The Case Of The Missing DA

September 20, 2013

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The Altoona Mirror reported today that Ray Frank Gricar (above), a Pennsylvania District Attorney who disappeared eight years ago, may have been murdered by a former Hells Angel who became an FBI snitch.

In a story by Greg Bock, the Mirror reports the source for the story as a former “ranking officer in the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.” The Mirror began interviewing the source in May. The source told the paper the District Attorney’s “knee caps were spun,” his throat was cut and his body was hidden in an abandoned mine shaft. The shaft was then closed and its former opening concealed.

The source said the murder was retaliation for a 12-year prison sentence given the alleged murderer after Gricar convicted him for aggravated assault. The alleged murderer worked as an FBI informant while a member of the Hells Angels.

Mine Shaft

The source told the Mirror he took FBI agents to the approximate location of the mineshaft but did not disclose its exact location because the shaft holds four other bodies in addition to Gricar’s as well as several guns. The source is seeking immunity from prosecution by federal authorities.

The Mirror states, “Multiple independent sources, including law enforcement familiar with the case, confirmed the FBI had questioned the source and taken him to the location.”

The alleged murderer appears to be presently enrolled in the U.S. Marshals Service’s Witness Protection Program. You can read the Mirror’s story here.

Ray Gricar

Gricar was the District Attorney of Centre County Pennsylvania for 20 years before he disappeared on April 15, 2005. Gricar was last seen shopping in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Police found his car outside a Lewisburg antique shop the next day. Fishermen found Gricar’s laptop computer in the Susquehanna River on July 30, 2005. The computer’s hard drive had been removed. Gricar was declared legally dead on July 25, 2011.

The disappearance has provided fodder for several reality television programs including Haunting Evidence on Court TV, Disappeared on Investigation Discovery, Without A Trace on CBS and Dateline NBC.

Last year, numerous news outlets tried to connect Gricar’s disappearance to the prosecution of a vicious pedophile and former Penn State football coach named Jerry Sandusky. Gricar refused to prosecute Sandusky in 1998 after the pedophile raped an 11-year-old boy. The man that boy became testified at Sandusky’s 2012 trial as “Victim Number Six.”



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  1. FF Says:

    Happy Halloween, Ray Frank.

    “I got a rock”

  2. chromedome Says:

    man after i got her wired right i fired her up sunday mornin bout 7 am. Woke the ol lady and kids up both dogs were goin apeshit lol when i came through the front goin outside peg caught the bottom hinge and left the door crooked lmao. I narrowly dodged the cup she threw at me as i rode down the front steps. I turned and said hey atleast its out of the kitchen.

    Wat year ironhead? Mine was a 75 with the push button and the kick start. , lost it after i caught a bullshit charge in detroit cpl years ago. I miss that fucker it was the last bike i got to build with my dad.


  3. Phuquehed Says:

    @Jim666 – “you’re not supposed to say anything but good about the dead. Good, he’s dead.” LMAO! I hope to remember that one!

    @Ghost – Damn straight! It’d be the kind of obituarie one would be *pleased* to read daily, heh heh heh.

  4. ghost Says:

    I wish this story was about an epidemic of missing D.A’s (dumb ass’s)
    who all had their kneecaps spun, and their throats slashed, then dropped into a mine shaft called hell !!!!! fuck all these cocksuckers !!!!! The only reason this is newsworthy is so we can celebrate!!!!

  5. ghost Says:

    I wish this story was about an epidemic of missing D.A’s (dumb ass’s)
    that definitely had their knee caps spun, and were all at the bottom of a mine shaft called hell !!!!! fuck all these cocksuckers

  6. WARTHOG Says:

    Jim666 says:

    “she thought the bike didnt like her and was actually jealous of the bike.”

    You can’t really rule that out completely, though.




  7. Glenn S. Says:

    Again, you’re not supposed to say anything but good about the dead. Good, he’s dead.

  8. Jim666 Says:

    glad ya got her fixed

  9. chromedome Says:

    @austin thanks man
    @jim666 ya man had a damn short in the wiring comin off the kill switch pretty much spent an all nighter tracing the wiring of course last place i look turns up to be the problem.
    @sieg …….ya it wont get ya home but it will get ya laid!! Lol


  10. Philo Says:

    Sounds like cosmic justice to me.


  11. Sieg Says:

    Proving once again that CHROME DON’T GET YA HOME!

    CD, first thing ya do, go out an score a manual for that bad boy. You can even get ’em off E-Bay for cheap. Lack-o-zots can be a confusing issue, but as stated above by wiser men than me, it will usually be traced to the battery, connections, starter-relay, or in the case of your piece, circuit-breakers.

    Study the wiring diagrams and check for volts at every junction, but I’m betting you got a bad battery.

    5 to 1

  12. Jim666 Says:

    Chromedome: What Austin says,
    also might wanna trace all wiring and look for dead shorts,
    I had an old ironhead that would run fine till Ol sat her ass on it
    then it just cut off ,,,,everytime ,
    but if she didnt get on it ran great soon
    as her ass hit the seat it would stall out , finally found a dead short under the P pad,,lol
    she thought the bike didnt like her and was actually jealous of the bike.

  13. Austin Says:

    @ chromedome 1) YES! and 2)Check the battery voltage and connections or try to bump start it. Lights = check fuses.
    If it bump starts, it’s most likely your starter or the starter solenoid relay.
    Somewhere along the line, you don’t have enough power to turn the engine over. Some things to try before you spend any money:

    -Take the battery somewhere that will test/charge it for free. Hopefully it’s just a dead battery, which is easily replaced.

    -If you have a multimeter, see how much juice is going into the battery when you crank the throttle. You should be seeing >13v (14.2 is great) If you aren’t, you might have a problem with the charging system.

    try sifting through here for more info;

  14. chromedome Says:

    On a side note got a 88 sportster wont start got juice everywhere but no lights starter not even clicking. Any suggestions?

  15. chromedome Says:

    Refused to prosecute sandusky! He deserved what he got and then some. 10+ years of sickness that could have been avoided if that cocksucker would have done his job.. .

  16. Jim666 Says:

    Too bad all of them cant go missing

  17. Road Rage Says:

    More cops (and friends of cops) should end up in holes. Just my opinion!

    Ride hard, stay free

    Road Rage

  18. Frequent Flyer Says:

    Being intrigued I did some google searches. Found some VERY INTERESTING things.

    This is the DA who replaced Ray:

    I bet she could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.

    The case was cold until March 31, 2010: District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller announces she will assemble a review board that comprises experienced local investigators and herself, to give the mystery of Gricar’s disappearance “new eyes.”

    New eyes? Translation: Let’s find someone Ray sentenced to prison who lives in the area we can blame this on.

    And this is really weird—

    Ray Frank Gricor had a brother who turned up missing and found dead in an almost identical case:

    In May 1996, Roy J. Gricar — Ray Gricar’s brother and Tony Gricar’s dad — disappeared in Dayton, Ohio. His car was found abandoned across the street from the office where his son worked. A search of the area was conducted, but authorities found no trace of Roy Gricar.

    “He was missing for a few days before his body turned up in the [Great Miami] River,” Tony Gricar said. “He was a mile down the river. His body found one morning by joggers on a bike path that runs by there.”

    you can find all this information at this link:

  19. trappedonrr Says:

    looks like a hoax. an inmate looking to find a deal, or just a vacation

  20. Budweiser Says:

    Did the HA have a charter in or near Centre County in the 90’s? I know there is/was a charter in York PA, but that is quite a distance from the State College area.

  21. VINCE 1%er Says:

    From What I’m reading regarding this story & the Worthless Prosecutor that suddenly *Vanished* is :
    The ONLY People/Persons/Club Itself getting the “Shaft” as indicated in this story are the HAMC .Due Mostly to the The Rhetoric,Lies,Rumors,Innuendo & RAT SCUMBAG Informant(s) that are trying to cut a deal for themselves-to save themseselves by throwing other innocent individuals under the bus in lieu of stepping up and telling the truth.But Most of US HERE know that 3 Can Keep A Secret If 2 Are DEAD. And therein lies the crux of this story : that RAT SCUMBAG would tell them anything to get off the hook.

    Kinda like the Lyrics to a ][V][EGADET][-][ song :

    “Put your hands up my shirt-
    Pull the strings that make me work-
    Rumors Fly,Lies Come Out-
    Like a Fish With Hook In Mouth”

    Vince 1%ER

  22. CN Says:

    I’m confused (not all that rare). Maybe it’s because I stayed up all freaking night reading Framing Dave Burgess then rereading the parts I notated as needing review. Anyway I just woke up again and both Biker & this site have this same DA story but here’s what confuses me: The guy/snitch/whatever took the FBI to the approximate area of the mine shaft but stopped short of actually taking them to the mine shaft? Isn’t that area pretty much mine shaft central? Who the hell in their right mind takes a deal like that? “Hey look I’ll take you around where the mine shaft with the bodies and guns in it is but I’ll stop short of actually pointing to the mine shaft that you guys have to find yourself”. Really? What am I missing here?

  23. Frequent Flyer Says:


    Thanks for the clarification.

    I wonder who was more shocked—

    The source when he found out the snitch was still alive, or the snitch when he found out the source was spilling the beans?

    It’s gonna be interesting to see who blinks first.

    Of course, they gotta find ol’ Ray first.

    Peace and Respect. FF

  24. Sieg Says:

    “But the night is filled with silent horrors; from tens of
    thousands of lampposts, power poles, and trees throughout this vast metropolitan area the grisly forms hang.”

    If you’ve got the mineshafts, break out the rope!

    5 to 1

  25. Rebel Says:

    Dear Frequent Flyer,

    According to the paper, the source had been a suspect in the case for awhile and he wanted to get the heat off of him.

    The former member was identified as an FBI snitch in a letter the FBI sent to the judge who reduced the alleged snitch’s sentence for the ag assault charge from 12 to five years, which was the amount of time the snitch had done in prison at that point. The source went to the paper after he believed the alleged murderer was dead. It turned out the alleged murderer was very much alive and living in another state.

    In the Byzantine world of federal policing, it is possible that the source is also working for the FBI. It is also possible that he is an android. Maybe he is an android who can morph into a drone. Anything is possible when you have multiple secret police forces trying to justify their budgets.

    The Sanduskey thing might have just been a case of an amoral prosecutor kissing Penn State University’s ass. There are quite a few amoral prosecutors.


  26. Rebel Says:

    Dear Sieg,

    Lots of mineshafts out west.


  27. Sieg Says:

    Let’s see here…snitches, prosecutors, and rats.

    Yup, no humans involved.

    That mineshaft got room for more prostitutors???

    5 to 1

  28. Frequent Flyer Says:

    Very compelling story, Rebel.

    Something doesn’t smell right. First red flag: What could have possibly motivated this source who went to the Mirror to give up all this information?

    Second red flag: How did this source know the former member was a FBI snitch? Did he find this out before or after Gricar was murdered?

    Third red flag: Is this source an FBI plant?

    The Sandusky angle intrigues me as well. But if the murder was motivated by his failure to prosecute, then it wouldn’t have anything to do with the source or the FBI snitch.

    Or does it?

  29. Budweiser Says:

    I’ve followed coverage of Gricar’s disappearance from the beginning. I’m originally from central PA and lived in Centre County briefly while attending Penn State. This case is one of the most bizarre missing person cases I’ve ever seen. Great to see you cover it, Rebel.

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