Warlocks Issue Press Release

July 4, 2013

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The Warlocks Motorcycle Club, the one that wears a Warbird/Phoenix, issued a press release today about the upcoming Discovery Channel Series Warlocks Rising. If you’re lost you can read about that series here.

The press release reads in full:


A documentary series will be released on Friday, July 5, 2013 to be aired on the Discovery Channel entitled Warlocks Rising. This documentary purports to depict some members of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club in various personal activities and in various club activities and events. The depictions aired during this series will be the result of the participation of individuals and of the editing process utilized by the publisher. Nothing depicted in this series should be interpreted as being approved or ratified by the Warlocks National, LLC, or any individual chapter or member of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club. Indeed, there are many members of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club who do not approve of this series nor the activities and opinions depicted or expressed therein.

For more information contact Roger B. Butcher, P.A., P.O. Box 620069, Oviedo, Florida 32762-0069, Phone: (407) 321-6635

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17 Responses to “Warlocks Issue Press Release”

  1. Ruff Diamond Says:

    NUNYA ! WTF ? Back in the day we threw sticks of tnt at each other…now its done on social media ?

  2. Poppa Danny Says:

    #1, you don’t disrespect any M/C by whining about what their members are doing on open media. They know right from wrong, let there bosses handle it. As I trust it will be done. Expect respect, give respect. Don’t let your tongue get your teeth knocked out.
    Respect to all.

  3. indethinker Says:

    blame crap like “Sons of Anarchy” now everyone and their dog want to know “what really goes on” this “reality” show was inevitable, more’s the pity !

  4. Dago1%er Says:

    I agree with Doc that doing the show for them may or may not be the right thing for them…..but certainly not good for the club I am with or any others I know.
    I can tell you tho….none of these clubs with these shows as of late have ANY control over editing and they are at the mercy of the production company which makes it a very risky move in my eyes.
    There shouldn’t be any 1% clubs doing this shit…period!
    Let them follow around a riding club or a hog chapter or 2pc patch club….anything but a 1% club.
    It’s hard enough to shake off the ridiculousness the Laffing Dildos created.

  5. WARTHOG Says:

    docB Says:

    “Reality isn’t very interesting, or compelling. I’m not sure anybody would want to watch a real life version of you or me on TV. No disrespect!”

    That would be a lot like watching paint dry as far as most clubs go.




  6. docB Says:

    Quote: unless you have absolute control over what is not edited out, right?

    I agree! Editing can go about any way you want if you have 100% control which is what production companys usually have. For me, that’s the rub. The flip side would be if a club owned the production company. It could edit things to show the club in a positive light. Problem being you’d have to sell that version to somebody. Reality isn’t very interesting, or compelling. I’m not sure anybody would want to watch a real life version of you or me on TV. No disrespect!

  7. Dave Says:

    …unless you have absolute control over what is not edited out, right?

    Think about it. If you have 100% control over what footage is used, you could twist reality and hide it behind a cloak of perceived reality and if anything to the contrary is said you can point to the video and say “where, what, who?”

    In truth, done wisely, it could become the object that successfully turns the tide in war. I don’t know, I’m not involved. But if I was, I’d use it to my advantage down the road against those who will later make all sorts of claims. It could be good ammo.

  8. DocB Says:

    It’s disrespectful of me to publically judge another club because that club chooses to sin differently than mine. It’s their club, their show, their lawyer and their business. They’ll sort it out or not. The fact that another club breaks with generally accepted protocol doesn’t make it ok for me to break the rules. Protocol dictates that publically it’s none of my business.
    For my club I think TV is a really bad idea. For their club, publically speaking, I have no idea. I agree with most of you that shining bright lights in dark private places is generally a bad idea.

  9. Scutter Says:

    Normally I would agree with you, 11c_infantry, but when a One Percent club agrees to expose their business for all the world to see by starring in a reality TV show and further ISSUES A PRESS RELEASE exposing a disagreement within the club, they have opened themselves up for public scrutiny and public commentary.

    One Percenters are supposed to keep their club business within the club.


  10. 11c_infantry Says:

    Why is it when someone starts a sentence with “I’m not intending to,” he is, in fact, intending to do the very thing he says he isn’t intending to do? I can’t imagine writing an essay denouncing a club for supposed infractions of the 1%er code, when in fact I’m breaking one of the cardinal rules myself: You NEVER EVER talk smack about a club in a public forum even if you think you’re right. You do that kind of shit at the clubhouse . . . in private.

  11. Slam Says:

    Hippie John,

    Evidently the same one that issues a “press release.”

    Just another sign that the end is near!



  12. Scutter Says:

    I’m not intending to needlessly slam a club by this post, but I have to say that the Warbird Warlocks are NOT worthy of the One Percent patch. In my opinion they are an embarrassment. For example, when being interviewed for a documentary about them, one of their national leaders explained that he suspected the club had been infiltrated by cops, but when he confronted the members he didn’t trust, their reaction so scared him (he says “I feared for my life”) that he let the matter drop.

    Friends, One Percenters don’t “let the matter drop” because of fear. That’s why they are One Percenters! If they think their club has been infiltrated by cops, they take care of business.

    For a long time the Warbird Warlocks didn’t wear One Percenter patches. It was a mistake to let them start wearing the diamond and I hope the other diamond clubs recognize that and take action.

    Going on TV in a reality show about your ONE PERCENT club is so far removed from what outlaw clubs are truly about that it’s downright embarrassing. And to think that other Warlocks would in a press release DENOUNCE what their club brothers are doing and claim that it’s not sanctioned by the club is yet more evidence that these guys don’t have a clue. In a REAL one percent club, your brothers do not do something on the scale of a TV show unless the club sanctions it… or there are serious consequences. And you certainly don’t issue a press release to claim you don’t support what your bothers are doing. None of this is brotherhood.

    What the Florida Warlock are doing is not One Percenter behavior, and it’s not One Percenter mentality.


  13. hippie john Says:

    why would any outlaw mc club open up there private shit to others that shouldnt know there shit,????? think about it

  14. RLG Says:

    I watched this last night on the Dish Network. It showed them in a positive light in my opinion. Not so entertaining however.

  15. Budweiser Says:

    It looks like the “Mother Chapter” approved it. I mean their current Clubhouse, President, and Enforcer are all prominently featured.

  16. Mike 184 Says:

    Hey Rebel,

    Not that I have been in all of this forever, or maybe I have.. Depends on perspective I suppose, but this was a hell of alot better and more accurate than that Devil’s Ride shit. Love the part with the scooter crashing. That is what it’s about…. Lettin a brother know Welcome Back, but bustin his balls at the same time!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Mike 184 Says:

    So most of the Club doesn’t want this airing? Well, who’s getting paid?????

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