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August 13, 2013

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Sturgis, the Black Hills Motorcycle Rally, ended Sunday and most of the official numbers haven’t been calculated yet but it looks like it was another banner year for motorcycle tourism.

Event sponsors said this years rally attracted more visitors than last year. Event sponsors say that every year but South Dakota Highway Patrol Captain Kevin Karley told Rapid City television station KNBN “we can see the traffic is up this year.” Last year’s official attendance was 416,000. That’s about 30 percent less than 2000 when an estimated 604,000 bikers attended the rally. The city of Sturgis issued 734 temporary vendor licenses this year which was 42 more than last year. There were 69 motorcycle accidents resulting in injuries this year. Last year there were only 50. There were 50 non-injury accidents last year. This year there were only 33.

Cops wrote 1,535 traffic tickets and issued 4,932 warnings for violations. There were 255 drunken driving arrests, four more than last year, and 275 drug arrests. Last year there were only 219. The 275 drug arrests amount to about 15 percent of all the drug arrests the entire state of South Dakota expects to make this year. Cops seized nine vehicles and $13,221 in cash as a result of drug arrests.

Behind The Numbers

One of the DUIs was awarded to second generation daredevil Robbie Knievel. Fellow stuntman Clint Ewing wasn’t so lucky. Ewing, who holds the record for the longest motorcycle ride through a 2,900 “tunnel of fire” tried to break his own record at the Buffalo Chip Campground last Wednesday. The video below seems to indicate Clint might have gotten as far as 300 feet through the 360 foot long tunnel before he crashed and ran screaming and flailing through the side of the tunnel. He suffered third degree burns and is now being treated at a burn center in Los Angeles.

The state of South Dakota estimates that rally attendees spend about $250 a day each to attend Sturgis and those numbers are probably on the low side. The minimum price of a hotel room in Rapid City or Sturgis is $200 a might. Weekly rates to camp at the Buffalo Chip are $180 for dry RVs, $450 for RV hookups and $150 for a tent spot. According to an article in the Rapid City Journal a typical rally visitor spends about $400 for gas travelling to Sturgis and about $750 for tee-shirts, souvenirs, concerts, beer and food. This years concerts included Bret Michaels, Vince Neil, Kid Rock, ZZ Top, Rob Zombie and Mastodon.


The sleazy side of Sturgis included a sting by the Rapid City Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force that led to the arrests of nine men on charges of trying to buy sex with underage girls after responding to online ads.

There were no reported “motorcycle gang” incidents this year.

Sturgis, with a population of 6,500, spent about $1 million to host the rally.  The city will probably reallize a profit of about $350,000 which will amount to about 80 percent of its annual budget.




97 Responses to “Sturgis 2013”

  1. One Eye Says:

    I’ll look forward to it. Hopefully we’ll find some hijinx in which we can participate, ha ha ha! If you’re going to be across the ditch, there are some serious Coney Island locations; hot dogs anyone??

  2. Freeman Says:

    Yup sign me up too, rally point, bodie, California! About 2500 miles away from me but gimme 3-4 days il make it.

  3. Icebreaker Says:

    One Eye, As luck would have it, job may put me across the bridge from you, I’ll give you a call when I find out the particulars…

    Snow, thanks for the welcome… I usually don’t have much to say, but been reading the news for a few years… I always look froward to getting the truth in the news here…

    RVN69, thanks, all the best back to you and yours, too… was in your vicinity last month on the way back from central Florida…. had a couple friends talk me and the OL into a 180 mile detour to have some chili dogs and beers in the center of your state… wanted to give you a call, but had to make up time back home, as I was stretching vacation to the last minute… will be that way again sooner, rather than later… and yeah, them dogs was worth that side trip….

  4. Road Whore Says:

    The Annual Aging Rebel Run…sign me up!

  5. One Eye Says:

    @RVN69: Thanks, that too is appreciated. It’s been a while and it feels good to be back at it.

  6. RVN69 Says:

    One Eye, congrats on the job.

    Icebreaker, glad to see your still above grround, hope things are going well with you and yours, even though your a yankee the door is always open


    “Those that do not understand me fear me, those that understand me fear themselves.”

  7. One Eye Says:


    thank you, that’s very appreciated.

  8. Snow Says:

    You won’t be disappointed with the view.
    Welcome, you come highly recommended, hang around for awhile.
    One Eye

  9. Grumbler Says:

    @Snow – Thanks, man, I appreciated the Twin Peaks menu recommendations as the servers are prolly too distracting – lol. They were auditioning for Twin Peaks Girls just the other day.

    Usually stop at the mom and pop cafes/bars in rural areas, but with autumn equinox just 3 weeks away, won’t be long before it’s too freakin’ cold to ride in the higher elevations.

    Wrappin’ my paws around a mug of irish coffee is something to look forward to this fall. =8^)


  10. One Eye Says:

    @Icebreaker: Hey my friend, I do believe you, Not the Wife, my OL and I still have to visit Fishbones for some Cajun food and some Blues. I hope all is well with you and yours. L&R
    To all here: Icebreaker is as solid as they get. Respects, One Eye.

  11. Snow Says:

    Hell yea, that’s the way to roll.
    Have a great labor day weekend.
    L&R. Snow.

  12. Icebreaker Says:

    Hey One Eye,

    Both “Not my wife” and I say congrats on the new job…

    To all the regulars, I’m more of the silent type here, but I know One Eye, and wanted to say hey…



  13. WARTHOG Says:


    I went to a Twin Peaks in Dallas a couple years ago. Fuckin a plethora of young hardbellies and much better food and variety than Hooters. Best part was that it was all on the company dime.




  14. Austin Says:

    @Paladin “Finally, a young man came to our aid. Pulling out a map, he showed us exactly how to get there.”

    LMAO – I realized this back in ’98 when I was lost about midnight in a far away city. This is exactly what I’ve taught all my kids to do. If you go to a pizza place, they usually have a big wall map in back they’ll show you.

  15. Base Says:

    One Eye:

    Best of luck with the new employment, hope it’s a good fit for you. I believe it would be a hell of a good time and it would be great to meet all the folks face to face.


  16. One Eye Says:


    I just started a new job in a part time capacity which will morph into full time soon. That will afford me three weeks of vacation. Wh o knows, if this was to reach fruition, I might make it. OK, OK don’t everyone break into applause, ha ha ha ha!

  17. Snow Says:

    I can personally recommend the pot roast and hangover burger, buddy had the philly and tore it up. Oh the bread pudding is also very good. Very nice breastaurant indeed, enjoy.
    Much respect, Snow.

  18. Grumbler Says:

    @Snow – I might stick with the Pirelli MT66s when they’re due for replacement. They get the same high ratings (4.7 out of 5.0) as the E3 bias ply albeit with far more reviews. I like the way they look and perform.

    Didn’t know anything about Twin Peaks other than that David Lynch tv series until I caught an episode about it on Fast N’ Loud. We pretty much stopped going to Hooters after the novelty wore off. Their overpriced grub was barely palatable. It’ll be good to have a better breastaurant in town when they open this fall.

  19. Snow Says:

    I run the E3 bias ply on the fatboy, it uses a 130 tire. I find the wet weather handling and general ride to be very good, wear is ok.
    Twin Peaks kicks ass, food is much better than Hooters and the girls are just as pretty if not better looking, they just had bikini week here. Very nice indeed, lol. Snow

  20. Base Says:

    Aging Rebels Rabble Run.

    Come and enjoy home made pizza, slow cooked BBQ, burgers from a home made grill, with home grown trimmings, wine & shine!

    Sounds like a good time to me. Hell, drop the name lets pick a location, set a date and make it B.Y.O. I would elaborate but just woke up, running a little late and headed out the door.


    I like that view!

    Head on a swivel folks.

  21. One Eye Says:


    That sounds like a very cool idea. I was once involved with a club and we used to have this annual party/get together/pig out/drunk/ride fest in the middle of nowhere near Gate City, Va., and not only was it a kick ass ride, but the area was full of twisties, great riding, and the actual party site had this massive hill where we would drag race. It was great. Unfortunately, the club dissolved due to all the bullshit it supposed to NOT be; nobody can take away the memories, though. Maybe, we can replace it with the Aging Rebel Run?

  22. Phuquehed Says:

    I used to deliver pizza’s for Geno’s in Vegas after school and on weekends. During summer would make great money picking up people on the way to or coming from a delivery who were having trouble getting a taxi (except the old couple one time who were in real trouble from the heat). Knew all the roads somehow.

    Often if you can find the town’s chamber of commerce building, they have free maps of the county with all the roads.

  23. One Eye Says:


    Back in ’97 I was exiting my second marriage and I was invited to a run in Asheville, NC by a buddy of mine. In life you find that special road dog that if you fell asleep riding you wouldn’t worry because he would glide over and peg you to safety; Redbeard was one of those. OK, stay with me. We left Detroit, rode to Asheville and had a blast. We were going to I-75 S and cross over on the I-40 E, but a rock slide closed the road. Thank God for rock slides because we went into Gatlinburg, through the mountains and came out in Cherokee; from there we rode to Asheville. The campsite was this HUGE parcel of land with this very large 3 foot depression. It was Labour Day weekend and it was hotter than hell during the day and I slept in my sleeping bag (on ground that I would describe as ball bearing like) with everything except my boots.
    So, I’m grooving at this rally and I met a lady named Sally. We hit it off immediately and she started telling me about Savannah. Man, I was stoked. She mailed me the book, “Midnight In The Garden Of Good and Evil,” and we had always made plans to hook up, but we always seemed to have dueling schedules. We lost touch, but to this day I’ve always wanted to visit Savannah; try the cuisine and listen to some Low Country Blues.

  24. Grumbler Says:

    @Glenn S. – Did you switch to the Dunlop D404 or E3? The Dunlop drawing rave reviews nowadays, at least from the bagger brigade, is the Dunlop American Elite 2nd Generation. Another new Dunlop is the Elite 3 Bias Ply & Radial Touring Multi Tread which isn’t the same as the conventional Elite 3. An almost bewildering array of Dunlops.

    In addition, I came across a dude who uses tubes in his tubeless tires mounted on mag wheels. Asked him why to which he said the tubes provide an extra margin of safety and peace of mind. M’kay.

    @All – A brand, spanking new Twin Peaks restaurant is opening in my ‘hood this Fall. Never been to one of those before. Any good? Seems to be comparable to Hooters.

  25. Paladin Says:

    I went with a friend to the country to look at a house he was thinking
    of buying. We found the town but not the road. We drove over to the town hall, but no one there had heard of the road, not even the police or firefighters we asked.

    Finally, a young man came to our aid. Pulling out a map, he showed us
    exactly how to get there.

    “Thanks,” I said. “Are you with the police or fire department?”

    “Neither,” he said. “I deliver pizzas.”

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  26. Snow Says:

    Hell yea, we could call it something like Rebel’s Road Forum, Eating and Drinking Crew and move it every year, key note speaker and lead drinker the man himself, Rebel.
    Sorry no Budweisers allowed. Lol
    On a side note Tn. is beautiful in the fall, just gotta watch out for those damn leafers.
    Much respect sent to the regulars and a few irregulars, Snow.

  27. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Phuquehed and One Eye beat me to it. We need to cut and weld some 50 gallon drums, rent out a small town, slaughter some ungulates (I’d bring the California mule venison) and have a Rebel’s Saloon Pizza and Barbeque-off. It would need a cooler run name, but the slogan could be “Like Sturgis, except it doesn’t suck”. We could schlep the pit from small town to small town and a different town could host it each year/season/what have you.

    YYZ Skinhead

  28. WARTHOG Says:

    One Eye says: “Phuqeuhed: That sounds bad ass. Maybe we should have a gathering of the forum where we just eat, drink and ride.”

    Hell yeah! I’d be up for that.


    You ever go to Poopies in Savanna? I just found out today that David Allen Coe is playing there on Saturday, September 15th, FOR FREE! I think I might have to camp there Friday and Saturday. I guess they’re selling $50 VIP passes for a meet and greet, but I’ll be just as happy going the free route.




  29. Glenn S. Says:

    Ol’ Goat said: “my rear sure slips & slides a lot more than with the Dunlop.”

    Just went from a Commander II to a Dunlop on the rear–first time this bike has seen a Dunlop since it came stock with Michelin Scorcher (went through two of them in 18K, then one Commander II for the next 18K). I’ve decided I like the Dunlop a lot better than either Michelin. Noticeably better handling on dry, much better on wet and, with it raining every day here this summer, I get wet damn near every day. Still have a Commander II on the front and it’ll probably last 36K, but if I get a little play money to throw away, I might just put a Dunlop there too. More tire changing with the Dunlop, but my friend’s bike shop is reasonably priced and its always a pleasant time spent there.

    Life is fucking good.

  30. One Eye Says:


    Back in the day, we used to have this place called Bun Masters and you could get an excellent pizza dough which would use to make a cookie sheet size pizza of the traditional kind, but sometimes we would make thick crust and thin crust or put gyro type toppings on it. My Mom’s dough was THE best and Bun Masters is long gone, so now we order.

    Phuqeuhed: That sounds bad ass. Maybe we should have a gathering of the forum where we just eat, drink and ride.

  31. Phuquehed Says:

    Heh heh…if the pit was here at my place, I’d say ‘come on whoever wants to, just bring a tent and/or sleeping bag’, ’cause I got a good sized area between the house and the pond. Look here, you can just barely see the pond way back behind the pine tree and the van…

  32. DesertH-D Says:

    Phuquehed – Daaammnn… You got me droolin’. Get sum’a YYZ’s white lightnin’ going on there, and I might have to take a couple week ride to pay you a visit. Nothing against a good deep dish, don’t care if it comes from the Windy City or the City by the Bay, as I’ve lived it up in both. But I can’t think of anything that beats some good ol’ dead pig going up on a backyard slow ‘Q. Tipping back a few (and a few more), hanging with the boys, and a few select girls… hehehe
    And then that pig comes off. HELL yeah! I think I might not have spent enough time in Tennessee… In fact, I’m damn sure of it.

  33. Paladin Says:


    Just reading your post has got me wanting some of that, and I live a lot further out than 80 miles. Man, that sure sounds good!

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  34. Phuquehed Says:

    I’m over in west TN, near absolutely nothing identifiable, lol. 120+ miles from Nashville *and* Memphis, damn near right smack dab in between ’em and north 20+/- miles.

  35. Snow Says:

    Damn man, nothing wrong with open pit slow smoked pork shoulder either, yummmmm.
    What part of Tn you hide out in? I’m headed northeast on Knoxville in early Oct probably be coming past Ft. Payne toward Chattanooga.

  36. Phuquehed Says:

    Okay, you people can have the fancy pizza’s (hey, I’m in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the friggin’ woods there…’pizza’ is pretty much crap here)…me, I’ll buy a pork shoulder or two and head on over to my buds house and we’ll sit up for 24 hours taking turns having short catnaps and slowly cooking them on his home-made grill (looks like shit and if you were to see it for the first time you’d wonder how it even worked – it’s just some cinder blocks, a grill we jerry-rigged and any cardboard we can find at the time to cover the top and the piece of plywood to cover the opening. The ‘top’ opening is about 3’x3′). We get lit during the cooking and in 20 years have yet to burn one, no matter how lit we get. He makes up his own sauce for it and somehow or another when it’s done and ready for eating, there ends up 20 people show up, even if we never told a soul…and many of them come from as many miles away as I do (~80), it’s that good.

    Unlike the pizza too, this will last the weekend and cost $40 for the two 15 pound each shoulders and $20 per case of Bud tall boys. That’s got those fancy pizza’s beat I think, as each one of them averages what, $15 maybe, so to feed 20+/- people it’d be a small fortune for some decent pizzas. Not knocking the good pizzas, it’s just that that’s one of those things we just don’t got around here, heh.

  37. YYZ Skinhead Says:


    I think I gotta hire you for a Chicago Grub Consulting job when I hit the Windy City, since you know your pizza and beef. Dare me to drink at least a shot of Jeppson’s Malört.

    YYZ Skinhead

  38. WARTHOG Says:


    Took a ride out that way last weekend. Wanted to see Maquoketa State Park, but my GPS fucked me and couldn’t find it until I looked it up on map quest when I got home. Missed it by 6 miles. But, ya, Conesville Iowa. Been going to that party on and off for 20 years.


    The OL and I were going to go there instead of Conesville next weekend but really didn’t have the money. I need to buy some saddlebags and they’re just not in this year’s budget.




  39. Snow Says:

    Damn, titties, beer and pizza? I’d be in heaven for sure. Not so sure the ol lady would agree though, lol. Maybe I can piss her off enough to get kicked out for awhile. Lmao.
    No way to get away that long right now but we do have a trip planned to the Smoky Mountains, east Tn. area, in early Oct. Your welcome to join us if you like.
    L&R Snow

  40. Tooj Says:

    @Warthog, Conesville, IA. Party on the west coast of the Mississippi.

  41. Tooj Says:

    Marion, Iowa; not far from J&P in Anamosa. A little ‘za joint called Zoey’s. Best fucking slice you’ll EVER eat.

  42. WARTHOG Says:


    You’ve got choice of couch or air mattress. Been some great weather lately. Going to be sunny and in the 90’s all next week. Or you can come up and party at the Conesville rally next Friday and Saturday. Titties and beer.


    Now you’re talkin. Al’s Beef…mmmm.




  43. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    All pizza consumers,

    If you live in a city with a big Italian ghetto like San Fran, you can buy raw pizza dough and go nuts with toppings. When I lived in Heaven I used to shop in North Beach all the time and you would not believe the number of different cheeses in the delis, including smoked cheeses. Sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil, porcini mushrooms (Boletus edulis) combined with homegrown tomatoes and homegrown oregano and basil topped with smoked mozzarella and Pecorino Romano baked in your own oven on a buttery deep-dish crust. Woo hoo!

    YYZ Skinhead

  44. Snow Says:

    Been raining every day down here, maybe I should consider a road trip to pizza heaven, lol.
    Much respect sent my friend, Snow

  45. Grumbler Says:

    Welp, I rode out to the local Fred Meyer last night and grabbed a pizza supreme from the deli for $8.99 plus tax. Strapped box on pillion with cargo net. Roared home. Heated oven to 375F, baked for 20 minutes, sliced with pizza cutter, and indulged myself. Thought I’d try to counterbalance all those fantastic gourmet pizzas delivered from far flung cities by commercial jets. Nudge, wink.

  46. YYZ Skinhead Says:


    Oh boy. I know what I want for Thanksgiving.

    Al’s Italian Beef with giardiniera on the side is another Chicago delicacy of which I must partake (and IIRC they ship as well).

    YYZ Skinhead

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