Operation Pure Luck

June 28, 2013

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The ghostly federal propaganda war against the Vagos Motorcycle Club manifested as a press conference yesterday. The presser was the alleged climax of four-year-long investigation of the Vagos. The investigation’s funny name was Operation Pure Luck because it anybody actually is convicted as a result of all this it will be pure luck.

Bragging it up at a podium were United States Attorney for the District of Nevada U.S. Attorney Daniel Bogden, Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson and Joseph Riehl who is the Special Agent in Charge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives field office in San Francisco.

The officials announced that 31 people associated in some way with members of the Vagos, Green Machine, Wicked Riderz and Bandidos Motorcycle Clubs had been charged in a hodgepodge of mostly unconnected federal and state cases. At least one member of the Chosen Few Motorcycle Club, a black club, was also arrested. Defendants were arrested in seven states. A Las Vegas Metro Police spokesman named Bill Cassell said there were arrests in Nevada, California, Utah, Arizona, Texas, New York and Hawaii.

Many Stealth Defendants

There were 25 actual arrests yesterday but only seven suspects were named. Those suspects were Donald Dussell, Victor Ramirez and Edward Chelby of Hawaii and Chard Kruger, George Ward, Steven Shaw and Michael Hughes of Nevada. The charges against the named suspects appear to be related to insurance fraud and the harsh expulsion of former members of some motorcycle club. The obvious state cases carry Nevada Gang Enhancement allegations.

Since yesterday’s press conference was about not much, the officials who spoke at it were unusually sophistical and vague. “Numerous undercover operatives and confidential informants infiltrated multiple groups on multiple occasions,” Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Assistant Sheriff Greg McCurdy said. “Those groups were the Vagos, the Wicked Riderz, the Green Machine, the Bandidos and the Chosen Few…. We’ve had a lot of different incidents where these outlaw motorcycle gangs have wreaked havoc in our neighborhoods. So when this opportunity presented itself we decided to move forward.”

Fox News is calling Operation Pure Luck a “real life Sons of Anarchy bust.” The cable news network also described the operation as a “huge success.”

More than 200 police participated in yesterday’s raids in Nevada. Officials at the press conference claimed that 43 guns, more than seven pounds of methamphetamine, almost six ounces of cocaine, 2,000 prescription pills and $8,100 were seized during those raids.

Two Federal Cases

Only one of the defendants named yesterday is involved in a federal case. Michael Hughes and Todd Wigner have been indicted for distribution of hydrocodone in a federal case called U.S. versus Hughes et al.

Six more men have been indicted in a federal case titled U.S. versus Kane et al. Those men are Robert “BK” Kane, William “East Coast Billy” Congero, Steven “Big Steve” Carr, Robert “Mayhem” Coleman, eric Panter and Thomas “Tommy Mac” McNamara.

Those men are accused of attempting “to obtain property consisting of $5,000.00 in U.S. Currency belonging to the victim, an individual identified as L.T., a former member of the Vagos Motorcycle Club, with his consent, by means of actual and threatened force, physical violence, and fear of injury, to wit: the defendants physical attacked or assisted in the physical attack of L.T., the theft of his Harley Davidson motorcycle and personal effects, and the attempted burglary of his home….”

That incident appears to have occurred on June 17th, 2009.



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38 Responses to “Operation Pure Luck”

  1. slimIslands Says:

    All I know is my life was made hard for no true fault of my own. My wife n children mistreated. My time and money taken. My reputation has taken some hits as well. This entire thing is crap. I have faithfully served my country with two deployments on her behalf. To only be treated as a criminal without any true proof. Life sucks sometimes,but keeping faith is all I can do. The feds are disgusting and need to be tried for their crimes.

  2. retiredvago Says:

    hey ex vago I think I know who you are and where you are be seeing ya. either your a cop or you are who I think you are putting club business on the street and insulting my former IP your fucked. have a nice day jackhead.

  3. Stu Says:

    Why wasn’t this guy investigating in BOSTON the last 4 years???????? Joseph Riehl who is the Special Agent in Charge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives field office in San Francisco.

  4. FemRider Says:

    Guys, are you sure Laughing is not a cop trying to get your goat, draw you out………? Whatever he is, doesn’t sound like an ex-Vago to me. Don’t take the bait. ML&R

  5. Phuquehed Says:

    And like a pig and/or coward, he runs away screaming insults but only when he knows he can’t get his sorry ass in a tight over it. What a pussy.

  6. Laughing EX VAGO Says:

    Well guys while this has brought me much much humor, like y’all I’m growing bored with this. Plus I’d hope you’d have something more important to do(I know as a patch member I did, maybe you don’t though). But before I go I’ll adress AVAGO’s key points.

    While the people I still talk with in the club don’t necessarily like what I say, they understand my position. Those same men have tried to talk with Tata about me and/or arrange a meeting. But he shuts then down every time(this is where you reply with something like he doesn’t want to hear BS or meet with cops).

    And how can I answer all your questions without discussing “club bussiness”(even though 90% of what I said is on the Internet)? No need to answer!

    Another reason we should end this, is so you can contact a Las Vegas area member so they could tell you(as they told me) how THEY found out that the Clark County Pres ratted. I mean that’s something you might need to know and do as a member, rather than keep taking those stupid little cheap shots at me. And no need to thank me once they inform you that I was right!

    And I only asked that you arrange a meet figuring you’re the IISA(International INTERNET Sgt at Arms) or that you had his ear… since you seem to have his balls all in your mouth(just a little payback for all those cheap shots)

    Nice talking with you SWEETNESS… kiss kiss. LOL


  7. Samurai Says:

    Can’t blame ya. Best of the luck to the Green Nation and i hope your Brothers make it out of this trumped up shit on the right side of things

  8. AVAGOVFFV Says:


    I’m over it man next topic… Some peoples kids.

    Viva Los Vagos

  9. AVAGOVFFV Says:


    Good looking out… Peace to you and yours

    Viva Los Vagos

  10. Samurai Says:

    If this dink wants to contact your club and having a meeting i can also assume your website probably has a contact us section, although i can admit i have never been on it, so if for some reason this douche has mysteriously forgotten every way of contacting those he called Brother at one point it seems like then there is still this route. If it doesn’t exist feel free to call me an idiot and tell me to shut up. I have a gut feeling though that if he is able to arrange a meeting with Tata or anyone else he’d walk into a room full of bitches in blue and find his pockets full of shit he didn’t walk into the room with and charged with enough shit to keep him off his bike for an uncomfortably long time

  11. AVAGOVFFV Says:


    I’m done…


    Viva Los Vagos

  12. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Dear Laughing Ex Vago,
    You want me to arrange contact between you and a Brother? Are you not a big boy?

    If what you say is true about you tenure in the Club such as prospecting in California, Nevada, Oregon (my bad three states and Mexico.) and Mexico that would put you with maybe six or seven years of patch time. In that time you never learned how to contact your Brothers when needed? I could be away from the Club for decades and would still know how to find them, this strikes me as odd. All the times you would have traveled to different places or peoples homes and you’re hitting me up? Like I said he is a easy guy to find, go find him.

    Okay now this really puzzles and blows my mind you want to give me all your info as long as I don’t put it out for the world to see? Oh but your so willing to put my Club shit on the front page and yes spew shit about a Brother which is a International Officer and labeling another Brother from Clark County a rat. I would say you put them “out there for the world to see” I think you have done a great job at showing the world what kind of idiots we let into my Club. You should feel shame and be self loathing for what you have done here but I’m sure you will have an excuse or justification for your lack of respect towards the entire Green Nation.

    As for disputing your accusations? I told you once now I’ll say it really slow so you’ll possibly get it. THIS IS CLUB BUSINESS AND HAS NO PLACE ON THE INTERNET.

    I feel shame for you Ex Vago.

    Viva Los Vagos

  13. QUICKY Says:

    end it does not matter what a x thinks….

  14. BigV Says:

    AVAGOFFV: Pork Alert ! I don’t even need a Muslim to tell me this laughing pig walks on all fours and isn’t Ḥarām.

    Kozlowski and Falco call themselves “Ex-Vagos” too…

  15. Laughing EX Vago Says:

    AVAGO & Capt… If you could arrange a phone call, email, text, or face-to-face with him, I’d be most grateful. I’ll gladly step from behind the keyboard, I’m a man I’ve got no issues with that, I’ll give y’all my info too if you can figure out a way to do so without putting it for the whole world to see… HOWEVER I’m not a stupid man, he’s gotta step out from behind that patch(meet me on neutral ground).

    As for the spewing waste remark… neither of you have said ANYTHING to dispute what I’ve said. So your right, this is pretty much done!

    Lastly, I was a man before I was a patch holder or solider, and I’m still a man. So I’ll do or say what I like, when I like. If my opinion(s) makes you feel a certain way… so be it. Again, put him and I face-to-face(on neutral grounds) and I’ll stand behind my words.

    I sincerely hope for the best for the club and it’s solid members.

  16. Capt crazy Says:

    Dear laughing ex -vago. AVAGO. Just said everything that needs to be said. End of story.

  17. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Dear Laughing Ex Vago,
    I’m going to shoot for diplomacy on this one… None of this is forum or blog shit this is Club business period. Now go be a solid dude and take it to the man that you have the issue with he’s a easy guy to find just as I’m sure you are. Doing shit this way gives you no credibility and makes you appear like a shit starter and someone that didn’t make it or a cop. It’s easy to push keys and spew waste its a whole different game handling your shit like a man. This is not the place for bashing the leadership of any Club a disciplined patch holder past or present with a shot glass of self respect understands this.

    Handle your shit don’t explain just nut up and go do your thing.

    Viva Los Vagos

  18. Laughing EX Vago Says:

    1) Assuming Capt & AVago are both current Vago members, good job sticking up for your IP, I respect y’all for that. You don’t no me, nor I you… But I’ll be the bigger man and show neither of you disrespect, even though y’all seem to have forgot “We Give What We Get”. Realize I am not putting down or attacking the club itself, rather the man behind it.

    2) My screen name… It is pure sarcasm!!! I truly hope the Vagos can get back to what the club it once was, to the club I was proud to have joined. Back to this type of club(watch video link)…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbh1Zp7iHqQ

    3) While being a Vago, I met some of the best, most solid men I ever had a chance to stand with/beside. Unfortunately I met some weak ones too(as with any club) but as Tata took reign and the club grew I saw only more and more weakness.

    Now lets address your replies…

    Capt Crazy: I would love to tell Tata and the club as a whole face to face what I think of him/Tata. Before I retired/quit I had hoped to do just that, but was denied to speak.

    AVAGOVFFV: To you as well… Before I retired/quit I had hoped to speak in front of the club, but was denied. So here and only here(as far a internet) will I speak my peace, and with that in mind, I am only airing the dirty laundry which has already been post on this site before. As for how the vote went down, in my opinion you are mostly right. However Tata played politician promising my charter and I all kinds of BS, unfortunately we trusted him and bought into it. As I’m sure many others did as well.

    Capt & AVAGO: Now I’ll tell you a little about me, since y’all disrespect and have questions. I prospected the right way; and did so at club parties/functions in 3 states and Mexico. I always paid my monthly and yearly dues, on time, every time. I earned my way to Sgt at Arms in just over a year, the right way. I was offered multiple times to transfer to other charters due to being a member in good standings. Finally I took a bullet for my charter, my P, and the club; which landed me in jail… and I never once asked anything of the club!

    Now I might be wrong, but why in Tata’s short reign have there been so many arrest, rats, under covers, fights(within, not just with another club), patch overs, people who quit, and retirements? And when I say patch overs, quits, and retires I mean Forevers, Nomads, and members in could standings… and I could give names, but it’s not my place to do so over the internet! I’ll be anxiously awaiting your replies.

  19. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Dear Laughing Ex Vago,

    You really like to show your ass don’t you? Why would you be so fucking stupid? Since you want to air your shit here I’ll play along asshole.

    Check it out regardless if you agree about how the vote went down or the outcome it was still the vote of the majority. The voice of the membership was heard everyone had a vote that day and Tata along will other strong men were selected to guide the chapters in staying with the Clubs roots and along with handling other duties for the membership.

    I know not everyone was happy with the outcome but in my humble opinion those were the very ones that weaseled their way into the Club without paying their dues and have caused most of the heat and infighting.

    Are you one of those weak people?

    As for the drama you mentioned regarding Green members, another Club and others that resulted in confilct I think you may want to take two steps back and shut the fuck up. Understand?

    Karma is a mother fucker

    Viva Los Vagos

  20. Capt crazy Says:

    Ex vago what a keyboard pussy I bet you would not say that to Tata face to face. You keyboard CUNT

  21. Laughing EX Vago Says:

    From what I’ve heard the President of the Clark County chapter Diablo not only snitched but brought in a undercover ATF agent(even made him a officer). PATHETIC.

    A) The Vagos probably should have never voted Terry out or at least have replaced him with Tata. Terry may have used the club like an ATM, but was a solid P, brother ,and solider. Where Tata is just a punk in every sense.

    B) Since Tata has taken over, the HA with their associates have killed a prospect in SoCal who was the son of a Nomad,the run off of what could’ve been in AZ, fights in Santa Cruz and Lake County, the shooting in Reno which resulted in a good brother having his back turned on which then led to another good brother looking at a long stretch in prison, add in the countless raids and arrest, and finally the over growth of the club which has led to CI’s, rats, and undercover agents. Which in turn led to longtime members quitting and retiring(some of those forced). Way to go Tata you piece of shit!

  22. tommy Says:

    Fuckin weak sauce

  23. Metal Dave Says:

    “….43 guns, seven pounds of meth, six ounces of coke, 2,000 prescription pills plus $8,100.00…”

    Whew, good thing pigs are always honest about their ill-gotten hauls.


  24. Phuquehed Says:

    @bigdowner – You too!? Now I *know* they’re lying about the haul they took in and apparently they’re splitting it up betwixt themselves! I was right about there being no such thing as an honest pig.

    P.S. – My retreat was in the woods near a placid small lake. Plus, I bet I get the knock first.

  25. bigdowner Says:

    I returned home yesterday from my church’s annual Christian Men’s Fellowship Prayer Retreat Weekend in the mountains, rested, revived and restored. I open my wall safe and 43 guns, seven pounds of meth, six ounces of coke, 2,000 prescription pills plus $8,100.00 is missing.

    I’m going to send those goddamn motherfucking cock sucking heathen pigs to HELL!

    Taking bets on how long before I get a knock on the door from N.S.H. (No Sense of Humor)O.I.G.(only the veterans and pro around here know that one) Federal Agents.

  26. Base Says:

    It would be interesting to see a cost analysis and compare what they spent to what they got.

    Suspect that little pit of information would lite some fires.

  27. OC VAGO Says:

    4 years? Bullshit! This wasn’t any special operation. You really don’t think this was a cowinkidink it went down in Nevada. This was their feeble attempt at a BIG SHOW before the Reno trial that starts in 3 weeks. Nothing but an an attempt to influence the public aka: jury pool.


  28. Sydney Says:

    Okay, so, the Feds busted 31 people, confiscated 43 guns, seven pounds of meth, six ounces of coke, 2,000 prescription pills and $8,100.00 and it took multiple agencies 4 years to get enough “proof” to actually arrest these guys and raid their houses? How much money do you think it cost us for the use of the CI’s and the UC agents and how much did we just spend on these raids that used 200 piggies? I would guess they spent a hell of a lot more money trying to obtain proof and raiding houses then they actually got in confiscated money, drugs, and guns…I can think of so many other things I would rather spend my tax dollars on! This is ridiculous…the feds see a patch and the witch hunt begins. I think that their investigation FAILED miserably because it yielded absolutely nothing near the amount of money they spent. They need to pull their heads out of their asses and leave the bikers ALONE!
    Just my opinion of course.



  29. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    So this was it? Four years to find what?
    Wow all the hype and secrecy and lies from the rat fuck CI’s and the feds have finally blew their load with a limp dick and came up with nothing. No way should any of these be federal charges state level superior court is where these cases belong. Another example of over zealous procecution from the whale turd leaches working for the corrupt immoral “just us” system.

    My very best to my Brothers caught up in this circle jerk by the feds.

    Viva Los Vagos


  30. Lickity lick Says:

    It’s biker time in America. we need more whites in prison it’s not fare that only black and hispanic gangs get to go to the federal penn. we have to put some whites away, what better way than to start poking at biker gangs. Truth is our government is corrupt with wet behind the ears little boys running it that have no clue. When you have capitalism one by product is gangs. People need to belong and in the past the belonging was to the red white and blue but now it’s to black , red, or green. It’s only going to get worse as they keep building places to house no conformist!! All these bikers should throw the past behind them and ride together against our government for trying to take our freedoms no matter what those might be. Like whopping someone’s ass for not toting the line. Price you pay when you play in the devils sand box!! Just a little ass whopping:). Keep it going rebel your news is spreading fast!!

  31. Stevo Says:

    More decent men’s lives ruined so that indecent men can justify their massive salaries. Shame on the Feds, shame on Obama and shame on the msm for prinitng their spoon fed shit.

  32. Rebel Says:

    Dear Shyster,

    Right, $8,100 from 25 guys. I think most of that money was cash guys had around the house so their families would be able to pay the mortgage or rent and buy food after the federales seized their bank accounts.

    Four years and they still couldn’t get much on the Vagos so they held a propaganda fest to make it look like they had something on the Vagos. As you know, the feds do this once every year or so.


  33. phil Says:

    There are two totally separate chosen few clubs.the black one on the west coast and the white one with all chapters in the state of new york.the one in new york state is either one of a few or the only club that ever stuck togather and beat the feds.we are back and running 100% now after the realease of our brothers from federal prison in december of 2012.fuck the feds and fuck the rats.

  34. rollinnorth Says:

    You would think it would be $2200 or $22,000, not 81.
    Perhaps the press release writer got confused.


  35. Paladin Says:


    Can you really do all of that on $8,100.00? For some reason, I thought it would cost more.

    Long may You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  36. Shyster Says:

    EIGHT THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS! That’s a lot of fucken money. This is obviously a major narcotics conspiracy. Look at all those fucken proceeds!
    Shit, that is barely enough for GSR, CI #11-67 and the devil to get all liquored up and deep throat each other in a 3-way rat fuck.


  37. WARTHOG Says:

    @uncle don,

    I was thinking the same thing. And, of course, no news clip about biker “gang” violence is complete without footage from Laughlin in 2002. Fuck ’em.




  38. uncle don Says:

    WTF couldn’t find any pictures of the other clubs so they just run film of the MONGOLS. Way to go you dickhead motherfuckers. Fuck fox news.

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