Vago Dead In Albuquerque

August 6, 2013

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Details have begun to emerge about a shooting in Albuquerque Sunday that left one member of the Vagos Motorcycle Club dead and another wounded. Police have identified the dead man as Japheth Seaman (photo above). The wounded man has not been named. A third Vago named Malachi Seaman was arrested at the scene and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Initial news reports described the incident as a “drive-by shooting” of a peaceful gathering by the three Vagos but that story has already fallen apart. The three Vagos were invited to a fund raiser for a sick girl by members of the Black Berets Motorcycle Club. The three Vagos arrived at the gathering on motorcycles at about 3:30 p.m. They dismounted and mingled with the crowd until about four when more than 70 shots were fired. Other than Malachi Seaman’s collapsible baton, the Vagos appeared to have been unarmed.

A source unaffiliated with either the Vagos or the Black Berets described the shooting as a “premeditated ambush of the three Vagos.” The Black Berets have three chapters in Albuquerque. The Vagos established that club’s first chapter in New Mexico within the last year. The preeminent motorcycle club in New Mexico is the Bandidos. The motive for the attack on the Vagos remains unclear.

Guy Named Chale

Public statements by voluble members of the Black Berets to Albuquerque television stations in the first forty hours after the shooting have described an unprovoked attack by the three Vagos on the dozens of Black Berets who attended the fundraiser.

News accounts have stated that the Vagos Motorcycle Club “targeted” the Black Berets and “an innocent family.”

“They rolled up into here. Started shooting up at the place. Started shooting at my brothers. No questions asked. Just started shooting for no reason at all,” a Black Beret named “Chale” told television station KOAT.

Chale described the shooting as “uncalled for. This was a benefit for a little girl.” Chale was indirectly quoted by KRQE as saying “the club had no issues with anyone and believes they were attacked because of the role they play in the city.”

Chale continued, “They came over here and retaliated against us because were strong here in Albuquerque.” Chale’s position in the Black Berets and his qualifications as a spokesman for the club remain unclear.

An unnamed member of the Black Berets told KRQE, “Those sons of bitches (the Vagos Motorcycle Club), it ain’t over with them.”


Albuquerque police said yesterday that “more than 70 spent shell casings” were found at the scene.

Tasia Martinez. The Lead Public Information Officer for the Albuquerque Police department, would only say that the case is being investigated by “gang detectives” who hope to “curtail retaliation” for the murder of Japheth Seaman.

Efforts Tuesday afternoon to solicit further comment from Officer Martinez were unsuccessful.


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122 Responses to “Vago Dead In Albuquerque”

  1. Faith Says:

    Would you know my name, if I saw you in Heaven?
    I can feel your strength, though I am not in Heaven.
    GOD knows the truth, not the lies written down by the deceitful, and I promise I will hug you in Heaven.

  2. Saddened by this Says:

    Though i didnt get a chance to meet him i am a clise friend of his sister abby and had a chance to spend time with his dad tonight it breaks my heart to know that this happened to a man because some bitch ass club like the bandidos FUCK THEM AND ALL THERE SUPPORTERS I HOPE THEY ALL GET GUNNED DOWN LIKE THE BITCHS THEY ARE FUCK THEM AND FUCK ANYONE WHO WAS THERE AND SAYS ANYTHING BAD ABOUT THE 3 VAGOS!!!!

  3. Randall Says:

    Randall D. Bittle Jr. I was there for a speech when this out break Began on Us God Bless Are Troops. 88240 (575) (505)

  4. Ivory Says:

    Ive been friends with Jays daughters and their mom. I truely feel that the 3 were definately set up. Like another comment from a family friend stated 70 shots and no one else hurt.its obviously a cold case…and in the life of a biker theres a whole different world and they govern it. Im praying that sooner or later justice will be handed out. Rest in Peace.

  5. Anonymouse Says:

    2 Years and I think about you everyday Uncle Jay! Love and miss you!!

  6. Anonymouse Says:

    2 Years and I still think about you everyday Uncle Jay! Love and Miss you!

  7. rhonda dunham Says:

    with due and utmost respect to Jay and his Parents and sisters and especially his children, jay was awesome I knew jay very well and he LOved all children the jay I know would never have open fire on a crowd with children in it. 72 dam rounds were spent yet only jay and the other vago were hit jay mortilally gun down. now I’m know gun expert or shooting expert but people think about it use your heads. iLOve you jay and this world is way worse for a lot of us without you.

  8. Peter Serianni Says:

    Anybody still looking for that asshole by the name of james baca? He lives off of 2nd on the east end of la ploblama by the railroad tracks…It actually is not too far from where they shot Japheth..But be careful..Every time i go near him or his residence, he calls the cops..he deserves at least a fat lip to go with his big mouth but i can’t do it now, cause he knows what my intent is..THANKS

  9. Anonymouse Says:

    1. Black Berets are a support club for the Bandidos.

    2. Vagos start sporting New Mexico rockers.

    3. Bandidos tolerate no other outlaw clubs in NM.

    4. Do the math. The 3 Vagos were set up.

  10. rave Says:

    I think the media and tv shows are making all biker clubs look bad. And in reality most actually stand for a good cause helping family’s and children around the United States.

  11. Road Dawg Says:

    News travels slow and I’m sad to hear about the loss of another one of the Biker Community
    I just wanted to send my Condolenses to the Seaman family and The Green Machine and say LONG MAY YOU RUN,LONG MAY YOU RUN,
    I hope this summer will be better then the last one,
    I also hope everyone gets to there destinations safely
    Keep the shiney side up and most of all have a good time doing it
    Lips of the dog said that

  12. suncity Says:

    Thanks for shedding some insight to the incident. Best for any clubs involved in dispute to handle their business away from public places pigs/media love that shit

  13. first hand info Says:

    Iwas there and am also very sorry for the Green Nations Loss but something needs to be set streight Malachi was in the Bernalillo NM chapter of the BBMC before he joined the Vagos and he was tossed or he was ready a vago and just infultrating the Black Berets if he was not a vago at the time he should have settled his differences and not taken his old buisness to his new club .the Black berets is not an outlaw club its a POW MIA club with no need for teritory and doesn’t start crap with anybody .they were not putting on the benifit but were just attending it . It was Eppies shop not the BBMC who invited them .BBMC has Been trying to avoid conflict with Vagos at all cost BBMC lost 2 brothers and numerous other clubs lost members that summer by being run off the road on perpose.and were threatened and harrased constantly. Malachi was threatening every one constantly BBMC ignored the threats but were prepared to defend themselves. There were 5 BBMC members when Malachi Jaspeth and another Vago showed up in Bullett Proof Vests 1BBmc member walked up and said Hello to Malachi. Malachi started beating the BBMC member with his baton as the 4 other BBMC members started to head toward the Melee Jaspeth pulled 2 guns and said Kill em all and started firing the other Vago and Malichi started shooting also only then did the BBMC retrieve there guns and fire back along with numerous other civillian spectators Jaspeth was hit by a bullet from a 500 no BBMC members had a gun of that caliber and that is the reason none of them were charged the other person wounded was a BBMC member the BBMC is also very sorry about the whole incident and has no animosity to the Vago Nation May God Rest JaspethS soul and Malachi you know what I’m saying is true and you shouldn’t have brought old buisness into your New Club and now I leave with respect to the Green Nation and sorrow for there loss

  14. suncity Says:

    This tragedy has even effected us down here in EPTwhere another large club runs the city. It’s a shame it took a life to settle a squabble bad for all clubs involved big joe MOVE THE FUCK ON JESUS!!!

  15. Big Joe Says:

    Hard to believe 6 months today since a good bro rode into the wind…..You will not be forgotten bro……I keep looking to see you walk into the gym jay…….GBNF…….SUPPORT GREEN NATION

  16. suncity Says:

    With respects to the family/club any updates?

  17. Bear Says:

    Still sad to hear about this event. Stay strong green nation.

  18. Big Joe Says:

    Hard to believe today is 5 months and 5 days since my bro passed… are missed by everyone that ever met you and most of all the seaman family…..Gone but will never forget you bro….Green Nation Brotherhood forever2GUNS

  19. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    I spent time with my N.M. brothers and their families last week. The weight of the loss of Jay was ever present. Jay was loved deeply. He was admired and respected. A father. A son. A brother. A friend. You can see the pain in their eyes. I see how an act of betrayal and cowardice has affected so many others. I have been moved by this. Grief does profound things to people. It strengthens you or it destroys you. Jay’s family is strong. They will sustain. Our VAGO brotherhood is strong and we will bond closer.


  20. Big Joe Says:

    Hard to believe……4 months today since japheth seaman passed on and rode to Valhalla to be with other brothers……..You will not be forgotten bro 2GUNS….L&R Forever

  21. shane Says:

    J, I love and miss you my friend.

  22. BIG JOE Says:

    3 months ago today a good man and bro passed on… JAPHETH 2GUNS SEAMAN GBNF….RIP BROTHER I KNOW YOU ARE OUT THERE RIDING……L&R to Seaman family and all of his 22 Green Brothers…..8-4-13 never forget

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