Sons Of Anarchy Season Six

September 11, 2013

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It is common now, in biker racketeering cases, for prospective jurors to be interrogated about the basic cable soap opera Sons of Anarchy. “Do you now, or have you ever watched the television show Sons of Anarchy? Do you understand it is fiction? Do you understand the difference between fantasy and reality?”

The juror questions are ironic because the television show bears little likeness to even the most corrupt chapters of any of the brand name motorcycle clubs. The club in the show is an unabashed crime syndicate that derives its money and status through the shared commerce of guns, drugs and women. The characters, presumably, are all zillionaires. They only dress down. None of them even tries to hide his criminality – although it might be a more interesting show if one of them, now and then, did. But none of them ever do, so defense attorneys must go through the motions of trying to convince jurors that the show is written in the sky in smoke like an expensive and fleeting Valentine.

Jurors always believe what the show’s creators claim over and over – which happens to be exactly what prospective jurors wish was true – which is that Sons of Anarchy is an artistic vision, not the commercial hallucination of liars and fools

The federal trial of George Christie early this year got as far as the second day of voir dire – and the questions about the television show – before Christie agreed to plead guilty. In the last five years the show has prejudiced jury pools all over the country. And, that is ironic because the show knows nothing about and has nothing to say about the motorcycle club world. The show seems to have evolved into something that doesn’t even need motorcycles. All it needs now is Charlie Hunnam, a dozen or so beautiful and crazy women and some bang-bang. Hunnam could play an IRS agent who moonlights as an accountant for whores and the show would still be a hit.

The Masculinity Crisis

In the beginning, SOA was the recollections of some adventures that producer John Linson had with the Hells Angels and it was obviously conceived to appeal to disaffected men – the kind of men who wish they were Hells Angels or who like to daydream about being motorcycle outlaws. It is hardly news, except maybe in Hollywood and Washington, that American masculinity is in crisis and that outlaw motorcycle clubs suggest a cure.

Outlaw clubs are outposts of what the late Tim Hetherington called “Man Eden.” James Brabazon, who collaborated with Hetherington and Sebastian Junger on the documentary Restrepo thinks, “War is the only opportunity that men have in society to love each other unconditionally and it’s understanding the depth of emotion of men at war that Tim was fascinated with.” Motorcycle clubs simulate the emotions and values of men at war. They manifest what William James called “The Moral Equivalent of War.”

During its first couple of seasons SOA seemed to pander to the emotions of otherwise competent and proud men who could no longer survive, let alone raise a family, by selling only their labor. Modern men are compelled to feminize themselves to either earn a living or secure the credentials that now symbolize an education. And, some percentage of American men and boys, probably around 20 percent, simply find that feminization to be too humiliating to endure. For whatever reasons of class or psychology or macroeconomics that big fraction of all men long to be what James called “hunting men, and to hunt a neighboring tribe, kill the males, loot the village and possess the females, was the most profitable, as well as the most exciting, way of living.” In the same brief essay, written in response to the horrors of the Russo-Japanese War, James went on to describe the virtues all motorcycle outlaws embrace today: “Martial virtues…intrepidity, contempt of softness, surrender of private interest, obedience to command….”


This eagerness to speak to real and potential outlaws everywhere probably explains the show’s self-proclaimed authenticity. Over and over for half a decade the producers and the stars of this show business confection have insisted that they are not portraying characters but rather revealing their own, true, edgy, dangerous, free, hyper-masculine selves. That illusion of authenticity was the premise of a couple of SOA knockoffs, particularly the ludicrous The Devils Ride. Kurt Sutter even complained that The Devils Ride had stolen its opening from his show and he got into a bitchy twitter war with some of that knockoff show’s cast.

SOA has also striven to sell its purported authenticity to the disaffected and clueless by hiring Hells Angels in need of a showbiz boost. Sonny Barger has appeared in the show and has spoken glowingly about it. Last year, after former New York Angel Chuck Zito lost a lawsuit in which he claimed Sutter had stolen the idea for Sons of Anarchy from him, Sutter gave Zito a recurring role. The Devils Ride responded by hiring former Mesa Angel Ralph Randolph as one of its stars. In last night’s SOA premier, current Hells Angel, and so much more, Rusty Coones appeared as the club’s official refrigerator mover. Coones previously played himself in The Devils Ride.

There were outbreaks of primitive masculinity in last night’s episode. A club brother named Tig Trager, played by the actor Kim Coates, beat a bad Iranian pornographer to death then pissed on his body. It was a manifestation of primitive masculinity stolen from the headlines.

In September 2012 United States Marines were widely described as “inhuman” for urinating on the bodies of dead Taliban. All combat veterans, and virtually every man who has lived in the last 200,000 years, would have found the conduct of those Marines to be at least understandable. Some percentage of men would find pissing on the bodies of their enemies to be laugh out loud hilarious.

But Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, a member of Congress and a rising political star, speaking on Bill Maher’s television show on HBO, condemned the men fighting her war for not fighting it correctly. The same week a Marine Staff Sergeant was being court-martialed for “desecration of human remains,” “posing for unofficial photographs with human casualties,” “failing to properly supervise junior Marines” and not reporting misconduct, Shultz, speaking very obtusely, said “Let’s remember that this is the United States of America. The greatest country in the world that is the country that we hold ourselves up as a shining example. That conduct, and I represent a lot of wonderful 18-year-old kids in the Twenty-Third District in South Florida, and I wouldn’t expect that conduct out of any of them no matter what their level of maturity is and it’s unacceptable in any way shape or form.” The entire population of the television studio, which might not have contained a single combat veteran, enthusiastically cheered.

A Woman’s Show

The Iranian villain in last night’s show might as well have called himself the Iron Sheik. He was so loathsome that even Debbie Wasserman Schultz might have been tempted to piss on him. And, his most grievous sin was his exploitation of women.

Sons of Anarchy is now blatantly a chick show. Even Wasserman Shultz might like it. There is still much cartoon violence in SOA but to say it is a show about motorcycle clubs is like saying China Beach was a show about Vietnam.

While men strut around in their flannels and cuts, the central characters in scene after scene are women. There are long scenes of women talking, sharing their feelings and watching their adorable children. Jax Teller, the show’s lead character portrayed by the English actor Charlie Hunnam, is constantly surrounded by and fussed over by adoring women. The show should be called Jax And His Bitches. An entire subplot was devoted to Jax and his boys rescuing whores from the evil Iranian porno kings. Obviously, FX has some research that indicates that women viewers long to be possessed by the males from the neighboring porno studio. Those beautiful whores live lives of leisure in whorehouses that look like Victorian mansions.

Shakespeare Yo

Into its sixth season, the show retains both its artistic pretensions – this is, after all, a show that unabashedly compares itself to the best of William Shakespeare – and its gutless acquiescence to political correctness. The sixth season premiere opened with a long soliloquy of self-reverential blather as Jax, the dreamboat no woman will ever resist, writes in his “journal” to his son. These journal entries are obvious plays by Sutter for some critic somewhere to laud his narrative skill but they don’t do much to advance either character or plot. Unless all these pretentious reveries embarrassingly surface in a future RICO trial what they all amount to is Kurt Sutter showing off.

The dramatic climax last night occurred just after a creepy, little blonde boy pulled a fully automatic TEC-9 out of his back pack. Then, off camera, the boy blew away some unknown number of his innocent schoolmates. The gun, of course, will be traced back to the Sons of Anarchy and much soul searching and philosophizing are sure to result.

On the way to this epic shark jump many fearsome male characters were punked or allowed themselves to be punked. Clay Morrow, the ruthless former club president, a Vietnam combat veteran and an outlaw for 40 years, betrayed his life long friends because he was afraid he would be raped and murdered by black inmates. There were racial and sexual incidents throughout the show that suggested at least masochism, if not some darker and weirder corner of the postmodern soul, like cuckold fetishism. The dramatic tension in last night’s Sons of Anarchy was indivisible from the neurotic terrors of the American middle class.

After the creepy kid went postal there was a long, sad song so we could all mourn and heal, each in our own way, for a full three minutes, over a clip montage that was sure to provide closure.

The blessed anticlimax arrived after an hour and a half, as Jax rode one of his many women. The camera pulled back to frame his full patch tattoo. The shot suggested that this season Jax will be endlessly sandwiched between his club and his bitches – between his primitive masculinity and his domesticity. Very many people, particularly women, will watch to learn which way his heart will go.


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95 Responses to “Sons Of Anarchy Season Six”

  1. BB Says:

    All I know, is I want to be the Harley dealer in Charming. That guy has got to be rich…



  2. One Eye Says:

    @Icebreaker: I think I might be able to do a better job, eh. I’ll introduce the Canuck factor; plaid shirts, hockey jerseys, Tim Horton’s and they will deal in black market hockey sticks. Hell, we can even throw in a morbidly obese mayor who admits to smoking crack.

    It’s so cartoonish that it becomes an exercise in hyperbole. It jumped the shark tank long ago and it’s to the point where the bar is moved higher and higher on how silly it can get. Don’t these guys ever have a respite from gun fights, chase scenes, murder, biting off their own tongues, drugs, Rico, family squabbles, maintaining white tennis shoes, pissing off yet another gang, fucking their brothers over and having a woman run the club to just, I don’t know, have a bar-b-q, drink, ride and fuck?

  3. BB Says:

    Pig and RVM69, I’m the same way too. Weapons, cars, bikes, armor, clothing in some cases. Drives the family nuts.



  4. Icebreaker Says:

    Haven’t watched it in the past couple years, but hell, OneEye’s sound as good as anything I had seen then…. Maybe you are in the wrong business man…. “Written by OneEye”… OL says hey, eh…

    Like RVN69 and Pig said, it’s that little shit that makes me crazy, going, “yeah, ain’t no way”….

  5. Pig Says:

    @RVN69 – I noticed that too! At first I thought she pulled an entire round out of his shoulder. I’ve seen Hollywood make the mistake of thinking the entire round of ammo actually travels down range before. Then I saw that it was a slug and I thought the same thing! Fucking thing looked to be the size of a .45 ACP round.

    For the record…I notice that shit too. Drives the wife nuts as I can’t help but voice dumb ass discrepancies out loud during a show.

  6. BB Says:

    One Eye…that is MONEY! LOL!

  7. RVN69 Says:

    Any one who is a regular on this site knows I don’t like or watch SOA, my wife does, so while she was watching the taped episode yesterday, I caught part of it where the female doctor, Jax’s wife, pulled a bullet from some members shoullder. I nearly shit myself, did anyone who watches this bullshit see the size of that slub!?!?! What the fuck was he shot with, a .50 cal.?? it was huge, at least the prop people could have found a realistic sized prop.

    OK I know no one else probably gives a shit, I’m just a gun nut and notice stuff like that.

    YYZ Love the shirt Thanks. Rounding up something for you.

    “I came into this world kicking, screaming and covered in someone else’s blood. I am prepared to leave the same way.

  8. sherides Says:

    One Eye,

    It could still happen…..

    I found Unser’s talk with Gemma regarding her raising the boys and “this isn’t 1967” quite prophetic.


  9. One Eye Says:

    I was hoping that Tara would enter one the many SOA gatherings, reveal an Uzi and decrease the surplus population. When the smoke cleared she would raise her hands and scream,”I WIN!!” She would then turn to the camera with Manson lamps glaring, remove her wig allowing her long hair to flow, break into a huge grin and calmly say,”you’re welcome.” Fade to black.

  10. YYZ Skinhead Says:


    I cannot imagine how they will continue the show without Clay, but they are dropping members like flies.

    YYZ Skinhead

  11. sherides Says:


    Me either.

    It will be interesting to see where the series goes from here.


  12. Tooj Says:

    I have a gripe. Why does the “P” always get to shoot someone in the throat? Juice wasn’t good enough? Mayvbe the returning ghost of Piney kills him etherically by way of his ghostly powers. Then Jack Osborne and his crew comes in and ties all the other bullshit television shows into SOA by way of ghost investigations.

    Is there such a thing as tlevision program monopolies? Can you assimilate every program into your own until there is just one on TV? Some sort of SOA, Finding Bigfoot, Housewives of Redwood, Biker Ghost Stories inbreeding monstrosity that is very close to being produced?

    C’mon Sutter, we know if anyone can convince the powers that be…

  13. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Well, I wasn’t expecting that ending.

    YYZ Skinhead

  14. N P Says:

    Clay Morrow, r.i.p. 11/19/13

  15. guest Says:

    I like SOA. Of course it’s phony bullshit. It’s a drama. Ever watch Murder She Wrote? You can bet if I knew some old broad who had somebody dropping dead wherever she showed up, I’d keep my ass away from her. I used to work as a paralegal in a defense firm and can tell you Law and Order is bullshit. My combat veteran husband says all military movies are bullshit. We have both been around clubs all our lives and know Sons is bullshit. I don’t have a problem with that. I like Jax’s pretty ass and Gemma fighting for her grandkids. It entertains me. Of course it’s a problem when civilians think it’s real, but I don’t let a handful of morons keep me from enjoying something purely for entertainment value.

  16. N P Says:

    Did anyone watch last night, 10/29/13 ? We must have a lot of movie fans here. How about the scene when the Viz-lat Vato got run completely over, outside the port of Stockton ? That had to be the greatest running over scene ever in history ! OMG ! Are you here Grave Holly ? That topped my previous favorite run over, one which you will deeply appreciate: the scene when The Great One, Walt White, runs over those corner dealers who are pulling their guns in unison with Jessie, for a good old fashioned western style gunfight. Remember? I can’t believe Sutter topped that. Holy Shit !! It’s a bitter-sweet moment, but the truth must prevail. Sutter has rocked the shit outta everybody once again !!

  17. Turtle Says:

    I too quit getting cable..have Netflix and even SOA soaps ours always are on there too. I only laugh when I here people talking about last nights show.At 56 I’m to old and wise to fall for it. I think they should keep it on…it gives us a heads up of who to watch out for. I didn’t get this old and grey from being stupid! Great article!

  18. amy white Says:

    I want to chime in from a chick’s point of view. Gemma is a disgrace to all biker chicks. the show should be renamed “whose dick is Gemma sucking this week.” I also don’t know any biker chicks who wear chains and leathers to daycare and doctor appointments. And that vapid mealy little doctor chick? she makes me want to punch her in the throat. I hate Jax’s over acting sickening Scarlett O’Hara scenes, and where the hell did they get the idea that bikers like trannys? I think Sutter is a boil on the ass of bikerdom and only remote control commandos could possibly enjoy that inane jackassery he writes. I have to say I am glad “Jax” quit Fifty Shades. Combining that much bad acting with such a shitful attempt at writing would likely have caused my spleen to leak out my eyeballs… this is just by KNOWING its being made.. I most certainly would not watch it. How many clubs have you ever seen who ride around on matching little gay Harleys and wear hoodies and white tennis shoes? I am surprised Obama hasn’t come out with a statement saying “Jax could be my son.” The show is sickeningly stupid and ridiculously written. I don’t know how in the hell it has such a huge following. It’s worse than Gilligan’s Island.

  19. JohnnyD Says:

    During the last legislative session in Arizona I was lobbying for our biker bill. I went to meet with some of the state senators trying to get them to vote for our bill. One senator, a female, said that she had been watching SOA to learn about bike clubs. She recommended that my club webcast our meetings so that they could get a better idea of what we were about. Law enforcement loves this show and advises legislators that it is closer to reality than most clubs want to admit. My goal this year is to get the politicians to know us personally. I am advocating that club members attend their representatives’ events and introduce themselves. I truly believe that this is the only way to educate legislators about us. One of our representatives attended a clubmember’s wedding and we set up a school supply run for a school in our clubhouse neighborhood with a legislator. Fighting for our rights should not be necessary in 2013, but for some reason it is. Law enforcement in this state is trained to suspect anyone on a motorcycle of criminal activity. SOA, those undercover cops in New York, combined with any incident involving a biker have created an atmosphere in which I find myself taking as many steps back as forward.

  20. guest Says:

    this show is bad ass a few of them are real life hells angels.

  21. Road Whore Says:

    Re: Sons of Anarchy…

    As Jed Clampett would have said, “Pitiful; plumb pitiful.”

    Ride Free

  22. N P Says:

    Hey Grave Holly, congratulations ! You called that one perfectly. Right at the exact moment when you are complaining about the GILF factor, Sutter lays that scene on us with Clay, Gemma, and the two guards in Stockton. That’s uncanny. It is almost as if Sutter wrote in a big retort to your comment! I am impressed with you.

  23. Grave Holly Says:

    I lol’d. “Sutter is the man.” – Like this article stated, or somewhere I read. The first two seasons where based on hells angels exploits. (Interestingly the first two seasons were the best) – the rest where prett lame. I don’t want to get into it. Anyone with half a brain can tell the difference between detail orientated writting, and lame filler. Shock value bullsh1t. The first episode of this season included torture porn, urine baths and killing. Oh and anal rape. Just a bunch of “shock” ingredients added to the mix to gain “Shock value” – I don’t need to prove why SOA is sh1t. It’s gone down the drain, everyone knows it. But of course you get the bandwagon dreamers who worship that kind of filth, glorified violence, sex, and senseless killing. Kind of like when Discovery channel tries to depict the MC world with “gangland.” – it’s all there to just grab your attention based on carnal fear instincts.

    Breaking bad was beautifully done down to the last detail. That’s another topic, I know this isn’t a movie / show afficianado website. Just thought I would throw that in because they both premier at the same time. “Sutter Dwarfs Vince Gillian.” you fuckin’ kiddin me? Let me guess, he won you over because he playes the latest nu metal bands while your heartbreak jax takes out 10 black guys with a Mac 10 on a motorcycle.

    Gimmie a fucking break. There is nothing realistic about the show, the fact that SOA parades around commiting crimes full-colors and patch, killing people left and right with no reprecautions, not so much as catching a bullet is enough to make ones sick. Cherry on top? Jax’s bare naked ass and that temporary tattoo cut on his back. Bravo sutter.

    I’m beginning to think Sutter has homosexual tendancies himself. Certainly has a gilf fetish. How else would you get someone to write in a dramatic “Gemma gilf” scene for 5 seasons? This is supposed to be an outlaw MC show but every corner I turn it.. “Old lady bitchin’ about someone tryin’ to steal her grandkids.”

    fucking yawwwwwwwwwwwwwn.

  24. N P Says:

    ps. @ Mr. Happy: thanks for the scene a few weeks back, in the hall, when you lunged forward and bashed the basstud Iranian in the cranium, with the butt. I saw that, man. Even vicariously, that just felt sooooo good. I haven’t felt that good since I saw you bury the screwdriver through the base of that kid’s skull, in front of the hot dog stand. I have set up a mattress as a dummy. I am practicing the lunge/bash move, and I’m getting pretty good at it. I can’t wait for my first chance to try it out for real. Thanks man.

  25. Stevo Says:

    Do you goofballs realise that there is a great big beautiful world out there away from the idiot box? Sutter is the man? RIP Otto? Incredible.

  26. N P Says:

    Grave Holly: Sons leaves a lot to be desired. This debate has gone on since the start of the show. I have extensive knowledge of BB. Kurt Sutter dwarfs Vince Gilligan. Gilligan seems to have lost heart and hurriedly sent BB into the shitter, trying to tie up ends and just bail out in the recent final season. I concede that BB is a better show overall, but comparing the top psychotic moments from the two shows, Sutter knocks Gilligan out cold. This does not even bring The Shield in to the mix. That show was far better than BB. Be jealous all you like, Sutter is THE MAN !.

  27. Grave holly Says:

    The truth is while SOA seemed to start out semi decent, I’ve had it up to here with the pseudo macho bullshit that prevails from the bowels of insecurity, a bunch of fucking grown men who couldn’t spell RELAX if the sign read elax in front of them. I love to watch the mc movies from the 60s and 70s because its usually just a bunch of dirty guys riding around on hard tails with a beer in their hand. The company motto was “woo hoo!” . I’m not that old ill be 30 soon. But its not rocket science that the younger generation doesn’t know how to have a good fuckin time. SOA is just a bunch of pukes sitting around shinning and waiting to stab a brother in the back. Who wants to watch that shit? Not me. Make a show about an mc who decided to say fuck the man, fuck the American dream, lets go live off the land, drink beer, and ride cross country. Then you got something. But nope, we are subjegated to sutters homosexual urine fantasies on the premier. Fucking Christ.

  28. Grave holly Says:

    Kurt sitter is a fuckin tool. Recipe for SOA Episode. Gunfight / chase scene + hospital scene + gemmas old lady shdnaningans / gilf life + rear shot of jax naked ass = last 3 season of SOA. Only reason I watch is because I like Harley’s an mc culture, and one can only jack off so many times. If you wanna watch something that doesn’t try to appeal to a marketing image, or culture shock value, check out breaking bad. Now that’s art. R.i.p. Indian Larry.

  29. N P Says:

    Otto rocks ! Actually, Kurt Sutter rocks. He is the best writer of all. That was fantastic. You’ve outdone yourself again man, but not without complaint. I was psyched hearing some members were coming up from San Berdoo, when suddenly….what the hell??? I know we’ve got Peg Bundy posing as a club matriarch, but did she pull thong strings to get her son Bud in to the Berdoo chapter ? Was that queer Bud who pulled in with the Berdoo pres? Christ, say it ain’t so, Verne ! Hopefully this portends an appearance by Peg’s blonde daughter as one of Nero’s girls.
    On a better note, congratulations to my fav character, Mr. Happy, on making Sergeant at Arms. I always liked him most. RIP Fatfuck Phil and the prospect.

  30. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    I was sort of surprised that they killed off Otto and the big guy with the glasses and red afro (I never can remember the actor’s name).

    YYZ Skinhead

  31. Tooj Says:

    In past, I worked with juvenile male sex offenders. It was an easy read of last night’s episode. Offender says something particularly nasty to someone to get their goat and the strangling begins (yes, I have actually seen adults try to strangle 14 year old children for saying they want to rape their kids – translation: I’m gonna get under your skin).

    And the real morale of the Otto scene? Guess who’s really in charge, motherfucker. You can have the entire Fed at your disposal, lie your ass off and it doesn’t stop a human being from making a choice. Hear that lurkers?

  32. Dante Says:

    I watch it, it is entertaining but I also agree with pretty much every complaint about the show that has been brought up and how it ultimately negatively affects every rider out there.

    I had really gotten bored with it lately, it jumped the shark a few seasons ago, but last nights episode was exceptional, especially when it came to Otto, who held his mud even when he could no longer hold his mud any longer (due to being raped repeatedly by the prison guards).

    Otto is nucking futz and so is the guy who portrays him, none other than Kurt Sutter himself. He is clearly one twisted individual.

  33. Vacuus Cura Says:

    I admit it; I watch SOA.

    I don’t tune in to fawn over Mr. Hunnam’s locks, to marvel at Mr. Sutter’s prose, or to see what model the MoCo thinks I should buy next.

    I watch because Mr. Sutter portrays one group very accurately – law enforcement. Local cops are fairly depicted as corrupt cretins with a penchant for thug behavior. Feds are repeatedly cast as narcissistic sociopaths.

    Last night, Otto was my hero.

  34. Freeman Says:

    @ Ol’lady rider

    Thank you, besides my ol lady you are about the only lady that agrees.
    ”Parents” and i use the term very loosely educating their boys to be against everything that nature itself urges for them to be.

    Be a boy, push each other in the yard, have fun, play, i have had so many run ins with school authority because of what they try to do with kids specially boys, i have 2 boys, thought them to defend themselves, also thought them not to pick on anyone, especially smaller or and weaker than they are, and if you do better have a god damn good reason for doing so, they where taught how to behave, and what is acceptable and what isnt, i can tell you for a fact they stopped bullies from beating weaker kids, and by school standard they should have been punished.

    My kids are well respected, father is well respected,grades are good school as far as they go stopped being so fucking anal and let them be.

  35. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    YYZ – I’ve always been attracted to function over form. None of the actors do anything for me, but that’s probably more attributable to the fact that I haven’t met any of them, not have any of them offered to paint my house.

    Having worked predominantly with adolescents over the last many years, I can say with some surety that most of today’s male youth are lost. Their brains and hormones tell them one thing, society tells them something else – and that something else is so very foreign to their being that it’s no wonder they feel powerless, emasculated, devalued, and angry.

    I had parents call me to regulate their adolescent boys for heinous crimes such as bouncing a basketball in the house, roughhousing with a sibling, feeding grasshoppers to a turtle, and pinning insects to a board. My answer (never what I wanted to say, hahaha) was always “Tell him to go outside.” And if I had a nickel for every parent who was stumped by this obvious solution I would be in Cabo right now. Boys arent allowed to be BOYS anymore. The rooms of every juvenile hall are filled with frustrated warriors with no one to show them the way. It is heartbreaking.

  36. Fuck2ducks Says:

    i was a bit disturbed by the rape scene. i try to think of the character of the story but it was still messed up and just proves Kurt has some fucked up shit going on in his head and probably in his ass. i only watch the show from an OC disorder where i literally have to finish the entire series. Rebel is right its very much like a chick so now. i’ve come to the point of skipping the talking and crying bs that takes up at least half of the episodes. i was interested in it when i was 18 and it just came out because i liked motorcycles and hoped to see good custom ones but after watching the show its one big soap opera and give a view of what will be standard on HD bikes for the rubs i.e. quarter fairings and handle bars. i personally liked quarter fairings since i saw mad max as a kid (i know they are on jap bikes) but if i see RUBS and YUPPIES riding everywhere with them while pretending to be real bikers i’m gonna be pissed! its hard to be an individual when everything becomes a trend.

  37. VINCE 1%er Says:

    SOA : Sons of Assclowns.
    Never seen the show & I dont intend to watch it (Despite Zito or Bargers appearances/cameo’s Both Of Whom i RESPECT Greatly)

  38. ap Says:

    Wasnt bad. Maybe i should have said i ride with him in flip flops. May have got lucky!!!!

  39. Jim666 Says:

    Exactly my point.

    Respects. Jim


  40. Glenn S. Says:

    Austin said: “Congratulations on closing! A Byzantine maze to work through – always, and even crazier now – post 2008. It is amazing that any business is still happening.”

    The seller ended up financing. The final problems were a)the appraiser neglected to put her official FHA number on the appraisal form and it is now illegal to alter an FHA appraisal, even to correct a typo, and b)the first potential lender turned me down for reasons other than bad credit, but checked the box on the FHA paperwork that said they turned me down for bad credit (although they sent me an e-mail saying otherwise, which got me in the door with a second lender). This poisoned my chances for a mortgage. The mortgage broker wanted to keep looking for another lender but I said fuck it, I’m walking. Next day the seller called and offered to do the financing. Got the same deal, only no closing costs and no PMI. Get the overly greedy professionals out of a deal and people will find a way to make it happen. Been building shelves for my books all weekend and hope to move in next. My bike will love having its own bedroom.

    As for Sons of Anarchy, I watched it at a friend’s. Biiiig hole in the plot: The Pope organization managed to conduct fucking stacked death matches at the local jail’s lockup unit (which resulted in the character “Opie” being killed), but can’t manage to even poison Clay’s food? WTF?

  41. Philo Says:

    Also – anyone who hasn’t read it already, should pick up a copy of Junger’s book. It was exceptional.


  42. Philo Says:

    Last time I watched this show, Peg Bundy was getting dry docked by Black Flag. Doesn’t sound like I’ve missed much. They ever come up with a more creative bad guy than the generic, “white male racist”?


  43. Austin Says:

    @ GlennS – Congratulations on closing! A Byzantine maze to work through – always, and even crazier now – post 2008. It is amazing that any business is still happening. My neighbor called 911 because I parked (legally on the street) in front of his house. I asked the officer to please find the person who was parked in front of MY house as they were the real perpetrators, and I was a victim just like Mr. Next Door. Like your idea – I’ve been here long enough that I could move and just find some Section 8 teen moms to rent to! LMAO.

  44. ForeverProspect Says:

    I have to say that it is most unfortunate that people can not differentiate between fiction and reality. I know that I will be hazed by most for saying that I am a fan of SOA. I watch it not for the true to life portrayal of the MC life, which we all on here can agree to as being nothing more that fictional bull shit, but for the struggles of men attempting to balance family life and other pursuits. (yes I know freakin gag me!) I find it entertaining and nothing more.

    As for civilians buying the hype that causes them to sway in the direction of prosecution because all men wearing a patch are bad guys….fucking come on already. Room move you heads from your collective asses and see that the patch on the back of a man doesn’t make him instantly guilty.

    Now onto stupid politicians that have absolutely no idea what combat entails and horrors our brave men and women see…..drop all of those motherfuckers off in the middle east and give them a bowie knife and compass and wish them good luck!

    Rebel, thank you for view, I am forever a fan!

    Much Love and Respect
    Ride Long, Ride Hard

  45. Rebel Says:

    Dear ap,

    Was she hot? Women love Charlie Hunnam.


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