There Is Something Happening In Albuquerque

August 9, 2013

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Citing an “FBI Intelligence Report” the Albuquerque Journal reported this morning that Sunday’s prolonged shooting at a charity fundraiser at Eppie’s Motorcycle Services was actually a confrontation between three Vagos and an undetermined number of Bandidos Motorcycle Club members.

According to the Journal: “Current intelligence reporting from multiple sources indicates that the (Bandidos Motorcycle Club) national leadership has directed out of state (Bandidos) to proceed to Albuquerque … within the next 24 hours … in response to the August 4, 2013 confrontation,’ says an FBI ‘situational information report’ dated Tuesday. ‘Additionally, (Vagos Motorcycle Club) members from neighboring states may already be in Albuquerque awaiting orders from their national leadership….’”

You can read the complete Journal story here.

Presumably both the FBI and local police now know what happened. This page has taken pains in the last four days to withhold common knowledge about the incident obtained from multiple sources with multiple points of views. This page has withheld that information so as to not unnecessarily inform police.

Some Background

The Vagos Motorcycle Club, which began as a Southern California club, has been expanding into areas previously populated by other proud and pugnacious patches during the last four years. Those areas include Arizona, which had previously been a haven for Hells Angels including HA eminence gris Sonny Barger; areas of Kansas and Missouri that have long been the stomping grounds of the Galloping Goose and El Forastero Motorcycle Clubs; and most recently into New Mexico which, for the last forty years, has been an extremely friendly state in which to ride for members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club.

Steve Cook, the Executive Director of the Midwest Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association has given numerous media interviews in the last two years about the threat to public safety and law and order he thinks the growth and expansion of the Vagos represents.

The Vagos have been the target of an ongoing, multi-agency, federal investigation for more than four years. That investigation comprises investigators from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security.

One Big Investigation

The three federal police forces, working in concert with the United States Marshall’s Service, have exploited multiple opportunities to “get the Vagos.” The ongoing investigations have also involved state and local police agencies in California, Nevada and Utah. The best known of those agencies is probably the Gang and Immigration Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission in Arizona. The most recent of those collaborative police actions was Operation Pure Luck, a multi-agency investigation spearheaded by the ATF in Las Vegas.

The story told by Gary Rudnick in the recent trial of Ernesto Gonzalez – that some 200 Vagos conspired together to assassinate Hells Angel Jeffrey Pettigrew – was concocted not so much to get Gonzalez as to create a highlight predicate in a future RICO case. That case may be aimed solely at the Vagos or it may be intended to force the leadership of multiple, competing clubs to stand trial together.

Various state and federal police agencies have used “intelligence sharing” capabilities institutionalized as part of the Global War on Terror to coordinate what is, in essence, one investigation of the Vagos. A large part of the government effort against the Vagos has involved the manipulation of public opinion. The March 2010 accusations, made by California officials including now-Governor Jerry Brown, that the Vagos were terrorizing the town of Hemet, California was part of that one, ongoing disinformation campaign.

All of this lends context to today’s story in a usually clueless, community newspaper. The Journal “obtained” the report it cites in its story today because the local FBI field office “leaked” it to the Journal. The FBI didn’t leak the story to the New York Times. It seems unlikely that the report was leaked as a public service. It seems more likely the leak was the release of specific information to achieve a specific purpose; which is to say the leaked report is intentional propaganda.

What Happened Last Sunday

Multiple sources have described last Sunday’s shooting as an attempt by the Bandidos Motorcycle Club to both intimidate the Vagos Motorcycle Club and to spread disinformation about the incident. Multiple sources have also alleged that the incident was premeditated. Those sources have also said that the story fed to the weak Albuquerque press was scripted in advance and was calculated to discredit the Vagos.

The Black Berets Motorcycle Club, which has three chapters in greater Albuquerque, basks in the goodwill of and maintains friendly relations with the Bandidos. The Black Berets have no particular reason to dislike the Vagos except to share the Bandidos enmity toward the new club in town.

The three Vagos involved in the gunfight were invited to the event by the owner of the motorcycle shop. Sources have told conflicting stories about the relationship of the shop owner and local chapters of the Bandidos.

News reports in the Journal and other Albuquerque news outlets have described the event as a peaceful fundraiser for a sick girl at which children were present. The Aging Rebel has been unable to confirm that children were actually present at the event. Multiple sources have also alleged that the men who shot at the Vagos and killed a Vago named Japheth Seaman were not members of the Black Berets Motorcycle Club but were wearing Black Berets cuts. The brawl began, multiple sources have alleged, when one of the ersatz Black Berets punched Vago Malachi Seaman in the face.

Today’s Newz

The lead in today’s Journal story reads, “Albuquerque could be ground zero for a violent clash between outlaw motorcycle gangs.” It is exactly the sort of propagandistic statement that the multi-agency antagonists of the Vagos has been planting for years.

A violent confrontation between two one percenter motorcycle clubs is news but not earth-shaking. Last Sunday’s murder was tragic but not unprecedented. But an attempt to script news coverage of a violent confrontation between two clubs in advance is unprecedented.

It is blatantly the sort of thing alphabet police agencies do. So last Sunday’s fight seems to be about much more than disputed territory or a murder.



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92 Responses to “There Is Something Happening In Albuquerque”

  1. Harley "Davis" on Says:

    It’s pretty f*cking sad that careers in law enforcement are advanced by murder, lies and manipulation & deception by misleading the public that a group of men that only want brotherhood and to expand their legacy into new regions to give people a better choice of clubs to join. These government agencies need an overhaul if they’re out to destroy the original concept and very fabric of our nations motto” life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and for a story to be printed about The Vagos m.c. to start a situation in a setting such as a benefit for children where children are present is complete and utter b.s. they don’t roll like that, a club where ” we give what get” is their motto is just that , The Vagos don’t start no $hit but they don’t take it either if you see an angry Vago it’s because he was provoked or antagonized. They’ve been the target for Sesame Street gangs for awhile because their level of commaradery and brotherhood is compared to that of the U.S.Marines and as honorable, and a brotherhood like that makes outsiders jealous. We need to get it together people and realize who our real enemies are and do something about because their tactics of divide and conquer are tearing M.C.s apart. Get together both clubs and independents we have one common enemy.

    Davis V.
    Prospect SCV

  2. Redeemus Says:

    Puppet club! Only ball lickers say “support club” your less of a biker then a sons of anarchy supporting weekend warrior cuz your faking the funk even harder than them! Support club, what a joke! There’s such thing as support clubs, there clubs that show support! But if your bellow them, have to answer to them or go to or through them for anything your not a supporter your a ball licking puppet. If your considered an equal and go to each owes shit to show support your a supporter. Any more your a puppet. Think about it. You puppets know it in your heart. What a sad life to live, when your following the leader than makes you just the punk behind the leaders ass….. Don’t be a fart.

  3. Harley "Davis" on Says:

    It’s pretty fucking sad that careers are made in law enforcement by conspiracy, murder and manipulation of men who want only brotherhood and a positive legacy to lay down for their own for the future, what kind of world do we live in where our own government is the real antagonistic catalyst for such tragedy and despair of men who want nothing more than to ride their machines, party with their brothers and make good memories for stories to be told to the young, this is the foundation of this country. Life , liberty And the pursuit of happiness, if I want to ride my motorcycle chase tail and get high well then [email protected] that’s my f*cking prerogative ! The Vagos motorcycle club is probably thee most stand up of any club out there and for them to further their legacy in other states and to give that region a choice to join a standup club where the main motto is “we give what we get ” is admirable. And what that essentially means is The Vagos m.c. Don’t start no shit but they don’t take it neither for some inaccurate news agency to report that they would fire into an open crowd full of people or suggest they would start a confrontation of that magnitude at that level is complete and utter f*cking b~ll$hit it’s not how they roll. We need an overhaul of government agencies not m.c.’s we need to come together and understand who our enemy really is. Because their tactic is divide and conquer and it seems to be working … Get it together people, both clubs and independents
    Davis V.
    Prospect SCV

  4. square verbose doc Says:

    @ Austin:

    I’m here–not trying to ignore you– I’m reluctant to further advance the King of Beer’s hijack of a thread about a tragic set of events.

    I can’t resist mentioning, however, that v90 involves a “retained foreign body”. I leave it to others to run with that one.

    And to Glenn, some of us still feel that we can learn a lot and grow a lot by respectfully listening to and occasionally conversing with mountain climbers, even if we have no immediate plans to climb mountains (and I do emphasize immediate and acknowledge fully the likely benefits of said mountain climbing).

    with Respect,


  5. SB Says:

    @ Freeman,

    Thank you. I appreciate your comments and the wisdom you

    shared…Willie Lamothe.

    Not soon forgotten.

  6. Paladin Says:


    Nothing of the sort. My last post was a reply to Phuquehed, regarding Budweiser.

    Long may You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  7. Jojo22 Says:

    Paladin, u act like a dam know it all. Get over yourself.

  8. Freeman Says:

    SB. Sympathie to you and those who knew him.

    Paladin, cant help but feel your last post was directed towards me, i can only answer this: as a good country man from quebec once said: id rather die unconprehended then spend my life explaining myself- willie lamothe

  9. Paladin Says:


    Oh contraire my fellow enthusiast, I’m not running off. I’m just getting around (admittedly a bit late) to accepting the reality of the situation, and acknowledging what apparently everyone else knew and realized, many posts on numerous threads ago.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  10. SB Says:


    he was a man who always wanted to help everyone how ever he could.He

    was loyal beyond question and a fierce friend.He gave 100% to all he

    did and had a world class sense of humor. He was murdered and it tears

    me up to see his family deal with this loss. Jay was taken to soon. J

    was loved and will be

    missed everyday,

    by us who knew him.

  11. Phuquehed Says:

    Heh heh…don’t let frustration with the ‘tard run you off man. He’s a grownup with a 16 year-olds know-it-all mentality and self-professed genius. He’d get along wonderfully with that little moron punk kid who was on here some months ago who wouldn’t listen to those who know better either (can’t remember the little fucktard’s name at the moment, but someone will).

  12. Paladin Says:

    To All,

    I tend to champion lost causes longer than I should. So, in acknowledgement of my error and defeat, I will furl my standard and retreat from the field.

    I chose the weapons of common sense, reason, etiquette, and tradition. Obviously, these weapons of choice were no match for the ignorance, arrogance, stupidity, and single mindedness of the great Budweiser.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  13. Freeman Says:

    All of that shit storm emanates from my failure to translate french from my head to written english using the propre terms.

    For that i apolagize, i will have to read twice before hitting the post Button.

    Another thing i noticed, pigs here use a lot of the same terms we use in french, acquired through tapped phone lines, wires etc…

    Whereas in the states, média and pigs use the same terminology.

  14. Glenn S. Says:

    Budweiser, if you are, in fact, for real, I repeat my earlier suggestion that you get a bike and ride it for awhile before ever speaking (literally or figuratively) again. There’s something about the process of riding that sifts the extraneous bullshit from the mind before it can manifest as words that can either make one look like an idiot or harm others.

    If you really think that anybody, here or elsewhere, is thinking: ‘Oooooohhhh. That Budweiser dude collected for the bookies! He baaaad.’ you are mistaken, unless your audience is a bunch of middle schoolers or citizens. Anybody worthy of any kind of respect commands it by being themselves. Nothing need be advertised.

    I don’t think I’d go to a website for mountain climbers unless I was either seriously interested in learning to climb mountains or already doing so. If I wanted to learn, I’d shut up and listen except to pose reasonable questions. There’s a difference between ignorance and stupidity: One can be corrected, the other one can’t.

    (Now repeat after me, Budweiser, and then STFU, as I am going to do unless I have something constructive to add to the discussion.)

    My condolences to the loved ones of the deceased, and to the inevitable future victims of the US “criminal justice system” this incident is likely to produce.

  15. Base Says:


    Read on another thread where you confirmed to our host you would

    “Tone it down”

    I take it your not a man of his word.

  16. CN Says:

    Budweiser is either a: 1.Cop. 2.Very avid SOA fan. 3.In the running for Worlds Dumbest Fucktard. The old rule was ” Don’t say on the phone what you wouldn’t want repeated in court”. Now we have and more importantly, THEY HAVE, the Internet. But, just the way it was phrased really leads me to #1. In fact, unless you or I absolutely know somebody, #1. is the optimal choice and no, I’m not concerned with whom that might offend. This clusterfuck in NM has “set up” written all over it. All the “facts” ain’t in. Best comment in this thread was “STFU”. Regards Rebel.

  17. Prospect Says:

    “Drove up on his bike?”
    “I asked him about his affiliation?”

    Bud, if he wears a patch, don’t ask him anything. If he didn’t get in your face, it didn’t happen. I’m bettin he would not need your help either. I’ve assigned a voice to you. It’s high pitched and whiney.
    We don’t drive our bikes.
    When talking to “outsiders” those little mistakes are noted by us.
    On this site those little mistakes are noted.
    We call our supporters “supporters.”
    Duck club etc is derogatory.
    The fact that you flail back at the brothers here when they call you on it is noted.

    This particular thread is about somebody’s brother that was murdered. I think, in the sake of decency that you should refrain from commenting. You have this foot in mouth thing going on and it’s getting tiresome.


    Prospect, 150 days

  18. Stevo Says:

    Does every single thread on here have to degenerate into a slanging match between Budweiser and everybody else?

  19. Bill Says:

    Bud: You are such a fucking moron. No patient explanation of the idiocy of your posts ever sinks in. Many here have tried. It’s hopeless. This site is just over your head. That’s all there is to it.

  20. Budweiser Says:

    Austin- The man was in his fifties. The women in their twenties.

  21. Budweiser Says:

    Paladin- My latest post was in reference to a question of when “puppet” was used in my presence. It included no club business. I’m sorry if what two random men said dissapoints you. Your suggestion of the “do’s and don’t s” is maybe better directed towards posters discussing shootings they supposedly witnessed or have second hand knowledge of.

  22. Austin Says:

    Let’s play the online version of “Go Fish Charades”

    “He used the word “puppet.”
    I’m imaging it really went like this; “STFU”

    and we should probably include contributing to the delinquency of a minor because;

    The “much older dude” was probably, like, uhhhh THIRTY, (it WAS 8 years ago) and the chicks heh heh heh were underage. He was calling them “Poppet” and saying … well – it rhymes with duck.

    Hey SVD – are you out there? Is ICD9 297, V90 appropriate?

  23. Paladin Says:


    The content of your latest intelligent post is exactly the kind of information that doesn’t need to be posted on this forum. It’s exactly this kind of information that draws un-needed and un-wanted attention to this site.

    Just because Rebel hasn’t posted a hard list (Rebel, you may want to consider doing so) of do’s and dont’s, doesn’t mean that there aren’t unspoken rules of etiquette that apply, regarding what is and isn’t put in print.

    Since you still don’t seem to “get it”, I’ll give you a little insider trading information, which is: In general, when entering this forum, posters leave their patches at the door. Club business is not discussed here. Questions that might involve club business, past or present are not asked here, and criminal activity is not discussed here.

    The regular posters on this forum understand all of the above and don’t have a problem with any of it, because adhering to a few simple, unspoken rules will beneft everyone. To do otherwise, draws unwanted attention to everyone.

    I’m supprised and mystified that someone with your self professed high intellect, can’t seem to “get this”. Are you really so self absorbed, that you truly can’t think of how your actions might affect someone else?

    If you have a burning desire to confess your past or present criminal activity, walk into any police station, I’m sure they’ll more than happy to listen. Please don’t do it here.

    Long may You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  24. Phuquehed Says:

    @BigV – Pigs are allowed to do that with impunity, everyone else becomes a suspect instantaneously.

  25. Budweiser Says:

    BigV- I didn’t advertise anything. I’ll take my chances that the police are going to kick down my door on what may have been an crime committed eight years ago.

  26. BigV Says:

    So now guys who are into loan sharking, illegal gambling, usury, and extortion activities go on the Internet, advertise it, and advertise who they work for and with.

  27. Budweiser Says:

    KK- I’ll tell you the two situations that I have heard “puppet.” I would tell you the club but I take enough heat around here…..about seven, eight years ago I was collecting a large debt for a book maker. He told me where to go and that someone else would be helping me. The guy that went with me drove up on a bike. I asked him about his affiliation because he took off his cut before he walked in the house. He used the word “puppet.” The other dude was much older. I was at a pig roast(into the 2nd day). He said both “puppet” and “duck” trying to explain himself to chicks half his age. That was in 2011.

  28. KK Says:

    I’ll nibble here, WHAT MEMBERS? NO 1% Support club in the Philly area would be proud to call themselves a duck or puppet club, NONE!

    I can tell you this: 16’s Respect thier support clubs, Support clubs respect the 16’S. They wear the diamond P with pride & the support clubs who wear that P have earned it.

    Some have lost it & some will never wear it.

    1% in Philly would NEVER call thier support clubs “duck or puppet clubs”.

    The only time I have heard the terms(duck,puppet,newbie)used is by disrespectfull filthy pigs & thier ilk, like the press who wants a story to sell thier papers, or a rat.


  29. Budweiser Says:

    Freeman, Sieg, Meh- “Puppet” is used in the Philadelphia area not only in the media, but by actual members of those clubs. “Duck” is more commonly used, but I have heard “puppet” actual used by members with pride. That may be due to this area’s hierarchy.

  30. Sieg Says:

    @Meh, could just be different parts of the country, I’ve ever heard “puppet club” used at all , cept by those who don’t know a y better.

    Support Club isn’t neutral, it’s zactly what ot says, a club that supports another club. No shame in that game.

    5 to 1

  31. Freeman Says:

    Dear rebel

    I agree, and nothing i cited from your article gives out anything they don’t know at this point.

    As for the term i used, it wasn’t meant as an insult, over here we call it ”club école” which means learning how a club works and if deserving patching in the big club, sorry if it offended anyone, meh is right, the better term in english would have been support.

    I’m perfectly bilingual, but i sometimes fuck up a translation here and there.

  32. swampy Says:

    Gary Rudnick = Doc Cavazos?

    Respects, swampy

  33. Rashomon Says:

    We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.


    Same shit different millennium.

  34. Rebel Says:

    Dear Freeman,

    And, I am not particularly interested in insulting anybody or inflaming passions further than they already are. So, on this story, I intend to measure my words carefully and I am still not going to say anything I think the cops don’t already know.


  35. Meh Says:

    “BLACK BERETS should feel like they have been used.”

    Not if they volunteered and I’m not at all insinuating they did.

    ““Puppet club”????

    Onliest people I ever heard use that have been piggers. No accusations, just an observation. ”

    I’ve heard it elsewhere since many moons ago, it’s just not a polite term. Since pride is involved it’s difficult for a lesser organization subordinate to a greater organization yet wanting to maintain the illusion of freedom to define its relationship. No puppet would ever say it is that, but not saying a term doesn’t exclude the status that term refers to. The most neutral term is “support” which carries no taint in the English language.

    Meanwhile, your tax dollars at work:

    “ATF stings that promise loads of easy money snared 1,000 would-be criminals, a USA TODAY investigation finds. These fake drug stashes have led to hard time, begging the question: Is this ‘good law enforcement’ or has the government gone too far?”

  36. JAMES Says:

    BLACK BERETS should feel like they have been used.

  37. Rahlow Says:

    @steveo,,,right on man
    This country is falling apart at the seams. When the government, both state and federal can no longer meet their payroll (salaries, welfare, food stamps, free cell phones, retirement checks, disability checks),,who has the structure and orginization to rule the land??
    I’m talking about who can provide some sort of stability to vast areas??

    If only we all could get along,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  38. Freeman Says:


    I understand what your saying, maybe not the best word i could have used, for accusation none taken.


    ”The Black Berets Motorcycle Club, which has three chapters in greater Albuquerque, basks in the goodwill of and maintains friendly relations with the Bandidos. The Black Berets have no particular reason to dislike the Vagos except to share the Bandidos enmity toward the new club in town”

    ”the men who shot at the Vagos and killed a Vago named Japheth Seaman were not members of the Black Berets Motorcycle Club but were wearing Black Berets cuts”

    Ijust have this bad habit of calling a cat, a cat.

  39. Sydney Says:

    I honestly think that if the Feds would just back off and leave the clubs alone shit like this would stop happening so often. I know that things like this will always happen but, I believe that the Feds are the ones causing most of the issues and problems. If they would step away and actually do their jobs instead of plotting on how they can “dismantle & destroy” the next 1%er club on their list maybe they could take some real criminals off the streets. Just my opinion of course…



  40. Stevo Says:

    The most pertinent point made so far is that the clubs are doing half the LEOs job for them. Time to put some heads together around a table.

  41. Austin Says:

    @ Meh – everything you said plus – such cases validate federal funding of SWAT paraphernalia, payroll and help next years’ budget by perpetual self justification.

    Entertainment Industry and Law Enforcement hooked up and this “could be ground zero for a violent clash” formula is their bastard child. Both “parents” are living their dreams and profiting from stage managing the “baby” all the way to the bank.

    Very good example = “The FBI didn’t leak the story to the New York Times.”

  42. chromedome Says:

    Speculation is a sumbitch but a ambush is a ambush. Dirty pool using a fundraiser for a sick child. But only reading whats being reported.


  43. Sieg Says:

    “Puppet club”????

    Onliest people I ever heard use that have been piggers. No accusations, just an observation.

    Damn shame that good solid scooter trash are doing the pigs work for them.

    5 to 1

  44. Meh Says:

    “Perhaps even trying to stir the shit pot.”

    Drama gets page hits, sells newspapers, and makes for “trophy” cases.

    Trophy cases enhance careers, which can result in winning elections.

    Nah, no ulterior motives. Not a one.

  45. Base Says:

    No doubt it has that feel YYZ. And it would be no surprise to this commenter the ABC’s level of involvement is much more than what is known and yet to be discovered.

    Good to see you back commenting,I have missed your insight & point of view.



  46. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    I like how the pork and the media are so desperately hoping for a “war” between the two 1% clubs. Perhaps even trying to stir the shit pot.

    YYZ Skinhead

  47. Meh Says:

    As long as competing groups insist on public confrontation, the Federales are the net winners because it supplies an excuse to lean on everyone who rides.

    Publicity is bad. Discretion is good. Silence is golden.

  48. Phuquehed Says:

    The little faggots in the alphabet soup gangs up to their deceitful, illegal, immoral bullshit once again. Full of pussies who haven’t the intelligence to think outside the box and/or on their own and think getting a chance to shoot/kill/maim/fuck with American citizens (who are nowhere near the danger that illegals and ragheads in this country are!) so they can go home to their fag husbands and be told what men they are.

  49. Freeman Says:

    Puppet club being used, and the feds take advantage of it in the news,to further the soap opera they are working on, how fucking innovative…

    I would like to have something more to say, but there isn’t, there really isn’t.

  50. Jason Says:

    Rebel, thanks for the update, the discretion and discipline in you journalism and clearing the clouds a bit for us.

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