Villagrana Takes Plea Deal

July 22, 2013

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Cesar Villagrana, a San Jose Hells Angel, pled guilty to one count of “battery with a deadly weapon” and a single count of “challenge to fight with a deadly weapon” this morning in Reno. He had faced a murder charge. He will be sentenced by Washoe District Court Judge Connie Steinheimer on September 4th. The penalty for his first charge is two to ten years imprisonment. The challenge to fight charge carries a penalty of one to two years.

Villagrana was one of three men charged with murder following a deadly fight on the casino floor just outside Trader Dick’s Lounge at John Ascuaga’s Nugget Casino Resort in Sparks, Nevada on September 23rd, 2011. The other men were Vago Motorcycle Club member Ernesto Gonzalez and former Vago Stuart Gary “Jabbers” Rudnick.

Villagrana and Gonzalez were supposed to be co-defendants in a trial starting today. Rudnick pled guilty and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors last year.

Rudnick instigated the fight between the two clubs by baiting Jeffrey “Jethro” Pettigrew, San Jose Angels charter president. He was voted out of the Vagos in bad standing after the fight. Gonzalez will now stand trial alone. Jury selection began this afternoon. Both Rudnick and former Vago Jacob Cancelli are expected to testify against Gonzalez.

Lawyers Speak

The deal may diminish Gonzalez’ possibilities for appeal if he is found guilty. A legal scholar, speaking to The Aging Rebel on conditions of anonymity said, “The prosecution’s strategy of trying mutual combatants as co-conspirators is probably unconstitutional.”

Karl Hall, a prosecutor in the case told Scott Sonner of The Associated Press, “I wouldn’t have done it (the plea deal) if I didn’t think it was fair.”

Gonzalez’s attorney, David Houston, told the AP “We’re not pleading, because our client is innocent.”

Attorneys for both Villagrana and Gonzalez were expected to tell jurors the men acted in self-defense. A source with a general knowledge of Gonzalez’s case said, “Gonzalez acted to defend others from deadly force. He should walk on these charges. He did nothing wrong. If he gets the same justice George Zimmerman did in Florida, he will end up a free man.”

You can view the press pool video of the pleading below.

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21 Responses to “Villagrana Takes Plea Deal”

  1. KK Says:


    Yea I fkd that one up but good, thanks. I gotta admit still a nice suit though. In all honesty & this is my opinion only, I hope the 81 gets a light sentence & the Vago is found innocent.

    Gettin jammed up for years regardless who you support , sucks.


  2. Nagz Says:

    Another away for our government to hold on to its monopoly on the use of violence

  3. Rebel Says:

    Dear KK,

    The guy in the suit, taking a plea deal, was Villagrana.


  4. KK Says:


    No he’s not a proud Vago, fkd that up. I gotta learn reading comprehension. No disrespect to the Vagos intended. Just gettin back out here from a short nap.

    L & R to the Vagos


  5. Bill Says:

    KK: That Judge is a total pig, agreed. The guy in the suit though is not a Vago.

  6. OC Vago Says:


  7. KK Says:

    Villagrana and Gonzalez holding thier mud. Much respect. Nice suit & tie too on the proud Vago.

    The judge needs to get into better shape.

    Best wishes to Gonzales in his fight for freedom.


  8. Greenie Says:

    Free Romeo!


  9. Budweiser Says:

    Thanks, Freeman.

  10. Ronbo Says:

    I blame most of our problems on congress and lawyers “cept Bowtie” and insurance companies. Congress and lawyers get together and pass laws for insurance companies and you get today’s society. Example, get hurt at work and the first thing most places want you to do is a drug/alcohol test. You smoked Fri./Sat. night get hurt Wednesday test positive for thc and the insurance company gets out of covering you and you might lose your job.
    Glad I made it to this age in life where I work for myself. I would have a hard time landing a job in most places now without studying for that pre employment test. We even had to start getting background checks for our coaches in American Legion Baseball. all the way down to if you work the concession stand to if you have a “Team Mom” It’s now a world built on litigation.


  11. Freeman Says:

    @ Budweiser

    City of laval, quebec province, canada 8 years ago.

    In his sentence speech, the judge said although he sympathized with the defendant, he could not let ”one do himself justice unpunished, for it is for the court to rule” brief they made an example out of him.

    Funny thing is in mtl bordeaux prison the angels have a wing to themselves (less trouble for the warden than to keep them with the streetgangs and all), thanks to the last cop operation that got 135 of them in jail, when a chummo goes to jail, they put them on protect wings, but the screws give him a little tour of the angels wing and leave him unattended for a few seconds…

  12. rollinnorth Says:

    Thanks for the update, Rebel.

    Found “NRS 200.450  Challenges to fight; penalties.” under the heading “DUELS AND CHALLENGES.” Apparently this law was enacted in 1911.

    Charging “crimes” like this is just another way to harass a defendant and possibly add more time to any sentencing. It is also another way for a prosecutor to claim another “conviction”; all part of the government protecting us from ourselves.


  13. Whitepride Says:

    This country has turned into a bunch of fucking pussies!

  14. PigPen Says:

    Phuquehed pretty much nailed it. Now you have to be concerned about people’s feelings, and what dotted eye can do to their emotional stability.
    I lived in a small town, you got into a fight at the local bar, if the cops even came, they would wait it out until your done. If no one got stabbed, it was done right there. “you two done screwing around so we can go?” was a common call over the car’s PA system.
    now, if you don’t say god bless ya to some sneezer, they have grounds for a lawsuit because you emotionally scarred them and minimized their needs. and if you’re wearing a patch while not blessing someone, it’s a RICO charge.

  15. Budweiser Says:

    Freeman- When and where did that happen? Something isn’t right.

  16. Freeman Says:

    Pussification is right, now its not straitening your nose, having a few ribs cracked,getting a few stitches.

    Its about the traumatizing experience of being beaten, the psychological effect it has had in your life, how you will never be the same again, and proving to the court how altered your life is since that event psychologically,and its almost always the fucker that asked for it that uses that legal logic.

    Now a days you’ve got like what, 300 mental disease to pick from they are all diagnosed, from legit paranoid schizophrenia to missing milk for your coffee mental disorder.

    One example of how the laws are fucked up, a guy i knew some years back, had is 8 year old son molested by the school bus driver, he filed a complaint to authorities, the thing makes local news, the week after its the same bus driver driving to pick up is son, wtf you think happened, he beat the shit out of him, the chummo filed a complaint for the ”traumatizing” experience, my buddy got 2 year+ 1 day in the big house (over here 2+1 makes a 2 year Full sentence 2-1 means 1/3 of the sentence), chummo? 2 months in controlled liberty, he had to report to a parole officer every week, anyway you spell those legal orgasmatrom it comes out BULLSHIT!

  17. RLG Says:

    @YYZ Skinhead, it is legal for two willing people to fight in a private place and without weapons. One of my old teachers had release-of-liability for accidental death forms for when tough guys wanted to challenge a student in his school.

    Mutual combat is different and varies by state. Here is California’s version:

  18. Matt Says:

    Agreed. George Carlin was right about most things… I’ll never forget the last time my nose got broken. It was literally sideways. My friend’s wife started screaming at me that we need to go to the hospital. I said nah this isn’t the first time… Then I took both hands and straightened it out. Blood went everywhere. She was horrified. I look worse than most hockey players but I still manage to get vagina.


  19. Phuquehed Says:

    @YYZ – It’s the pussification of America and especially the law-makers.

    Used to be a good fight and there was blood – sometimes a little, sometimes a lot – and scrapes, scratches, broke this and that, but things got settled and it was over, usually no hard feelings after *and nothing permanently damaged that made the rest of ones life a hardship (like a broken nose doesn’t fuck anything up other than ones looks…at least that’s all it’s done to me, is made me even uglier than I was before the brawl 30 years ago!)*.

  20. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Can somebody explain why it is illegal to challenge somebody to a fight? I mean, isn’t that something men (and some women) do naturally when people get too mouthy?

    YYZ Skinhead

  21. DesertH-D Says:

    Thanks for the update Rebel, hadn’t come across that video.

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