Special Memory Knife Fight

December 22, 2008

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A knife fight broke out at the “A Special Memory Wedding Chapel” in downtown Las Vegas late Saturday after the chapel manager inadvertently scheduled a Mongols Motorcycle Club wedding ceremony right after a Hells Angels Motorcycle Club wedding ceremony.

The wedding chapel’s owner, Joshua Gust, told Las Vegas television station KTNV that the knife fight was just bad luck. “There’s 100,000 weddings a year in Las Vegas and how many across the world. To have two groups that close together, I think that is very odd,” Gust said.

The Usual Suspects

The Hells Angels, Mongols and the Bandidos Motorcycle Club all have club houses in Las Vegas. Most people understand that the three clubs do not attend each other’s weddings.

“We were friggin’ attacked,” the groom, an unidentified Mongol told the Vegas television station. “We defended ourselves the best we could. It’s real hard to do when you are outnumbered that bad. But that is alright.” The groom was stabbed three times in the stomach. The best man was also stabbed. The bride was not harmed.

“I would like to say, the police and certain people are putting it out there that we did something wrong,” the groom added. “That’s not what it is. I came here to get married. I didn’t even know that other people were here.”

Police Remain Silent

Las Vegas Metro Police have confirmed that the fight occurred but, as is the custom with police, refuse to release even the most basic details of the brawl including the two clubs involved, the names of the combatants or the extent of their injuries.

“We have some video that we are reviewing,” metro Police Lieutenant Richard Fletcher admitted reluctantly. “It won’t be released at this time. It has been turned over to detectives.”

It was the Mongols and the Angels, sir. Okay? We know. Two Mongols were stabbed.

Just Met That Special Someone

A Special Memory Wedding Chapel, at 800 South Fourth Street, is one of the classier chapels in Vegas. It is in a building that looks like an old New England church. It seats about 90 people, in case you want to bring your whole club, and as is usual in Vegas, you can buy a bridal veil, flowers, photos, a cake and champagne on site.

A Special Memory also features a drive-up window if you are in a hurry and want to get the ceremony over with before one of you sobers up. The chapel does three hundred drive-up weddings a month. The drive up weddings only cost $25 but the souvenir tee-shirt costs extra.

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  1. Debater Says:


    Wittnesses for the prosecution were found to be lying on the stand on mutiple occasions when Mongols and their women testified.


  2. Sin City Blackest Says:

    @ ride That would make a killin here in Vegas lol

  3. Ride Says:

    Too bad there’s not a drive-up window for divorces; would’ve come in handy a while back.

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