Guns On A Table

June 20, 2013

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For all practical purposes, the federal racketeering case against bikers in and around Rock Hill, South Carolina ended yesterday. It was a federal case because, since the Turkette Supreme Court decision in 1981, any crime may be designated as a federal crime. So some small percentage of crimes are now routinely federalized in order to better guarantee the conviction of those accused, maximize their punishment and solicit favorable publicity for bureaucrats who have chosen to spend their lives processing citizens into convicts.

Three defendants were given life ruining sentences yesterday. Mark Baker was sentenced to 188 months in a federal penitentiary. Dave Oiler got 200 months and Bruce Long 168 months. A fourth defendant named Carlos Hernandez, who had practically nothing to do with the Hells Angels, Red Devils or Southern Gentlemen will be sentenced in July. In a Darwinian world informed by police state propaganda, Hernandez is an afterthought. His life is ruined now, too but he is just another guy who had his life ruined. He is not really newsworthy. He never wore a patch.

Baker, Oiler and Long were important to the men who ruined them because of the mythic power of the piece of embroidery each of them used to wear. They were all Hells Angels. They all wore the death head on their backs. As the American police state evolves, it has become increasingly important to the state that police be regarded as mythic heroes. Mythic heroes demand mythic villains and that was the role assigned to the Hells Angels in the South Carolina case.

Hells Angels

Although the case had absolutely nothing to do with “the Hells Angels” but rather included a minority of defendants who were members of the Hells Angels, police, prosecutors and local reporters talked and wrote as if the prosecution was a battle against all 3,000 or so members of the club on six continents. The target of this case, was always an old-time Hells Angel named Diamond Dan Bifield. Bifield was targeted so as to make an example of him to people who only knew Bifield as brave, honest, generous and admirable. Bifield’s sin was that he regarded many laws with the same contempt with which federal authorities regarded him. He has spent most of his life in prison. And he had to be locked up again as soon as possible before his fearless anti-authoritarianism spread. The other defendants in the case were simply collateral damage of “closing the loop:” Which is what prosecutors call getting their narrative together.

So, at yesterday’s press conference, convened to celebrate the personal tragedy wrought by this case, three Hells Angels cuts were displayed on tripod easels. The easels were arranged behind a table littered with guns. There were so many guns that 18 long rifles and another Angels cut decorated the front of the table, as if standing guard. And before the long guns spilled many boxes, packets and baggies containing ammunition and recreational drugs. The scene was reminiscent of a cynical police drama. Justice was besides the point. Truth was relative not absolute. What mattered were the symbols. In big cities everybody – cops, reporters, lawyers, school children, Montessori teachers, everybody – calls these hackneyed spectacles “dope on the table photo ops.” In Columbia, South Carolina the spectacle retains a greater impact than in Yankee Baltimore or Yankee Miami.

The press conference was an opportunity for the men who successfully ruined these lives to gloat. What may be most distressing is that the speakers seemed to actually believe their own bullshit, even as they stumbled and orated through their memorized talking points.

Starring The Table

Referring to his carefully arranged display of theatrical properties, United States Attorney Bill Nettles said, “Let’s be clear about one thing. I have a Constitutional duty, this office has a Constitutional duty, to both protect an individuals right to own guns and to protect…to protect the community from those that should not. During the investigation and prosecution of the Hells Angels, the Hells Angels Task Force seized more than one hundred weapons…. The Hells Angels Task…the Hells Angels Task Force took these weapons from the Hells Angels.” So that explained the display. “What we did was remove these weapons from our streets, put these defendants in jail and the result is make ours a safer community.

Reporters who covered the press conference were outnumbered by its participants. FBI Agent David Thomas told the assembled few “this investigation showcases what the FBI along with our partners do best. We disrupt and dismantle criminal organizations. In this investigation the evidence is clear, as I think you can see….” And then he grandly gestured to the display as if it was evidence of anything.

Nettles running dog, Julius N. “Jay” Richardson, said “This investigation began in response to community concerns raised by citizens to local law enforcement. Concerns about rival outlaw motorcycle gangs and the criminal conduct they were engaged in.” He later explained that the rival “gangs” were the Hells Angels and “the American Associates of Outlaws.” The federalization of this investigation, Richardson claimed, “managed to open a window into the secretive criminal underworld of the Hells Angels. As a result, agents were able to remove from our community what you see on and below the table.”

Throughout the event, the table remained aloof and modestly silent.


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18 Responses to “Guns On A Table”

  1. JohnnyD Says:

    We have a legislator in Arizona who wants to give LEAs the ability to use the NICS to determine if a person is allowed to posess a firearm. The argument is that if they are denied approval to purchase they are not allowed to carry one. Despite tha fact that the NICS is anything but reliable, and that the appeals process takes three to six months. We may be subject to the honest application of process by law enforcement and as we all know they are scrupulously truthful when dealing with bikers. I am arguing that any keystroke error will lead to confiscation, and a targeting of certain clubs will lead to disarming all of their members in a very short time. Under siege, soon to be under arrest.

  2. Rebel Says:

    Dear shovelNY,

    Thank you for this. It is technically illegal to outlaw outlaws in the US because it violates the Constitutional prohibition on Writs of Attainder. So in the US, the feds use RICO, which after the Turkette decision became “the crime of being a criminal.” The way to defeat that is to hold a hearing that makes the feds prove the club is a criminal enterprise before considering all the predicates but most public defenders don’t bother. In Oz the constitutional issues are very different so the various state governments there can outlaw outlaws.


  3. shovelNY Says:

    this is a pretty good article from down under that’s relevant

  4. BadMagic Says:

    James Werrell,

    I hope you read this. Maybe if James Werrell is typed more than once, James Werrell might find it with a search. Or anyone else searching for James Werrell.

    James Werrell asks, “But who has ruined more lives in this state, been more contemptuous of the law or put more people at risk – some faceless foreign terrorists or the 16 Hells Angels sentenced Wednesday to federal prison?”

    I’d say C. None of the above.

    How bout these 140 officers? (google search)
    Or these 21 ATF agents? (google search)


  5. Paladin Says:

    Dear Rebel,

    The Human Resources department of these newspapers must pre-screen their prospective employees for brain activity. If any registers, they’re disqualified.

    The owner or owners of this paper and others like it, are obviously enamored with a State owned newspaper.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  6. Rebel Says:

    Dear shovelNY,

    Gee, old James is kind of a moron isn’t he? I guess he would have been a cheerleader at the Salem Witch Trials. “Gimme a B, a U, a R, an N! Burn the witches! Burn the witches! BURN! BURN! BURN!”

    Last week, a fine attorney in South Carolina wrote me about Andrew Dys and I replied that Dys still had a job at a daily paper and I didn’t. The guy wrote me back and told me, “Yeah but he works for the Rock Hill Herald. I wouldn’t light my charcoal with the Rock Hill Herald.”

    After reading James Werrell’s editorial I understand how Dys keeps his job. The culture of that paper is obviously hysterical and propagandistic, not factual or inquiring. I don’t think either Dys or Werrell would last a week at some papers I know.


  7. shovelNY Says:

    more propagandist bullshit

    James Werrell, Herald opinion page editor, can be reached at 329-4081 or, by email, at
    [email protected]

  8. VINCE 1%er Says:

    A COMPLETE Travesty of INJUSTICE served upon those entrapped,and presumed Guilty all because of a scumbag informant RAT who set these people up.I’m amazed but not surprised that the Government paraded this scenario around to the Jury (choreographed and directed by Dilullio the RAT FUCK) as if the whole entire Club was guilty ~ when it was the Government itself that arranged,perpetrated and was guilty of such a travesty and vile scenario with which to jail and convict Men who belong to the HAMC(and Women family members) .And the coup de grace was the showboat table w/cuts and weapons and a “smattering”drugs (much of which was untested and confirmed as such)-and BATH SALTS ???? Holy Jump To Bald Headed Jesus Palomino.
    Theres NO Justice…..Theres JUST US. I Pray that ALL of the Defendants get an Appeal in front of a real jury with Adequate Legal Representation.

  9. brklyn Says:

    the jury is not allowed to hear the truth there are many speakers behind there heads when a button is pushed it makes a loud static noise in there ears, only reason some positive recordings got to be heard is the prosecution didnt know it was there nobody bothered to play the recordings after the intended targets victoms had left the shop, cant even imagine how many brothers or jst ppl in general are in jail locked up lifes takin over shit like this its insane..

  10. IO Says:

    Sitting through trials and comparing that to what the media, the police agencies press releases, and people say out in public its two completely different worlds. It’s tragic how the jury is not able to sift through the shit and see that these piles of drugs and guns is not what it appears.

  11. brklyn Says:

    @ karma

    i think the best recording is the one were joe forgot to stop the tape and joe and FBI are talkin joe says yea yea i know i know we gotta make it look like rico, like he has been told that a hundred time’s, then agent say ohh shit did you shut the tape off! click… tape stops, funny once that was play you never heard it again, and was kinda funny that the speakers didnt work or the projector thing when the defence lawyers needed it, there tapes had to be played from a lap top with tiny speakers. the deck was stacked the whole time…

  12. Karma Says:

    I sat through a good bit of the “trial” and through the sentencing on Wednesday. I wish every person I know could have been there. If you think you have rights, if you think you are safe from this abuse, think again. The manafactured evidence, the “we we thinnk it was 4 poiunds of meth but we didn’t test it to see what portion of the mixture ( if any) was meth cause we knew it felt like at least 4 pounds” were just a portion of the dark comedy that played out. Did some of the defendents deserve jail sentencing? Yeah, some did. But not the sentences that were given out – they were earned by weearing the Hells Angels Patch. Those of us who support 81 will still do so. The federal government will not destroy our loyalty or support of the BHC.

  13. brklyn Says:

    i have all the info on every one of those gun’s, and who they belong to even the one that was takin from a little old lady, maybe 10 or so belong to members, there was only one let me say again one illegal gun and they never really proved that it was illegal,

  14. PoppaDanny Says:

    You just have to love what a few Federal,State and local law enforcement were allowed to do. Authorised by our lustrous government they did absolutely NOTHING but ruin a lot of family’s lives. Wife’s, girlfriends and children, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers no longer have their family members with them as free citizens. All just to satisfy the ego of some law enforcement. Because they were members or associates of a “gang” known as the Hells Angels. It’s ironic though that the Hells Angels is NOT a “gang” but rather a club. And is equally ironic is the fact that most of the firearms confiscated during this investigation and subsequent raids were “legal” firearms. Also the fact that the amount of drugs allegedly dealt by the defendants wouldn’t equal the quantity of drugs that could be found to be dealt on any given day in the city of Atlanta. But because of “who” the defendants were associated with the government had the right to frame, set up, and ruin the lives of so many.
    Well because of the massive amount of our tax dollars spent getting these violent drug and gun dealing bikers off the streets, I feel so much safer. (My ass)
    Just imagine the number of real, actual criminals the government could have removed from our towns with the amount of money they spent setting up the Hells Angels.
    Now don’t get me wrong, I know (or rather, I assume) that some of those arrested did in fact break the law in one way or the other that proper penalty should have been a few years in jail, but justified to get the sentences these guys got, hell no.
    But because the government can do whatever it wants, whenever it wants, to whom ever it wants, because of who you ride with, I guess I’ll be going to jail also because some of my best friends, most loyal, dependable, honest, and loving friends (and I consider family) are also, Hells Angels.

  15. 11c_infantry Says:

    If Douchebag Nettles really believed his own hype, he would not be celebrating this rape of the Bill of Rights.

  16. Vacuus Cura Says:

    I am certain Mr. Nettles is aware that law enforcement has no “constitutional duty” to protect anyone. Police fought this point to the SCOTUS years ago:

    Police and others who wear magic hats or possess mystical titles exist only to “serve and protect” their masters. We simply pay the bills.

    Don’t look for the coming police state; It’s been here for a long time.


  17. IO Says:

    The legality vs. the illegality of those guns on that table is what I was wondering about once I saw the articles and press conference. I noticed that the guns were mostly shotguns, handguns, and various rifles nothing to out of the ordinary. I figured the firearms were obtained through the raid and seized during the “investigation” and “detention” of “suspects”, or what it should really be called, during the raid and state kidnapping. Its strange and sad to compare the reality of the case vs. the state media spectacle. The news is really just to convince the public and the officials themselves that they are needed.

  18. brklyn Says:

    notice he didnt mention all those gun’s were leagle but one that was in question, and all those guns belong to no members and all must be returned to there owners, when the pony show is over, there are ppl that have been waiting to get there property back for over a year now, and over 95 percent of them will be returned.

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