Jury Has Gonzalez Case

August 7, 2013

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The fate of Ernesto Manuel “Romeo” Gonzalez is now in the hands of a Reno jury.

Gonzalez, a member of the Vagos Motorcycle Club, was tried on seven criminal charges including murder, second degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to engage, challenge to fight resulting in death, carrying a concealed weapon and discharging a firearm in a structure. He killed a widely respected Hells Angel named Jeffrey “Jethro” Pettigrew during a brawl between members of the two clubs inside John Ascuaga’s Nugget Casino Resort in Sparks, Nevada on September 23, 2011.

The brawl culminated more than an hour of taunting of Pettigrew by former Vago Stuart Gary “Jabbers” Rudnick (photo above). Rudnick pled guilty to conspiracy to murder, agreed to cooperate with prosecutors and investigators and will be sentenced on August 22.

The Prosecution

Prosecutor Karl Hall took two weeks to present what, at a distance, seems to have been an unconvincing case against Gonzalez. Hall called several current Vagos to the stand including Gregory Fearn who is president of the Lake County Vagos chapter, Richard Nickerson who was with Gonzalez moments before the fight erupted and Robert Wiggins who is vice-president of the Vagos Orange County, California chapter.

Fearn testified he was pistol whipped by Pettigrew. “He fired two or three rounds, and then he came around to me and hit me in the face. I turned and he hit me a second time.” Fearn said Pettigrew “looked like a wild coyote.”

Nickerson said the two clubs had “coexisted” until “some drunken fool shot off his mouth and started a hornet’s nest.”

Wiggins was on the casino floor and was kicked in the head by both Pettigrew and his chapter sergeant-at-arms, Cesar Villagrana at the moment Gonzalez shot Pettigrew. It remains unclear why Hall thought these witnesses would advance his case.

Villagrana pled guilty to one count of battery with a deadly weapon and a single count of challenge to fight with a deadly weapon on the first day of the trial. He will be sentenced September 4.

Former Vago Jacob Cancelli, who agreed to cooperate with federal authorities after a conviction for stock fraud, also testified for the prosecution. He told jurors that the blood in this tragedy covered Rudnick’s hands.

But Hall called Rudnick, “the drunken fool shot off his mouth and started a hornet’s nest,” as his chief witness anyway. Rudnick testified that the Vagos and Hells Angels had been itching to murder each other for months, that there was a meeting of 200 Vagos that night to decide which Hells Angel to kill and that Gonzalez volunteered at that meeting to kill Pettigrew.

Hall showed the jury hours of surveillance video but there was no video of Gonzalez shooting Pettigrew.


Only Gonzalez testified for defense attorney David Houston.

Gonzalez said that he had just returned from dinner at a burger joint with Fearn when Pettigrew hit Rudnick. “When the fight ensued, I backed up,” Gonzalez said. “I didn’t want any part of it.”

“As I approached inside the disco, I still see them walking at the same time and same moment, I have a brother on the ground. Then they start approaching him and kicking, I see one of them with a firearm and I shot.”

Gonzalez said he shot Pettigrew with a .40 caliber Glock automatic pistol. He said he found the weapon lying on a counter. He testified he did not own the pistol but it is the same make and caliber as a pistol he owned in Nicaragua. The pistol was the subject of a wide search in early October 2011. The weapon has never been recovered. Gonzalez said he disposed of it and doesn’t know where it is now.

Hall mocked Gonzalez’ recollections of the gun. “That was a fortuitous event that there was a Glock 40. That was quite the find.”

“That’s what happened,” Gonzalez said.

“It just happened to be a gun you owned in Nicaragua,” Hall hectored.


Gonzalez patched into the Vagos in Hawaii in 2009 and testified that he started carrying a weapon that year after being harassed on a California road. “I was heading to San Jose and somewhere between the airport a truck pulls up to me. Rolls down the windows. I heard certain people say stuff like, ‘You are a biker, I don’t like you,’ and I had bottles thrown at me. Since then, I determined I was never going to get caught alone or unprotected.”

Hall pointed to video footage of Gonzalez walking through the casino with the gun in his hand and asked the defendant if he was “on a mission.”

Gonzalez replied “Why the hell do I have a gun in my left hand, when I am right handed.”

The five man and seven woman jury received its instructions yesterday. Both sides gave their closing statements today. Deliberations began about noon Pacific Time. There may be a verdict as early as tonight.


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24 Responses to “Jury Has Gonzalez Case”

  1. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    You never rat even on your darkest most loathsome of enemies period.

    Viva Los Vagos

  2. michelle Says:

    Where u all there ????? Nope….so ur goin by wat others say…. ya shit people make mistakes…n trust there not telling u guys all of it…. jabbers is my cuzn… if only u knew… but keep thinkn what u want…n if ever ur in a messed up situation ima pray for u cuz u all talk the talk but wouldnt walk it i know it :)

  3. Tooj Says:

    This comments thread makes me sick…

  4. chromedome Says:

    Aint no excuse for a rat…….fuck all that used to be solid or was a good brother shit….i dont know him but ive seen plenty like him…cant handle the pressure so they take the easy way out first chance they get….they dont make em like they use to


  5. Budweiser Says:

    Big Balls- I sincerely hope that he drank more than two beers.

  6. Jim666 Says:

    Fuck all snitches

  7. rollinnorth Says:

    All I know is Jeffrey Pettigrew is dead; Cesar Villagrana could go to prison for a long time; Ernesto Manuel Gonzalez could go to prison for a long, long time; Rudnick cut a deal and testified. That’s all I need to know.


  8. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Ahhhhh great another set of sweaty big balls just spewing shit. Look if your sack is so big bring it to National otherwise drop it. Your not proving anything other than your a crying bitch so grab your “big balls” and jump in your cage and go bang on a few doors..

    As for Jabbers he’s nothing but a self serving RAT and a whore for the feds and cops. Fuck him…

    Viva Los Vagos

  9. Phuquehed Says:

    Yeah, “good and solid” guys rat out people. STFU.

  10. Big Balls Says:

    It’s pretty sad that tata allowed Jake (FED) into this club, who was working under cover with the federal government for many of years… He is not the only one working with them at this time.. Everyone wants to point fingers at Jabbers why the fuck don’t they point fingers to the high demand. Jabbers only did what he was told to do then got tricked bagged, he was never told to go up to his room, and maybe at the very most 2 beers. Maybe people need to stop acting the children and be real men… Jabbers was a good and solid guy!!!

  11. 626 Baby Says:

    It all started when Jabber got a phone call to get to the oyster bar, when he was eating dinner with his wife.. They had to get the bill and go… If another patch holder from any other club hit a VAGOS cut not once, not twice but three times I can guarantee that the other a patch holder would have got his ass kicked… If you weren’t there, if you were told by someone or just going off by what people are saying grow the fuck up!!!!!

  12. shovelNY Says:

    The Washoe District Court jury deliberated for only five hours before returning guilty verdicts on all seven felony counts
    The defendant’s lawyer, David Houston, said he was “exceptionally surprised” the jury acted so quickly and vowed an appeal.
    “I’m still somewhat flummoxed that we could have resulted in a guilty verdict without so much as reviewing what I thought was a great deal of evidence” including hours of surveillance videotape from more than a dozen different camera angels, he said. “There simply wasn’t the time.”


  13. DUFER Says:


  14. Rebel Says:

    Dear bigballs,

    All due respect, please give your comments a quick read through for coherence before you post them.

    The site seems to be attracting a larger than usual number of cop trolls and I am trying to sort them out. One of the things cop trolls do is just spew nonsense, gibberish that sort of sounds like a comment but is really just barking.

    Thanks for commenting,

  15. I WAS THERE Says:

    Big Balls-
    You are very obviously an uneducated man with limited intelligence. Your posts offer no contribution and only prove what a dumb motherfucker you really are.

  16. bigballs Says:

    well to lik if you where there and in the green club then u know what happed if not then f u ok …..he did it and that how we live with …the f a good brother (jabber ) they ran him down the road hi had ball.. not the big guy he has no balls…..terry have that club very good …………

  17. chromedome Says:

    Damn that is some bullshit. Getting pinched by an outsider is one thing, but when its the brother you just stood up for and hes the one that started it!! What a spineless mufucker. His kids are gonna have to sacrifice a goat and hope the gods show mercy to get rid of that curse lmao..i hope he lives forever looking over his sholder for the rest of eternity…….these bitch ass fuckers get into the game thinking it all about the glory. When the shit gets thick then they roll like a fat girl down a hill. Man that makes my blood boil. Some of the most stand up brothers dont get taken out from the otherside but by their own people…..


  18. Lik Says:

    Guilty the filthy!! You can have doubt in a case.. Holes all over and one or two rats can come in and reck your shit!! I just hope Gonzalez was ready for the concequnces of his actions when he fired that gun.. Because if not and he really thought he could get out of this clean with his brothers behind him!! (WOW) How fucked up would you feel when the dude you gave up the shots for fucking testifies against you.. what a fucking punk mother fucking rat gary ( jabber) is!!!! gary is going down any way so why not be a man and except it..Quality brothers are the ones who give up there freedom to see your freedom and colors march on!!


  19. Rahlow Says:

    Maybe I missed something, but there seems to be plenty of video evidence, but none showing how all this started, and none of who shot who when.


  20. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Okay, that makes more sense. I had this erroneous picture of a cargo container truck bigger than my house bearing down on a single biker. And a lot of bikers have trucking jobs.

    YYZ Skinhead

  21. BadMagic Says:

    My experience has been 18 wheelers are more allies than enemies.


  22. Paladin Says:

    YYZ Skinhead,

    I could be wrong, but I think Gonzalez was referriong to individuals that were in a pick up truck.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  23. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Do truckers fuck with bikers like this on a regular basis?

    Man, it really takes big balls for some tweaker driving an 18-wheeler to scream shit and throw bottles at a random individual riding on two wheels.

    YYZ Skinhead

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