Vagos Raids In Progress

June 27, 2013

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Federal and local police commenced a series of punitive Swat raids against homes and other locations in California and Nevada associated with the Vagos Motorcycle Club early this morning. The raids are connected to a long and apparently  ongoing investigation of the club by federal police forces including the Department of Homeland Security.

The investigation is related to a violent confrontation between members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and the Vagos in September 2011 but actually began in 2010. When the investigation began it was headed by Special Agent Matthew Neal of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

At least two former Vagos, Stuart Gary “Jabbers” Rudnick and Jacob Cancelli, are believed to be cooperating with federal authorities.



43 Responses to “Vagos Raids In Progress”

  1. Phuquehed Says:

    @Shyster – There’s been a few of late who are extremely quick to call others rats or CI’s etc. All of them cocksuckers extraordinaire and cowards in the end.

    I hope you and Bowtie’s clients get off on these bullshit charges and you guys clean up on the fucktard, pussy feds for the crap they’re putting people through.

  2. AVAGOVFFV Says:


    That would be correct…

    Viva Los Vagos

  3. Samurai Says:

    I assume it means Live Vago Die Vago but i thought it would be better to ask them run with that assumption

  4. Samurai Says:

    Sorry I know this is off subject a bit but i wonder if I could ask you what LVDV stands for.

  5. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Vinnyvag says,
    “If I were you AVAGOVFFV I’d say no thanks.”

    Do I know you? Did I ask for any advice or feedback from you? No, I did not. So with that said do not ever address me in your bullshit posts again. Just off the stupid shit your pumping from your mouth makes me not even want to share the same blog space with you.

    Viva Los Vagos

  6. Shyster Says:


    Don’t waste bandwidth on this fool. This reminds me of the puto who occasionally posts here who said months ago that I was not a lawyer but that I was a Fed/rat. Don’t waste your time. Incidentally, I represent one of the named defendants in this chicken shit Federally charged lie of a cluster fuck who was being prosecuted in Nevada State Court. The charges were dismissed in State Court the day of the raids on Thursday and his case (and others) were immediately re-filed in Federal Court. With my clients consent I will contact you via snail mail. I’m a Los Angeles defense lawyer. We should sit down for a beer.

    So, yes ladies and gentleman … this is shaping up to be just another sham Federal “(il)legal” proceeding against bikers. There is a big problem for the Feds in this one. I huge fucking problem. Let the games begin.

    Fuck everybody.


  7. Vinnyvag Says:

    I’m not even going to respond to your shit. I’ll email you Rebel since I have no issue with you. I had no idea this site was for the Stubbs fan club. ROFLMAO

  8. Rebel Says:

    Dear vinnyvag,

    I don’t think I am giving up any secrets when I say I talk to a lot of defense attorneys. Okay? I’m not saying they are ever defenders in any of the cases I write about but I talk to a lot of lawyers. And, my impression of Stubbs, as a lawyer among lawyers, is that he is credible, honest, informed, discrete and no lover of cops. Which is not to say that I have ever talked to the man. But if I ever did talk to him I wouldn’t feel obliged to hook him up to a lie detector.

    So, I am curious why you would bother to insult Stubbs here, now. In the aftermath of the big propaganda event in Vegas.

    I don’t know you, I don’t think. Maybe I do.

    But I have been led to believe that there were three undercovers or CIs in the Vagos investigation in Vegas. I am not saying they patched and I am not going to say anymore about them. And, I haven’t confirmed it but I think that is probably about right. And, it sounds to me, based on my experience and training, that the ATF was in this up to its ears. And, I have been told the names of the professional snitches. I don’t know if I am going to run them but I have been told three plausible names. And, none of those guys is named Stubbs. So, just out of curiousity, why are you going after the lawyer?

    Please email me if you don’t want to tell me in a comment on-site. Okay?

    Thanks for reading,

    PS: Vinny your last name isn’t Finn, is it?

  9. Phuquehed Says:

    @Vinnyvag – If anything sounds like bullshit getting thrown around, it’s the spew you seem to be ralphing from your mouth.

    Everything you’ve brought up so far seems to be just your *opinion*. You’ve not shown anything proving any of the crap you’re throwing around. You’re like a monkey in a cage that has nothing better to do than toss its own shit everywhere.

    You could’ve simply asked, in a halfway decent way, Bowtie a few questions, but instead all you did was come in here and rank up the room with your bad breath.

    Here’s a “middle finger” right back atya.

  10. aka Dick Goesinya Says:

    @ One Eye

    “Is it me, or is Chris Blatchford a little overly dramatic?”

    No, it’s not you. Chris Blatchford has been a gang / mafia / mob /
    underworld / organized crime / RICO / bikers /Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! “Oh Mr. Gotti can I please have your autograph?” t.v. news press – titute groupie ever since he did a 5 day CBS 2 NEWS “investigative report” called “Porn and the Mob” way back in 1988 when Bree Walker and Jim Lampley were the news anchors (weren’t they married?).

    I know this shit because my old boss and several associates were featured on it. So is Henry Hill in a disguise.

    You would dig it one eye because in it is a much younger blonde Chris Blatchford being equally dramatic, like he’s pretending he’s in “Donnie Brasco.” There’s a great unrehearsed line that Jim Lampley asks Blatchford after part 3 of the series where they are talking about the Gambino Family connection: “How dangerous is it to be reporting on this, Chris?” and Blatchford fucking freezes, with this dumbfounded look on his face after being blindsided. HE mumbles a barely distinguishable response “It’s not uh, it’s not dangerous,” with a fake smile and eyes darting back and forth before the camera cuts away. Classic.

    I have a shitty VHS copy of it around here somewhere because this was right before they started making DVD’s. That’s how fucking old I am.

    I should be in bed.

  11. Stephen "Bowtie" Stubbs Says:


    You still haven’t presented any facts or explanations to support your bullshit…because you can’t.

    Still not going to discuss the federal case in this venue.

    Again (from your allegations),

    How am I “playing both sides”?
    Why would I be in “witness protection”?
    What explanations are unbelievable?
    Why are you putting out this bullshit?


  12. Vinnyvag Says:

    You self promoted yourself constantly with the Federal case. Now when I call you out on something in the case you can’t answer the question. It’s a fact the Judge ordered you to serve the remaking defendants by the 28th or they would be dismissed. You failed to answer the last 12B motion filed by a defendant…… You’re starting to bore the shit out of me and its time for me to take a cue from the Judge…..DISMiSSED.

    Brothers watch your

  13. Stephen "Bowtie" Stubbs Says:


    What is so strange about me enjoying rebel’s blog on a Saturday afternoon and responding to posts specifically about me?

    I am not responding to your questions about the federal court case on purpose…it is active litigation and there is no reason for me to discuss it (remember…attorneys only speak where it matters).

    You have made many baseless allegations and I’m asking you to support them (or at least explain them). Can you support them or are you just full of shit?

    What in the world does this have to due with the raids? Or, are you just trying to use the articles to make baseless allegations against me? More importantly, why?


  14. vinnyvag Says:

    Bow-Tie the fact that you even take the time to respond makes my point. Not to mention you don’t address the Federal case.

    Attorneys only speak where it matters….in court. If you represented me I’d tell you to shut the fuck up. I’m not buying your bullshit. LMFAO

  15. Stephen "Bowtie" Stubbs Says:


    Please tell me how I am “playing both sides”?

    Why would I be in “witness protection”?

    What “explanation” is unbelievable?

    Why are you even bringing me up in this conversation and posting (out of context) a simple clarification of facts that I made on a local Boulder City Political Forum that has 24 members.

    In that post, I’m not pointing any fingers at anyone. Just simply pointing out that some people are not involved when a Finn supporter tried to say that they were. If you are interested in truth, I would think that you would be in favor of that.


  16. vinnyvag Says:

    Make no mistake here I have taken the time and looked into Bow-Tie and there is interesting reading on this Boulder City Political Forum. Did any of you know Bow-tie is a MMA expert? He claims in this post he beat up one of our brothers. Funny, I thought his secretary hit the Peckerwood over the head. I guess I was wrong.

    Re: [bouldercitypoliticalforum] Re: Stubbs Claims Deception << First Last >>
    Posted By:
    Tue Apr 30, 2013 5:45 pm |

    Mr Plott,

    You are incorrect to think that I started this. Matt called my office 2 years ago and challenged me to a fight. Matt also threatened my children if I did not meet him in battle (Matt denies that part but it is true).

    Matt backed out of the fight that he challenged. So, I called him a coward, then Matt called me numerous other things, then I offered to settle things the way Matt originally challenged me…and here we are.

    I prefer to keep my experience and skills as a surprise for Mr. Ragan. However, I will say that the last fight I was in, a member of a motorcycle club that Metro considers an “Outlaw Motorcycle Gang” sent one of his guys to my office to “take care of me”. The man that attacked me ended up in an ambulance. A hole is still in my wall at my Las Vegas office (now covered my the reception desk), made by his head.

    All of the previous statement is documented by police reports and court documents.

    I look forward to fulfilling Matt’s challenge from 2 years ago.

    Stephen Stubbs

  17. Vinnyvag Says:

    Bow-tie those that protest too much have something to hide. I’m not a supporter of anyone but the truth, just a concerned friend wondering why you are playing both sides. I checked the federal civil rights case and you failed to respond to the Judges order to either serve the remaining defendants or they will be dismissed. Looks like you failed. You failed to answer another claim of dismissal on someone you did serve and that will be dismissed. In my humble opionion you have a hidden agenda and I’d like to find out what it is. No one cares about Finn but you. I doubt Finn even cares.

    Your explanation isn’t believable to me. Who cares if they were your clients or not. We’re these members part of those you represent as members of the Southern Confederation of Clubs? Are they brothers of those that are? You are either a supporter Bow-tie or a finger pointer and I’m calling you out with my middle finger.

    If I were you AVVAGOVFFV I’d say no thanks.

  18. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Thanks Bowtie….

    Viva Los Vagos

  19. Stephen "Bowtie" Stubbs Says:

    To clear up another lie: None of the people indicted were my clients before the indictments. Many are my clients after.


  20. Stephen "Bowtie" Stubbs Says:

    Please don’t take my above post in a local Boulder City political forum out of context. I have not made an official statement about the recent events. This was a direct response to a Chief Finn supporter that has been spreading misinformation about MCs for over a year now.

    This guy tried to blame this on the Mongols and claimed that some bikers that showed up at a Boulder City council meeting were involved. He used those lies to make a case that Chief Finn was wrongfully fired. I simply refuted his lies.

    Vinnyvag seems to be pushing Finn’s propaganda.


  21. Budweiser Says:

    PigPen- Great post…with most of these long term ATF or any type of LE investigations though it almost never comes down to a jury. The charges are most of the time so numerous and overwhelming and the punishment so harsh that a plea deal seems like like the best solution. We rarely see a defendant’s case go to the jury. That is what a lot of Rebel’s great website is about. The absolutely corruption of LE and the federal government and how overwhelming the deck is stacked against MC’s in RICO cases.

  22. vinnyvag Says:

    This is what Bow-tie has to say about the bust……gotta love a guy who blames it on everyone else. We dIdn’t do it….they did. What a way to turn on your brothers.

    Re: [bouldercitypoliticalforum] Good Family Men?
    Posted By:
    Fri Jun 28, 2013 4:51 pm |

    Noone involved in this case was in Boulder City for the council meeting, nor where they in Boulder City for the event.

    Mongols MC were not involved in any way, even though they had multiple contacts with the undercover police officer in the last 4 years.

    Chief Finn was fired for many reasons. I wish I could take credit for it all, but sadly, Finn was the master of his own demise.

    Stephen Stubbs

    On Jun 28, 2013, at 9:46 AM, “traceyspencer615” wrote:

    We ran the Chief of Police out of town on the say so of Stephen Stubbs. The outlaw motorcycle gang members weren’t criminals and were good family men? Two of these guys are Stubbs’ clients and just got indicted. Weren’t there also Vagos members at the City Council Meeting when the city let Stubbs and his Dad try to convince us all that Finn was supposedly a criminal? Why is it only the mc gang members get charged with anything? Hey, City Council, maybe you backed the wrong runner in the race.

  23. Prospect Says:

    @ Pig
    Damn, you nailed it.
    LOVE – LOYALTY – HONOR – RESPECT. Some cocksuckers can’t get the hang of that.


    Prospect, 106 days in

  24. rollinnorth Says:

    How about that, a “multi-state investigation” in “several states.”
    Wonder how much it cost for a “a multi-state, four-year-long investigation into biker gangs in several states?” Sheeple paying for it will never ask.

  25. Pig Says:

    People believe CI’s and snitches for the same reason they believe guns are evil, marijuana is a “gateway drug”, and that Obama knows best. They believe all that crap because they were told to by the media and Hollywood and the “heroes” of law enforcement and they are too fucking lazy to do a little research for themselves to find the truth. In this day and age it is so much easier to turn on your TV and adopt an opinion mass produced and nicely packaged by someone else than to actually have to make the effort to form your own. Plus they get to impress the neighbor’s wife with tales of how they helped clean up the streets.

    My personal feeling is that the problem lies in the fact that for the majority of folks these days, an oath doesn’t mean anything anymore. Honesty and integrity are a thing of the past and the concept of making a promise or giving your word has been diluted down until the true spirit of the gesture has been lost in antiquity. We read about it in books and hear our grandparents talk about it and lament it’s loss, but most parents I see are too busy living their own lives to teach it to their kids and we have reached a point in society where integrity and honesty are actually a liability rather than an asset. If you want to get ahead, you have to learn to “play the game”, “go along to get along” and never forget that “perception is reality”. Fuck the truth or what is actually the reality of any given situation. The average citizen will get everything they need to know about MC’s from Kurt Sutter. “The Rock” will tell them all about “Snitches”, and they will ruin a man’s life with a conviction and still be home in time to see who won American Idol. Welcome to America.

  26. Junior Says:

    What else would you expect from someone who took an oath of loyalty making the state the paramount recipient of that loyalty. Because they swear paramount allegiance to the state, a kop can’t even be trusted by his own biological family, much less a club “brother”. I got a kop neighbor a few doors down, he’s congenial and just generally a nice guy, but you can’t let that fool you, I bet that fuker would turn on me in a minute and help the prosecutors nail me to a cross if he could. Why? because his oath is to the state and I have already caught him in lies during simple neighborly conversations. It is ingrained in a kop to lie, & misrepresent. Just my $.02. FTP -Junior

  27. Bruka Says:

    Maybe Operation Black Dipshit or Operation Low-Key, hope the Vagos stick together and don’t give em shit.

  28. VinnyVag Says:

    “Bow-tie” come out, come out wherever you are…..Pure Luck or a bunch of dumb fucks. Maybe Stubbs can arrange another “rally” to parade his clients again in front of the cameras and city council meetings. LMFAO

  29. PigPen Says:

    What i will never get through my thick head, how civilians, and the jury believes professional snitches! that is people that get paid only when there is illegal shit going on. When there is nothing, then they do not get paid. and all of these professional snitches are only doing this shit to get off their charges. and please, do not give me this crap that i am doing this so you can do good in your community. fuck you, you fucking fuck. you saw that there is money to be made, while you can still party and booze, then you turn around, and entrap people that are calling you Brother. then you move on to the next paying gig, you write book, you ink a tv deal. you are doing for the greater good? ok, then donate all of your book money to help homeless kids, take in a $30,000 a year salary and donate the rest of it to a soup kitchen if you want to do good. don’t entrap working men, that are looking out for a Brother and ruin their life.

  30. Chief Says:


    Operation Big Green Weenie…because the Vagos got fucked.



  31. terry f Says:

    Operation pure luck. According to Las Vegas newspaper.

  32. One Eye Says:

    Is it me, or is Chris Blatchford a little overly dramatic?

  33. Paul Citizen Says:

    RIP TomCat

  34. Austin Says:

    @ slycechyx – ask him @ [email protected]
    which I found here;

    @ Warthog – It’s Vagos – I ‘m going with green. Like – Qperation 22 Green, Operation Simple Green… Maybe something with the moon and green cheese this time…

    @Budweiser – Thanks for pointing that out. I was just thinking if there was him plus 3 UC’s – making 4 Feds in a club of 7 – well, it seems like anything & everything they did would be a complete setup.

    @everyone – stay vigilant out there.

  35. VinngVag Says:

    Las Vegas Metro, Henderson, North Las Vegas….. Where is Boulder City? Stubbs to the rescue or witness protection?

  36. SLICE Says:

    The kick in the balls? Guys like this are EVERYWHERE… Keep your eyes & ears open men.

  37. WARTHOG Says:

    @Erudite Hillbilly,

    Well, let’s see here. We had Black Biscuit, Black Rain, and Black Diamond. You think they’re going to stay with black or change it to green this time? Fuck ’em all and their trumped up bullshit.




  38. slycechyx Says:

    Why the fuck is this snitch bitch, Falco, still wearing his cut?

  39. mad matt Says:

    Snitches get found in ditches. Guys like this…I would enjoy taking my time with him.

    Bring the AOA to Rhode Island!

  40. Budweiser Says:

    Austin- Only three had “Virginia” patches in that photo.

  41. Austin Says:

    “Falco and 3 undercover agents”… were able to set up their own clubhouse… and there are 7 people in the photo?

    This looks like a media spin effort to whip up book sales.

  42. Erudite Hillbilly Says:

    I wait with bated breath to see what goofy operation name they come up with for this one.

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