Stubbs Does It Again

September 2, 2013

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Stephen “Bowtie” Stubbs, the gadfly biker attorney, filed three more lawsuits in Las Vegas last Friday.

All three suits are intended to supersede an earlier lawsuit Stubbs filed on behalf of the Southern Nevada Confederation of Clubs. That suit was filed in June 2012. Federal judge Andrew P. Gordon ruled last July that the COC did not have standing to sue and gave Stubbs until last Friday to modify and refile the original suit.

At the time, Stubbs said, “What has happened is that Federal Court Judge Andrew Gordon granted me a ‘do over’ with some guidance.”

“Judge Gordon specifically states that all claims for relief are to be grouped by club, dismisses all claims but the Mongols claims, grants me leave to amend the Mongols claims to repair any defects, and then instructs me to file new and separate claims for the other clubs.”

Mongols Complaint

The first of the three suits was filed on behalf of 22 members or associates of the Mongols Motorcycle Club against the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, eight named defendants including former Boulder City, Nevada Chief of Police Thomas Finn and 20 John Does.

The new suit alleges that official harassment began in October 2011 when Vegas Metro forced a place called the Mountain Springs Bar to cancel a charitable event sponsored by the Mongols but most of the allegations refer to various incidents that occurred when the club held its national run in Boulder City in June 2012.

According to the suit, police tried to prevent the club from holding the national run; “conspired and devised a plan to harass members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club and their guests to the point that they would never want to come back to Boulder City or Southern Nevada ever again;” illegally entered the Mongols motel; and treated Mongols cases differently than other cases. The suit also claims Las Vegas and Boulder City police falsified police reports and tried to hide evidence.

Boulder Inn

A second law suit seeks to personally sue former Chief Finn, Boulder City Police Captain Vinnie Albowitz and “Boulder City Officer Pastore” as well as the same defendants named in the Mongols suit on behalf of the Boulder City Inn and Suites – which is where the Mongols stayed during their visit.

This suit claims Boulder City Police set up surveillance cameras supplied by Vegas Metro inside the hotel grounds. When Stubbs, who was representing the Mongols, called Finn to complain the police chief told the lawyer to “quit bitching” and refused to let Stubbs file a complaint.

Stray Cats

The third filing is on behalf of six members or associates of the Stray Cats Motorcycle Club who are suing the North Las Vegas Police Department over two separate incidents in January and March 2012.

In January, police raided a discussion of Constitutional law after listening bikers listened to a lecture by Stubbs. At least a dozen cops, broke up the meeting, threatened to tow the participants’ motorcycles and contrived a charge against one of the men. When Stubbs tried to intervene an unnamed female cop told him, “there is no right to counsel on the streets of North Las Vegas, only in a court room.”

In March, police broke up another gathering using a search warrant obtained with a bogus affidavit.

All three lawsuits seek damages for each complainant “ in excess of $75,000 as well as injunctive relief – which means the defendants will be enjoined from doing the same things again. The defendants must respond to the suits this month.


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86 Responses to “Stubbs Does It Again”

  1. Fred Says:

    After Finn was fired, he made a statement saying he was going to remain in Boulder City and continue to help make it a better place to live.
    The last I heard he packed up and moved. Has anyone seen or heard from him?

  2. Tooj Says:

    @Rebel, I have a nephew with Asperger’s Syndrome. No, Budweiser doesn’t appear to have that disorder upon comparison.

    I hold to the opinion that it is a case of butt hurt. Which your diagnosis of ass burgers may be causing. Impact enough burgers up your ass and you will suffer from butt hurt.

  3. Austin Says:

    “Might be time for an Agent Jay update.


    Yes – enquiring minds want to know. Well – I’m not losing sleep over it… but I thought about it a couple of days ago.

    We-all can ignore or reply to Budweiser just fine.
    Ass Burgers v. Narcissist. My $0.02.
    I lived with one for 4 years. If you ask Bud “look across the playground at Rebel and tell me how he feels” a true Aspergers’ can’t tell and a Narcissist won’t.

    The difference is the Narcissist will make a case about how stupid you are for asking, and then beat you for it.

    So Bud’s going to the gym, and to drink 100 beers…
    I have decided Bud’s an actor with a bit part in the SOA preview – waiting, yearning, hoping you’ll notice his “moment”. Why else instigate you 3 or 4 times to do something you are probably going to do anyway?!

    You have bigger fish to fry. Wish I could do something more to help. *ad click* (Fixed my expired cc so the Amazon order went through ;)

  4. SMFtwstdHICK Says:

    Square Verbose Doc Says:
    September 8th, 2013 at 8:16 am

    “Not my place to say whether he should post or not, but I will say that he gives us interested non-riders (or pre-riders if you’re optimistic about our ultimate fates) a bad name, and that he is occupying too much bandwidth.”

    Well said Square Verbose Doc, my thoughts exactly.

  5. DesertH-D Says:

    This thread’s gone a bit stream of consciousness, which is cool and all… Kinda like a good road trip (or “other kind” of trip, back in the day).
    One never knows what one might come across.

    But it is a bit of a shame that the topic of the article might not have been completely explored or appreciated. Gem posts like Slick Rick’s, Jim W’s, and others have gotten a bit overshadowed by the discussion of what to do about these dwellers from under the bridge.

  6. Muck 1 %er Says:

    Rebel…I swear, your killin me with that “Ass Burgers” shit. EVERY time I see that used, it hits me in the only funny spot I have left (no, I don’t mean THAT one) and I wind up blowin snot bubbles. You probably know how hard those are to wipe out of a ‘stache.

    Other than that, thank you for doin what you do for all of us in the trenches. You and your efforts are very much appreciated!!!

  7. Rebel Says:

    Dear Glenn S.,

    No, that was special agent Jay. He still comments from time to time. He may also have ass burgers. Might be time for an Agent Jay update.


  8. Rebel Says:

    Dear Phuquehed,

    Edit button? We don’t got no steenking edit button!? Maybe again soon.


  9. PigPen Says:

    With Budweiser, the twat. It has been said, in any other situation or environment she would have booted out the door a while ago. We tolerate her ass here, because really, we can’t just go and run her off the internet. I regularly ignore her posts, but I know that anyone that comes here to read, get info, doesn’t know any better and sees her shit, will likely be turned off from coming back. She is like the drunk retard in the bar that we all have to pass on the way to the pisser.

  10. Va.Bob Says:

    [email protected]”Sunday school teachers ” reminds me of the “church-girls”in that classic XXX-rated flick from the ’80’s,”Scooter Trash”.

  11. Snow Says:

    Budweiser is a pain in the ass but not an intolerable one. I’m good either way, your call.
    Road Whore
    Loved the story about the little boy.

  12. Freeman Says:

    @ Road Whore, Glenn.s and Phuquehed:

    So many fuckin posers have hit the steets (blame it on sons-of-an unamed-goat-laffing-at-the-devils-anarchy) for a while now that people dont know, happened to me a few times, some guy starts a conversation and because your polite and respectful,joking around, you know basically being a human.

    The a-hole starts thinking ”He aint so tough i can take him” then the a-hole starts being disrespectful, and i hate that term, i really do, but it fits, you educate him, rarely did i have to cold cock anyone, getting in their face saying keep being a prick, il take it like a go ahead and things will turn ugly real quick, it really is stupid, fit the standard or be outcast, i have been an outcast since i was a kid, never followed fashions,always questionned rules and spoke my mind, and never ever cared for what was ”in” at the moment.

    Fashion is cyclic, the wheel has been spun and we are back has a trend now, it Southes my mind and soul knowing all those people are searching for who they are, while i have always known who i am,but it does piss me off they dont know any better.

  13. tiger Says:

    Oh Rebel sorry I got side tracked. Excellent article again. I am glad there are people like Stubbs working for what’s right. Respects Tiger

  14. tiger Says:

    @ Road Whore Great story. It is the memories like that that make it worth it. Thanks for sharing the grin. Tiger

  15. tiger Says:

    @ Road Whore Great story. It has me grinning. ` Tiger

  16. Phuquehed Says:

    Hmmm…there was no ‘edit’ button on this one Rebel. Might need to keep that in mind too while you’re trying to figure out what’s going on with the site.

    Anyway, my helmet…

  17. Phuquehed Says:

    The old folks are usually pretty cool. Stopped the other day to talk to one who lives only a few miles from my house nad has let me get wood from his land. He’s maybe an ex preacher or something to do with religion or the church but not sure what and I don’t ask since I don’t like religion talk, but anyway it somehow got to the words I painted on the sides of my helmet (an artist I am *NOT*). This guy is 88 if I remember right and he says “I like the sentiment, but don’t like the word used for it”. I laughed and he had a sorta shifty smile but he was cool with it. I told him in the 5 years I’ve had that on the sides of my helmet I’ve only had three people bitch about it and I’ve had old ladies come up to me and tell me they *like* my helmet. He got a big smile out of that and said “You need to remember, a lot of those old ladies been around the block a time or two and aren’t all sunday school teachers!” We both started laughing.

    Shit…speaking of which, I was supposed to go over there today and see if he’d found me some more wood I could have for winter. Meh…tomorrow.

  18. Glenn S. Says:

    Anyway, Rebel, your house, your call. He’s not the worst one I’ve seen here. The worst one was “Jay Dobyns” who might or might not have been the real creature bearing that name, who chose the thread about the dying prisoner to throw insults around.

  19. Road Whore Says:

    @ Glenn S.

    I hear what you’re sayin’…and I think you may be onto something.

    Re: interactions with strangers while riding, I concur there too. Once I decided I wanted to go to a certain city and state to see a particular attraction, and on one of my long rides I stopped at a rest stop and lo and behold, state plates on a car from the state I hoped to visit, the car occupied by 3 pleasant enough looking young men. They nodded, I nodded, we spoke pleasantries and they commented on my bike. I told them it was such a coincidence that they were there, that I was hoping to visit their state soon and see a particular attraction and asked if they could tell me the best way to do that and was there anything else I shouldn’t miss while there. We discussed that for a bit and as I was preparing to bid a nice farewell and mount up one guy asked me what seemed to be the oddest question on the planet, especially since I wasn’t flying colors, nor did I have any club insignia, etc. (Plus I ride a Honda.) “So,” he sez, “do you ride with a club, or what?” I didn’t know whether to punch him, run, look for hidden cameras, laugh, or what. It struck me as such an odd question, coming totally out of the blue, and I think I gave some smiling smartass retort such as yes, I was a member of the Honda Riders Club of America or some such thing, and he immediately came back with “No, I mean like a real club, you know?” I just smiled, said no, hope you have a great day, and walked to my bike to end the conversation. Weird, and it still feels weird to me to this day years later.

    As far as talking to the old folks and kids, yep, they can be the best. One of my best memories EVER: I was sitting at a picnic table and had my helmet on the seat beside me, and this young woman and her son, who looked to be about four years old or so, came by and the boy looked at me and said, “What’s that??” (pointing to my full face helmet). I told him it was a motorcycle helmet. He had skidded to a halt now in spite of his mother’s efforts to drag him away. “What’s it for?” I told him that sometimes it helps protect you if you get in a wreck on your bike, but that it also kept tons of stuff from hitting people in the face while they ride. “Whose is it?” It’s mine, I told him, whereupon his mother jerked him away with a look at me that indicated that she firmly believed that I was about to violate both her and her son. I shook my head and smiled and waved to the boy as he kept looking back over his shoulder at me.

    Little while later they came back by, his mother taking great pains to try and avoid getting close to me, when suddenly the boy jerked his hand out of his mother’s hand and ran over to me, ignoring her frantic calling of his name. He held his hand out to me, grinning like a possum eating briars. I slapped it and turned mine over, he slapped mine and as his mother dragged him away he was beaming and so was I, my heart all warm and fuzzy inside. One of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

    Ride Free

  20. 10guage Says:


    I don’t even read his comments anymore….Here like in person he is COMPLETELY INSIGNIFICANT….

    If you feel he is fucking with your bussiness however…boot him without a second thought….At any clubhouse or bar for that matter he would have been run off long ago.

    Thank You for all you do.

    Respect and Honor,

  21. Glenn S. Says:

    My personal hope is that Milwaukee’s Best learns something that might encourage him to better himself, but I’m all full of goodwill to all who are not trying to do me harm. My realistic belief is that he has developed what he sees as justifiable resentments and he might one day find himself in a position to somehow do harm to men he perceives to be like the ones he feels insulted by here, or enable others to do such harm, or to play some small role in doing such harm.

    Since I started riding, I’ve had interactions with non-riding total strangers that my gut tells me might end badly. Sometimes these interactions begin with a harmless comment like “nice bike”, but then progress to nosy questions like “who do you ride with?”, as if the purpose of my very existence is meant to provide him with entertainment or a story he can embellish and tell to his golfing buddies. Sometimes I can feel the citizen mentally patting himself on the back for honoring the trashy looking tattooed biker with a greeting. Sometimes I get to hear about somebody’s co-worker or neighbor who rides and “looks just like a [member of a well known club] but is the nicest guy…”. Sometimes those interactions are cloaked in superficial courtesy but have the edge of probing for weakness. I’ve gotten a thousand or more “I’m a gonna get me one of those one day”. And I got one elderly gentleman in a Lincoln town car and an expensive suit, in front of the T-Mobile store in Greer, SC, who told me about his son, who survived cancer, bought a bike in celebration of his new lease on life, rode it all over the country and was so happy that the old man bought himself a bike to spend more time with his son. The two of them rode together a lot before the cancer returned and killed the son. Both bikes still sit in the old man’s garage. I would have talked to the old man all day, bought him drinks, brought him home for dinner, but the guy’s wife dragged him away. Now I try to ignore all the people that want to talk to me, except for the old people and children.

  22. Rebel Says:

    Dear Square Verbose Doc,

    I always appreciate an informed opinion. Thank you very much.


  23. lurker Says:

    someone who knows better than me about bubba’s commenting history, might be better able to elaborate. in just taking just this post for instance, it was originally about bowtie making positive headway against the piggers in so-nev. then subsequently, bubba’s comments hijack the thread & takes it off topic. either way something positive (which in my view, this site is)for the biker community of is being mitigated or deflected. I mean, he aint a biker, don’t ride bikes, talks shit about & insults the lifestyle & those involved in it. I can dig the entertainment value of his ass though, if in fact he isn’t serving as primarily a distraction or hurting the cause of the betterment of the community, or your fine site. your obviously a wise man rebel & it’s your house, sometimes it’s best to out the trash, before it stinks the place up too much. my 02c

    no respect for bubba, lurker

  24. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    Don’t know about Asperger’s. Could be, but folks with Asperger’s typically don’t realize that they are pushing people’s buttons. For some reason I’m finding it hard to believe that the King of Beers is as oblivious as he presents himself to be; when you start every paragraph with “I know I’m going to be flamed for this” you’re not oblivious–you’re reveling in it.

    Not my place to say whether he should post or not, but I will say that he gives us interested non-riders (or pre-riders if you’re optimistic about our ultimate fates) a bad name, and that he is occupying too much bandwidth.

    Many could make most of the same arguments and queries that he does without leaving others feeling disrespected by paying attention to tact, timing, and common sense.

    We don’t have a diagnostic category for “plain disrespectful and disruptive”.


  25. Freeman Says:

    @Slick Rick

    From what you said, i can understand why your club gets acceptance and respect, the fuck ups of the last few years over here in qc made it hard for anyone to wear a patch, just go downtown in mtl with half a dozen brothers and your in the papers the next day, no matter how big or small the club is,it fucked it up for everybody, outstanding post.

  26. Jim666 Says:

    Got it and back to you.

    Respects Jim


  27. Base Says:

    Just thought of something, BW is most likely very titillated by all this attention.

  28. Base Says:

    Dear Rebel

    The commenter Budweiser does not bother me personally.Even though he does come off as rather snooty know it all at times & he has been disrespectful to some of the regulars & you. But y’all handle him very well.

    Although I have to admit, in person I would have tuned him up for some of the crap he has spilled towards you & your guest in your house.

    Mostly, I pretty much ignore him or anyone for that matter when the lip service starts. As you may or may not have viewed I can be a bit of a smart ass at times my self & tend to have a sense of humor around certain topics & comments, sometimes dark at other times light.

    Depends on the troll, topic, commenter, weather, mood , planet alignment, is the bike running good or not, sleep deprivation, was the sex good or great so on & so forth.

    Same as anyone else.

    Even at that it is my belief that all people have a purpose & place in the world, even snooty disrespectful know it all troll-ish commenters.

    If he’s allowed to continue commenting. OK.

    If he’s banned. OK

    It really matters little to me. Budweiser knows he has ass-burgers or some sort issue if he admits it or not & people are not necessarily keen on his methodology or delivery because many of his comments start off with.

    “I know I am going to get some shit for this, But,,,,,,”

    And spouts off any way. Even when he has been checked. So either he is unstable, an attention whore or just fucking ignorant. People such as BW are a dime a dozen , the world is full of them.

    I come here, buy your books, click the adds because of you & your writing.

    With regards& respect for what you do. Your loyal reader & sometime commenter.

  29. FuckCiccone Says:

    I read your site daily but comment rarely point being is I feel I have the right to take a vote here on AssBurgers and others like him,I believe the main thing is they stay on subject of the article,who gives a fuck what terms or Bandwagon propaganda bullshit they try n use,as long as its atleast loosely related to the subject at hand,cause if not then this sight can easily turn into just another sight were trolls and cops come to lurk and talk shit and just that easy a well written article that deserves its due attention gets overlooked and the main focus becomes who gets the most insults in,wich has happened before on this sight..Thank u for your time..L/R.

  30. Freeman Says:

    I pretty much agree with (almost) all of the above, prick has been told time and time again to shut the fuck up on some things.

    Thing is when the whiny lil bastard calls out people, people tend to get pissed, perfect example of the upbringing of kids as of late, here we call them ”enfant roi” literally king kids, parents always defend the lil bastard no matter how wrong or fucked up they are, basements are damp and when your in your 20’s that also might have an effect.

    The father in me wants to knock some sense into him, the human being in me feels sorry for the lil fuck, the logical side of me says the lil bastard is a fucked up back stabber with no morals, take your pick.

  31. Sieg Says:

    Jim, check yer spam folder, just sent ya some!



    5 to 1

  32. Hawtdawg Says:

    As a long time reader and lurker on this site. I actually find Bud’s post enjoyable. It’s the people on here that continually feed in to his posts that seem to be the issue. He’s seems intelligent and probably half crazy.
    It’s totally up to rebel. His site. His rules. But if you ask me, I say let the goofball stick around for more mental illness diagnosis.

  33. Paladin Says:

    Dear Rebel,

    Obviously, Budweiser is a very lonely, attention starved individual. It’s rather apparent that the only way Budweiser can validate his/her existence, is by acting childish, being disruptive and thereby garnering insults. Why else would this individual post on a site whose regulars consider him/her so completely contemptible and are not shy about telling him/her so?

    My back is to Budweiser. I refuse to acknowledge his/her existence. The only reason I’m doing so now, is in direct response to your question, which Seig has answered for me. I believe if the bait is ignored, Budweiser will fish elsewhere.

    As to whether you should or shouldn’t ban Budweiser? I think he/she receives more insults than he/she gives. If you feel Budweiser is hurting your business by driving away the regulars, then by all means, get rid of him/her.

    I have every reason to expect Budweiser to sooner or later (hopefully sooner), act out in public and thereby receive the Darwin Award. The Universe does have a way of unfolding as it should.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  34. Slick Rick Says:

    If he could at least tone it down a bit and offer us some refreshing Bud Light……that might be enough. I’d take my ass burgers with a Bud Light before a Budweiser any day. That gives me the shits.

    Live & Let Live,
    Slick Rick

  35. Bill Says:

    Soon after Al Gore invented the Internet, the trolls showed up, like rats. Unfortunatel, Rebel’s attention here to SOA has brought about rat shit.

  36. Jim666 Says:

    My .02 is just the fact he doesnt ride.
    the rest of his b/s is just that b/s . he really has nothing to contribute here as the fact he doesnt ride or even own a bike. this Is a biker blog rite ? I mean the only people that come on here that doesnt ride are supporters of M/C`s friends and family of bikers in the news and trolls or cops.
    He,s self admitted he,s not a biker or even a rider,he has degraded most real bikers/men on this site,so he must not be a club supporter, and im not positively sure , but it,s almost safe to say none of his family members or friends have been in the news or stories posted here.
    That only leaves one of the following two, “troll” and or “cop”
    either way I welcome neither, of course it is your site Rebel to do with as you wish.
    He doesnt really bother me, stupidity cant be fixed just often overlooked. However disrespect should not be tolerated at any cost.
    Just my .02

    if you have my e-mail hit me up,
    Good to see ya on still hope all,s going as well as can be for you
    Respects Jim


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