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August 22, 2013

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There are a couple of postscripts on the George Christie case. Christie was sentenced August 15 to a year in prison.

And Christie, who is now free to talk to anybody he wants, has shared with this page the statement he made to Judge George H. Wu at his sentencing and given his permission for this page to put his words into the public record. His words speak for themselves.

Also, Nick Mead, the British documentarian whose film about Christie became an element in Christie’s case, wanted to reply “to a few questions raised about the film” on the site. So Mead’s comments are published here too.

George Christie Speaks

“The man that law enforcement is pursuing no longer exists. Like the Western outlaws of old he walked into a new century and vanished. He is gone, and I ask you to let him rest in peace.

“It’s true, for forty years I rode with the Hells Angels. Thirty-five of those as one of its leaders and spokesmen. Although I am no longer a member or participant in that lifestyle, it is hard to separate my past from the present for many people, as well as the man from the myth, and that includes myself at times.

“Over time I have tried to become smarter, wiser and more tempered. I’ve not always taken the correct turns in life but when I have realized I was off course I have always tried my best to once again find true north.

“Several years ago I made a decision to not just relinquish my office, but to end my tenure as a club member: A difficult personal decision I knew would arouse suspicion in many. Through providence, I found myself on a road down which I was no longer willing to take my wife and young son.

“As a leader, you can either fish each day for your men or teach them to fish for themselves. I thought I had taught them the art of fishing. I made a mistake in judgment as their leader. And, as I slowly let go of power it created a vacuum. That set off a power struggle that created a series of events that brings me before the court.

“Although I did not personally direct anyone, I accept that if I am truly guilty of anything it is a lack of leadership. So I stand here before you ready to accept the punishment for the crimes I’ve pled guilty to and once again find true north.”

Nick Mead Speaks

“We anticipate a few screenings of the original ‘slightly happier ending’ version of the film during September. And we anticipate that George will speak at those screenings. We no longer have to adhere to the threats of the Government and their employees.

“For the avoidance of doubt, there has never been any secret about this film. If the government had asked I would have happily screened the film for them. It’s George’s story. We have nothing to hide. Fact is they didn’t ask, and instead chose to slam the film in court. They haven’t seen it. No one has.

“There has also been a slight error in the reporting. The screening in Ventura was never intended for potential buyers of the film. In fact distribution for it has been attached for months. It was intended as a thank you to the people of Ventura and all proceeds of the premiere were going to an autism charity. George’s son is autistic.

“We will need to shoot a slightly different ending now that George has been delivered some jail time. We want to make a little feature out of the government’s ‘paid informant’ who perjured himself, saying one thing in one case and something totally contradictory in another. I guess when you’re a “paid informant” you say what you are paid to say. Hence the term, ‘paid informant.’

“And, in case there is any doubt, unlike the Discovery Channel, we do not thank the ATF in the end credits.”


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43 Responses to “Christie Case Postscripts”

  1. BonnyLove Says:

    I wish I had met you George. It is interesting that I started watching the show because you look so much like my husband. When we here much younger we lived in Southern California and people were always saying he looked like somebody they had met. Or that he looked like a biker. He had the same look,sure smile and long hair. And a very spiritual man. I keep telling him, thats the guy people thought you were. So cool!
    I also have no trust or belief in the police. Even on a small scale they have been a lying pain in my side.
    Do your time with pride George, and know we are all doing time in our own way

  2. J.D. "Joe" Pearson Says:

    Start with full disclosure, George is a personal friend. In fact I refer to him as an adopted big brother. There are few men I respect as much as George. I also know his wife and son, and I regret their lost time with their husband and father. The man I’ve known for some time is an intellectual, and a man on a spiritual quest. George never lied to me, always truthfully spoke his mind, and was an example of courage and patriotism.

    Continued disclosure; I’m not an “Outlaw” biker. I am a hard working, Christian single father. I ride a Harley and support what Thoreau would call civil disobedience. George’s biggest crime is being a non-conformist.
    Think about it;
    Iran Contra
    And that’s just the last 50 years.
    When you can’t trust the law, it’s our duty to become Outlaws. George will weather this storm, and maintain his integrity. I doubt those in our judicial system can say the same.

    J.D. Pearson

  3. Tooj Says:

    Well OK, I could be wrong. Having never measured the velocity of any god from any tradition, it was made in jest.

    Like if I say it’s a butt load of speed, I have not actually used a standardized butt to determine that butt load measure as there is no butt size that is used as a standard for butt loads.

    If I got half the shit I thought I wanted when I wanted it…I’d be dead already.

  4. chromedome Says:

    I have to kindly disagree with warthog cause if its that real righteous godspeed then off the line its burning fire for 20-25 seconds then pow its 120 mph for 2 days 1500 miles and counting lmao …..just my humble opinion but fast doesnt begin to describe lol FTW


  5. WARTHOG Says:

    Actually the term godspeed has nothing to do with the actual speed of God.

    From Webster’s Dictionary:

    Definition of GODSPEED

    : a prosperous journey : success

    But if it was something at the speed of God, I have to agree with Sieg…that’s not all that fast, that’s really pretty fuckin’ slow.




  6. Sieg Says:

    Tooj, pretty fuckin’ fast????

    Hell, it’s been 2000 years and people are STILL waiting!

    5 to 1

  7. Bam Bam Says:

    Thats the brief time thing. And hopefully his time will be brief. Credit for time served you know. I guess im showing my age and change in habbits

  8. Tooj Says:

    Godspeed? That’s pretty fuckin’ fast!

  9. Bam Bam Says:

    42 years ago I also lost true north. My time was filled with doing the things that I thought others wanted me to do. By the time I found out what an ass I was it was too late to change the outcome of that time period in my life. When I was again allowed to live with free men I was angry at the system and the social justice that caused me to have lost a peiod of my life. Mr. Christie has said much in his brief statement about the changes that happen with age and love for something outside of yourself. His wife and son are becoming more valuable to him than his club so he disassociated himself from it. He accepted the responsibility for the things that he may or may not have known while he was an active leader of the club. Many of us old guys have gone our own way and some like Mr. Christie have become legends for a new generation. Unfortunately some have not learned to fish and are conducting themselves as they “believe” he would want them to. They act instead of wetting a line and giving it a try. It is the hardest thing I have ever done to seperate myself from those people I called my brother for the sake of my child and family but I feel it was worth it and wish Mr. christie the same success I have found in being only a father instead of an outlaw first and only.god speed Mr. Christie and may your time away be brief

  10. Sieg Says:

    It’s too late to vote with anything but a rifle.

    5 to 1

  11. Mike 184 Says:

    Just gotta say for all the fucks who report what they think is going on, and supposedly know everything about us, you want a clue? Check OC Vago’s post…. It’s all about Respect. Give it, earn it, get it….

  12. BadMagic Says:

    @ Jim666,

    I agree that there are no politicians worth voting for. Absolutely. I refuse to participate in a forced choice / leading question type fixed outcome theater. However, I DO ABSOLUTELY believe in participating in all ballots and voting situations I can. My votes are very black and white. When given a multiple choice of who, I don’t participate. When ever there is any possibility to vote FUCK NO!!!! to increasing government power, additional laws, anything at all that takes responsibility away from the people, I go out of my way to do so. I believe everyone should. Anyone that participates in multiple guise voting for a political person, furthers the corrupt system just as much as those who’s apathy prevents them participating at all. The only way to effect change in my opinion is to participate and say FUCK NO!

    I’ve always said that we are not a democracy because the majority of the population doesn’t vote. I used to not vote. I thought I was in the majority. I learned a distinction. The majority of *registered* voters makes the pseudo democracy currently damaging this country. The biggest red flag I can think of to wake up the sheeple is when the majority of *registered* voters always vote NO to give government powers, and YES to lesson government powers, and abstain from choosing an actor to (mis) represent us.


  13. Jim666 Says:

    Lik Says:
    August 26th, 2013 at 8:11 am

    “Stand up people bond together and speak out go VOTE let’s get theses fruit fucks out of office!! ”

    Ya know Lik at one time I would call those words ,words of encouragement,patriotic,honorable,upstanding,& righteous, However in these times they are becoming more and more meaningless as there are no politicians worthy of receiving a vote, In my observations Ive yet to see any politician that are not down right lying,cheating backstabing worthless money grubbing scum.

    Although in a perfect world ?????

    Respects Jim


  14. Lik Says:

    In America these days if you are a man with honor, and have enough respect for your self not to have anyone fuck with you with out thumping them one or getting back at them, we’ll then you are extreme and must be punished!! The government and the people with all the power and money want all of us to sit in our homes drive little shit cars and have no contact with your niebors. If you even start to bitch a Lil bit about any thing in your families lives the cops come and put you away on a domestic violence gig. Lot of people I know good people have had the pleasure of meeting this fate. Lots of money the threat of going to jail for six months. Remember theses are just normal people who got loud with there wife or kids or husband maybe even a friend. In either case seems like this government wants us all to be in line and scury down the shoot with the rest of the lamb???? Stand up people bond together and speak out go VOTE let’s get theses fruit fucks out of office!! Ride long and hard peeps.

  15. victoria martinez Says:

    I’ve been told that you George Christie are my grandchildren’s uncle.. Be it true or not , I have the highest respect for you and your thoughts. I have spoke with you personally ,downtown, in line maybe at Starbucks, but have never asks you if it is true or not. I really do admire your life and pray for you to go through your time quickly and with no problems. Your a good man, George! Hang in there and be safe..

  16. OC VAGO Says:

    Mr. Christie,
    We met several years ago by weird circumstance in Ventura. You were a gentleman in every sense. I have always remembered that.

    I wish you all the best of luck and hope you soon find true north again.

  17. Erudite Hillbilly Says:

    I remember when I was younger and living in Ventura and surrounding communities I always loved when I saw Angels riding down the road I felt like one of those kids in the old movies that watches the cowboys riding out of town wishing he could go riding off into the sunset as one them. I have held this image of the honor and esteem all these years, and have had it reinforced with the few Angels I’ve got to meet and spend a little time with. Reading Christie’s statement induced the same awe and wonder as when I was younger, as if you are seeing something that is rare, honorable, and well worthy of the respect given. A big deep tip of the hat to George Christie and may the time fly so he can get back home to his loved ones.

  18. Jenkx Says:

    Much respect and admiration for Mr. Christie’s comments.

    I look forward to seeing “The Last American Outlaw.”

    Thanks, Rebel, for keeping us informed.


  19. Tooj Says:

    Mr. Christie,
    If you happen upon this humble observation, all the better. This reminds me very much of a character played by Robert Redford in a film entitled “The Last Castle”. Sir, you will never have to worry about lost respect; your self respect shows through like a super nova.

  20. PigPen Says:

    Government loathes a Man with principle and honor, because they know they can’t really get what they want out of Him. they know, that the rats, will turn, lie, cheat, steal and take down EVERYONE and their mother to save their necks. They will tell what the government wants them to tell, even if it is lies, so that they can steer them into making a huge bust, even of innocent people.
    They know a Man with principle, will hold his mud, take responsibility for his fuck ups, not throw anyone under the boss. So they may have one guy, and one guy does not justify their jobs, 3 year investigations, and millions in tax dollars blown for nothing. But when a rat, rats, the headline looks real good in 48 point font, CRAZY RIOTING KILLER ROAD PIRATE MOTORCYCLE GANG APPREHENDED. That will sell papers, get the budget approved next year, promotions and handjobs for all involved.

  21. Snow Says:

    In the late 70’s I was in Ventura, working out of Oxnard, and met several local 81’s. They were great guys cause they were wild and crazy, I was 19-20 and burning the candle at both ends too. I never got to meet Mr. Christie but know he was held in high regard by all I met.
    All I can say is best wishes to you sir, may you and your family come out of this better and stronger.
    To the rat fucks out there, rot in hell.
    Respect and best wishes sent to all suffering from this injustice.

  22. JMacK Says:

    Always loathe to comment on another country’s justice system but whether USA or Canada it doesn’t matter, the system is flawed beyond repair.

    @Warthog – There are a lot of lyrics that come to mind, but none I can think of better than those right now.

    My children will know that Mr. Christie exists. If for no other reason than the definition of respect.

    Much Respect

  23. Road Whore Says:

    “If the machine of government is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law.”

    Henry David Thoreau


    Ride Free

  24. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Warthog and Freeman,

    Yeah, Metallica nailed it. A wife has lost her man and a disabled kid has lost his dad for a year, because of the crimes of punk ass rats who get off scot-free.

    As I said a few years ago, I used to have no faith in the “justice” system. Now I have twice as much.

    YYZ Siknhead

  25. Glenn S. Says:

    The government hates honorable men and especially honorable, effective leaders, because the comparison shines a light on the fact that the people that run the government are so different. I’m sure that Mr. Christie can do the year, standing on his head in the shitjacket (as we used to say in prisons and jails), but robbing a man of his limited time of life is a far greater crime than most offenses in criminal codes of law, and shines an even brighter light on the dishonor of the government.

  26. Cameron Errea Says:

    I had the privilege of working for George Christie while he was still the president of the Ventura Hells Angels (I apprenticed in his tattoo shop after college).

    I’ve spent time in his home, gone to bars with him, and enjoyed more than a few intelligent and enlightening conversations with him. He was always courteous and open to others. And I’ve never seen as much honor and respect in any group of people as I saw with George and the members of his club, as well as with him and the community of Ventura.

    I consider myself lucky for having known him personally and wish him and his family luck in the future.

    Cameron Errea

  27. Freeman Says:


    Hetfield’s word rang true in 88, they now resonate like fucking 500 foot tall gong today.

  28. lurker Says:

    “The man that law enforcement is pursuing no longer exists. Like the Western outlaws of old he walked into a new century and vanished. He is gone, and I ask you to let him rest in peace.”

    I sometimes wonder if the alphabet gang, pictures itself chasing the shadow of the cowboy, in dave mann’s shadow rider print.

    “As a leader, you can either fish each day for your men or teach them to fish for themselves. I thought I had taught them the art of fishing.”

    There is so much wisdom in this mans words. no excuses, no whining, no misplaced blame. he accepts responsibility for his participation even though it was trumped up. the true definition of “holding your mud”.

    Mr. Christie is the kind of man i’d like to stand up as an example to my son, as an honorable man. i hope his story is soon told to the public. very inspirational, i can see why the alphabet gang would like to keep it quiet.

    maximum respects go out to this man. i hope his time passes quickly & he is protected with the utmost attention. it would be an honor to meet him some day.

    respects, lurker

  29. WARTHOG Says:

    Lady Justice Has Been Raped
    Truth Assassin
    Rolls of Red Tape Seal Your Lips
    Now You’re Done in
    Their Money Tips Her Scales Again
    Make Your Deal
    Just What Is Truth? I Cannot Tell
    Cannot Feel

    The Ultimate in Vanity
    Exploiting Their Supremacy
    I Can’t Believe the Things You Say
    I Can’t Believe
    I Can’t Believe the Price We Pay
    Nothing Can Save Us

    Justice Is Lost
    Justice Is Raped
    Justice Is Gone
    Pulling Your Strings
    Justice Is Done
    Seeking No Truth
    Winning Is All
    Find it So Grim
    So True
    So Real
    Seeking No Truth
    Winning Is All
    Find it So Grim
    So True
    So Real

    Metallica…and Justice for All




  30. Wretched Man Says:

    “True leadership is tested and proved in crises. The real leader is the one who can handle the stress. He is the one who can solve the problems, bear the burdens, find the solutions, and win the victories when everyone else is merely flustered, confounded, and perplexed.”

    Mr Christie, I have never met you, but by your statement I know you are a rare & true leader of men & the above quote accurately reflects your “heart”. May your time inside pass quickly.

    Thanks Rebel for allowing us the privilege of hearing from Mr Christie himself.


  31. Freeman Says:

    A man’s actions speak louder than words, Mr. Christie i salute you.

  32. WheresMyBoots Says:

    In my 20’s I was introduced to life’s lessons in and out of the military. In my 30’s I ran wild. In my 40’s reality and truth hit me square in the face. After 50 I started seeing the lessons and understanding -still learning. I learned one hell of a lot about being a Man in George Christie’s statement above. Should I have children I will advise them to read them, closely. Godspeed Sir.

  33. Dick Goesinya Says:

    A class act who handled that with grace in a dignified manner. Succinct, powerful and genuine. The last of the breed.

  34. chromedome Says:

    perfer et obdura; dolor hic tibi proderit olim

  35. Latigo Morgan Says:

    That was a hell of an honorable statement by Mr. Christie.

  36. VINCE 1%er Says:

    George Christie is an Honorable and Self Righteous HERO to many (myself Included)…but his Honor,WORTH,Righteousness and Reputation speak Volumes as to those who Know,Knew and will wait for Him. I Am Among Those who will Wait,Honor,Respect and Await his rteturn because HE Is Worthy and Deserved of such accolades. HE Doesn’t Need a patch to afford,command or be a recipient of Respect Amongst His Peers or others. He’s a Real Man and I for one will be there to Welcome Him Home. Transplanted to Cali. from My Home here In Connecticut I will Welcome The Man with Open Arms and MUCH Respect when that time comes to Fruition and circumstance.

  37. Jim666 Says:

    Admirable and Honerable

    Respects Mr. Christie

  38. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    I hope the documentary vindicates this poor guy.

    YYZ Skinhead

  39. rollinnorth Says:

    Always an honorable man. Stay strong, sir.


  40. Sieg Says:

    An honorable man laid-low by the dishonorable machinations of the Occupation Government. Let it be yet another lesson to us all as we live our lives.

    Should there be any way for you to read this column, Mr. Christie, maintain, and know that by surviving the year you defeat the pigs who took it from you.

    5 to 1

  41. Jason Says:

    “Although I did not personally direct anyone, I accept that if I am truly guilty of anything it is a lack of leadership. So I stand here before you ready to accept the punishment for the crimes I’ve pled guilty to and once again find true north.”

    Ironically enough, sounds like a great leader to me,

  42. Tetelestai Says:

    “It is finished”…best of luck to George Christie.

  43. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    That is the face of a man who has seen a lot of shit in his lifetime.

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