Warlocks Rising

June 21, 2013

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Discovery Channel’s ongoing mission to explore new worlds, boldly go where no man has gone before and tell America what it is really like to belong to a motorcycle club will continue whether The Devils Ride is renewed or not.

On July Fifth, the network will premier Warlocks Rising, a “reality” show about the Warlocks Motorcycle Club. The show will document the lives and adventures of members of the Orlando based club that wears a stylized Phoenix patch. The red and black Phoenix patch Warlocks were involved in a violent gunfight at the starting point of a poker run last September with members of another Warlocks Motorcycle Club. Those other Warlocks are an offshoot of a club formed in Philadelphia and its members wear a stylized Harpy patch and the colors red and white. Three Phoenix patch Warlocks were killed and two more were wounded in the confrontation in a VFW parking lot in Winter Springs, Florida. Four Harpy Warlocks were arrested for murder after the incident. The case is ongoing.

Warlocks Rising was in production at the time of the shooting. There were persistent and cogent but unsubstantiated rumors at the time of the shootout that the confrontation had been filmed. Police have stated that that the event was surveilled and videoed but that police cameramen left before the shooting started.


The shows were shot in Clearwater, Florida near Tampa on the Gulf Coast. Clearwater is about 110 miles from Winter Park.

In a press release issued last November Jennifer Parramore, Director of the Florida Film Commission wrote, “’Warlocks Rising’ is a television reality documentary show that has been filming a number of locations around the Clearwater area. The production show in charge of producing the program, Wilma Productions, has been in and out of the area getting footage of the behind-the-scenes documentary about the real motorcycle club. The company is working through one of the Discovery channels.”

Production on the show began in September 2012 and was completed in December. Discovery plans to cablecast at least four episodes of the show.

What To Expect

Discovery issued a press release yesterday that said the show will follow “members of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club as they struggle to balance family and club life.” The release also states, “Show is produced by Discovery Studios, with Stuart Schonfeld, Cameron P. Casey, Eddie Barbini and Brian Knappmiller serving as exec producers.” Discovery Studios is the network’s in-house production company with offices and facilities in West Hollywood, New York, London, and Silver Spring, Maryland. The network’s headquarters are in Silver Spring.

Warlocks Rising will be paired with another motorcycle show called Philly Throttle, about the interesting things that happen at a Philadelphia shop named “Liberty Vintage Motorcycles.” The hour-long Warlocks show will air at 9 pm and will be followed by the hour-long Philly Throttle. A website at www.warlocksrising.net was registered last month but is not yet online.

The first episode of Warlocks Rising is titled “The Hard Life” and the network describes the episode like this: “The consequences of Shotgun’s lifestyle threaten the safety of his family and himself, causing Shotgun to turn to his brothers to help relocate his late wife’s grave. And the Warlocks throw a freedom party for brother Scooter upon his prison release.”

The second episode of the show, for which Discovery has not yet released a synopsis, is titled “Biker Justice.”


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    Potius Mori Quam Foedare

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    slycechyx….reasoning? same as it always is. money.

  7. doug Says:

    I’m a civilian and purely a tv viewer in this situation. I thought the show tonight was pretty interesting. So i typed it in google and this link was the 4th hit from the top. Good website, Rebel.

  8. slycechyx Says:

    What is dissapointed’s knowledge of MC’s? What he’s learned on the tee vee?

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  14. Loc Nar Says:

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    To much bs on tv nowadays, no real 1% club would air out their shit like these fake as shows, scripted, planted and produced. As the nephew of a real 1% who died back in 1979 due to a drunk driver, bikers hold the code of see nothing, say nothing & hear nothing. These shows and characters are barbies in their barbie world.

  16. Harry Says:

    Anybody know what the The Laughing Devils had in their trailer, that burned down in the last episode, to try to earn some extra money?

    My guess is that they were trafficking stolen Girl Scout cookies.

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