Dark Cloud Over Rockford

July 26, 2013

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The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club’s annual USA Run will start tomorrow in Rockford, Illinois under a dark cloud.

Fourteen members of the host charter have been arrested within the last week in connection with the beating and alleged armed robbery of an unnamed victim. The arrests started last Friday at five o’clock in the morning and were effected by the Rockford Police Department, the Chicago Police Department, the Illinois State Police, the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department, the Winnebago County State’s Attorney’s Office, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The accused men have been identified as Richard Todd, Robert Bell, Curt Lambert, Aloysius J. Balice, Christopher L. Lawson, John R. Savalick, Dariusz Achramowicz, Tomasz Lech, Bradley K. Wilhelms, Dennis R. Juno, Earl Murray, Donald J. Hess, Neal Resendez, and Jose Vielma. All are accused of armed robbery, aggravated kidnapping of a child younger than 13, unlawful possession of a stolen vehicle, aggravated battery with a Taser, aggravated battery with a knife, aggravated battery with an ax handle and mob action. According to police, their bonds total $1 million.

Clubhouse Condemned

The charges stem from a June 27th incident that sounds like a patching out in bad standings. A Rockford man was hit with an ax handle, punched, struck with brass knuckles and a hammer, Tasered and stabbed. Police allege the men, acting in concert, stole the victim’s wallet, keys and truck and an 11-year-old girl was detained by the men while the victim was assaulted. Police have not specified a motive. The investigation started after the victim went to a hospital for treatment.

Simultaneous to the arrests, Police raided the Rockford charter’s clubhouse at 1109 Rock St. in Rockford, searched it and then condemned the building. In a press release issued later that day, police said the beating occurred at the clubhouse.

Rockford City Attorney Jennifer Cacciapaglia told the Rockford Register Star that police discovered the clubhouse chimney and plumbing were falling apart, wiring was exposed, and the building lacked smoke detectors and a fire escape. “It’s going to be a pretty extensive list,” Cacciapaglia said. “There’s a portion of the roof that is in significant disrepair. I don’t know how soon they’ll be able to address each item.”

The packs will start rolling into Rockford today. The party will be in Lyran Park, in the southwest corner of the city near the Rockford airport. As is always the case, extra police will be on hand to give the Angels a big, old hello.


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24 Responses to “Dark Cloud Over Rockford”

  1. WARTHOG Says:


    ROCKFORD — Winnebago County State’s Attorney Joe Bruscato has dropped charges against seven Rockford-based Hells Angels Motorcycle Club members who were to stand trial Monday.

    Deputy State’s Attorney Jim Brun said Friday the state’s chief witness, who has been cooperating, is “unavailable. … There is concern for his safety, and he is reluctant to come forward.”

    Brun said there are no future court dates at this time for any of the 14 Hells Angels who were arrested in July last year after a man was allegedly beaten and an 11-year-old was held hostage.

    Four of the defendants took plea agreements earlier this week to lesser charges.

    In a news release, Bruscato said “to secure our chief witness and ensure his safety,” his office decided to dismiss the charges. But, he said, “We do reserve the right to re-file these or other charges related to this case at a later time.”

    The members had been arrested on charges of aggravated battery, armed robbery and kidnapping, and their Rock Street clubhouse was condemned.

    The city cited mechanical, electrical and plumbing code violations. City officials also said use of the facility as a club with sleeping units and cooking and beverage service was not approved. The building was zoned for professional office use, not for a club or lodge.

    The clubhouse has since been put up for sale.




  2. Jim666 Says:


  3. Phuquehed Says:

    Man, it sucks being so far away from these things.

  4. rollinnorth Says:

    Good to hear. Stay strong.


  5. WARTHOG Says:

    A couple of updates…

    The clubhouse is back up and running. The fixes were easy and laughable. There will be a defence party on August 31st at Rockford’s New Mill Tap. Come out and support freedom and your local red and white.




  6. WARTHOG Says:


    Coincidences, all coincidences. The alleged beating takes place in June but the arrests come the weekend before the national run. A coincidence there was a building inspector there the day of the arrests. A coincidence the bond was set high so they couldn’t make bail and miss the run. A coincidence that the bail was lowered to a reasonable amount the weekend Sturgis is over. Coincidences…. I believe in coincidences, don’t you?




  7. rollinnorth Says:

    Thanks for the update.
    So, now that the USA Run is over, and after $100,000 was spent on “public safety,” these men are not such a danger to the community and can bond out. What a load of…


  8. WARTHOG Says:

    Four members had their bond reduced today. The other ten have bond hearings in the near future.





  9. WARTHOG Says:

    Wow…50 pigs at a cost of $100,000 was able to keep 300 Hells Angels under control. At least they didn’t treat them the same way they treated the Mongols in BC.





  10. Phuquehed Says:

    Good find, WARTHOG! That link is going out to my mailing list.

    Fucking pussy pigs probably have all their mothers sitting inside the assorted large vehicles with their boys’ favorite beddy-bye toys in case they get a widdle scawed.

  11. Trip Says:

    I totally get it and no I don’t believe they would let him just walk out. And if he did hypothetically bring his child to use as a shield then he probably needed to be schooled. But the way I think about it is with all the negative bullshit about clubs out there and the media and the goverment watching every move. Maybe that wasn’t the right time for what allegedly happend with the kid there, is all I’m saying but that’s just my opinion.



  12. RVN69 Says:

    Some of my brothers got charged with kidnapping and false inprisonment for a bar fight and patch pulling. The cops said that the other club wasn’t allowed to leave so that justified the charges. Later the charges were later dropped.

    Got a kite from Jim666, good to hear that his forced ‘vacation” is coming to an end.

    Si vis pacem, parabellum.

  13. Mike 184 Says:

    Sounds to me like they just wanted no part of the USA run in or around the clubhouse at all. Everyone is on 1 million bail too?!?!? This whole thing stinks so bad I can believe it.

    @WARTHOG – yeah, me either, but sounds like they had an inside way to slam the whole chapter in one shot (informant? Wire?). Oh yeah and BTW they decide shut down the building at the same time. Just seemed like a good time to have the county inspector pop by. I wasnt there either, but I might have heard that any infractions were not enough to condemn anything.

    I would be seriously surprised if any of this sticks, but the damned Justice System has been a complete and utter let down as a whole for a while now…

  14. Sieg Says:

    Warthog, it wouldn’t be the first time sumpin went down that way.

    For the rest, if you weren’t there, don’t flap yer lip. The piggers specialize in divide and conquer, so of course, if there is ANYTHING they can throw out there, like a nice, juicy, bogus kidnapping charge, they will.

    Fuck the pigs, and fuck the feds, and fuck all their bogus-ass trumped-up charges.

    Respects, Sieg
    5 to 1

  15. WARTHOG Says:


    I wasn’t there and don’t know the entire story. So let me throw out a hypothetical scenario. A club is holding church and a vote to out bad a member is going to happen. That member suspects his fuck up is going to get his patch pulled, so to avoid an ass beating he brings his young child with him. Sure enough he’s voted out and the club demands his colors and he refuses. Do you think the club will just let him walk out and “catch him on the flip side?” More than likely the club will take the child to another room and have a frank discussion about his giving up his colors. That is one way to be charged with kidnapping. Like I said; wasn’t there, don’t know, just thinking out loud.




  16. The Great One Says:

    Much much sexier to harass an m/c than to focus on real gang problems… which do have a pervasive presence just a few miles to the east in Chicago. One might question why so many government resources are focused on so few. Blatantly so.. I would add. BATF&E is a criminal government entity not much different than Hitler’s Gestapo.. the latter being less invasive.

  17. Trip Says:

    Well as much as I hate the cops and the feds, and most people in general.

    FAMILY IS SACRED…Come put your hand on my kid and find out! Doesn’t matter what I’ve said or done, you can catch me on the flipside. But don’t cross that line, easy as that! Cause everytime someone screws up it effects all of us, in all clubs!

    Gotta be a line drawn somewhere. As far as them screwing with the clubhouse another will be up to take the place of it soon I’m sure, just gotta roll with the punches and keep your shit squared away!



  18. mad matt Says:

    Much ado about nothing. there’s no other way to justify the monetary rape of their townspeople so they target the 81 during what could be the biggest boon to the local economy since crack?! Good honorable brothers should start seeking office, its the only way to fight these fascist pig fucks nowadays. if you’re not a cog in the machine they see you as the proverbial wrench just waiting to be dropped in and fuck shit up. It may sound far fetched but how many people do YOU know in your town? With how our nation is going we must do something before its too late. Were looking over a cliff. its no longer IF youre infiltrated/ narcd on/SET THE FUCK UP; its WHO’S next. No lawyer in the world (no disrespect Bowtie) can do what a motivated group of brothers can do. end wild rant.


  19. Road Whore Says:

    @ Warthog

    I hear you.

    And if I win that big one, I’ll let you know and will definitely put your club’s name on the list!

  20. WARTHOG Says:

    One of the 81 members was arrested at the Winnibago County Fairgrounds where Breastfest 2013 was going on. I had a conversation with a civilian friend that went and had invited us to meet him there. (My club had a prior arrangement to go to a more private party so we declined). In any case, I asked what he saw of the incident. He said the feds went through everybody’s tent and took down all motorcycle license plate numbers. Then they told him to remove his 81 support shirt. He initially refused, so they told him he either removed it or they were going to remove him from the fairgrounds. He took it off, but this seems to be a violation of his 1st amendment rights to free speech.

    @Road Whore,

    This was all a bunch of trumped up bullshit as far as the clubhouse goes. Their clubhouse was an old warehouse that was done up pretty nice. It was just an attempt to disrupt the national run and nothing more. But hey, man, you win that lottery and I’ll be more than happy to put my club’s name on the list!




  21. Glenn S. Says:

    Wishing all participants a safe and enjoyable USA Run, free of the cops’ interference. Sympathies and support to the victims of police harassment.

  22. Road Whore Says:

    I agree with BigV.

    Damn…wish I’d win a mongo huge lottery…I’d take some of the money and go around the country building clubhouses for all of the different clubs that need one.

  23. BigV Says:

    Just good, old fashioned terrorism by “law enforcement”. No doubt Steve Cook was right there to fuck with the Rockford chapter, just as he did with the chapter in Minnesota.

    I hate to see any biker jammed up, so best wishes to the Red and White.

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