Stubbs Does It Again

September 2, 2013

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Stephen “Bowtie” Stubbs, the gadfly biker attorney, filed three more lawsuits in Las Vegas last Friday.

All three suits are intended to supersede an earlier lawsuit Stubbs filed on behalf of the Southern Nevada Confederation of Clubs. That suit was filed in June 2012. Federal judge Andrew P. Gordon ruled last July that the COC did not have standing to sue and gave Stubbs until last Friday to modify and refile the original suit.

At the time, Stubbs said, “What has happened is that Federal Court Judge Andrew Gordon granted me a ‘do over’ with some guidance.”

“Judge Gordon specifically states that all claims for relief are to be grouped by club, dismisses all claims but the Mongols claims, grants me leave to amend the Mongols claims to repair any defects, and then instructs me to file new and separate claims for the other clubs.”

Mongols Complaint

The first of the three suits was filed on behalf of 22 members or associates of the Mongols Motorcycle Club against the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, eight named defendants including former Boulder City, Nevada Chief of Police Thomas Finn and 20 John Does.

The new suit alleges that official harassment began in October 2011 when Vegas Metro forced a place called the Mountain Springs Bar to cancel a charitable event sponsored by the Mongols but most of the allegations refer to various incidents that occurred when the club held its national run in Boulder City in June 2012.

According to the suit, police tried to prevent the club from holding the national run; “conspired and devised a plan to harass members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club and their guests to the point that they would never want to come back to Boulder City or Southern Nevada ever again;” illegally entered the Mongols motel; and treated Mongols cases differently than other cases. The suit also claims Las Vegas and Boulder City police falsified police reports and tried to hide evidence.

Boulder Inn

A second law suit seeks to personally sue former Chief Finn, Boulder City Police Captain Vinnie Albowitz and “Boulder City Officer Pastore” as well as the same defendants named in the Mongols suit on behalf of the Boulder City Inn and Suites – which is where the Mongols stayed during their visit.

This suit claims Boulder City Police set up surveillance cameras supplied by Vegas Metro inside the hotel grounds. When Stubbs, who was representing the Mongols, called Finn to complain the police chief told the lawyer to “quit bitching” and refused to let Stubbs file a complaint.

Stray Cats

The third filing is on behalf of six members or associates of the Stray Cats Motorcycle Club who are suing the North Las Vegas Police Department over two separate incidents in January and March 2012.

In January, police raided a discussion of Constitutional law after listening bikers listened to a lecture by Stubbs. At least a dozen cops, broke up the meeting, threatened to tow the participants’ motorcycles and contrived a charge against one of the men. When Stubbs tried to intervene an unnamed female cop told him, “there is no right to counsel on the streets of North Las Vegas, only in a court room.”

In March, police broke up another gathering using a search warrant obtained with a bogus affidavit.

All three lawsuits seek damages for each complainant “ in excess of $75,000 as well as injunctive relief – which means the defendants will be enjoined from doing the same things again. The defendants must respond to the suits this month.


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86 Responses to “Stubbs Does It Again”

  1. Phuquehed Says:

    @Rebel – Can’t say for sure the fucktard drives away readers, but he sure can fuck up the harmony of a thread the very moment he hits ‘enter’ after typing something. He takes things from ‘cool-to-read-opinions in a thread’ to ‘you-guys-haven’t-the-knowledge-to-post-about-this-stuff’ in about ten seconds. He’s pretty much making it like fucking on the beach…one hopes no sand gets its way into the mix.

    As far as I can tell, it *has* caused people to become so disgusted with the asshole that they don’t/won’t post to a thread he seems interested in, or just won’t/don’t post at all so they don’t have to put up with the idiot’s shit. Yeah, he does seem to have ass burgers, in a big way, but even those with ass burgers can learn…this one seems to be a retard with ass burgers.

  2. Sieg Says:

    Rebel, I wouldn’t get too exercised by this troll. If people ignored it, the thrill would be gone and it’d find somewhere else to whip it’s skippy. If it’s a distraction, ban it. I guess riders looking on here for the first time might view it as reason not to join in-after all, if they wouldn’t talk to someone like that in person, whey would they talk to it here?


    5 to 1

  3. Freeman Says:

    @ that shitty beer with an even shittier logo.

    Yeah i know what it means, im just surprised you dont, its still a fucking HARD DRIVE, i stand by what i said, your one sick pup.

    Tell ya what, take all of those images on all of your drives, and what i want you to do is print them, print them all on 8×11, make piles of lets say 20 sheets, take the first pile, roll it up, roll it up as thight as you can, ok? then shove it up your arse, repeat the process with all the other piles, and if your lucky enough you will be the first guy to die from paper cuts causing internal bleeding, you will be all over the news, hell son you might even make it to guiness book of records, wooooooooooh even better yet ripleys’ believe it or not, how’s that? no innocent victim gets slaughtered and you still get to be famous, so what do say?

  4. tiger Says:

    Myself I think it is quite amusing how someone thinks they know it alll from “true crime” on his DVR. They come on here insulting us telling us how we are addicts, murderers, drug dealers, short eyed child molesters, etc. To be perfectly honest FUCK BUTT SUCKER and his bullshit. He does not ride. He does not have anything to do with anyone like us. So boot his ass out and may he be happy with his TV and DVR while I am enjoying my life riding down the road and meeting people who are like me. Not judging me by my looks, my bike, or my lifestyle. Boot him into exile. OUT BAD! Never to return. Respects always to you Rebel and to the rest may we meet someday and have a beer or two… or three.. oh maybe some shots. Or coffee Just For Today. Tiger

  5. DesertH-D Says:

    Slick Rick – Right on!
    “THEY want us to hate and be at war each other. It fits their needs for self-justification as well as budget allocations.”

    We need to stop feeding the beast.

  6. Rebel Says:

    Dear Readers,

    I need some feedback on this Budweiser guy. He doesn’t particularly bother me. Of course, he isn’t insulting me.

    I went to a site that included a test to help you determine if you have Asberger’s syndrome. One of the first questions was: “Other people frequently tell me that what I’ve said is impolite, even though I think it is polite.”

    From the Mayo clinic I learn, “Asperger’s syndrome is a developmental disorder that affects a person’s ability to socialize and communicate effectively with others.”

    My diagnosis, as I have already stated, is that Budweiser has ass burgers. What do you think? Should I ban this guy or keep him around? Is he driving away readers?

    The great and never ending nightmawre of the servers continues, by the way, in case you have had problems reading or commenting on the site. If there is a God in heaven that will soon be fixed. Click the ads. Buy the books. You too, Budweiser.


  7. Budweiser Says:

    Glen S.- I’m not “answering” your post nor am I “hijacking” anything. This is like the 5th or 6th time you told me to buy a bike. I get it. It saved your life. You’re are felon who was addicted to drugs and the motorcycle saved you. No need to keep telling me that in hopes I respond so others here can bash me and praise you. Why would I ride to SC to meet you?

    Freeman- Since you insist on calling me a liar, I will tell you what I wrote. It had nothing to do with “an extensive collection of murders on a computer.” In fact a computer was never mentioned. What I wrote was that I read about and also watch(on TV) all types of true crime. That’s includes OMCs, the mafia, murder mysteries, cold cases, missing people, serial killers, etc. I then added that my “DVR” was full of true crime shows. I’ll assume you know what that means.

    Now, since I’m sure I will get hated on for this response I will tell everyone in advance that I may not be around for the next few days. I’m headed to the gym right now then have about 90-100 Budweisers to drink within the next 3 days while I watch some football. Everyone enjoy the sixth season premiere of Sons of Anarchy Tuesday at 10 PM.

  8. Rebel Says:

    Dear Slick Rick,

    Very well said.


  9. Slick Rick Says:

    On your response to “Underdog” this morning over on the “Who Framed Dave Burgess” thread you mentioned “club politics” and “allegiances” so I’m kind of using it as a springboard. It goes right along with what Jim Wassumtate is calling for. An all-out unified effort from all clubs to peacefully battle against the Fed machine.

    Being from Arizona I am very familiar with club politics and allegiances. We are said to be one of the last clubs that “did it right” as far as gaining acceptance and recognition. We shook a lot of hands and attended many functions starting 8 years ago. We’ve weathered a few storms both internally and externally and always seem to come out stronger. We are in AZ only at this point in time but have been approached by riders from as far east as Texas to the El Lay coastline about possible expansion. Our answer is always……..”probably not gonna happen anytime soon, there’s a lot of politics involved”. We have however managed to establish more than one Charter here in AZ over the last few years.

    We are fortunate to not have spilled blood or lost any brothers due to “allegiances”. Knowing that there are some clubs out there that have been unfortunate in that respect is a reality. I don’t agree or condone it, but it has happened. I don’t think one can really say that they understand the hatred bred between some clubs because we’ve not ridden a mile in those boots. I say “bred” because for the most part it is bred. I’m all about carrying on club traditions and lore, that’s part of the mystique of brotherhood. But when you are training your prospects to hate this club or that club because of things that transpired decades ago we are doing exactly what THEY want us to do. I know of some good standup cats that chose to ride “on the other side of the fence” and they are still cool with me when we are in person. But get them around their new brothers and they gotta put on the act. I have taken it upon myself to try to instill respect within our club for those MC’s that have long standing traditions no matter what colors they wear or which side of the fence they ride on. I understand the “patch don’t make the man” saying and it is very true. However those older established clubs paved the way for what we follow today and do deserve respect.

    Allegiances? Hell my allegiance is to my club. I may attend other clubs functions and they may attend ours but others don’t know me well enough to judge me by where I chose to ride to a certain day. Or by how I dress when I ride my bike. Or by the ethnic origin of those I call my brothers. I know it’s not exclusive to Arizona but some make it an issue here in the Southwest states.

    We as a subculture…..”bikers” have enough to deal with coming from “the man” to be creating our own crap to wallow in. THEY want us to hate and be at war each other. It fits their needs for self-justification as well as budget allocations. We were making some good headway here in AZ on the profiling bill. We have help from Double D and Twitch and some good standup cats that are doing the legwork. We had some Legislatures ready to turn their vote for the next coming session only to have some skirmishes between clubs make the news headlines. One being a cop club…….but that don’t count because they are treated differently. I don’t even want to get started on that mess.

    I guess my point is… get respect from the outside world, civilians, your average everyday Joe, whatever you wanna refer to them as…… we have to start showing some respect for each other within the world we’ve decided to be a part of. Only then will we be taken seriously. All the clubs, be it the world known and the lesser known, cannot be overlooked if we are UNIFIED!

    I’ll get off my milk crate now.
    I hope everyone has a great weekend.

    Slick Rick

  10. Austin Says:

    @Rebel – Here I thought I was a relentless nut job with MY silly “issue”. Yikes! re: “Again, will your review of the sixth season premiere”
    …However, I must concede the victory and pass my Tiara over to the Yeasty One.

    (Literary groupie? Well sure… If you want me to be. My only free night is whenever SOA premiers. Lets meet up & drop some Jagerbombs- then I can take you Around the World… )

    @Base & Tooj – It’s the Operator AND the Equipment. ;)

    @ Jim Wassumtate re: “Give me an ice-cold Miller High Life anytime. Keep your Bud.” Hahaha! I try to drink union – & was surprised to see how many alternatives out there.

    Make mine Honey Jack.

  11. DesertH-D Says:

    Best of luck to Stubbs and the So. Nev. COC in their continued efforts.

    For any that might have a real life interest in such things, it is indeed possible for multiple clubs to develop a mutual defense fund. This is what the COCs / NCOM do…

    Check it out:
    Just one example of how money can be handled among multiple clubs successfully. Let’s see any govt/LEO/public organization be more effective, not to mention transparent!

  12. Tooj Says:

    @Base, there is no replacement for displacement.

  13. Bruka Says:

    @Jim Wassumtate – a couple of really well written posts with some good ideas.
    @Base – LMFAO


  14. rollinnorth Says:

    Bud’s babble reminds me that, “Children should neither be seen or heard from – ever again.” W. C. Fields.

    Respect, to those…

  15. Bill Says:

    Ass Burgers! Brought to you by, SOA.

  16. Glenn S. Says:

    Budweiser, I’ll repeat myself again: Get yourself a motorcycle. Ride it. Enjoy the fact that riding requires enough concentration to make it difficult to pursue random thoughts at the same time. Experience the exhilaration and humility that comes from riding a powerful motorcycle in a larger world. Go with the flow as your perspective changes. You will find yourself talking less and experiencing more. You won’t watch as much TV. Or, you will get squashed like a bug by a minivan driven by a woman on a cell phone, maybe the very woman you were otherwise destined to marry and have irritating kids with. After about a year or two, come back here and tell me what you’ve learned. Don’t tell me what you think you know until then. Don’t ride to SC and look me up, I don’t want to meet you. Don’t hijack anymore threads here, I enjoy reading about the topics Rebel presents and you’ve fucked that up for me and for everybody. Don’t answer this post.

  17. WARTHOG Says:


    The “Big 9”? Know these ladies “in depth”.? Dear Lord, I think that has drawn a clear enough picture for me.




  18. PigPen Says:

    Bud is either bacon, a dopey teenager or a cunt. My bet is a cunt. Only a cunt would try to argue and press buttons like this. Even of you are a guy, you are still a cunt. I will quote my most worthy constituents, fuck off and die, this place is over your head cunt.

  19. Freeman Says:

    @ budwetter

    Hey shit head, yeah you did say that, in a post justifying (you tend to do that alot dont ya) yourself for being a nosy lil punk.

    Hell son you talk like a boy whine like a boy,you keep justifying yourself like a little boy, i dont care how old you are your still a boy, and a boy in a man’s body is even worst, least when you where 12 it gave you an excuse.

    And you should know that a guy like me really takes comfort in being called a weirdo by the likes of you, is if you liked me that i would be concerned.

    Now run along and go watch ganglands for the tenth time, or drink a bud while watching baseball like only you know how.

  20. Base Says:

    This may or may not go along with this thread. Parts of it any way. It could very well be I am on nights feeling a bit giddy and feel the need to share.


    My ol’lady and a couple of female friends have called me “THE BIG 9” for years. Now I am not claiming to even begin to understand or know what the female mind is thinking. But it is my belief that it has nothing to do with any patch I may or may not wear or what orginization I may or may not belong and I know for certain none of them are LE because I know these ladies in depth.

    Just saying.

    Am I off topic?

  21. Budweiser Says:

    Rebel- I do not have “ass-burgers” that I know of. Again, will your review of the sixth season premiere of “Sons of Anarchy” be up next Tuesday night?

  22. Budweiser Says:

    Jim W.- I’m referring to the article you commented on. This article. It’s about the Mongols. I imagine you read it before you posted about the “Big 4.” Where exactly would this third party come from to handle and control this money? I’m curious as to how you think this could possibly work.

    Phuquehed- And it’s posts like that, that keep me around. Thanks.

    chromedome- The first opinion you had of me is most likely shared by many others. I am not “scurrying” anywhere, and was never picked on in high school.

  23. Budweiser Says:

    Jim W. – The article that these comments are in is about the Mongols. I imagine you read before you posted about the “Big 4.” Where exactly would this third party come from to handle and control this money? I’m curi

  24. chromedome Says:

    Ass burgers??? Lol Damnit man, i almost ruined another phone from the sweet tea i spit out as i read that!!!!…lol..
    Ive read all your tantrums disagreements and arguements. At first i favored your attitude because standing up for yourself is a respectable trait, but now as you drag yourself through the mud with your percky finger pointed puncuality, you are becoming that kid in highscool with that last name “butkiss” that no matter how many times we made a joke pulled a prank it got funnier every time. For some reason i pleasantly enjoy watching you scurry like a rabbit stuck in a cage trying to escape as the wolves surround you salavating at the chance to attack….maybe you should hang it up or spend your time thinking of ways to NOT get poked with a stick lol

  25. Rebel Says:

    Dear Budweiser,

    Do you have ass burgers or fucking what? What is your major malfunction? I implore you… No! I have a better idea! I want to recommend a biker guru for you. His name is Ed Glowitz. Sometimes he calls himself John Furin.

    Your pal,

  26. Jim Wassumtate Says:

    @ Snow: Thank you brother –

    If we ever do have that beer or two – I hope you’ll understand
    that it won’t be Budweiser. LOL.

    But I WILL buy the third (and maybe fourth) round.

    Respect in return.

  27. Jim Wassumtate Says:

    @ Austin:

    The Big Ride Colors Across America. I like the sound of that.
    On their site they say “We had to start somewhere…”

    Hell, yes. That’s all I’m trying to say.

    Thank you for the link.

  28. Phuquehed Says:

    @Budweiser – Good to know we’re all still ” nut riding fan boys” to you, you air-wasting fucktard cunt. You’re too fucking stupid to know when to just keep that cocksucker of yours shut…even when a fucking giant, long-written *hint* was given to you by the owner of this site.

    You *do* need to fuck off and die, so that you are put out of our misery!

  29. Jim Wassumtate Says:


    Where I’m from we have a saying about what you conveyed to me specifically in your last post. We call it “picking the fly-shit out of the pepper.” Splitting hairs as it were. Let’s look at what you said:

    Budweiser: “Jim W.- You brought up the “Big 4.” If you want to get specific and act like an expert, the “Big 5″ wouldn’t include the Mongols either.”

    Where do I “act like an expert?” I stated the following:

    “The solution – leave egos, prejudices and other luggage at the airport baggage carousel where the TSA goons can rifle through all of it. If a title is that important, then either call them the “Big 5” including the Bandidos – or shitcan the notion altogether. I wish I hadn’t even mentioned it.”

    How is that acting like an expert?

    Budweiser: “I corrected a poster who was writing about the “Big Four” banding together based on an article about the Mongols.”

    What article about the Mongols are you referring to? I never mentioned an article about the Mongols.

    Budweiser: “Based on “police terms” it (5th ranking) would be the Sons of Silence.”

    I find that hard to believe, but I’m not going to spend hours Googling all the various club sizes and ranks. Aging Rebel would be the go to guy on that subject. And, you know, there are other rankings – like fiercest, deadliest – a club with fewer members can be more vicious than a larger club. And on and on and on ad nauseum. What you are saying is a case in point. As long as you get hung up on the minutiae – statistics as if this were Major League Baseball or the NFL and you’re checking the standings – that is what kids do.

    “Hey, Wassum whatever your name is! You made a mistake! It’s the Yankees, Red Sox, Indians and Orioles in the top 4! You included the Royals! You’re wrong! NAH NAH NAH”

    That is what you sound like Budweiser:

    Budweiser – You can’t see the forest for the trees. You kind of remind me of the sissy I used to beat up on his paper route – selling GRIT. That’s how old I am.

    The point of this theory is to make your argument irrelevant! On a national council A Hells Angel representative would have the same clout as a representative from the smallest club. And I DO know who that is.

    What if I never mentioned Big 4? What is your excuse then?

    Budweiser: “Just to think that a defense account could be shared by two clubs let alone four or five is a pipe dream.”

    That’s why it would be managed by a trusted 3rd party. I don’t think you read my posts – that’s becoming apparent.

    You are not a member of any club – so you don’t feel threatened or any sense of urgency. You may be a cop for all I know. You sure as hell don’t have an alternate solution to the problem. Because you don’t care. Why would you? The problem doesn’t apply to you. You have the profile of a guy who would flip before he was even interrogated.

    And that’s useful – because you, as a point of reference, represent what we must not be.

    You are not a 1%er – if you were I would not talk to you this way.

    Give me an ice-cold Miller High Life anytime. Keep your Bud.

  30. Austin Says:

    @Jim Wassumtate; Well written! I think this guy has the same general idea, and it looks like he needs some help with it.
    I’m getting a shirt this week, and a copy for Mary Bono Mack next week.

  31. Budweiser Says:

    OC VAGO- No, I’m not a member of the “COC” nor have I ever claimed to be. I corrected a poster who was writing about the “Big Four” banding together based on an article about the Mongols. Never did I lecture anyone about anything or act like an expert. Just didn’t think the “Big Four” term should be used when the article had nothing to do with those clubs. Your reaction proves my point. Relax man, this is the fuckin’ Internet. No where did I disrespect you, the Vagos, or anyone else for that matter.

    SMFtwsdtHICK- When did I explain the “history” of anything? No idea what you mean there.

    Jim666- No

    Freeman- I’m not a boy. I answered a question to when I heard a club member use a certain word describing their club. I had to add the background. It happened. Sorry. And I never wrote ”i like crimes, true crimes, murders, my computer is full of crimes, true crime videos, i have an extensive collection.” If that makes you feel better, good for you weirdo.

    Jim W.- You brought up the “Big 4.” If you want to get specific and act like an expert, the “Big 5” wouldn’t include the Mongols either. Based on “police terms” it would be the Sons of Silence. Just to think that a defense account could be shared by two clubs let alone four or five is a pipe dream.

  32. Freeman Says:

    Holding box on previous post, guess i Said something i shouldnt have…

  33. Freeman Says:

    Jim, my thoughts are really along those lines too, and i have said this before the gouv and le like to divide and conquer, small groups are easier to handle for them.

    Budweiser i remember posts from you, where you go ”i had a contract to collect for a loan shark, and a 1 came to help when he drove up i asked him his affilation” everyone told you to shut the fuck up, cause no one here cares, in another post you said ”i like crimes, true crimes, murders, my computer is full of crimes, true crime videos, i have an extensive collection”

    What kind of fucked up individual, watches murders, serial killer bullshit and keeps a collection? you where probably drooling over the magnotta online video wherent ya?

    I read your comments and cant help but think of seeing, neighbours where a fucked up horrible irrelevant sense less killing just occcured saying ” i don’t understand he was such a nice boy, so clean, always said hi, i don’t understand”

  34. Snow Says:

    @ Jim Wassumtate
    Damn man, well said. If should ever cross paths I owe you a beer or 2.
    Respect, Snow

  35. Jim Wassumtate Says:

    OC Vago – you write well.

  36. Jim666 Says:

    Do you even own a motorcycle ?

    Jim Wassumtate Says:
    September 4th, 2013 at 11:56 am

    “The local Sheriff Department raided my 84 year old mother’s little apartment a few months before she died. She was in a nursing home – but she was still quite lucid. I had no choice but to tell her. She took it hard. They were looking for firearms, found ‘em and they took me into custody. They trashed my mom’s place – and when they were done, they all tossed their surgical latex gloves in a large crystal bowl my mom had displayed in her entryway – like used condoms. I have been told that is their M.O. – it means “we are done.”

    I felt violated. I felt raped. And I felt robbed as well. They kept things that were not theirs – not on the inventory list – to which my lawyer said “just let them have it, don’t try and reclaim them.” So I didn’t. They don’t care, and we have almost no rights, friends. That is an illusion. If you’ve been in a raid, you know what I mean.”

    Your lawyers rite I got hit some yrs back before I got my 1st felony the fucks took all the firearms and a few other things some of the firearms were in my family for years left to me by my grandfather and uncles, they found nothing illegal at all but tore the hell outta my house furniture ect. I tried but never got any of the firearms back fuck the rat bastard feds & all their cop butt buddies.


    Amen !


  37. SMFtwstdHICK Says:

    “Budweiser Says:
    September 4th, 2013 at 11:00 am
    SMFtwstdHICK- I read every article linked or posted over there. The “Big 8″ is nothing new. You shouldn’t buy into “police terms” though. They mean nothing around here.”

    And, yet , you still felt the need to explain the “history” of that “term” here..

    Okay, got it.

  38. Jim Wassumtate Says:

    Budweiser and anyone who cares:
    The “Big 4” , in addition to being coined by LE and cable TV documentary channels, is also an archaic nomenclature that has been around for a long time – and, in my opinion, should be laid to rest with all of the other aboriginal labels in a prehistoric graveyard filled with dinosaur fossils. It is divisive by nature and by design.

    The solution – leave egos, predjudices and other luggage at the airport baggage carousel where the TSA goons can rifle through all of it. If a title is that important, then either call them the “Big 5” including the Bandidos – or shitcan the notion altogether. I wish I hadn’t even mentioned it.

    As for the notion that it “will never happen” well, that’s probably what they said about 13 very different colonies rallying together for one cause over 200 years ago.

    You may not feel threatened in the comfort of your home in front of your screen, ,but being on the front lines – like some of the other clubs that we are reading about – may persuade hard-liners to consider my proposal. IU do not see or cannot think of a better – or even a different plan. To do nothing is tantamount to surrender. And some day soon it will be a felony for 3 or more members of a club
    to congregate, or even wear their patches. You think that’s farfetched? It’s already happened in Oxnard, CA where it is illegal to wear Dallas Cowboys clothing, or for 2 or more members of La Colonia Chiques to be together in public. And to LE,
    a 1%er is the same as a gangbanger – forget riding with your brothers – it would be a felony.

    So what is required for such an impossible undertaking?

    1 – Identifying the problem.

    2 – A sense of outrage. Passion. Learning all you can about it.

    3 – Men of letters; authors, poets, musicians – like Aging Rebel who research and report – separating fact from fiction in an objective manner without spin.

    4 – Mutual respect amongst all participants – a requirement that is mandatory for every 1%er – so important that many have died over it.

    5 – An open mind. And a pledge to keep it that way.

    6 – A common goal, and a common plan to reach it. A battle plan.

    7 – A 2 year moratorium on all hostilities between clubs of every level every size.

    8 – A national council and a national referendum with 1 representative chosen from each club.

    9 – A non-profit trust fund maintained in escrow by a legit 3rd party beyond the reach of Federal seizure – if necessary from a Swiss Bank or some entity that does not respond to US Government bullying – some entity beyond the jurisdiction of the Treasury Department and seizures based on fabricated allegations – such as citing funds as resulting from “illegal sources” – and that fund would retain the best legal minds available.

    10 – Every participating biker would wear a new badge on the front of his vest that simply reads “O.N.” – OUTLAW NATION in blue against a white background with blue border – telling every cop and Task Force SS Gestapo brute that a transgression against one man is a transgression against all men who wear that badge.

    11 – Every chapter of every club would do a self-regulating inspection – eliminating weak links – for example dispelling the myth that a club-house is somehow a sanctuary – it is not. It is a dwelling upon which the signage bearing the club’s name is translated by LE as “License to Raid” – warrants obtained easily. Anything illegal should be removed before the cops do it for you.

    12 – YOU DECIDE.

    There are better minds around here that finished school that can come up with a better rendition, if so inclined. I’m only running it up the pole to see if anyone salutes it. Sure, someone will tell me to sit on that pole. Or shove it. But can we wave a flag on it?

    There are those that are so controlled by hate that they will say “Fuck other clubs I’ll take my chances.” Yet, they too would benefit by association from a shift in enforcement tactics from what they are now to proceeding with caution. Also it
    is human nature to see others joining the ranks and possibly changing one’s mind.

    Maybe I’m naïve; maybe I’ve got my head up my ass. But when I see what happened in Idaho last week, or other places – when a cop says “You have no right to counsel outside the courthouse” – I get real worried.

    The local Sheriff Department raided my 84 year old mother’s little apartment a few months before she died. She was in a nursing home – but she was still quite lucid. I had no choice but to tell her. She took it hard. They were looking for firearms, found ’em and they took me into custody. They trashed my mom’s place – and when they were done, they all tossed their surgical latex gloves in a large crystal bowl my mom had displayed in her entryway – like used condoms. I have been told that is their M.O. – it means “we are done.”

    I felt violated. I felt raped. And I felt robbed as well. They kept things that were not theirs – not on the inventory list – to which my lawyer said “just let them have it, don’t try and reclaim them.” So I didn’t. They don’t care, and we have almost no rights, friends. That is an illusion. If you’ve been in a raid, you know what I mean.
    Stating “you’re dreaming” or “you’re an idiot” to me is the same as saying “we are doomed.” or “maybe if we ignore it , it will go away.”

    We already know why uniting in some way is nearly impossible. That’s not hard to come up with. Can anyone tell me ways that it IS possible?

    That said, I’m now going to buy my copy of “Framing Dave Burgess” as soon as I can figure out how to order it because I’m a bit slow.

  39. Budweiser Says:

    SMFtwstdHICK- I read every article linked or posted over there. The “Big 8” is nothing new. You shouldn’t buy into “police terms” though. They mean nothing around here.

  40. SMFtwstdHICK Says:

    Ordering my copy of the new book next pay check. Damn bills.

    Hey Bud,

    Read a little story over at the saloon.. Might want to put in your notes that the “Big 8” is going around now in cop talk.

  41. OC VAGO Says:

    FUCK YOU, YOU CONDESCENDING PRICK! You continually play keyboard commando and comment with the air of authority on things you have no clue about. Time and again other Posters herein have said the same to you but apparently you suffer from some compulsive disorder and can’t but help make yourself look like a know it all asshole. By your own admittance you don’t belong to a club and therefore the COC. You have no idea what any club, big little or in between are or are not discussing. Nor do you know anything about the COC. You offer nothing of substance or fact. Do us all a favor and find another blog to write into. Perhaps a site about rocket science or brain surgery as I’m certain you are expert on those subjects also.

  42. Budweiser Says:

    Rebel- Bought your book Monday. I’ll wait to send out any copies until I read it myself. Fair? I only started my “fatuousness and condescension” after I was repeatedly told that this site was “over my head” or to “fuck off and die” because, god forbid, I question someone around here who may or may not wear a patch. If I would have put the Mongols in the “Big Four”, you can be certain at least five or six nut riding fan boys on here would have called me on it. As for what you are trying to say, I am not naive enough to believe the bull shit propaganda that law enforcement spews through mass media. I read and watch what is out there. That is how I, and I imagine many other readers of books by Dobyns, Queen, and watchers or Cook, etc. found your website. It is up to each of us to form our own opinion. I am no different from dudes on here believing that someone wearing an SOA or fake cut is burned at the stake(that is how this all started). Speaking of SOA, are you going to review the premiere?

  43. Rebel Says:

    Dear Budweiser,

    All due respect, but you are being fatuous when you lecture people in this forum about what you have learned from television. There are at least a score of clubs that claim preeminence in some portion of the United States. “Big four” is a police term. It is used to propagandize against, say, the Sons of Silence or the Pagans. I think that what some commenters here object to about you is your fatuousness and your condescension — not your ignorance. Feel free to be wrong. But, you might want to tone down the certainty with which you repeat police propaganda.

    I should probably take this opportunity to push the new book, too. So stay tuned for this important and personalized announcement!

    Budweiser, did you order your copy of Framing Dave Burgess yet? Did you tell your friends to order copies, yet? Did you ask them correctly? Remeber what Al Capone said: You will always get what you want faster with a kind word, a smile and a gun than with just a kind word and a smile alone. Tell your friends to buy copies again. Okay? Did you send a copy to your Congressman? I am pretty sure that John Ciccone, Steve Cook and Jorge Gil-Blanco have all bought or will soon buy copies. Don’t you want to know what the biker gang experts know? Pay particular attention to the passage in chapter one which reads, “Increasingly, citizens in all the first world nations have become like the doomed mob in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave: People in chains, condemned to face a blank wall and informed by flickering shadows of reality…So what is actually most interesting about the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is the influence it exerts on the imaginations of citizens in the developed world, particularly in the imaginations of men.”

    Okay? When that sinks in, comment back and let me know what you think I was trying to say. Okay?

    Peace out,

  44. Budweiser Says:

    OC VAGO- I know who the “Big 4” refer to as does anyone else who reads about OMCs. Didn’t realize I had to be a patch to comment on that. Sorry.

  45. OC VAGO Says:

    As an active member of the COC thank you Bowtie.

    You spend an awful lot of time pontificating about things you know nothing about.

  46. Luke 1%er Says:

    With guys like Bowtie and Double D and Twitch from the Outsiders fighting for our rights, there might actually be some hope yet! Keep up the good work Bowtie.

  47. Budweiser Says:

    Jim W.- The “Big 4” historically hasn’t included the Mongols, but rather the Bandidos. Otherwise good plan that unfortunately will never happen.

  48. Jim Wassumtate Says:

    The only way this shit is ever going to have any chance of stopping is for the Big 4 (Outlaws, Angels, Pagans, Mongols) the mid-level tier and the smaller regional clubs to call a 2 year moratorium on all wars, battles, hostilities, vendettas, beefs, paybacks, rip-offs, fights and disrespect between and amongst all 1%ers – call a national referendum and council, create a fund put it in an escrow managed by a 3rd party that is legit, can be trusted and out of the reach of the Feds, retain the best attorneys possible, then turn the momentum and the tide, like the Sioux and Cheyenne at Little Big Horn, and fight back as one voice. Big Brother relies and bets on division and discord between clubs – take that away – and the police state becomes a paper tiger, no teeth. It is the one real scenario Law Enforcement on every level inwardly fears.

    When faced with survival you’d be surprised at what people are capable of doing. It can be done.

  49. Tim D Says:

    Go Git EM Bowtie!!! I hope you win for the Mongols and all the other MC Clubs also!!!! God Bless the COC TOO!

  50. Tooj Says:

    Let the games begin. Strong work, Bowtie. Now go kick some ass. Here’s to a decision that actually sticks.

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