George Christie Going To Prison

August 16, 2013

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George Christie was sentenced yesterday to serve a year in federal prison.

Christie was the long time president of the Ventura, California Hells Angels charter. He was indicted for conspiring to firebomb two tattoo shop competitors out of business on July 29, 2011. The two shops, named “Scratch the Surface” and “Twisted Ink” were firebombed in July 2007. As his case lingered, Christie was forced to sell his shop.

Christie’s prosecution was unusually perverse even by the standards of federal justice. Christie was not indicted until months after he retired from his motorcycle club. The evidence against him comprised statements made by the men who actually set the fires. Those men were entrapped and then offered leniency if they helped the FBI get Christie.

Plea Deal

The case went to trial last January. Christie faced two charges that carried minimum sentences of 30 years each and another charge that carried a mandatory sentence of life. Much of Christie’s defense would have examined the means and methods used to entrap and bully members of motorcycle clubs. Both former Mongol Al Cavazos and former Bandido President George Wegers were prepared to testify on Christie’s behalf. The judge in the case, George H. Wu, practically begged the adversaries to reach a plea deal. A handshake deal was agreed to on February 1. Since then, virtually every document filed in the case has been sealed including all the motions to seal.

There has been no public notice of Christie’s sentencing. There was no public notice that Christie was about to be sentenced. Assistant United States Attorneys Jay Robinson and Carol Chen are apparently so ashamed of their case that they have taken extraordinary steps to hide the Chrstie matter from public scrutiny. For example, Christie, his attorney Michael Mayock, and friends and relatives of Christie were all instructed by the court not to talk to The Aging Rebel. The prosecutors were also livid about Christie’s appearance in a documentary film that went into production before Christie was indicted and continued in production after Christie’s informal plea deal was negotiated.

The Film

After he retired from the Hells Angels and before he was indicted, Christie agreed to appear in a film by the British documentarian Nick Mead. The film was originally conceived as an homage to Easy Rider and would simply follow Christie around the country and record conversations he had about the state of freedom in America. The first of those conversation was with Michael Blake who wrote both the screenplay for Dances With Wolves and the novel on which the film was based.

Christie was indicted shortly after that interview. Mead continued to film and the movie became a record of Christie’s life as the United States Department of Justice tried to crush him. The title of the documentary is The Last American Outlaw. The film includes interviews with Al Cavazos, Wegers and several well informed attorneys about federal racketeering cases brought against motorcycle club members. The author of this page also appears in the film and wrote most of the narration.

Art And Justice

Prosecutors literally tried to blackmail Mead and Christie into locking the film in a box and throwing away the key. Mead cancelled a June screening of the film for potential distributors after prosecutors threatened that they would “make sure Christie gets prison time” if the film “was shown.” Neither Robinson nor Chen has seen the film so their objections obviously say far more about them and their own shame than any opinions Christie or Mead might voice in a thousand films.

Prosecutors spent much of yesterday’s sentencing hearing complaining about the film they have not seen. Prosecutors alleged that it evolved out of the FBI’s pursuit of Christie. Christie explained that the film had started off as something completely unrelated to the state of American justice and its narrative had simply followed a road the FBI and prosecutors made.

Robinson insisted that Judge Wu sentence the 65-year-old Christie to three years in prison.

Obviously even prosecutors understand that federal justice is a lot like sausage. They are afraid people won’t buy it anymore if they get a glimpse of how it’s made.



54 Responses to “George Christie Going To Prison”

  1. Rebel Says:

    Dear S.Ser,

    Yes. George did seven months at FCI La Tune, three months at a halfway house in el lay and he has been out of custody for more than a year.


  2. S.Ser Says:

    Why is GC on the history channel doing a doc series?? Is he out of prison ?

  3. Great Dane Says:

    When ya fuck with fire ya get burned. Some of us just like the burn. Much Respect GC.

  4. Mike H Says:

    This is not surprising to me at all. I mean I was wrongfully convicted in Ventura, CA while on R&R leave from Iraq back in 2007. Lies by pergury by two female individuals, of which I had not seen them for over two days, were bought by the DA as her Ventura lawyer rep, previously ousted from the Ventura County DA attorney’s offices on charges of drug use and cocaine possession. Who wouldn’t believe a former attorney with a woman who never wore anything else but shorts so short…well. The DA’s office bought it even though the arresting officers would testify they did not believe this individuals story. Instead of being called a deserter I pleaded just to get out of jail to defend myself since my 1st, 2nd and 5th Ammendement rights were ignored. Then I had to witness this former cocaine induced lawyer and my former ‘friend’ drive around the city with the song ‘can’t catch me riding dirty’ as they laughed smoked and snorted cocaine in broad daylight. Hell with a prejudice DA and single male prosecutor anamored by this female, who says the justice system ain’t tainted or crooked. If you can coerce any person with imprisonement or worse, why should judges not believe so called witnesses.

    Not saying good or bad here but wrong is wrong no matter what…

  5. Roaddog Says:

    Rebel, this link is to an interview a San Diego HA just had with the media. Couldn’t find another way to send it to you, but thought you’d be interested.

  6. Sieg Says:

    Road Dog, first thig ya learn is that the Fed Beast will accuse you of everything but being White…or ESPECIALLY of being White. What they accuse you of, what they charge you with, and what they are willing to plead you out to in order to get a timely conviction and another notch on their prostitutional gun, are three different things.

    I can only think of the case they ran against my friends. Spent two years taping, filming, and making controlled buys from various amongst us, had killings, shootings, all kindsa bad shit we allegedly did, and the worst hit out of 14 people busted was a 41 month bid for a chapter chief, a 36 month bit for a “ringleader”, and a 1 year bit in a halfway house for another “ringleader”. That’s after spending MILLIONS of dollars, ariel surveillance, tanks and troops for the takedowns, the whole nine-yards.

    Their shit don’t have to add up or make sense, end of the day, they got their little conviction, and that’s all that really matters.

    5 to 1

  7. Snow Says:

    From the looks of it Mr. Christie was doing time no matter what, the fed was making sure of it. Create a crime if you can’t find one.
    Mr. Christie is a man among men. May his time pass quickly.

  8. Rebel Says:

    Dear Road Dog,

    I’ll write more on the Christie entrapmentat a later date.


  9. Road Dog Says:

    Something isn’t adding up. IF he did this, and I say IF. I am curious to know who owned the tattoo parlors that were burned. Were they rival business partners or were they tied to another club? A 1 year plea vs. all the time they wanted? That doesn’t make much sense, but then that seems par for the course with these secret prosecutions.

    I would like to see that documentary as it looks good.

  10. Road Whore Says:

    Mead cancelled a June screening of the film for potential distributors after prosecutors threatened that they would “make sure Christie gets prison time” if the film “was shown.”

    Somehow I think that an ACLU lawyer would be all over this shit. Doesn’t this violate some type of free speech/free expression amendment all to hell and back?

  11. Dick Goesinya Says:

    George Christie will never get that part. And you know why?
    Because he’s PERFECT for it.

  12. Rebel Says:

    Dear Pirate Bear,

    The last version of the film featured Rebel saying something like, “Now that Christie has agreed to plead guilty he has been set free.” So I am guessing the ending will have to be reshot. When I know something more I will let you know.


  13. Pirate Bear Says:

    What’s the status of the Christie film?

  14. Trip Says:

    All I can say is George is one hell of a man and well respected one at that. The dipshits on here talking shit, are lower than whale shit and speaking on things they know nothing about. The man has been waiting for his chance to get on with his life, but hasn’t been able to because of the fucking goverment. For you two assholes to come on here and disrespect him only tells me one thing, that your probably both feds or have been close to this case somehow and are crying now, cause the case was weak as you are. I hate that he had to wait as long as he did, but atleast it is over now. He will serve that year like it’s nothing and still be the man he is when he comes out and it will be over.

    Respects to the Christie Family,


  15. VINCE 1%er Says:

    I’ll start off by saying to Mr.George Christie : Godspeed and I know you’ll be out soon and back in the wind with the respect that You Deserve-I wish You The Best .The few times I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him were awesome.His film NEEDS to be seen in order to suppress the actions of a corrupt government & its enforcing officials. I just cant believe the tyranny & lawless actions that the alphabet SCUMBAGS get away with.

    To: elvis P & Biker ; I Wouldn’t PISS IN YOUR MOUTHS if your Teeth Were ON FIRE.
    The same freedom of speech YOU 2 cop/pig pussys enjoy HERE is being denied to many Americans in our so-called justice system(theres Really NO JUSTICE – JUST US).
    elvis P : You would be picking up the soap in the shower for all the homeys inside – and probably loving it. And Biker; A Sphincter says what ?

  16. Paladin Says:

    Eventually, I hope the Mead/Christie film will be seen by all who care to view it. The fact that the Feds are doing everything they can to suppress this film and make it go away, is more the reason to have this film see the light of day.

    Long may You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  17. Jim666 Says:

    Well said bigdowner,
    fuck the feds and all thier rat bastard snitching suckups,,
    I feel much better now,,


  18. bigdowner Says:

    Biker you are saying what you were told to say by the 1%er you are blowing.
    Park your Suzuki, take off your crash test dummy helmet and pay attention. George Christie‘s reasons for leaving the club are between him, Sonny Barger and a few chapter Presidents and are not for public consumption. Secondly, the trial transcripts are sealed because the prosecution’s # 1 witness is an active confidential informant and is presently involved in additional ongoing trials on behalf of the U.S. Attorney and it is the same precaution the Feds use with all of their rats. As far as doing hard time, George did a year in solitary confinement and also did time at Terminal Island – he was in PC there with Carmine Persico and other mob underbosses who were also in PC. When punks are gunning for you that’s where the BOP puts you whether you want to be there or not. Now, biker, this is shit and this is shinola. Get that penis out of your mouth and learn the difference.

  19. Freeman Says:

    Best of luck to Christie.

    Saw a movie not long ago called thunderheart, although its a fiction based on real events,you see the federal bureau of intimidation pulling all the same dirty tricks they do in real life, planting evidence, false witnesses, blackmail, anyone with a dull evening and 4 bucks should rent it in the oldies section of your video store think it came out in 92.

    Lady justice has been raped truth assassins- James Hetfield

  20. chromedome Says:

    @biker – take a nap you dumbass. Any coward can speculate and gossip or talk down on a mufucker thats on trial. It does nothing but make shit worse for the person question is one thing and im a firm believer in digging deeper but trying to discredit the info in this article without providing anything solid to backup your bullshit lame as fuck. Listen to alex jones much?…


  21. Cali girl Says:

    Mr. Christie, so sorry that the FEDS got you. First the the former DA of Ventura. They all just wanted to be the big man to take you down. By why the secrecy this time? Maybe it can be appealed? it seems we have big government telling us what to do. The justice system is not and should be keeping stuff under wraps. I call that questionable. I don’t know anything about federal law, but maybe it can be appealed

  22. Sin cal Says:

    Suzi Q

    He is a good man growing up on he central coast he was thought of very highly. The government will stop at nothing to make themselves look like a hero even if it cost someone their livelihood. They should be ashamed but we know they have no remorse for what the do.

  23. Suzi Q Says:

    Dear Mr. Christie, you have been a household legend in my house as long as i can remember. Being born and raised in Ventura, i have had the pleasure of meeting you on occasion. You are a true American Biker in my eyes no matter what! I will respectfully say hello to you in the wind when i ride.

    Suzi Q

  24. rollinnorth Says:

    “Biker” obviously isn’t one. Smells like bacon-flavored troll to me.


  25. Sieg Says:

    “Biker”, if you got some specific scoop that no one else does, spit it out or STFU. Yer sellin woof tickets online doesn’t show anyone anything.

    5 to 1

  26. Biker Says:

    Maybe now he can give real advice to convicts on how to do time. I doubt it ,because he has never really done any hard time in his life ,always in PC. Put him on A Main Line prison yard and see how well he does. Not some federal Camp Snoopy without rides. Really funny how everything is so sealed up and secretive about his case, makes you wonder doesn’t it? Ask yourself, why is that? Again ,don’t believe everything you hear or read.

  27. Steve Dominey Says:

    Sorry to hear the news, sad the US has sunk so far, out in a year free and clear…
    Steve D

  28. Sieg Says:

    Reading all these comments, most of you have no clue. Think about why people go to jail or get charged for crimes. How do they get charged year after year, decade after decade. Don’t believe what you read and half of what you hear. Pigs need to be exposed for their true colors. That’s why they aren’t wearing any colors any more. They’re no good!

    Fuck a rat-bastard pig and all it’s piglets.

    5 to 1

  29. 10Guage Says:

    Christie could do a year standing on his head…He will be fine and get the LAST LAUGH…


  30. Biker Says:

    Reading all these comments, most of you have no clue. Think about why people don’t go to jail or get charged for crimes. How do they get off charges year after year, decade after decade. Don’t believe what you read and half of what you hear. He needs to be exposed for his true colors. That’s why he isn’t wearing any colors any more. He’s no good!

  31. Fuck muppetface Says:

    Im completely convinced the whole Federal so called Justice system is made up of loser midgets like muppet face ciccone with a Napoleone complex or wannabee punk tough guys like dobyns that still have wet dreams of being a 1percenter!There so obviously envious of a man like Mr.Christie who is able to balance the life of an Outlaw with his work, home and family situation. They know citizens and the general public will be outraged with the tactics theyve used here and use in most 1percenter club cases..GOOD LUCK GEORGE CHRISTIE and FAMILY!..PS..ciccone is a pinched frog face muppet looking dwarf who is more criminal then anyone he has ever entrapped!

  32. Glenn S. Says:

    May it pass quickly, Mr. Christie.

  33. Jim666 Says:

    so, Mr. Elvis P. when will you start doing your time ?
    as Im quite sure you`ve broken a few laws in your lifetime.

  34. Base Says:

    Elvis P trolling?

    By all accounts and from what I have read about this case. They are sending an innocent man to prison for no other reason but because they can. Shameful, disgusting sadistic parasitic fools that have their finger on the button.

    The justice system should have a name change to the entrapment system. Anyone who doubt’s that is a fool as well. Stats show some place that roughly 17 to 25 % of prisoners have been entrapped and are innocent of the crimes they have been imprisoned for. That may have to shift in a – or + direction because different sources have different calculations. But even roughly! HOLY SHHHNIKIES!

    To a person such as Elvis P that is an expectable % as long as it’s not them. But many believe such as myself that that % is totally un-expectable.

    And the truth is played out in song….

    Even though many of the faces have changed,the agenda is still in play.

    In day to day travels, at work and when venturing farther out more & more people are growing weary.

    I would like to see this film released. But fully understand the complexities that surround it. It is not I that is under the thumb of the US entrapment system. Or the one with rough ground between his former club & brothers. Although I believe the later is far more important of an issue to be ironed out than what the government thinks or believes.

    Hopefully Mr. Christie and the MC will come to common ground, mainly because believe many an eye would be opened and many would benefit from the viewing of this film.

    This thing? This war? Is not just about a particular culture or way of life. It’s about, & going to effect everyone!

    Head on a swivel

  35. rollinnorth Says:

    First the State of California, followed by the Federal Government, have been trying to take down George Christie for decades. The man is intelligent, well-spoken and successful in business; so unlike the stereotype of the evil menace that the government wants to portray.
    From what I read, this case was a total farce, made worse by the Court letting the Government lead everyone down a deep, dark hole. No public notice of hearings? Sealed motions to seal hearings?! WTF?!
    Let’s all hope that film somehow, some way, sometime sees the light of day. I expect that will be soon after George Christie finishes serving this bogus sentence.


  36. JMacK Says:

    Best of luck Mr. Christie.

    Much Respect

  37. Sieg Says:

    Fuck all these pigs, agents, n wannabe posers. When ya read this shit spewed by LE and trolls just fuckin shine it on. No point wasting breath on a flapping cunt.

    5 TO 1

  38. Phuquehed Says:

    STFU, Elvis, you illiterate shit-stain.

  39. Road Whore Says:

    Mr. Christie:

    Condolences on having fallen prey to our “justice” system. Stay strong, don’t let the bastards grind you down, and keep pushing that movie. It must be released nationwide…it will touch a lot of hearts.

    Ride free in your mind until you can ride free once again.

  40. bigdowner Says:

    Elvis P – that is an appropriate moniker because that is what your comment consists of – urine from a dead Vegas act – your accusation is complete bullshit – beginning with the fact that George Christie is not that stupid. He understands what bosses and underbosses have long known – the higher you get, the more power you obtain, the less you can use it – because if somebody farts on the sidewalk all eyes are directed to the neighborhood “capo.” GC would not have reigned in the Ventura area for 35 years by sanctioning much less allowing something as idiotic as incendiaries – an automatic engraved invitation to the ATF.

    This entire bust was a set – up I know all the players involved and I’m too beat tonight to lay it out for you. But you can start with why the fuck did they wait 3 years to indict? Think about it.
    GC runs a successful tattoo joint for 30 years, # 1 in the county, beats the competition in the market place by providing the best work for the money – a couple of competitors come to town.

    Do you think those competitors didn’t check around to see if competing with the Ink House might be dangerous? OF COURSE THEY DID. And the word was no danger – would you open a business if you thought it was dangerous? That would be like moving to Sicily and opening a pizza parlor.

    Those shops were strongarmed by the 2 Angels that flipped and turned states evidence – and they knew the owners would not verify if GC had sent them – they used GC’s name to extort $$$ and did not succeed.

    Do you think GC would wind down a 30 year successful business by flipping out and completely doing something so stupid? ?Who would have motive if that happened? Where would LE go first if there was a firebombing ? Duh no shit – That would just be plain dumb!
    what are talking here? Risking a life sentence for what ? # or 4 grand a month?

    Wake up and get with it – the Feds went after George Christie the moment he left the club on this trumped up bullshit – threatened him with 100+} years – because they wanted to tap his brain on every goddamn HAMC secret over the past 35 years. Nobody knows more USA business than GC and SB. And this chicken-shit U.S. Attorney all but threw a tantrum in the courtroom complaining that Christie would not comply – he would not play ball – he beat the charges fair and square – and the Feds reluctantly agreed to the plea arrangement.

    So “criminals” deserve incarceration? Any one who has ever done time would not say that. SO go fuck yourself.

  41. Elvis P Says:

    Common people George has been involved in several fire bombings in vta he is a criminal and deserves what he gets

  42. Ace Says:

    Stay Strong Mr. Christie.

  43. levi Says:

    Dance the dance and pay the piper

  44. Rebel Says:

    Dear CN,

    All madness is power madness.


  45. Jim666 Says:

    Good luck George,
    stay strong my friend.

  46. BadMagic Says:


    I hear what your saying. And along those lines, as well as the thought Rebel mentioned above about the FBI and Persecutors making a road to follow, Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs did this talk explaining what he has learned dealing with gubmint agencies while filming the show. Well worth the watch.


  47. CN Says:

    “What we got here seems to be a failure to communicate”, or something along those lines. What we really got though is a civil rights violation where a long standing cultural entity of American/ World Wide society is discriminated against with impunity by a police state bent on nothing less than the destruction of that culture in the name of homeland security or some such nonsense. A manner of living distinct in its manner of speech, clothing, norms, etc. It’s not a life style it’s a separate culture and it’s distinction is that it will not be controlled by the governments in which it survives. Control freaks crave total domination. Independence from such control runs contrary to and perhaps fosters other culturally entitled groups. The tool of choice to suppress our culture is the militarization of law enforcement. The result is incarceration, and various violent attacks designed to terrorize the culture. The culture continues to flourish. Unfortunately so do the control freaks. There seems to be no end in sight to all this.

  48. Stevo Says:

    Yup. And meanwhile ‘President’ Obama funds his muslim brothers in Egypt and Syria, supplies them with arms to murder Christians and sacrifices US Navy SEALS lives to appease them. American citizens live in abject poverty, unemployment soars, huge swathes of once great cities and once great industries lie abandoned but hey! At least Bo the dog has his own helicopter and a nasty man on a motorbike has been wrenched from his family.

  49. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Meanwhile, as an innocent man goes to prison for somebody else’s crime, some child fucker is being released to some small CA town full of families with kids.

    YYZ Skinhead

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