Warlocks Rising

June 21, 2013

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Discovery Channel’s ongoing mission to explore new worlds, boldly go where no man has gone before and tell America what it is really like to belong to a motorcycle club will continue whether The Devils Ride is renewed or not.

On July Fifth, the network will premier Warlocks Rising, a “reality” show about the Warlocks Motorcycle Club. The show will document the lives and adventures of members of the Orlando based club that wears a stylized Phoenix patch. The red and black Phoenix patch Warlocks were involved in a violent gunfight at the starting point of a poker run last September with members of another Warlocks Motorcycle Club. Those other Warlocks are an offshoot of a club formed in Philadelphia and its members wear a stylized Harpy patch and the colors red and white. Three Phoenix patch Warlocks were killed and two more were wounded in the confrontation in a VFW parking lot in Winter Springs, Florida. Four Harpy Warlocks were arrested for murder after the incident. The case is ongoing.

Warlocks Rising was in production at the time of the shooting. There were persistent and cogent but unsubstantiated rumors at the time of the shootout that the confrontation had been filmed. Police have stated that that the event was surveilled and videoed but that police cameramen left before the shooting started.


The shows were shot in Clearwater, Florida near Tampa on the Gulf Coast. Clearwater is about 110 miles from Winter Park.

In a press release issued last November Jennifer Parramore, Director of the Florida Film Commission wrote, “’Warlocks Rising’ is a television reality documentary show that has been filming a number of locations around the Clearwater area. The production show in charge of producing the program, Wilma Productions, has been in and out of the area getting footage of the behind-the-scenes documentary about the real motorcycle club. The company is working through one of the Discovery channels.”

Production on the show began in September 2012 and was completed in December. Discovery plans to cablecast at least four episodes of the show.

What To Expect

Discovery issued a press release yesterday that said the show will follow “members of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club as they struggle to balance family and club life.” The release also states, “Show is produced by Discovery Studios, with Stuart Schonfeld, Cameron P. Casey, Eddie Barbini and Brian Knappmiller serving as exec producers.” Discovery Studios is the network’s in-house production company with offices and facilities in West Hollywood, New York, London, and Silver Spring, Maryland. The network’s headquarters are in Silver Spring.

Warlocks Rising will be paired with another motorcycle show called Philly Throttle, about the interesting things that happen at a Philadelphia shop named “Liberty Vintage Motorcycles.” The hour-long Warlocks show will air at 9 pm and will be followed by the hour-long Philly Throttle. A website at www.warlocksrising.net was registered last month but is not yet online.

The first episode of Warlocks Rising is titled “The Hard Life” and the network describes the episode like this: “The consequences of Shotgun’s lifestyle threaten the safety of his family and himself, causing Shotgun to turn to his brothers to help relocate his late wife’s grave. And the Warlocks throw a freedom party for brother Scooter upon his prison release.”

The second episode of the show, for which Discovery has not yet released a synopsis, is titled “Biker Justice.”


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116 Responses to “Warlocks Rising”

  1. ghost Says:

    what little I’ve seen of this show I don’t think it’s that bad, second just about all the big clubs have been on tee vee, in interviews, or in some cases even done multiple movies with club members acting in them dating back to the sixties, until very recently. also I think some of these clubs almost feel compelled to be on some of these shows such as gangland to at least get there point across from their own mouths, a lot of long time club presidents have also written books. I think it just depends on the information divulged, sonny barger’s autobiography was a little club history mixed with some funny personal stories, versus doc cavazos’s book which was all about doc and what tough guy he thought he was, with open admissions on current crimes he and some of his people were doing at that time, along with a nice group picture of some of his top people posing with guns for the hard back book cover. (fucking retarded) I personally think if it’s done with a little class then nothing is wrong with it, also most club’s say that they are not criminal organization’s but might have a few criminals in them, which is usually true then they have nothing to hide, just don’t be lame like the laughing dildos, also there are usually factions within any large group of people and they usually don’t agree on much, so for some of the warlock’s not agreeing and then releasing press statement’s I find to be a sort of a funny oxymoron anyway that’s my 2 cent’s

  2. Dago1%er Says:

    All I can say is wow….not this again.

  3. money makes people talk Says:

    Wow i remember the last time you guys chased a dollar .. Are your prayer meetings Gone to be on tv too .

  4. sherides Says:

    There is some type of additional disclaim that was shown after the previews of next weeks episode. It flashed too fast for me to read it.

    I thought it wasn’t a bad show.

    I hope no one regrets it in the end.

  5. Rebel Says:

    Dear 10Guage,

    No. I didn’t.


  6. Mudduck Says:

    my friends started the show saw dogs. and now i’m a part of a company that will be on animal planet airing before the show tanked. we have no name yet. play houses, amusment parks in peoples back yard, shooting galleries and wood sculpture will be featured. we are friends with the tree house masters that is on animal planet already and we just talked with him about how much money we should expect from the production crew. he makes 5,000 a show and gives his employes 700$ a show. that’s the amount of money he gets. they start filming for are show on the 15th of july and they have offered 2,500 to the main owners of the business that is becoming the show and no word yet on what they will offer people that work for said business or with said business like me but when I know ill tell you if it helps with trying to understand the motive or reasoning to have your life on tv or why someone who live and believes like you does. I would suspect the main charactures in the show get 5000 to 2500$ and the rest get 500 to 1000 depending on the interest in the show. I have one friend in a 1% club who is more a father figure. I was raised with outlaws my whole life. cant keep making laws for stupid I think and cant survive trying to keep all the stupid f ing laws. some are good. im a country boy so I can be the sherrif or judge and jury. respect to all that have given it and have taught a higer level of it like what keeps a family together. its hard to find.

  7. Budweiser Says:

    The thanks could be due to some of the footage shown of the clubhouse bombings.

  8. Budweiser Says:

    10Guage- I saw that at the end too. “WTF” is exactly what I thought. They did show a clip of Spike Ingrao which I assume will be shown later in the season. Maybe they go into detail about the ATF investigation of the early 90’s.

  9. 10Guage Says:

    “Special thanks to the bureau of alcohol, tobacco , and firearms”. WTF?

    Did you catch that at the end of the show Rebel?

  10. DocB Says:

    @ Glen
    I’d like to add a number 7 to your crazy list.
    Any woman who can’t remember if she’s had any children

  11. Glenn S. Says:

    My experience is that those that talk constantly do so because people that know them stopped listening a long time ago and they’re starved for attention. There’s usually a reason for that.

    No, I don’t hate women, I just have this bad habit of seeking interesting women and then discovering that they’re crazy.

    Happy 4th and respect to those who deserve it, as I believe most of y’all do.

  12. pheonix Says:


    A documentary series will be released on Friday, July 5, 2013 to be aired on the Discovery Channel entitled “Warlocks Rising.” This documentary purports to depict some members of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club in various personal activities and in various club activities and events. The depictions aired during this series will be the result of the participation of individuals and of the editing process utilized by the publisher. Nothing depicted in this series should be interpreted as being approved or ratified by the Warlocks National, LLC, or any individual chapter or member of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club. Indeed, there are many members of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club who do not approve of this series nor the activities and opinions depicted or expressed therein.

    Roger B. Butcher, P.A.
    P.O. Box 620069
    Oviedo, Florida 32762-0069
    Phone: (407) 321-6635
    Email: [email protected]
    Direct Line: (407) 808-4535
    Attorney for Warlocks National, LLC

  13. Bill Says:

    C’mon, Glenn, they’re “different”, they have “issues”, DRAMA = LIFE, and like you know how sharks can’t breathe without constantly swimming, in order to pass water over their gills, well I have a theory: women can’t breathe without constantly talking. Oh yeah, I made this up, lame, but true: What’s the difference between a barking dog and a woman? The dog will eventually shut up. All that aside, there’s just something about ’em…


    Happy 4th to you, and much respect, from a stranger on the West Coast.

  14. Glenn S. Says:

    Budweiser said: “For some reason though, it isn’t the same. Hard bodies get soft and crazy women get waaaay crazier.”

    Thass the fucking truth, especially the last part. And I have gotten more cynical. Crazy women were fun 30 years ago. Now they’re just irritating.

    Signs of crazy I look for today include: 1)Any woman who claims she’s been raped a lot of times over the course of her life, 2) Any woman who is always going to the doctor (bonus points for the ER) for one ailment after another, 3) Any woman who has no female friends, 4) Any woman who doesn’t remember her childhood very well (before dope), 5) Eating disorders, 6) Abandonment issues.

  15. John Says:

    Could FURIN be the ol PEG Leg???

  16. ex W Says:

    @tooj, no disrespects to you either.an grump your right.i’m shuttin my pie hole,an to all on here the media IS a whore to the gov. an police we all know that, but one thing has allways been true. no matter how much a club is infeltraded,took down, exploided it allways comes back stronger……..

  17. Grumpy Says:

    You’ve already said enough about CLUB buisness ” W “,close the hole dude.

  18. Tooj Says:

    @ex W there was no disrespect intended. Actually, I believe what you wrote. I wrote that it might explain why a couple characters that showed up here to comment seemed so P.O.’ed without provocation. If that sends a message that I know fucking everything, then wait until I start talking about something I actually know a lot about.

    go ahead, explain it further. seems to me you said some members split over it, so it’s an educated guess that the ones who stayed would also have some opinions about shit.

    my concern is always what this sort of thing does to MC’s… or what it ‘could’ do to them; hence my suggestion that this is yet another way to break up a club.

    beyond that? i’m quite comfortable with my awareness that i don’t know everything…

  19. Samurai Says:

    This is liable to piss some people off but I think, at least in part, this rash of reality tv shows where MC’s participate fully has it’s roots in the Iron Order MC’s special they did with Bob Saget. It gained them National attention and explosive growth, whether it was right or not I’m not debating that just commenting. I think other MC’s have seen this and hope for similiar results but they go about it the wrong way. After looking into the IOMC’s special it appears that they kept more creative control then the LDMC did. This is just conjecture, it was 1 show vs 2 seasons so who knows what would have happened if the IO kept going. One of my basic understanding of any MC is to promote solid growth and expansion and the Warlocks may be trying to do exactly that. HOpefully they are keeping a tight reign on what makes it on tv but we will see

  20. RLG Says:

    @Budweiser, I think the reporter was just trolling for a story. And yes, during the interview it sounded like it would be a positive story. (We were not an MC)

  21. Budweiser Says:

    Glenn- That sucks, nothing beats a “friend with benefits” especially when you are young. Not that it isn’t cool when you’re older. For some reason though, it isn’t the same. Hard bodies get soft and crazy women get waaaay crazier.

  22. Glenn S. Says:

    Budweiser said: “Glenn S.- So did the guy with the bail money get paid back?”

    He got what he wanted and expected out of the deal. And I lost a friend with benefits when she took my taking the trouble as a sign I wanted our friendship to be more. She started getting jealous and possessive soon after, and I think she came to hate me when her feelings weren’t returned.

  23. Budweiser Says:

    Wow, RLG, that sucks. I wouldn’t put anything past the local media. How in the hell did they make a “fraternal” organization look bad? I assume they were there to show your group in a positive light.

  24. RLG Says:

    I was in a fraternal organization many years ago where one of the members invited the press into our chapter house and gave an interview. The local reporter ended up spinning and editing, and the piece that aired was not very positive. At least it was a tiny local news organization. We had to pass a rule to not talk to the press and NEVER EVER let the press into the house.

    It fucking sucks corporate media only cares about selling soap…

  25. ex W Says:

    Well tooj, it looks like you know it all .why should anybody tell the truth about the shit going on an no one wants to listen,an as for nightmare,if you want to listen to his rantings of bullshit be my guest……

  26. Budweiser Says:

    Now that I think about it, I believe that on the first motorcycle club documentaries done by Nat Geo(Outlaw Bikers was the title) the Warlocks were the only club to have current members interviewed. I believe the Bandidos, Hells Angels, Mongols, Outlaws, along with the Florida Warlocks were covered during that series.

  27. Martin 1% Says:

    MC=Motorcycle Club not Motorcycle Celebrities & OMG = Outlaw Motorcycle Gods… Respects to those who deserve ….

  28. Budweiser Says:

    Money has to be THE motivating factor. Rebel, do you have any idea how much these club members may get compensated for TV appearances? I know “Hawkster” spoke a little about that when he posted on here about the LDs, but how much can someone make on these documentary type shows?

  29. Bill Says:

    Tooj: That’s pretty insightful, the damage done by media and agencies’ presumed support. At first it was probably, “who would fall for that?”, and now it’s like they’re lining up to drop right in. Money and attention are the new Kool Aid. Plus, as the effects take hold, and stuff breaks further down, there will be more and more need for the splintered factions to tell their side.

  30. Tooj Says:


    I think ex W just explained the entirety of Nightmare/Furin/ad nauseum…

    If these guys were already in-fighting, it stands to reason that anyone still actively supporting would have a bit of a chip on their shoulder; they have already been trying to convince brothers and created ex-brothers with what a great idea it is.

    I will say that this sounds a lot like what some of the Laffing Devils were saying post-mortem. Will we get a ‘Rockem’ to drop in and tell us how real it is? Of course it is real. A real mess.

    I’m beginning to think that perhaps this is a test bed for agencies using media to break up what even infiltration did/could not. You can always send a guy to jail, but if you can get him to doubt what he once supported with his life?

  31. Budweiser Says:

    Glenn S.- So did the guy with the bail money get paid back? I realized last week just how much power the police actually have when they want to fuck with someone. No amount of money or lawyer can stop them from taking your freedom away. At least for a little while.

  32. Glenn S. Says:

    Budweiser, well there is that too. I remember one time, in 1982, a hooker friend of mine got busted after midnight and I was close to broke. She used her one phone call to call me at the bar where I hung out. So I asked around, found a guy that was willing to bail her out in exchange for services, but said he was too drunk to go in the jail to bail her out. So I did it, with him waiting in my car. Won’t say whet I was carrying, but I was sweating that night.

  33. Budweiser Says:

    Glenn S.- I just had that experience last week waiting to bail out my brother. Bail bondsman told me and my buddy to not talk when anyone in LE walked by or was in the area. I think it was less for what we were discussing and more because it smelled like a brewery everytime we opened our mouths.

  34. ex W Says:

    To let most of you know,this shit went to far and alot of my ex brothers an me didnt want this show to happen.but it did,so hopefully it will show the REAL world we 1%er’s (an i mean all 1% clubs) go thru in our lives,family an club.thiers been alot of in fighting in the club about this an quite a few have left over it.an as for BIG JOHN this brother does not go into hiding,if you have a problem with him he IS the type of man that will be eye to eye with you if you have a problem with him.an as for torch1%er you were a warlock for a short period of time an one of my close bro’s, not all of us that were warlock thought alike an things did get screwed up here an thier but its no reason to throw shit at an ex club when thier were brothers like me that would have took a bullet for ya…just sayin…even tho i’m out i still love my club an the brothers in it….so let this be a first hand eye opener for alot of you that wanted the truth…….an ex warlock

  35. One Eye Says:

    @Tooj: very interesting points and astute observations. The conflict of interests would be more than enough to deter me.

  36. Tooj Says:

    Can you trust any production company to ‘tell it like it is’? Why would they? VERY FEW programs are created for education; they are created for ratings. It’s a novel idea of using media to cut a view of the world but you’re asking those who have no clue to do the editing. They are influenced by different concerns.

    Do I know how much this is changing the nature of things? I think I’m seeing it, but I’m not quite sure if I can believe it yet. I find myself wondering if the flurry of trolls and sock puppets are similar to what happened on here at the get go of that ‘reality’ fiasco that spawned so much discussion? Point men in the marketing juggernaut have included targeted blogs.

    It makes me wonder about a number of things that I hear spoken as if they are matter of fact. From those carrying credentials they freely use when perhaps they should not?

  37. One Eye Says:

    Please, do not misconstrue what I’m asking; I don’t condone, condemn or criticize. My question is more out of disbelief than anything. The media has a way of distorting everything and will never let the truth stand in the way of a good story. Anything regarding this lifestyle is portrayed in a negative light. The media is in the pocket of LE and they will never portray the lifestyle in any other way than from their perspective. Television shows are not altruistic and will create as much drama and tension as possible to boost ratings no matter how it reflects on the participants.

  38. Samurai Says:

    Thank you, that does make alot of sense. Any advice on here is worth quite a bit to me because no one has to but you are all nice enough to help a wet behind the ears guy out and you all do it without making me feel like a dumbass.

  39. PigPen Says:

    Hey Samurai, I know you have been learning, so here is another free lesson. “I apologize” when you screw the pooch, NEVER “I’m sorry.” All you need is for someone to want to say, damn right you ARE a sorry piece of shit. Never give anyone the open door. Like I said, free advice, take it for what it’s worth.

  40. Tooj Says:

    Hey, everybody got an excuse for what they do. Just ask ’em. I’m sure these guys do too. (Please not that my language neither condones nor condemns the choice. History has a way of doing that.)

  41. One Eye Says:

    I will never understand why anyone (read that as ANYONE) would want to put their shit out on Front Street via a television show, the internet, tell all books or any other source of media to be scrutinized by the public. In the final analysis, everyone makes there own decisions but it seems that these flashes of fame ultimately do more harm than good and reflect the lifestyle in a negative way. You can’t fight a fire while feeding the flame.

  42. Samurai Says:

    I’m sorry, i lost sight of the bigger picture on here. Thank you for the reminder

  43. Glenn S. Says:

    10Guage said: “Just take it down a few notches….this shit is not a game…

    Second that. Ever bail somebody out of jail and have to sit in the waiting area while they’re being processed out, pigs walking all around and hearing everything you say? I’m thinking that nothing you wouldn’t say there belongs on the internet. Just my .02

  44. Budweiser Says:

    10Guage- Definitely sorry if I offended you or anyone else. Of all the stories, one about a new TV show should be where one can joke around, but I see where you’re coming from. On a side note…..does your handle refer to a 10 gauge shotgun? If so, it brings back some memories. Mostly of a black & blue shoulder.

  45. 10Guage Says:

    Samurai and Budman

    Just take it down a few notches….this shit is not a game…real people and their families have been affected…a big part of understanding this life is to know your place and not overstep your role..DIG???

    As a man I RESPECT once said….just a tip of the hat to you…do with it what you like

  46. Paladin Says:


  47. Budweiser Says:

    Looks like we brought out the “Internet police.” And no, I’m not calling anyone a cop. Samurai, if you want to talk away from here you can reach me at…….I kid, I kid, just playing off Bill and Tooj getting creeped out. I live this place!

  48. Samurai Says:

    No.definetly not a chick. I found.out early on being polite and easy to read got me yelled at a fuck.of alot less. I did a pretty good job of pissing some.people off in the beginning and life is much easier when everyone is happy. In fact I believe Sieg ripped me a new one once and after i toned it down he has become a very knowledgeable resource

  49. Tooj Says:

    I’m with Bill on this one. Creepy like sock puppet creepy…

  50. Bill Says:

    this is starting to creep me out.

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