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September 7, 2013

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An Italian journalist named Alice Carbone has just published part two of a 13,000 word interview with George Christie, the longtime president of the Ventura charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. Carbone’s interview is the first of two lengthy looks at the motorcycle club world by mainstream journalists.

This month the New York Times will publish a long look at the motorcycle counterculture by Pulitzer Prize winner Serge F. Kovaleski. Kovaleski began working on his feature story after the deadly and tragic brawl at John Ascuaga’s Nugget Casino Resort in Sparks, Nevada on September 23, 2011. And, he listened to numerous informed voices while researching the piece.

Carbone’s interview is probably the most genuinely personal article ever written about a motorcycle outlaw. Barely four questions in she gets Christie to admit, “I was overweight when I was a kid, and one of the things that really made me angry was that I was not accepted for my physical appearance; I became very determined and lost 100 pounds when I hit high school. All of a sudden I was accepted, I was a nice guy, I was the cool one and I was really angry about that. I felt like they never saw who I really was. I realized that they were all so shallow that my worth was measured against my perceived appearance.”

It turns out that both Carbone and Christie admire the Canadian poet Leonard Cohen. Carbone also gets Christie to talk about surfing, Mickey Rourke, Hunter Thompson, Taco Bowman, writing novels, carrying the Olympic torch, President Obama, the Nick Mead film, his recent court case and retiring from the Hells Angels.

“You resign from the club very carefully,” Christie says. “The rumors abound on why I did it. They go all the way from me being a confidential informant to being a punk. Those particular individuals can’t re-write history. History speaks for itself. They can try to spin it however they want but you can’t take away the fact that I was their leader for thirty-five years and no one has ever done that.”

Carbone’s interview won’t be every crusty old biker’s cup of tea but it is good and honest journalism about an interesting and, probably, historic guy. You can read it here.



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81 Responses to “George Christie Interview”

  1. Rebel Says:

    Dear Sword of Justice,

    He goes away in about two weeks.


  2. Sword of Justice Says:

    When will George actually go to jail?Never seen such a secret sentence and prison entry date.

  3. Freeman Says:

    Sounds appropriate to me.

  4. Snow Says:

    Out of respect to Mr. Christie and anyone who was still posting on him we moved the music to the saloon, please join us there and share.
    Thanks and much respect, Snow.

  5. Bill Says:

    Remember Spirit only from “Fresh Garbage”, which came around during the era of Grand Funk Railroad, and Jimi’s “Third Stone From The Sun”, which we used to listen to while lying on the floor with speakers by each ear, after snorting this purple powder we were told was mescaline, back when I was incarcerated (in the Air Force, actually), in Airzona in the late 60’s.

  6. VINCE 1%er Says:

    Yep…..the band *SPIRIT* was and still is one of my Favorites. Randy California on Guitar,Ed Cassidy on Drums ( Who Adopted Randy )…..and the album :
    The 12 Dreams of Doctor Sardonicus.
    I Saw that band like 6 or 7 times thru the early 80s…..
    Sadly Randy California drowned (in California) surfing & then trying to rescue his SON who was in distress in the water.Sad and terrible end for a brilliant Guitarist who was praised by Hendrix as “an Amazingly Creative Guitar player”.
    Too many of the greats are gone – but whatta Fucking band there is up there .
    just my 0.02 from a 40+ year guitar player.

  7. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Anyone want to restart the music discussion in the Saloon? I’m there if anyone does.

    YYZ Skinhead

  8. Austin Says:

    @ Dr. Sardonicus – Sidetracking happens. You are cool.
    See… Rebel says things like “I have the part-time roller girl,” which just cracks me UP. Now there is you.
    Your name interests me. I don’t pay too much attention until I read “It all came to me in a dream. 12 to be exact.” What?! – I start looking into you. Next- I’m out in the garage with all the records and I know Spirit is in there… and suddenly it’s tomorrow!

    I’ve got a new track on Pandora today – Thanks

  9. Snow Says:

    Mudduck and others
    I thought the same after my last post, maybe I was being disrespectful to Mr. Christie by going off on a different subject, it happens more often than I would like to admit, my apologies.
    Dr. Sardonicus
    All I can say is.” Fucking A “.
    Ok back to the real topic please.
    Respect sent to, well yall know who, Snow.

  10. 10GAUGE Says:

    Dr Sardonicus,

    I dreamed that I have an old friend or two that plays in your bridge club. In my humle opinion your comments are a welcome addition to the page no matter the metaphor.

    “Darkness gives you much more….than when you come into light”

  11. Mudduck Says:

    true what you said about keeping up or getting left behind. you have to get up to get down. knowing whos who in the zoo is a good way to roll with it. wouldn’t want to think taylor swift is country music and etc. and that’s what I call keeping up.

    Lucifer means morning star and that’s what jesus name was to. the problem is satan masquerades as an angel of light act’s like one looks like one talks the same as one ect. just changing a little part to deceive and give you what your not looking for and calling his action what it is not just because it might look or sound like the real deal. point being it’s hard to tell the difference if you don’t know what your looking for sounds like looks like and acts like. so I pay attention to the history of things and the future growth or being of things and maby now i’m really getting to the point of what keeping up is. well what ever. nuff said.

    “meanwhile back on rebels ranch…”

  12. Mudduck Says:

    3 axe attach is bad ass and skynard did that well. yes I like the history of things and im enjoying the info.

    I didn’t intent to interrupt this thread to get it though. I just made a joke that turned in to something so I better watch it. ok and thank you. must off been the pills I took (saying bye with a joke). take care to those that do and see you when you come out of the wash to those that need to be cleaned and helped out most of the time all the way out.

  13. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    I feel like I’m a ’63 VW rag-top bug putting along some highway
    and a 1000cc twin V Knucklehead, Sportster XR-1200, plus 2 ’69 Electra Glides just zoomed past me on either side of my 4-speed like I was in 2nd gear.

    That’s a bad metaphor meaning whatever I was debating originally on this thread has run its course –
    so – for my money, pure country is George Jones – but I’ve always been addicted to one song that defies category or description – the 4 horsemen – 4 guitars
    switching off lead to rhythm and back – The Outlaws Green Grass and High Tides – I like to cruise in the ‘hood and blast it. Makes the natives crazy. When I’m home there’s somethin about ZZ Top – Waitin for the Bus / Jesus Just Left Chicago with a little La Grange for dessert
    all on Side 1 – ‘specially on vinyl.

    And at 3 o’clock in the morning – I’m partial to Randy California and Spirit – local boys.

  14. chromedome Says:

    Colt ford makes me puke. HANK III for president!!!

  15. Snow Says:

    I think the biggest thing that defined southern rock in it’s day was the 3 axe attack most southern bands had, 2 leads and a rhythm up front jamming.

  16. Snow Says:

    If it helped any then your welcome, country music has so many different sub groups these days, hard core such as to name only one; David Allen Coe, to the bubble gum pop country singers such as Taylor Swift that country fans of 20-30 years ago wouldn’t even recognize it.
    Time goes on and things change, gotta be able to roll with those changes or be left behind.

  17. Mudduck Says:

    thanks for that info. I only heard about the band asleep at the wheel as being southern rock. what you added was interesting. its what I like and listen to. now I have more understanding about its path in being named. so thanks.

    I agree with you the stuff now is not country. hank jr. and david allan coe had a riff about what country music is and I think country music is stuff you can relate to and that is worth being related which I would say is family ,food, a little drink and what It takes to get it keep it or have it. country music used to come from the heart now it comes from a wallet.

  18. Austin Says:

    Nothin’ to Hide – Morning Will Come.
    I just have to stop laughing and get my *** in bed!

  19. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    @ Rebel:

    Lucky bastard. If she has a sister I’m available evenings after 6.

  20. Grumbler Says:

    Speaking of music in the Country and Country Rock genre, please take a few minutes to preview any of the tracks on the new An Arrow Escape album by Davie Allan. I’d be glad to give him some feedback (good and bad) from this heralded page. Here’s the link:

    This is the same guy who did the soundtrack for The Wild Angels.

  21. Bill Says:

    Times past in my hereabouts, there was this radio station called KFAT, ( now KPIG). In the late 70’s I learned there about Hoyt Axton, George Jones, Hank Williams (the og), Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, Patsy Freakin Cline, Dolly Parton, Porter Wagoner, and of course Merle Haggard, David Allen Coe, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, etc. This is the basis of my respect for true Country Music, and my contempt for that new phony crap of today.

  22. Snow Says:

    What was once called southern rock bands, Skynyrd, Outlaws, Marshall Tucker, Charley Daniels, etc would be considered country today. Country back then was Porter Wagoner, Conway Twitty, Hank Williams, etc. That’s a whole different sound for sure.
    My son is now 31 and mostly listens to what I call angry white boy music, lots of growling and such, I can’t understand what’s being sung. Different times, different sounds.
    Take care, Snow.

  23. Rebel Says:

    Dear Fast Harley,

    You are free to say just about anything you want or need to here. I stay out of club politics. I don’t think I would be credible if I got involved in club politics. I hear what you are telling me and I believe your P would back you up.


  24. Rebel Says:

    Dear Dr. Sardonicus,

    Yeah, me too. Some of my best sources are dreams. And, of course I have the part-time roller girl, full time psychic in Dubai City.


  25. Mudduck Says:

    the songs above I posted are outlaw country.

    Thanks for your time in posting my posts.

  26. Mudduck Says:

    Ive heard southern rock isn’t dead its asleep at the wheel!! and i’m 33 now.

  27. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    @FAST HARLEY – No need for the secret decoder ring and cryptic classified
    exchanges. Anyone, including LE because they do, can go to VTA Chapter President Scott Sutton’s Facebook page and email him there.

    Not that he’ll respond – Rebel would be the exception – but don’t expect an impartial opinion seeing as Mr. Sutton was part of the crew that was excised by George and told to make a go of it in Santa Barbara as a new
    charter. Things didn’t work out and there are more than a few members who don’t hided the fact that they are resentful about this.

    Lastly, having your status changed to no-contact AFTER you have resigned from the club BECAUSE you didn’t request and receive the blessings of whoever it is that gives their blessings – is a little different than being voted out on the “BAD” for treasonous acts against said club and its members.

    Sounds like you may be posting as a mouth piece for someone else Fast Harley. Then again, it sounds like I am too. But I’m not.

    It all came to me in a dream. 12 to be exact.

  28. VINCE 1%er Says:

    My Comments on the RESPECT,LOYALTY,HONOR and REVERENCE That Myself & Countless others (Both Club Members,Associates and Aquaintances) KNOW ,Feel – Believe & stand by regarding Mr. George Christie ARE RE-Iterated Here again by my writing.
    I’M NOT IN THE LEAST INTIMIDATED BY THE Rumor Mongering Internet commando’s and/or naysayers (the few here) which condemn and villify someone due to their own ignorant and bullshit demeanor & beliefs.

    REBEL : YOU are a True Voice and Very BRAVE Honorable Man to Post,Report & Stand UP for US as 1%ERS AND THE WORLD IN WHICH YOU’VE BEEN IN & WE Live In, Love & Are Proud to Be a Part Of.

    To the PIGS,Naysayers,Poseurs Trolls, COP Scumbags,Alphabet Gang Bitches and Assholes: I Wouldn’t PISS In Your Mouths If Your Teeth Were on Fire.
    Vince 1%ER

  29. VINCE 1%er Says:

    I Stand By MY Original Heartfelt,Honest & Sincere Wishes, GOOD Karma,SUPPORT & RESPECT reply(s) with Regards to Mr. George Christie and the scenario of his UNFORTUNATE, UNFAIR Incarceration period he’s beginning:He’s a Good Man and an Aquaintance that Has & Always Was Friendly , Cordial,Respectful & AWESOME whenever I’ve Been out west and visiting Friends(and Members) of His club. I can only add that I Hope his Family (and those He Loves & Love HIM) don’t suffer too harshly from his absence .
    REBEL: THank YOU For being the voice of ALL Of Us and for allowing Me to post on your site- My Respect & Accolades Go Out To YOU ALWAYS. YOU Fucking RULE DUDE!!!

    TO ALL The George Christie Detractors,Naysayers,Rumor Mongers,Bandwagon Sissys and Internet Commando’s writing LIES and living in shadows like the COWARDS & SCUMBAGS that ragged on Me for writing in Support of George Christie: I Wouldn’t PISS In Your Mouth’s *IF* Your Teeth WERE ON FIRE.
    Vince 1%ER

  30. Fast Harley Says:

    First I was asked to write what I wrote by a CURRENT Ventura member. Rebel you have my e-mail address, if you would like to have verification of what I wrote e-mail me direct and I will put in contact with the current P of Ventura to validate.

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