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June 22, 2013

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By email, a friend of this page advises that an episode of America’s Book of Secrets titled “Hells Angels” aired last night. I was in it. Lets find out together what Charles Falco, Kerrie Droban, Jay Dobyns, Christopher Brunwin and I all had to say!



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  1. Anna Says:

    Dear Mr. Rebel,

    I had no idea that failure to cooperate with a “Terry stop” was illegal and that my refusal to show ID was perhaps a stupid place to draw the line with law enforcement. “Innocence is no protection” though and I would prefer to make a scene over refusal to show ID (and risk the jail time) rather than risk being complacent and having some strange guy grope me in a parking lot-or worse.

    I downloaded a sample of your book and will be definitely be purchasing it. Thank you for your response and the information provided.

    Much Obliged,


  2. Bruka Says:

    Of course pigs can’t get women. Think about it – if the woman gets on all fours, starts squealing and getting all sweaty she’s going to be arrested for impersonating a police officer.

  3. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    The media will recycle Laughlin the way they recycle Altamont. I sure wish Tweaker/Assassin Hunter had been white. Then they couldn’t try to paint the HAMC as a bunch of neo-Nazis. If a meth head shoots you with a gun that came off a battleship, you are entitled to stab that meth head, regardless of skin color. I have zero tolerance for tweakers and cokeheads because I have encountered way too many of them.

    One thing that still astonishes me is that Passaro pulled something that had just shot him closer to him so he could stab it in the back. The way the tweaker was running, it would have run right on to the blade had Passaro stuck the knife out in front of him. Apparently Passaro wasn’t afraid of a cranked-up kook who had just shot him with a cannon (like just about anyone quite naturally would be).

    YYZ Skinhead

  4. Rebel Says:

    Dear Anna,
    What happened to you is called a “Terry Stop” after the Supreme Court ruling that makes it legal. You are required to identify yourself and provide identification. Not to do so can get you charged with some flavor of obstruction of justice. The cop could have legally groped you to ensure his safety. Cops rape women all the time. I am surprised this one did not. Usually, Hells Angels, or any patch holders in any clubs, don’t have to rape women. They get to choose them.


    PS I have a chapter about agent Jay in Out Bad. The book is on Amazon. Jay just commented here the other day.

  5. Anna Says:

    I came across your page while looking up information about Jay Dobyns for a paper (Sorry. If it makes you feel better I was looking for a perspective that WASN’T his) and although I am sure the Angels badass reputation is well-earned; I live in a Disney-Fantasy Land of Bikers (apparently) and I always have to shake my head at the concept of Good Guys (Cops) vs Bad Guys (Motorcycle, ahem, “Gangs”). Maybe I’ve just drank too much of the Kool-Aid or I’ve been abnormally treated well, who knows.

    I live in a town that has a Bike Week so I see a lot of Bikers. I don’t know these guys nor do I hang out with them. Just see them around town and I have never been shot at, assaulted or harmed in anyway. Not even talked to in a derogatory manner. In fact, I’d say most of the men I see I would describe as chivalrous. I’ve actually had bikers stop and let me cross the street so I didn’t have to stand there for 10 minutes to let their group pass (and yes, I did say Thank You).

    The COPS in my town, however, are super-rude, cynical jerks. I actually cringe when these guys talk to me because they seem hopped up on superiority. One night, not too long ago, I had a very comical (in hindsight) incident in which I was walking home from the movie theater and “pulled over” into an empty parking lot where I was badgered into showing ID (I didn’t) or else risk going to jail for suspicion of prostitution (because I’m a girl and that’s all I know. Right? Right). While I debated whether or not to give this jackwagon my full name and address or risk being physically detained and stuffed into the backseat of his car, a biker drove by us and then did a U-Turn to come sit in the parking lot near to where I was being questioned. SUDDENLY, Johnny Law decides it’s okay that I don’t show him ID and my T-Shirt, jeans and sneakers aren’t really conducive to selling sex and just takes off. It was only after I walked off (and walked behind the biker) that I saw the Hells Angels patches. I just shook my head.

  6. DocB Says:

    @ Matt
    Our great grand children will hear about Hollister and Laughlin repeatedly on the radio, on TV and in print and any other form of communication they come up with by then. Just like roaches, they’ll never go away

  7. Caffeine Kid Says:

    What Sturgis incident? Did you notice Papa led away by SFPD at 14:05? Rip Mark.

  8. Matt Says:

    I noticed that they showed clips a few times of someone accused of being involved in the Sturgis incident. Wonder if they did that on purpose or not?

    Also, why must every show or book involving clubs bring up Hollister? Is it to show that the media has been exaggerating these stories since the beginning?

  9. Bear Says:

    ‘forged in chrome leather and blood”…i like that!! jeezus, what another load of crap. how many different versions on the same documentary can they make? Gangland (x3), History Channel, Biography channel…and now this shit.

  10. Bear Says:

    Book of Secrets??? Bwahahaha…lame ass excuse for the same square ass lame fuckers and the same ol stories and footage FROM A DECADE AGO!!! Get a life history channel…and stop supporting these asshole ‘experts’!

  11. Drifter Says:

    Superb Reb….

  12. tiger Says:

    Rebel It was at least a little sense and truth thanks to you. I was astounded at the ignorance and lack of truth to most of the comments from gaybird, and the rest of the (sic) experts. Cook is a dumbass and don’t even get me started on the fag Ciccone. I try not to watch these BS shows but, I watched this and was proud of the way you and Roger carried yourselves.

  13. Freeman Says:

    Just one thing to add,if you listen to fools…

  14. WARTHOG Says:





  15. anon Says:


    I haven’t received anything and checked my spam folder several times. I will email Rebel with another email to pass along. My apologies about the confusion, but I assume you understand about trying to stay somewhat unknown online and not blatantly posting email addresses.

  16. WARTHOG Says:


    I emailed you about a month ago. Did you not get it, again? I just sent you another to
    Let me know if you got this one I just sent.




  17. Freeman Says:

    Furin Globitz and yetfuck would make a really Nice couple dont y’a think?

    Know the rules before you break’em.

  18. anon Says:

    RLG Says:

    Was he even patched in for real?


    No, he wasn’t, and that is part of why I made my comment above. He goes on a hissy fit in his book about never getting patched in, but he likes to play for journalists like he was a PH.

  19. Caffeine Kid Says:

    Rebel, there is a really wired coincidence in the clip @11:21. When the cops showed their SFV rogues gallery, there is a member who has your name, but your middle initials missed by one letter. That’s wired, man.

  20. RLG Says:

    Dobson sure has a 100 yard stare going. Was he even patched in for real?

  21. Joseph S Says:

    Congratulations on the book and your TV appearances. It is good to see what you look like after all these years. I must say that you are strikingly handsome!! Just Kidding. Good job on everything and once again congratulations on everything.

    The Man of Steel

  22. Shyster Says:


    That’s exactly right. A little out of order regarding who they will go after first but the conclusion is spot on. And they will use any rat bastard they can to achieve their illegal goals.


  23. john furin Says:

    John Furin, aka Edward Frederick Glowitz of Englewood, Florida, is the Southeastern Boss of the Chester faction of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club. This is one of eleven comments he posted on this site over a ten minute period.

    Phuquehed is a CI watch what ya say in here. Rebel is workin with the ATF

  24. Jay Says:

    Looking good as always Rebel!
    Its amazing the Bullshit Jaybird shovels, he is so used to being full of shit I think he has actually begun to eat his own crap.

  25. Wife-E Says:

    Jay is a Joke !!! The American Government has killed and caused more deaths and is very much involved with drug trafficking than any other group !!! and last but not least every fat cat in politics is a domestic terrorist “Support 81 for life”

  26. anon Says:

    Rebel, good job. I’m in the middle of this one, and neither show has disappointed with respect to your honesty or legitimacy.

    In the video Rebel posted, between 28:00 and 28:30, you see Dobyns wearing a patched cut without his arms being sleeved. From the timeline in his book, he had an 81 member tattoo his sleeves well before the fake Mongol hit. After the fake hit, he supposedly refused to wear “another man’s cut” (or something to that effect) because they are non-transferable.

    Just noticing inconsistencies. I’m sure there are more.

    Rebel, if you read this, you can send the email attached to this post to WARTHOG re: Jim666. Seems like things got lost before due to a mistake on my end.

  27. Snow Says:

    The catch phrase of the day is domestic terrorist, with that one phrase your life can be turned upside down, evidence will be found to convict you even if they have to create it. You will be made an example of and the sheeple will allow it all to happen because they are so programed all independent thought is gone.
    @ Rebel
    Great job, make em pay you from now on.
    Respect sent to the true, Snow.

  28. IO Says:

    Strange times ahead, the many police agencies and task forces are being directed to go after everyone that proves a threat to the way “it’s supposed to be”. I guess with as much the feds have being throwing around the word domestic terrorist, the old organized crime syndicate argument is going away and domestic terrorist is going to make the coming decades even harder to have family, friends, and social bonds. I would assume that being arrested under he laws of being a domestic terrorist, as compared to being part of an ongoing criminal enterprise, carries with denial of rights , even more secretive trials, longer prison sentences, and lets not forget just disappearance.


    Something has to be done. People need to come together in order to be able to be different and live their live and be with their families and friends. Fight to repeal US v. Turkette and fight to repeal all the laws that make it easy to label someone a terrorists, or everyone will be going down and we will be living in one of those damn futuristic movies were you have a thought and the next thing that happens is agents crash through your window and you go down for thought-crime.

  29. Sieg Says:

    Don’t let the assorted shiny bullshit hide the one central fact that was put out there in this.

    Domestic Terrorists.

    The Fed Goonies are going to use those two words to come after ALL of us. They will start with the Angels and the Outlaws, the Pagans and the Bandidos, the Vagos and the Sons, but make no mistake, they’ll come after you, too.

    If you haven’t had your Kool-Aid yet, you are an enemy of the state.

    5 to 1

  30. VINCE 1%ER Says:

    I cannot understand WHY they let that program be a forum for Gay Jay to air his contempt(now) at his former bureau that he professes to Love(now and again) more than anything ? What a pathological Liar and miscreant HE is.And the “infiltration’ of our government theory – along with the domestic terrorism label…..complete and utter Government inspired BULLSHIT. It WAS REFRESHING To SEE YOU REBEL (a voice of Intelligence,Knowledge and Common Sense TRUTH) interject some “REAL WORLD” thinking and actual TRUTH into the show ( I say some because They didn’t dare give you enough time to tell it like it Really IS) . I Applaud You REBEL and it was the ONLY highlight of the show,but it did my heart good to see you set many straight on actual happenings instead of government inspired fantasy.

  31. Stevo Says:

    Was that Jay the Gay sniffing crank off JJ’s tits at the beginning?

  32. bigdowner Says:

    For Altamont and to promote their new LP “Let It Bleed” Mick Jagger and Keith Richards thought it would be “cool” to hire the Hells Angels as it would add to the Stones’ “dangerous” mystique. They didn’t coordinate a damned thing – not surprising in those days when rock concerts were still a relatively new concept – and they misjudged the HA as well as the crowd – in which there were thousands – not hundreds – thousands of people fucked up on bad speed and bad acid as well as good speed and good acid.

    At Altamont, they did what they were asked to do – protect the band and the stage area. That colored boy with the gun near the stage who got stabbed – he pulled out a concealed lethal weapon in a crowd next to a bunch of Hells Angels. Let me put it this way – if it had been a cop instead of an Angel – the cop would have shot that boy dead no questions asked.

    We never hear about the Hells Angels who accepted a personal invitation to London, Abbey Road Studios and Apple Corps by Beatle George Harrison when he visited Haight Ashbury in 1968. They behaved themselves – mostly –
    and sure, they overstayed their visit and had to be asked to leave (what do you expect?) but they did, and they didn’t bitch about it.

    Sonny Barger (who I don’t like but I must remain impartial here) and the
    crew at Altamont were unfairly demonized to the same degree as the Manson Family by the press and by the Feds, and remain so to this day, yet they did not commit any crime that day..

  33. Budweiser Says:

    Where were the shades, Rebel?

  34. Austin Says:

    Oh JayBird… really? “The tippy tip tip of the iceberg…” are you thinking it’s a bedtime story then???

    That PhD wasn’t at my alma mater when I was there.
    She’s another aspiring author who is clearly buying the branding.

  35. Sin cal Says:

    Good job Rebel. Why didn’t they label Falco correctly as a paid informant instead of an author. And as for dobyns it’s the same thing over & over and I think he is getting more paranoid each time he is on a show.

  36. Metal Dave Says:

    Yeah but it was kinda sweet seeing Dobyns whine a bit about how the Aye Tee Eff fucked him over, haha

  37. One Eye Says:

    Well done, Rebel. Do I see a talk show in the future? Some of the incidences cited are a little confusing to me. Did they want to evince the club’s evil or the media’s ineptitude?

    The Hollister incident was caused, by most eyewitness accounts, very rowdy locals. Even the sheriff stated most reports were exaggerated. The Monterey case, all charges were dropped. Why? It was fabricated bullshit. Altamont: The Rolling Stones didn’t know who the Hells Angels were? I’m persuaded to believe they knew EXACTLY who they were. What they didn’t bank on was a suicidal moron pulling out a revolver, firing at them and members taking care of business. THEN, the Stones claimed they had no idea of who they were, and conveniently repudiated all ties to hiring the club for security.

    The SOA comparison was a nice touch, too; it’s tantamount to watching the biker version of the graphic comic book movie Sin City.

    They still cite Black Biscuit as though it was a success. When a judge throws a case out for a refusal to disclose evidence the only victory is that the prosecution’s sorry asses didn’t end up in a cell for contempt. These shows are insulting.

  38. Grumbler Says:

    YouTube has craptastic subtitles (closed captioning). Had to watch that episode at … it was, for all intents and purposes, another regurgitation of the same ol’ gangland shit we’re accustomed to. Even so, it was good seein’ ya on that show, Rebel. B-)

  39. Freeman Says:

    Fucking funny, dobyns: can the hells angels infiltrate our government? stop worrying they have, and they cant give even one fucking example of this right, all the while giving all the examples of the dirty tricks they, the gov, has pulled to infiltrate MC.

    Another funny thing, reference to soa at the beginning, and calling the angels domestic terrorism, gimme a fucking break.

    They hire the best lawyers…some angels on trial over here have reverted to ”aide judiciere” which basically means government paid lawyers when your income is not high enough to hire a lawyer yourself.

    Facing government charges i doubt anyone would want a court assigned and government paid lawyer, the best lawyers are NOT government paid, and that’s fact.

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