The Sons Of Anarchy Advance

September 10, 2013

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Whatever you do, don’t forget to watch the sixth season premier of that life-changing and important wonder, Sons of Anarchy tonight at ten on FX.

Charlie Hunnam is in it. This is Charlie Hunnam’s world so it is now pretty much Charlie’s show. It was recently announced that he will star in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. The Guardian reported just yesterday that “the upcoming adaptation of EL James’ bestselling ‘mommy porn’ literary sensation, in which he will star as kinky billionaire Christian opposite Dakota Johnson’s blushing virgin Ana, would be a walk in the park when compared to shoots for (the) Channel 4 drama Queer as Folk 14 years ago.”

Harvey Levin of TMZ reports that Hunnam is about “to be such a big star!”

It is also impossible not to know from television that Hunnam rides his motorcycle all the time and that he sometimes rides wearing flip flops. Miraculously, that doesn’t make the top of his left foot hurt. Maybe he just keeps it in first. Maybe Hunnam doesn’t have to use his engine at all, let alone his transmission. Maybe adoring fans carry him and his motorcycle aloft.

Hunnam has also said that real bikers ride in sneakers and guys who wear cowboy boots are “dentists.” See you around Charlie. Small world. What do you think of guys who wear cowboy boots and knives?

Last season Hunnam’s character “Jax” popped a bad guy and framed his step father and club brother “Clay” for the murder. His wife went to jail and there were some child custody issues.

Tonight’s episode will feature a school shooting perpetrated by a child. And probably Hunnam and Sutter and their coconspirators will be lauded for working the Sandy Hook tragedy into a cops and robbers show featuring bikers.


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107 Responses to “The Sons Of Anarchy Advance”

  1. Jim Davie Says:

    YYZ Skinhead:
    That link is great. Can’t wait for
    payday to order a Fuck SOA shirt and a
    Fuck Pig Clubs shirt. Cops forming MC’s really
    Messes with my head.

  2. 10guage Says:

    I know some people related to the show and Grumbler is absolutely correct….

    BMW – he wears a cut toe from an old sock over his shoe to keep it clean!? He did not invent that…some cats are freaky about their kicks..

    Pan – As i have said for a long time…people get in where they fit in…in our world you cant fake ie…Congrats man from what I have read here you will make a great addition to your club….I am sure you know you get out what you put in.

    Base- congrats man…very cool

    Warthog- congrats papa!

  3. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Charlie likes Jesse James I guess. On a talk show (don’t know which one) a few years or so ago, Jesse said he wasn’t building any more bikes for himself, because riding a Harley “used to mean you were a rebel, but now it just means you’re a dentist.” Now, I don’t know what the hell to do. I was going to buy my first bike in a few months but I only have a ratty pair of Redwing Pecos’, and if I go to dental school I can’t afford the bike. Then I asked the local bike dealer if he’d throw in a pair of flip flops if I got a touring bike and his mechanic came out and kneed me in the balls. I took the MRSF course and couldn’t get from first to neutral, all the way to second, then didn’t know WHAT gear I was in, and wound up bending the shift lever into an ‘S’ shape stomping on it and it wound up under the bike -which made shifting tricky after -so maybe the flip flops are the way to go, or better still -a bigger bike. Advice appreciated.

  4. WARTHOG Says:


    Wait…what??? I gotta do that all over again? I’ll let my daughter’s man take care of that. He should have learned how when he got the courage to ask me if he could take her out.


    Thanks, man. I ain’t old enough to be a papa yet. I told her she wasn’t allowed to have children until I was eligible for AARP. She’s 51 weeks early.


    Thanks again. You’ll gets some pics. Your little guy sure looks a lot like you. I’m sure he’ll grow up to be big and strong like his g-pa, too.




  5. Panhead Says:

    @ Glenn S.

    Thanks man. Proud that I could make it into the ranks of men I’ve admired over the years. I’ll hold my end up.



  6. Panhead Says:

    @ Base.
    You are gonna love being “Pop’s” or “PawPaw!” I know you’re proud man. Enjoy.


    Carpe Diem!

  7. Base Says:

    To all,

    Thank you it really is a moment.


    Your not alone.

    I have done a couple jigs since Tuesday also and like you didn’t care who was watching.

    Thanks again everyone.


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