. Sorry everyone, that was supposed to be in the dialogical saloon.

    Damn man I think thats the best post on this entire thread.

  20. Mike 184 Says:

    @ Samurai, yep, I’d back that bet, but that’s what happens when you can just pick up the phone and order a whole chapter in a box, have it show up saturday and boom, instant badass…. Reminds me of those old atlas ads in the comics from back when I was a kid.

    @ Ol’LadyRider, Ha git’em….

  21. Base Says:


    ANOM probably knows all about fetching for his man in the io cult. Hell, he more than likely fetch’s & catches for the entire team.

    Party like rock stars!

  22. Phuquehed Says:

    Ah shit. Sorry everyone, that was supposed to be in the dialogical saloon.

  23. Phuquehed Says:

    Muaha! Tear him a new one, Ol’LadyRider!

    On another note, y’all wish me luck that this fucking six inches of what started out as just sleet then froze overnight to make a solid six inches of ice and an inch and a half of snow on top of that, melts within a day or two or I’m gonna be having trouble trying to find food for the dogs. Can’t get the truck out of its parking spot. It’s literally each tire in like a six inch deep hole in ice. Where there’s no snow on it, even the dogs are having trouble walking it’s so slick, heh. Normally I’m prepared for pretty much anything that happens around here, but I put off buying dog food one day because it was warm but raining and it’s too hard for me to get the bags out of the cab when I get back to the house. The sleet-to-ice thing sneaked up on my ass and surprised the fuck out of me (I watch the weather regular, but 99% of the time they’re a *lot* off on the predictions and they proved it again this time, but by being a mile off and badly).

    Hmmmm…this might be a ‘good thing’, it’ll give me a chance to maybe get rid of the rest of the ‘great value’ canned goods. I refuse to eat that shit ever again because I don’t believe it’s from this country and some of it might not even be real. Do a test yourselves…get a can of a vegetable (or whatever ‘great value’ product you want that there’s a brand name product of too) of a brand name and a can of the same vegetable of ‘great value’. Take a fork/spoonful of one and eat it and then do the same with the other. That great value shit is the nastiest tasting crap on the planet! I hate, with a passion, bell peppers. If I even get a little whiff of one I literally start puking, but I’d *almost* rather eat one of those things than ever eat anything ‘great value’ ever again. Seriously.

    Hell, I opened up a can of that great value corn and put it out in a pan for the crows (hey, I think they’re cool birds and they gotta eat too!). They wouldn’t touch the shit! That was two weeks ago and *nothing* has touched it yet. It’s almost as bad as whatever’s in ‘diet’ drinks…put one out opened one day by an ant hill…not even ants will touch a diet drink!

    Anyway, sorry it got so long, the puppy got me up and the back’s killing me until the pill kicks in and I’ll never get back to sleep now anyway (I’m up every two hours anyway to check on the fire in the wood stove).

    Oh yeah…fuck you Obama (just for GP). I hope Holder’s next heart attack does a better job. And just to fuck with the pigs and other ABC fucktard faggots…

    bomb, slow cooker, terrorist, Iran, Iraq, nuclear, FTP, NAAP, DefCon V, RSO, Hackers, Encryption, ASWS, Espionage, USDOJ, NSA, CIA, S/Key, SSL, FBI, Secret Service, USSS, Defcon, Military, White House, Undercover, NCCS, Mayfly, PGP, SALDV, PEM, resta, RSA, Perl-RSA, MSNBC, bet, AOL, AOL TOS, CIS, CBOT, AIMSX, STARLAN, 3B2, BITNET, Tanzania, SAMU, COSMOS, DATTA, E911, FCIC, HTCIA, IACIS, UT/RUS, JANET, ram, JICC, ReMOB, LEETAC, UTU, VNET, BRLO, SADCC, NSLEP, SACLANTCEN, FALN, 877, NAVELEXSYSSECENGCEN, BZ, CANSLO, CBNRC, CIDA, JAVA, rsta, Awarehouse…

  24. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    ANOM wrote:

    “@Ol’LadyRider…like a typical biker chick getting in grown mens business. Guess you havent learned your lesson in civil duties on Sammich making or beer fetching. And you mention Dago Chapter let me guess if you throw out a certain name you might be the lil sassy ole lady with a big mouth and a hunger for sturring shit so her old man probably in some bitch support club can try and bail her out! Well unlike the clubs you base yourself around the IO is not an outlaw MC we are a law abiding MC. We dont go to peoples houses threaten the women even if they seem to deserve a kick in the mouth or ass, or post threats to anyone. So your ignorant posts are nulinvoid.”

    Didn’t realize this thread is still alive and kicking, so what a lovely surprise to see my alias being thrown out by none other than an IO cultmember! Now, can anyone translate that gibberish?

    I can only answer to the parts I could understand: first, I’m an EXPERT beer fetcher and sammich maker. I’m so good that I can do both at the same time! Second, no one would ever call me “little.” Third, yeah I mentioned your invisible “Dago Crew.” Did I forget to mention they’re invisible? Fourth, what the f*ck is “nulinvoid?”

    Finally, I’ve been threatened several times by persons associated with IO, so the “law abiding” rhetoric is just that: rhetoric . Take the time to read through Rebel’s site. Learn something about MCs. You’ve swallowed the cult mentality because you dont know any better – that is more than apparent from your posts. Oh, and I’m a veteran too… but I wont accept a beer from you. Not even if you somehow managed to keep up with me and not even if you asked pretty please.

  25. Samurai Says:

    I finally figured out what “my brother before me” means to the io. It’s where most want their “brothers” to absorb shit before it hits them and then when they are no longer needed it’s easier to stab them in the back and then fuck them up the ass. I know for a fact they commonly break the law, I have been collecting stories. A real good one is a member of one of the Chicago chapters, a short little fuck named Mr. Fister(i am afraid to find out how he got that name) got drunk and fired off a handgun in the downtown area. So you have carrying a concealed weapon, discharging a firearm inside a city limits, possession of a pistol in Chicago and doing all of it while drunk. It’s hard to figure out how many laws he broke, and i know some at least were felonies and all they did was pull his center patch and buried the incident. Pulling a members center patch, which they call centerpunching, was supposed to drop them down to a prospect for a set period of time but recently Izod stated that’s now how it’s supposed to be. A centerpunched Brother is still a Brother just one that is under punishment and aren’t supposed to be treated like a prospect they just aren’t supposed to fuck up for a while. They don’t even punish people properly, they fine people for shit which is just a fucked up way of making bank off their members. The only other thing they do is toss them out bad. They reportedly have around 3k membership which includes prospects, but they have between 300-500 members who have left or been kicked out in 10 short years. I’d almost bet a years pay that number is higher than any of the big established clubs, such as HA or AOA have lost in the 60 or 80 year history

  26. Nobody Says:

    It’s really simple… A true 1%er outlaw motorcycle club WOULD NOT and SHOULD NOT be advertising the club or the members, by the club or the members, on any internet website or any media driven medium for that matter.
    They should not have a profile page displaying “selfies” while wearing their colors. They should not have their family and friends subjected to this as well. Any person or group of people claiming to be a true “old-school” 1%er and does such things, is either working with the cops, for the cops or will one day be aiding the cops in the prosecution of others, whether they know it or not.
    They are also subjecting themselves, their family, their friends and/or their fellow club members to the possibilities of endangerment and/or assault by rivals or just a citizen who finds it “gay” for “outlaws” to be posting on a “teen targeted” website.
    Therefore, no matter what they say, or claim to be, if they are doing any of the above, then in the real world (not cyber-space), they are NOT the true 1%ers they think they are or claim to be.

  27. swampy Says:

    Well, I hope there’s no confusion between me and this “Swamp” character. As I’ve only used “swampy” as an adjective to describe a certain geographic location the last few years. Respects to Rebel and most here; y’all know who y’all are.

    p.s. Fuck all cops and io.

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