Warlock Charged In Domestic Dispute

June 18, 2013

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Brad “Dice” Dyess, a member of the Warbird/Phoenix Warlocks mother chapter in Orlando was charged with aggravated battery, aggravated assault, shooting within a dwelling and false imprisonment last Thursday after a domestic dispute with his girlfriend.

Dyess, 41, is a resident of Cocoa Beach and a Lieutenant in the Daytona Beach Fire Department. He is also a survivor of a gunfight last September with members of another Warlocks Motorcycle Club founded in Southwest Philadelphia in 1967.

The Drama

The Warlocks with a mother chapter in Orlando wear a Phoenix/Warbird patch. Two quarrelling factions of the Philadelphia club both wear a Harpy patch. The Harpy Warlocks involved in the gun battle last September call themselves the “Red and White Warlocks” or the “True and Original Warlocks Motorcycle Club.” Members of the True and Original Warlocks are led by men who belonged to the Chester, Pennsylvania chapter of the Warlocks in the 1970s.

The Warbird Warlocks state they were founded aboard the United States aircraft carrier Shangri-La during a deployment in the Mediterranean in 1967. Members of the True and Original Warlocks believe the founders of the Orlando based club stole their name when the Shangri-La was docked at the Philadelphia Naval Yard before the Mediterranean deployment. The same men have also stated that Dyess was the Orlando Warlock who started the gunfight last year. Red and White Warlocks state that Dyess instigated the tragedy when he pulled a gun after riding into a charity poker run at a Winter Springs, Florida VFW post.

Four members of the True and Original Warlocks, David “Tin Man” Maloney, Robert William “Willy” Eckert, Victor Manuel “Pancho” Amaro and Paul Wayne Smith are accused of second degree murder and attempted murder in the shooting deaths of Warbird Warlocks Harold “Lil Dave” Liddle, Peter “Hormone” Schlette and Dave “Dresser” Jakiela and the wounding of Ronnie “Whiteboy” Mitchell and Dyess.

Dyess Case

Members of the defense in the murder case will seize on Dyess latest legal woes to substantiate their claim that Dyess is a dangerous and unpredictable man and that Maloney, Eckert, Amaro and Smith acted in self defense.

According to police, Dyess and his girlfriend, Cheryle Lomeo, got into a physical altercation a week ago at their home. Allegedly, Dyess grabbed Lomeo by the throat and threw her onto a couch. Police say Dyess then pointed a loaded .28 caliber evolver at her and threatened to kill her. Lomeo says he then hit her in the head with the pistol and fired a round.

Dyess arrest has spurred a debate in Daytona Beach about whether a patch holder in a motorcycle club should be allowed to work for the fire department. He is currently free on a $17,500 bond.



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16 Responses to “Warlock Charged In Domestic Dispute”

  1. Budweiser Says:

    He was a few times, albeit briefly, on the show “Warlocks Rising.” He said something about “Domestic” which I found ironic considering his situation.

  2. springerman Says:

    ‘ if you haven’t been to the brink of insanity living with the fairer gender then you are truly blessed. ‘ Truer words were never spoken.

  3. One Eye Says:

    “Dyess arrest has spurred a debate in Daytona Beach about whether a patch holder in a motorcycle club should be allowed to work for the fire department.”

    Personally, a man and a woman having a dispute is not my concern; if you haven’t been to the brink of insanity living with the fairer gender then you are truly blessed. What leaves me shaking my head are statements like the one above. Does anyone want to delve into the divorce rate of cops-guns and badges trusted to uphold the law-and the spousal abuse that is swept under the carpet because the only respondents are other cops. They AREN’T members of a club and they commit these acts. A fireman who ISN’T a member of a club is perhaps excused for domestic violence? Are we to believe that this incident only occurred because he’s a club member? This is tantamount to reading about a drunk driver who after crossing the yellow line, hit and killed a rider and the article reporting the victim wasn’t wearing a helmet. Apparently, domestic violence is endemic ONLY to motorcycle club members.

  4. john furin Says:

    Oh Rebel Any beef we have is DONE on my end your choice on yours as it should be tor us all in life Peace / out . Ya all be safe and free!!!

  5. john Says:

    Right on Rebel.

  6. 11c_infantry Says:

    Well said, Rebel. The very idea that several dozen bikers would gather together at a clubhouse? Why, that’s unheard of.

  7. Rebel Says:

    Dear 11C_infantry,

    Well, gee. Who could Paydirt be? He is posting from Palm Bay, Florida. He has access to discovery in the case. Could it be Nightmare, true and original Warlocks boss of the Southeast? The guy who calls me 20 times a day and leaves voice messages demanding that I shut down this site? Of course he has no problem using this site when he feels like it. Whoever it is I bet he knows Nightmare.

    Look, the other side of this, the other version, is that the Warbird Warlocks were trying to make peace with a small band of nuts. That is why they sent the guys they sent to this. That is why they came carrying a thick wad of cash. And, I suspect the Wacko Warlocks treated the big club in Orlando the same way they have decided to treat me.

    And yeah, after Nightmare inspired me to ask around, I found that there is a certain noise out there that says the Wacko Warlocks are hinky.

    This is a simple case. The Wacko Warlocks say they had to light up five Warbird Warlocks before the Warbirds killed them. The proof that they were shrewd, not paranoid, is that the Warbird Warlocks had sent a woman to “spy on them.” You got that? A woman was spying on them. And, the Warbirds had assembled five or six dozen guys at the Orlando clubhouse — which was like ten miles away. In most cases, you can only use deadly force legally if you are in imminent danger. Maybe a jury will buy the Wacko Warlocks story and maybe they won’t.

    But the case isn’t about corruption or dissent in the big club. The case is about the bodies. The Wacko Warlocks, or at least some of their club officers, want to spin this so the bodies just disappear. I don’t think the Wackos or their lawyers are smart enough to pull it off. We’ll see. But it sure looks to me like the upshot of this, at the best, is going to be three guys dead and four guys locked up for decades. All over basically nothing. All over bullshit.

    I think life is hard but it is harder when you are stupid.

    Obviously, Paydirt disagrees with me about that.


  8. Rebel Says:

    Dear Warthog,

    Many of us have been there. One minute it’s, “Did I do something wrong, honey,” and the next thing you know you’re in your driveway, on your knees, in cuffs with an M-16 pointed at your head.


  9. 11c_infantry Says:

    You sure do have a lot of information about who did what. Did you get that out of the files you and your pig buddies are keeping on the case?

  10. WARTHOG Says:

    Phuquehed says, “Fucking women who are pissed for one reason or another will call the law faster than superman can fuck wonder woman, just to watch him get fucked with by the pigs.”

    True story. One I know well.




  11. PigPen Says:

    Phuquehed beat me to the punch. What the fuck does it matter if he is a firefighter and a patch member? Is he not going to put out a fire because of that patch? I do not see the correlation between the two. I get the conflict if he was a pig, but a firefighter, a mailman, a garbage man, who gives a flying fuck? I hear that shit all the fucking time and it drives me nuts.

  12. Paydirt Says:

    Let me get this straight…The Florida phoenix Warlocks were going to a benefit that the Philly Harpie Warlocks were hosting at the VFW and the phoenix crew was going to donate money to their ex members that they had thrown out??? Really??? So who were they going to give the money to..Tinman or Paul?? Both were ex presidents from their club that they had beat up and thrown out. Do the phoenix Warlocks actually think the public and a jury is that fucking stupid to believe the phoenix’s story??? The phoenix Warlocks should be hiring lawyers to defend against the upcoming RICO indictments that they are ALL now facing. ALL 70 of them who were at the Orlando clubhouse waiting to attack the VFW are now being indicted for RICO. Big John has already made a deal with the feds. He was the first to rat. Thats why he stepped down from national president and is in hiding. He gave up his entire membership list to the feds when they questioned him after the shooting. Guess he doesn’t want to lose his job as a Brevard County school bus mechanic and go to prison for(poorly)masterminding the attack on the Harpies. He had to rat otherwise he will be sitting in Ol’ Sparky for the deaths of his own brothers. Seventeen of the phoenix’s have ratted on their club as well. And they call that brotherhood!

  13. JMacK Says:

    You know what they say…if it’s got tires or tits, it’s gonna be trouble…


  14. john Says:

    He should have hit her again…..lol

  15. Phuquehed Says:

    Of course the moronic sheeple running the fucktard factory are the ones who ask if a patch holder should be allowed to work for the fire department. It’s too fucking hard for them to use any common sense and ask themselves ‘What the fuck difference does it make if someone is in a club or not?’.

    @Paydirt – So far it’s all hearsay and it’s all *her* say. Did you say the same shit about Clinton when he was President of this country and getting his dick sucked instead of running the country and his OL being a dumbass hypocrite and forgiving the whole thing so long as he could stay in office and she could keep the big-name and title?

    Or hell, any other of an uncountable number of people on the planet who were busted for *supposedly* similar things (hitting the GF/wifey etc) *before* it was proved they actually did? Fucking women who are pissed for one reason or another will call the law faster than superman can fuck wonder woman, just to watch him get fucked with by the pigs.

  16. Paydirt Says:

    Dyess just showed the world his true colors.

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