Warlocks Rising Controversy

July 9, 2013

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A controversy has erupted over Discovery’s new biker reality show, Warlocks Rising. The argument is loudest and most heartfelt within the Warlocks Motorcycle Club and it is about one of the unwritten rules of the outlaw world, which is don’t use the patch for commercial purposes.

Numerous members of the club, including entire chapters, wanted nothing to do with the four-hour series. “The club didn’t want to be sensationalized,” a source said. The club contracted to participate in the production more than a year ago. The president of the club at the time the contract was signed has since stepped down but, according to the source, the change had nothing to do with the current argument.

Free Reign Media

Discovery Channel has previously said the show was produced by Discovery Channel Productions. That is true in a technical, legal sense but the show was actually researched, photographed and assembled by a company named Free Reign Media LLC which is two guys named Cameron Casey and Stuart Schonfeld and a pigeon hole at the Mailboxes Etc. at 1158 26th Street in Santa Monica.

Free Reign issued a press release last week that stated, “Casey and Schonfeld spent a year developing the storylines of the seven Warlocks members featured in the series. This included hours of journalistic research and interviews with the bikers to flesh out and document their personal stories and family relationships.”

The release describes life in the Warlocks as “a private dark world, one that the Warlocks are very proud of. It was important to them to have someone understand and tell their story the way they wanted it to be told.”

“These are the kinds of stories that you’d expect from a film or narrative piece,” explains Casey. “Until now, we haven’t had access to the one-percenter lifestyle, so it’s the first time we’re seeing these real characters in their real environments on camera. There’s no script or fake drama here. This was definitely the most challenging project I’ve ever worked on in my career.”

Hello! Hello!

The Aging Rebel submitted four questions to Casey by email. Those questions were:

1) First and most important, the show as aired includes the closing credit: “Special Thanks The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.” Why? To what extent was the ATF involved in the production and post production of this show? Are you aware of the implications of that credit?

2) Is this show journalism or entertainment? Who controls the outtakes?

3) I have been told filming on the show began in September. Did it? I know filming continued on the show throughout last fall.

4) Will the show mention the deadly shootout between members of the Chester faction of the Harpy Warlocks and members of the Warbird Warlocks?

Casey Replies

Casey replied:

“Good to meet you and thank you for your interest in the show. We are aware of the controversy and understand the Warlocks’ concerns. We are proud of the show and tried to tell the Warlocks story by focusing on Love/Respect and brotherhood and tried to stay true to the characters, club history and real stories of the club. As story tellers/documentary film makers we take our jobs very seriously and wanted to maintain respect and consideration for Warlocks on all levels. Warlocks are proud Americans and as you know many fought for our country in war and are living patriotic lives and live by principles that at the core are truly American principles.”

“I’d be happy to answer your questions. I’ll review these and get back to you with answers.”

When he does, this page will print his replies.

Couldn’t Be Stopped

A source with knowledge of the production described the ATF credit as an ironically intended “flip-off credit.”

Another source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the club “did try to stop this legally but to no avail.” The source said that pursuing legal action against Discovery would cost “more money than we could ever hope” to collect. He said he believed the show had also cost the Warlocks “dignity” and that after the first airing last Friday the club may never again “be the same.”



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40 Responses to “Warlocks Rising Controversy”

  1. Richard Randolph Says:

    I haven’t been able to see part 4 of the show and want to see it badly how can I watch part 4?

  2. brittney Says:

    I just found this.Anyway,at the time of this show airing I was getting “friendly” texting a man who was president of a club under Warlocks MC.He didn’t tell me much but he did have to attend many club meetings and said that many members were losing their patches over the shit,and according to him,secrets of the club that were being exposed on this show.This was in Ga.I’ve never seen this show myself and I would of never even known about it if he hadn’t told me about it.Anyways…Respect To All Warlocks

  3. benchicopee Says:

    Hey everyone just caught up with some locals and was reminded of this show.actually miss it much was fun watch not withstanding the codes and respect of brotherhood.im up here in mass with guys from what used to be the Sidewinders and also of the DIABLOs, miss my friends miss the show.good luck rebel much love

  4. BMW Says:

    I saw the first two shows, and saw examples (perhaps bad examples in a legal sense) of brotherhood, and the deep devotion these men have to their club and each other, and their unquenchable spirit of personal justice.

    I think it was “a” representation of what 1% clubs can be.

    Despite the obvious genuflection to the ATF bosses, and the bizarre acting in places (but hell 1% are not actors) I enjoyed the show. I hope the money went into a defense fund, though…

  5. slycechyx Says:

    I get that, but where were the women to support her? There is brotherhood in the clubs, but also there is a sisterhood.

  6. Budweiser Says:

    slycechyx- She mentioned that his brothers were downstairs. The narrator also said something about club members not being allowed there with him.

  7. slycechyx Says:

    Why was Slob’s ol’ lady at the hospital by herself?

    Not sure if I’m sold on this show or not, but did enjoy the show that came on after, Philly Throttle.

  8. Base Says:

    Missed the 1st airing but was able to catch the encore & episode 2 last night.

    The contrived bit’s stand out. For any “positives” the show has the “negatives” drags all that down. Can also see where the fed’s would use this to win case’s & lock people up. But over all the show is much better than that other MC show.

    A endeavor such as this would “not” be something I would be on board with and only able to guess how many of the members feel and fully understand their dismay over the show.

    But then their business is their business, and none of my fucking business.

    It is obvious to me that Discovery is in bed with the fed’s in some manor. And not to be trusted. Would think anyone wishing to make such a production would be better off hiring the professionals needed for the production, editing etc… then sell that package to say a public broadcasting company either local of national.

    Head on a swivel people,



  9. Budweiser Says:

    Not only was the ATF thanked again. There was also a special thanks to the criminal justice book that the hang around had in his house….lol

  10. Paladin Says:

    Phuqehead said: “I mean, it’s fucking taped! It’s right there and no one can refute it.”

    “He said, she said” testimony is refutable by its very nature. However, “I said, I say” testimony is pretty much bullet proof.

    Unfortunately, I think the Feds. will try and use this “documentary’ as a tool to paint all 1% clubs in an unfavorable light.

    With few exceptions, Feds. vs OMC cases involve alleged crimes involving guns, other weapons, and violence in one form or another. It shouldn’t be too hard for the Feds. to convince a judge that the actions depicted and the statements made within the Warlocks Rising documentary are relevant to their case at hand. The whole “brotherhood” aspect of this documentary will be inconsequential.

    I believe Bill was absolutely correct when he said, “this whole endeavor is suicidally retarded.”

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  11. Bill Says:

    “Survival of the fittest” implies common sense. This whole endeavor is suicidally retarded.

  12. Phuquehed Says:

    What Paladin wrote was the very thing I thought about when I first read about a ‘real’ club going to do this teevee shit, except that I thought it would be more like a taped confession of anyone and everyone who said *anything* that the pigs could use against them in any way…I mean, it’s fucking taped! It’s right there and no one can refute it.

    I just hope that it doesn’t and can’t happen, but I sure as hell don’t see it as a Good Thing.

  13. Squirts Says:

    Agree with Paladin. To put a “citizen” slant on the topic, in my humble opinion, NO organization in which men are acting as a collective should invite media into their domain. I don’t care if it’s Eagles, Moose, Elks or a VFW Post. The RICO act does NOT distinguish between “friend” and “foe”. If media catches on film a group event a year ago and one of the members goes rogue two years later, that footage can be used to tie things together to “make” a case. To my knowledge, RICO has never been used against a “fraternal” organization like a VFW Post, but I am not aware of safeguards which would prevent that. My point? Trust no one. Your “brothers” are your “brothers” for a reason (and even they err). Respects to the Warlocks MC. My comments should not be construed as being critical of their decision or stance relative to the show. Pro Deo ~ Pro Patria, Squirts

  14. Paladin Says:

    I think the Feds are going to try and use this show as their Holy Grail when going after OMCs. I say this for the following reasons: 1) Unlike SOA, Laffing Devils, or Sin Mob, this show IS about a REAL 1% club. 2) Its members are shown carrying guns and other weapons (yes, I fully realize that some 1% club members are CCW qualified). 3) The [email protected] Arms states on camera that he’s really good at beating people up. 4) One of the club members talks on camera about how he attempted to kill his future wife’s ex-boyfriend with a shotgun. Keep in mind, this is just the first episode.

    The Feds. will waltz all this stuff (and whatever else they can use in the remaining episodes) right into court and use it against any 1% club they’ve decided to go after.

    The Feds. will argue that what is depicted in this show is not hearsay evidence. It’s stated in a filmed documentary, by the club members themselves. The Feds will also tell the jury that all 1% clubs share common traits, and just like the Warlocks, other 1% clubs are really good at beating people up, carry guns and other weapons (yes, as previously stated, I know that some 1% club members are CCW qualified), and will attempt to kill people, if a member believes it’s warranted.

    Before everyone writes me off as having left most of my groceries at the store, review the Burgess and Rock Hill cases. Those are two extremely prosecutorial scandalous cases. Yet, as seemingly obvious as this was and is, the jury convicted the defendents in both cases.

    It’s one thing for a jury to listen to an Expert Witness, CI, UC, or rat. It’s quite another to view a “true life” documentary of a REAL 1% club, as told by the members of the Warlocks MC themselves. as far as a jury is concerned, seeing is believing.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  15. Coolaid Says:

    Man, I am torn now.. I really enjoyed the show the first airing.. I feel that once you get passed the fluff, gun footage, and almost fights. Once you got down to the real story, you saw a great bond and story of a life of men involved in the 1%er life and the challenges it brings to their lives to be dedicated to their family, and their club and brothers.

    It sucks that their is this controversy surrounding it.. I just wonder if it’s a few loud voices speaking opinions and claiming them to be from the club as a whole, or if this really is the general consensus..

    Rebel, I think it would be an interesting read if you where able to get some comments from the men filmed, and some of the chapter heads to see what the real opinion they have is.

    I’d love to learn the truth on this matter from a trusted source… Just some ideas.. I’m not a journalist, or a 1%er.. just some dude from Jersey who writes about being fat, unemployed and getting 90% of his stomach removed.. So, take my opinion as it is.

    Speaking of clubs.. I would like to get in touch with the COC in NJ.. If anyone has any contacts for that, I’d appreciate their guidance in getting a small crew patched up the legit way… I tried to contact through the NJCOC site, but I’m not sure it’s monitored.

  16. WARTHOG Says:


    Damn good thing I don’t play online against real pigs. I get 240 hours of community service for fictitiously whacking an ex, I’d probably get a real life whacking for killing a fictitious cop.


    I had no idea you could mod a game like that. Yeah, I got a REAL problem with that. I couldn’t afford an xbox either, but a crackhead owed my daughter some cash and he paid her with the xbox and I got it from her. She didn’t owe me what an xbox cost and on any given day you can get a Rolex watch from a crackhead for $10. Interesting choice of clubs you brought up in your story… ;)




  17. John Says:

    See FFR it only takes a few words to make people ask ? After ? It’s nobody’s business.

  18. ghost Says:

    the a.t.f should be a convience store, that’s funny, I was recently up in North Dakota working in the oil field, there is a place called scenic sporting goods, it’s a gas station, a bait and tackle store, a liquor store, and a gun//ammo store all under one roof… if they had medical marijuana there that would be a one stop shop!!! and I like your saying on violence IT’S ALWAYS AN OPTION !!!!

  19. Budweiser Says:

    F.F.R.- Excuse my ignorance, but what is your “National Spike”?

  20. swampy Says:

    I’ve seen those online video games with various MCs. I guess about the only thought that I’ve given them is just how in the fuck are they getting away with trademark infringement? Respects, swampy

  21. BigV Says:

    Warthog: I’ve got nothing against video games. At all. That’s not my problem. You don’t mod the game and create patches so you can be an 81 or 13 member and role play it.

    The modding it and getting into the role playing is what gets me. I remember asking this kid who bought a fake club cut down in Florida what he intended to do with it. He said he wanted to take pictures of himself in it for his modding club where they role play online and dress up and go to conventions. He intended to wear an 81 cut to some fan convention.

    The odd thing is how it goes from being an online thing to something young people use to live vicariously in real life. In Florida, I saw a flea market selling 81 cuts, 13’s, 15’s, 16’s- and even old Satan’s Slaves, Straight Satans, Freewheelers(the original Chi-town area cut), and Hell’s Henchmen cuts.

    I’d love to have an X-Box but I can’t afford it or the games.

  22. Budweiser Says:

    F.F.R.- Thanks for the informative post. I assumed many of your brothers were okay with the show. As you stated, the Warlocks have been on television before. I am confused on what makes this any different(besides the current legal situation).

  23. RVN69 Says:

    I’m sure if the pigs ever bust you for jaywalking or something, they will find a way to use it against you.

    ATF should be a convience store, not a federal agency.

    Violence may not be the best option, but it is still an option

  24. WARTHOG Says:


    I only play when I need to release some built up tension. My daughter owed me some money and she gave me an xbox with that game in lieu of cash. Only game I have for that matter.




  25. Freeman Says:

    Thanks BigV, thought the font in the header of the page looked familiar, sure enough its the game my ex gave my kid that i confiscated when he was 8.

    Warthog: whatever turns you on man,passing boredom on a rainy afternoon is one thing, personally im not to well versed in games,but from reading the comments on the page i linked, looks like some people really take it at heart and it supersedes real life, like tel reality shows and what not, vicariously living through other people who are living vicariously through a script, or computerized bullshit.

    That being said no disrespect to the warlocks, decisions of few doesn’t make choice of the whole.

    Know the rules before you break’em.

  26. WARTHOG Says:

    @Freeman & BigV,

    I don’t know why I’m admitting this, but here goes…
    I actually play Grand Theft Auto- The Lost and the Damned. You play as a character in The Lost MC. I don’t play against anybody online. I just play the missions or go shoot a pig in the head and get chased all through the town to make my escape. You got your own clubhouse with a dirty mattress on the floor and a stripper cage and bar. I just have a good time playing the missions like shooting down a high ranking official’s helicopter with an RPG. Or buying kilos of coke from undercover feds and shooting your way out of it. Violent as all hell and probably shouldn’t be played by teens, but I get a kick out of it.




  27. BigV Says:

    Freeman: Kids and adults(using that term loosely) take one of the Grand Theft Auto games, they make modifications to it, and they play cooperatively or competitively against each other.

    They take whole MC’s, street gangs, fictional gangs, blah blah and play cops and robbers with each other.

    It is bothersome to me when I think about it, so I don’t think about it.

  28. F.F.R. Says:

    Theres a few loud brothers who have been against this show from the start and I completely respect that. But theres a lot of lot of brothers in the club that were okay with the show. A lot more than what was filmed. Hell more than a few lifers were involved. The show was never meant to be about any club business. Don’t think it is. It was about brothers and their lives in and out of the club.

    I never dealt with Cameron Casey. Most of the guys didn’t trust him but he never was around. Stuart Schonfeld was a standup guy. Bosses thought so. Our National Spike said he was a straight up, no bullshit guy. He answered any questions without bullshit. He tried to tell the stories we wanted done. The company that produced it was Discovery though. Brian and Eddie Barbini ran the production and were from Discovery. I think it is more the Discovery people taking control. I know the producers – the Stuart guy wanted an authentic show. not fake. I also know these production producers was against showing guns because they said they never saw guns anytime they were with us. I heard them arguing with the discovery people about that. About taking out the guns. They also didn’t want no sons of anarchy crap because it did not happen. It was the network people kept pushing to show guns and crap. I just want to say this because there is a lot of wrong info going around.

    Some people are against the idea of cameras in any mc. I respect that. But theres been a lot of clubs who have been on tv. Warlocks have done it before. The HA have done a ton of books and products and made themselves some money too. I think the show is ok. Some hype shit but its pretty honest.ANd I seen it too before it aired. Maybe look at the show and see its about the brothers. The network hype is something else and I ain’t got no respect there.

  29. Freeman Says:

    I stumbled on this today browsing the net out of boredom: http://forum.ls-rp.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=268111&start=30

    Am i fucking dreaming or is there a play mc video game out there?

  30. Tim D Says:

    Rebel: Out of Respect for the Warlocks, would they Like us to Boycott the show? I like the show!!! If the Warlocks tried to stop the show, I would honor them and not watch it… I hope all goes well for them.. L&R Tim D.

  31. Glenn S. Says:

    A friend of mine in prison asked me to write his story for publication. He was doing life, with parole eligibility, for a murder-for-hire. DSS had taken his kids and he did the deed to fund their requirements to get the kids back. I declined. Because I want my friend to see the half-free world again, someday. Best case scenario would have been for the story to be published, adding not adoration but notoriety to his case when he comes up for parole. When the mainstream of society hates you and wants to continue to hate you, best to remain on the down low, IMHO. You’ll never be able to control the narrative.

    In his book, Jay Dobyns’s ghostwriter wrote about the Florence Prison Run, IMHO a noble endeavor meant to lift the spirits of the victims of an overly authoritarian society. (The run is on my bucket list.) Dobyns opined that the run should be stopped. My guess is that while many more bikers will participate in the run just to say “Fuck Dobyns” (one reason its on my bucket list), there will be those in authority that have taken note of Dobyns’s opinion and will try to shut it down. Busybodys will write their representatives encouraging them to do so. Authoritarianism is in fashion these days.

    Haven’t watched the show, didn’t get cable last time I moved. Moving again soon and I’ll probably get it turned on. Since I haven’t watched it, I can’t really express an opinion on it.

  32. In the know Says:

    Munky, that’s fucking priceless !!!!! I have a serious dislike for that cancerous piece of shit !!!! Thank you for making my day !!!!!!!!

  33. Budweiser Says:

    Rebel- No special thanks to the dude who got you the screen shot? Haha…just joking.

  34. Budweiser Says:

    Munky- I’m not sure I understand you. Are you saying you sold “Slob” his old lady? Have you quit because of this show?

  35. MUNKY Says:

    I was a warlock came from Colorado, I knew i was gonna QUIT the Min. arrived at the Orlando Clubhouse from Co. with all the staging from girls dancing on a bike and girls making with all the out this was a money thing, for SLOB WHO I SOLD KIMMIE TO SLOB IN “84′ FOR A SIX PACK at the tic toc bar in downtown clearwater..This was a bone head move to even allow this filming I left after 2 hrs never even said by NO LOVE AND RESPECT. I spent on the road for 3 days to get there.. I have many BROTHERS IN THE WARLOCKS I AM SO EMBAOOD THING IN THIS EMBARRASSED FOR THE BROTHERS I HAVE THERE..NOT A GOOD THING IN OUR LIFESTYLE.

  36. in the know Says:

    great write up Rebel, well done, thanks for putting some facts out there for us real people !!!

  37. Fumes Says:

    Rebel, it’s unfortunate that some Warlocks have taken umbrage at this show. I agree with your earlier description that this is a fair representation of the challenges of the 1%er lifestyle. The ATF “thank you” during the credits was obviously an “FU” at the ATF. I took the time to look up the Gangland episode on the Warlocks (season three, episode four available on Amazon Instant Video) and found Contender, there describing the death of a brother – so these guys are the real deal. America has been fed entirely too much propaganda about MC’s (the laughable devils being the latest installment) and it’s about time they heard the story from the other side.

  38. 10Guage Says:


    It is absolute bullshit if the production company slipped that in there after spending time around the club and running the other blurb “to avoid identification or retalliation this episode occasionally portays Warlocks activities with names and details disguised or changed” they have to understand the ramifications of running a special thanks to the ATF even if it is some inside joke or flip off type deal.

    There she stood in the doorway;
    I heard the mission bell
    And I was thinking to myself
    ‘This could be heaven or this could be Hell’

  39. Liksta Says:

    Great show!! hope it don’t go bad for you brothers out in Florida !! Just a reminder a lot of these nation wide stories come from Florida ( nancy grace shit)?? so watch your asses hope no illegal shit was taped: much respect warlocks ride hard fellas!!

  40. Whitepride Says:

    I’m from the northeast but I have partied with the Warlocks in Fla. and in my opinion they are a good group of guys. I really hope this show doesn’t harm the club and they can weather through this. Stay White

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