Meet And Greet Jay Dobyns

September 17, 2013

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The travelling medicine show called Jay Dobyns will be in Vegas tonight at 7 p.m. Dobyns will speak and sell books at The Mob Museum which is located at 300 Stewart Avenue. If you are a member of The Mob Museum tickets cost $15. Everybody else must pay five dollars more. You can buy your tickets online here.

According the museum’s press release, Dobyns is “a federal undercover agent and a New York Times Best-Selling author. He achieved worldwide notoriety as one of history’s most daring undercover operators during high-octane covert operations targeting the world’s most brutally violent criminals and organizations.

“For over twenty five years, Jay successfully infiltrated and brought down scores of the deadliest criminals and illegal enterprises in existence. He operated amongst vicious street and prison gangs, gun running groups, drug trafficking organizations, bomb makers and home invasion crews. He routinely played the role of a shrewdly-calculating professional hit man during federal ‘murder-for-hire’ investigations.

“Jay is perhaps best known for his landmark infiltration of the notorious Hells Angels biker gang. He was the first-ever law enforcement officer to successfully defeat the gang’s multilayered security measures and become a full patched member (of the legendary Skull Valley charter), a fact that club’s leadership vociferously denies to this day.”

Dobyns Complaints

Dobyns has pursued a series of lawsuits and complaints against his employer, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives for almost six years, since before the publication of his memoir No Angel in which Dobyns concedes he was never actually a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. The prepublication working title of the book was Almost An Angel. He has also been the subject of books by Kerrie Droban and Julien Sher. Dobyns public statements are frequently contradictory.

Dobyns current lawsuit alleges that the ATF failed to properly protect him from his many enemies, particularly the Hells Angels. Specifically, Dobyns argues that his employer failed to protect his suburban Tucson hacienda from a fire on the evening of August 10, 2008. That night someone threw about a pint of flammable liquid on his back porch and set it on fire. Initial estimates said the fire caused about $30,000 damage. Dobyns later said the fire caused $300,000 damage. After the fire, ATF officials determined it was an arson and named Dobyns as a suspect.

In the last two years Dobyns has branded himself as an ATF underdog bravely fighting to tell the truth about a soulless and corrupt government bureaucracy. Since 2011, Dobyns has exploited the fallout from a questionable ATF sting called Operation Fast and Furious to advance his allegations about the ATF.

The Lawsuit

Dobyns lawsuit was filed in October 2008. The case was tried in two court sessions in Tucson and Washington this summer. Dobyns is reportedly seeking $22 million.

At Dobyns insistence, neither session of the trial was open to the public and the trial transcripts are sealed. Dobyns has argued that the case must be kept secret to protect vulnerable, government agents. Government attorneys have suggested that Dobyns wanted the case sealed to protect his public persona.

There will probably be no decision in the case for at least another four months.



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  1. FF Says:

    You can always tell who the cops and the cop groupies are; they always make a post telling everybody else how stupid and wrong they are, and then they take off and never respond to anyone else’s rebuttal. Like true socialist police state goons, they are here to lecture, not discuss anything.

    Well Brogan, if you ARE still at least reading the responses, then ask yourself this. You said you’d “go to war (LMAO)” with Jay Dobyns. Would you go to war with James Daniel Blankenship? Because Jay did. Maybe you should look that name up, big guy. Or better yet, go to Amazon and pick up a copy of OUT BAD, by Donald Charles Davis. Here’s an excerpt:

    America no longer gives a damn about places like Bullhead City or the far more “broken down” Golden Valley on the other side of the jagged mountains that line the Colorado River Valley. If the nation did, more citizens would know that Bullhead City is a beautiful place, really, particularly at twilight when those mile-high rocks turn deep purple and pink streaks glow in the sky.

    But Bullhead City is increasingly impoverished and that is not a story most journalists care to recount.

    America would rather see anything about almost any celebrity than see the dispossessed families running to or from places like Bullhead City. From a motorcycle the families are impossible to miss on the highways of rent-a-truck, towing the car, the adults grim faced and ashamed, the kids laughing and waving at the bikers as they roar past as if this road of flight is just a passage in an adventure and they have just seen real, iron horse cowboys.

    Dobyns rode a motorcycle here and somehow never saw that.

    Dobyns went there because he makes $185,000 a year to hurt those people. He went because America no longer trusts that if you give free people a chance, they will work things out for themselves. He went because, “Bullhead was ripe for the picking, and… getting evidence up there would be like shooting fish in a barrel.”


    yeah he’s a real American hero. Him and James fucking Blankenship, and all the other career criminals the ATF put on their payroll (using confiscated tax dollars from hard working citizens like all of us) to manufacture crimes and entrap faux enemies of the state for political expediency and self aggrandizement.

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