Rebel Meets The Great Satan

June 16, 2013

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Gangland on Discovery is gone but now there is Gangsters: America’s Most Evil on Biography. The first episode of this season of the show, airing Tuesday June 18th at 10, is titled, “The Mongol Warlord : Ruben ‘Doc’ Cavazos.”

And, some few of you might wonder what the hell I am doing in it. From what I can tell, I don’t really have much to say on the subject of the Mongols during the Doc years. But this website does believe in transparency. And there are undoubtedly some of you out there who have not yet been on television to talk about how Angels, Mongols, Vagos, Bandidos, Outlaws, Highwaymen, Pagans, Warlocks and so on earn their red, black and green wings.

So here, pretty much verbatim, is how I came to appear, however briefly, in this amazing, postmodern thing.


Dear Mr. Davis,

My name is Liz and I’m working on an A&E/Biography Channel documentary series. We will produce an episode about Ruben “Doc” Cavazos and tell his life story. In my research, I came across your book, Out Bad, and would love the opportunity to speak with you at your earliest convenience. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Liz Gonzalez

Associate Producer, Asylum Entertainment

Dear Liz,

Tell me more about who you are and the name of your series.


Dear Rebel,

Thank you for getting back to me. I work for a TV production company called Asylum Entertainment and the series we are producing is called, Gangsters. Our program is a biography documentary series and each episode will be unique to the subject we are profiling. The series will premiere on The Biography Channel and air on A&E. Are you available to talk sometime next week? Let me know if you need anything else.




Dear Liz,

I presume you’ve read what I have had to say about Doc on the website. I don’t think I would have anything more to add to what I’ve already stated. But, let me recommend some people to you who I suspect would be delighted to chat with you about Doc on or off camera:

Frank Girardot who writes about crime for the San Gabriel Valley News [email protected]

Chris Blatchford at Fox 11 in el lay who has a little history with Doc [email protected]

Doc’s brother Al at [email protected]

Doc’s literary agent Alan Nevins at [email protected]

And, of course Ciccone and Kozlowski and all the gang at Glendale ATF and I am sure you already have their email addresses. I presume you know where Doc is. Right? In case you want to talk to him?

Feel free to write me anytime.

You have a Merry Christmas Liz,



Dear Rebel,

Thank you for this information. Your Mongols expertise is integral for our program. Would you be interested in an on-camera interview with us? We would be thrilled to hear all about your book and blog.



That’s what got me. Liz told me people would be thrilled to hear all about my book and blog. Book sales. Hits. This thing might be worth as much as another $400 in my pocket, I thought. I continued to think about that for another couple weeks.


Hi Rebel,

I’m writing to check in with you. As I mentioned below, we would love to hear from you for our program and only looking to hear about the information you put up on your site. If you don’t want your image in the public, we can always keep your identity anonymous. We can silhouette and distort your voice. Please let me know your thoughts when you have a chance.

Thank you and happy new year,



Dear Liz,

Sure. Okay. Contact me Monday so we can work out the details.



Hi Rebel,

I’m writing to check in with you. I was out sick yesterday, so I apologize for the delay. Would you be available to meet with us on January 22nd or January 23rd? Your interview will take no more than an hour. In any case, let me know what works for you.



Dear Liz,

Tuesday the 22nd works for me. Keep me informed.


Hi Rebel,

Great! What time works for you? 10 am?


Dear Liz,

Ten is a little early. Where am I going? I don’t have a car. I have a motorcycle. If it rains, I’m not sure that the joy of doing this favor for you quite offsets the chore of riding on the freeway for an hour in the fucking rain. Tell me again. What do you want to know?

Have a nice week,



Hi Rebel,

I apologize for any inconvenience. We can set something up in the late afternoon/evening. Just let me know what time works for you. Nevertheless, if the weather or anything else comes up, we completely understand and can reschedule. The interview will be in Sherman Oaks, but if it’s easiest for us to come to you, we can arrange that as well. For your interview, we will ask you questions about your book and blog with the focus on your Mongols expertise. We will definitely plug your book in the show, which will optimistically give your book more readership. In any case, we appreciate very much you taking the time to meet with us!

Talk soon,


Dear Liz,

Tuesday January 22nd at 11 a.m. in Sherman Oaks is fine if the weather is clear or cloudy. Send me an address. Remind me by email before the 22nd.


Have a good day,


Hi Rebel,

Sounds good. The interview will be held at:

Courtyard Los Angeles Sherman Oaks, 15433 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, California 91403, Suite#: TBD

I will check in with you prior to the interview. We look forward to meeting you.




Hi Rebel,

I’m writing to check in. The weather looks clear for Tuesday. Can we plan on meeting you Tuesday at 11 am?



Dear Liz,

Yeah, my weather app says sunny and 75. Barring a fatal accident on the 405, I am pretty sure I will be there. Do you have a room number yet? Or should I look for an intern in the parking lot asking every passing motorcyclist, “Are you Rebel? Is your name Rebel?”

Enjoy your weekend,


Hi Rebel,

We hope you arrive safe and sound! We won’t have a room number until we check in, but I will be in the lobby waiting for you. Just in case, my phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. You will meet my executive producer, Charles Kreisa. We look forward to meeting you next week!




I was on time. Liz was not in the parking garage or the lobby and she did not answer her phone. Occasional tourists came and went. I was the only person there in a motorcycle jacket and I got the eerie feeling that I was being watched and that whoever was watching me was waiting for me to try to steal something – a lamp maybe or a couch. Eventually a thirty-something, Hollywood-looking, Valley guy asked me if I was Rebel. He was Charles Kreisa, the executive producer who would be interviewing me. He had a very well thumbed copy of Out Bad in his hand with dozens of bookmarks sticking out.

We couldn’t go upstairs yet, he explained, because other interviews were “running a little late.” We talked for about ten minutes and I said the same things I always say: “Don’t trust the police;” “everything you think you know about motorcycle clubs is wrong;” “the Mongols investigation was particularly dirty.” Charles seemed to respect and accept my opinions.

What I really wanted to know was, “Who’s gonna validate my parking?”

“Oh, no problem. I will on the way out.”

So then I realized it was going to cost me fifteen bucks to back out of the interview.

Eventually Liz came down with Thom Mrozek, the public affairs guy for the United States Attorney for the Central District of California. We said hello. I told Mrozek he writes great press releases and he said thanks. Charles told me that John Ciccone, who was the ATF case agent on Operation Black Rain, had been interviewed the day before.

And then for the next two hours, with the promise of book sales fluttering in my head, Charles asked me questions about things I had said in Out Bad and I answered him in the same spirit in which the book was written. From time to time we would stop while the camera guy changed tapes. Then I would clap my hands to synchronize the sound and we would start talking again.

Afterward, I signed a piece of paper and, true to his word, Charles validated my parking.

It was a basically painless experience, except for the construction on the San Diego Freeway through the Sepulveda Pass. And, I was pretty sure that most of what I said wasn’t going to air anyway. It wasn’t that I didn’t trust Liz and Charles but I had no idea who told them what they could and couldn’t say on TV.


Hi Don,

I just wanted to send over a quick note to thank you very much for taking the time to meet with us on Tuesday! I will be in touch.



Dear Lizbeth,

My pleasure, Liz. I enjoyed meeting you and Charles. Charles needs a colorful nickname. I just hope I gave you something you can use. Remember, call me Donald Charles Davis.

Enjoy your weekends,



Hi Don,

Question for you. From your book, I believe you mentioned that Doc’s book and the show Gangland were seized as evidence. Do you know if ATF retained this evidence? Thanks for your feedback.

Dear Liz,

Photographs from Doc’s book and outtakes as well as aired footage from the Gangland episode were “entered into” evidence during US v Cavazos et al. Discovery Channel, or whoever the network was, still owns and airs the Gangland episode. I’m not sure who owns the book. Doc’s plea deal is still sealed. It is likely that Doc’s book was forfeited as part of the plea and sentencing agreement but I don’t know. Doc wouldn’t tell me. Among the many questions I asked William Morrow was “who is getting the royalties from Honor Few Fear None.” William Morrow won’t talk to me. Give them a call. Maybe they will talk to you. Alan Nevins at Renaissance Literary & Talent must know and he will probably talk to you.

Gangland, I think the corporation was Gangland LLC, just gave the outtakes to the ATF. I am sure that the ATF kept multiple copies of everything.

The Mongols saying, by the way is “Respect Few Fear None” which was copyrighted by the San Diego chapter of the Mongols. Dago, and its chapter President Mike Munz, refused to let Doc use the motto for his book so Doc changed “respect” to “honor.”

Does that help?

Ask me anything,


Hi Don,

Thank you for this information. This is very helpful. I will let you know if any additional questions come up.



Hi Don,

I just got the update that episode 13: Ruben “Doc” Cavazos will premiere on Tuesday, June 18th at 10 pm on the BIO channel. I will make sure to send over a DVD once it airs.



Wondering What I Said

A week later, a friend of mine who rides a motorcycle and sometimes rides with friends asked me about this show. He seemed to know more about it than I did and he was surprised to learn I was in it.

Someone at Biography has written this synopsis of the show:

“Following a deadly brawl between the Hells Angels and Mongols Motorcycle Clubs in 2002, Cavazos came to national prominence. During his reign as the Mongols’ president, he expanded the club’s membership by recruiting local street thugs with affiliations to the Mexican Mafia. Federal agents say Doc’s aim was to take on the Hells Angels and run a massive criminal enterprise engaged in drug running, murder and intimidation. But Doc’s power grab came with consequences. During his time in charge, agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives infiltrated the club and piled on the evidence for a federal racketeering indictment. Many Mongols say Cavazos’ hunger for fame would be his ultimate downfall and drive him to turn on his brothers.”

I am pretty sure I would have phrased that a little differently.

And, I still don’t know what I said. In the preview of the episode I have seen, I notice that my dialogue seems to be limited to the words “Doc Cavazos rose rapidly….”

And, I am not sure I am going to watch the show. But some of you might be more interested in it than I am.

You can see a clip from the show here.

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80 Responses to “Rebel Meets The Great Satan”

  1. Budweiser Says:

    RmBKT- Full episodes of “Gangsters: America’s Most Evil” are not shown online. At least not legally. What other show are you asking about? The other show featuring Rebel is posted below the article.

  2. Rebel Says:

    Dear RmBKT,

    Not off the top of my head,no. Sorry.


  3. RmBKT Says:

    i do not have a tv so Rebel do you have a link for both episodes online?

  4. SYLM Says:

    I Also agree with you Dave. It did come off that way to me as well. I’m just glad the Mongols seem to have they’re shit together now after all that bullshit they went threw with doc.I hope Roger Nothing but the best and i truly admire His love for his club. Even after everything he still defends his club and brothers..

  5. Dave Says:

    Just caught this on Bio.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but did this come off as sympathetic to the Mongols? I know it wasn’t intended, but afterwards I felt like ordering up a ton of BBQ and beer and having it delivered the the MC HQ with a dozen strippers and a card that said “Party, on me!” due to feeling bad for ’em. LOL… I doubt Bio was goign for that…

  6. bigdowner Says:

    “They don’t seem to want friends. They seem to want enemies.”

    That’s because they know enemies stab you in the front.

  7. Budweiser Says:

    Rebel- Thanks, for the detailed response. I just assumed the Warlocks I would see on the road were just the “Philadelphia Warlocks” until this murder coverage began. I have began to pay better attention, but I admit I’m still confused.

  8. Rebel Says:

    Dear Samurai,

    The Chester Warlocks are very dramatic. I have to hand them that. There is apparently no making friends with them though. They don’t seem to want friends. They seem to want enemies. Sin loy.


  9. Samurai Says:

    Holy shit Rebel, trying to decipher who is who in that whole Warlock mess is enough to give me a headache and i’ll I’m doing is reading what you post. I can’t imagine how bad it is for you digging deeper, i hope you have enough medication to prevent your head from exploding with this shit

  10. Jojo22 Says:

    I agree with you Rebel when you said there will be a big wave of new bikers coming from afganistan and Iraq. (U.S war vets.)

  11. Austin Says:

    Ahhh … what JMacK said!

    This Warlock thing, and especially your new BFF “John Furin” reminds me of when I kick a stump over and things start to scurry about.

    Keep up the good work – it is appreciated.

  12. Grumbler Says:

    @Rebel – Wayward Productions vigorously stirred a smoldering cauldron with 1970’s Warlocks, SOA, Shakespeare, and a dollop of bizarreness out in Chicago:

    I oughta blast down to the local watering hole, walk up to the biggest mother fucker in thar, raise my right palm in front of my face and say hit my fuckin’ hand! If I wake up, mebbe it’ll all make sense.

  13. JMacK Says:

    Sums it up for me.

    Thanks again Rebel for all you do.



  14. Rebel Says:

    Dear Budweiser,

    Ed “Nightmare” Glowitz (John Furin) is from West Philadelphia and he moved to the Gulf Coast of Florida about ten years ago.

    I am not sure I can describe the split of the Philly Warlocks into two clubs wearing the same patch succinctly but I will give it a try. Eventually, I guess I am going to have write a feature about this, I suppose. Sometime after the Burgess book is out.

    The Warlocks were an extremely ferocious club back in the day — the day being the 70s through sometime in the 90s. Google the name “Ann Mauro” sometime. One longtime member went away to do 15 years in prison. He believed that some of his club brothers had ratted him out. When he got out he was both pissed and alarmed that his club was no longer as overtly ferocious as it once was.

    Uh, let’s see. There was a vote on whether the club should expand. The club as a whole voted to grow but not expand into Florida. There was a shooting. The main (?) body of the Warlocks club wanted to decertify Chester. And several members of the Chester chapter had incorporated the club as Warlocks MC LLC and had trademarked both the name mark and the logo. The Chestwer chapter’s control of the marks is not legally bullet proof. In my opinion the faction of the Philly Warlocks that decertified the Chester chapter can reclaim the marks anytime if they are smart enough to try. But the Chester faction thinks their trademarking of the collective membership marks makes their ownership of the name and logo absolute. And believe me, there is no arguing with these guys. At least one member of the Chester chapter also had an ownership stake in the old Warlocks clubhouse near the Delaware River in South Philadelphia and that clubhouse is now closed.

    As one Chester Warlock (or True and Original Warlock) told me” “The Chester Warlocks are the guys who put the entire PA/NJ Warlocks on the map in the first place. Ask any old time Pagan and they will tell you I am right. They fought, bled and some died for their club and each other….”

    So the club split in two and the Chester Warlocks moved into the Southeast. The Chester Warlocks very much have a 1970s world view. Any of the old guys who read this will know what I am talking about. I’m not sure I have talked to a Chester Warlock who didn’t refer to the other faction of the Philly Warlocks as the “Jersey Homos.” After the new millenium version of the Philly Warlocks decertified Chester, the old guys basically thumbed their noses at them and started manufacturing their own colors. There are now two Warlocks clubs in greater Philadelphia wearing the same patch.

    This guy Glowitz (Furin) started going off on me when I suggested, in passing, that the non-Chester Warlocks were “The Warlocks.” And, I am absolutely certain the guy will fly into a rage when he reads this, and I am sure he will read this, because I am “putting everybody’s business out on the street.”

    I don’t know who you are seeing riding around Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. I really don’t. I have been told that the old-school Chester Warlocks are now more numerous in greater Philadelphia than the historic Warlocks who decertified the Chester chapter. And, I have also been told that many, perhaps a majority, of the historic Warlocks have patched over to a bigger club. My understanding of the situation is that the Philly chapter of the AOA was mostly formed by former Warlocks. But I don’t know. It is difficult to get sources for this story because the situation does involve a multiple murder trial. And the two factions just do not tell the same story.

    I am not sure where Glowitz (Furin) fits into all this and would not say if I did. I am aware of various legal problems he has had dating back to 1972 and I know he is an enthusiastic member of his club. As recently as last July he beat some guy unconcious in a Florida bar and picked up an Ag Assault charge. I believe he would want me to say that he is authoritatively informed and opinionated about the shooting in Winter Springs ten weeks later. But, really, who knows what the guy wants? Who knows what this guy is trying to prove? I don’t.

    One of the things that has puzzled me throughout the murder case resulting from the shooting is how the Chester faction has managed to avoid police attention. I have been told by Chester Warlocks that much of the forthcoming murder trial will focus on corruption within the Warbird (I still think of them as the Florida) Warlocks and that the Florida club has been the subject of an undercover investigation. I have no idea if that is true or not. The situation is further complicated, I have been told, by the apparent fact that some of the more militant members of the Chester Warlocks retired to Florida and that several of them at least prospected with the Warbird Warlocks before the resurection of the Chester Chapter in the Southeast.

    I have no idea how much sense any of this makes to you. I am not sure how much sense any of this makes to me. I started looking at this because I was very curious about how Philly Warlocks, who seemed to me to have dropped off the map sometime after Mudman Simon’s murder in 1999, suddenly were involved in a shootout with Florida Warlocks in 2012. People who read my initial coverage of the case know I just couldn’t believe it.

    No wonder the Orlando Sentinel is confused about who these guys are.

    One thing I have noticed is that federal informants, Confidential Informants, Confidential Human Sources and Sources of Information — CIs, CHS’ and SIs — are often super bikers. The first names that spring to mind are Coconut Dan Horrigan and Michael Kramer. And, I have noticed that there are several super bikers in the Chester Warlocks. Like Ed Glowitz, who just out of the fucking blue went off on me for about two weeks over nothing. Over nothing at all. For something to do. With a murder trial coming up.


  15. Budweiser Says:

    Thanks for the info, Rebel. I wasn’t sure how he could be the “Southeastern Boss” if he had a Bryn Mawr phone number. I now realize he has been harassing you with a cell phone. The Warlock dispute is very strange to say the least. I live in the “Harpy” Warlock area and find myself wondering what faction they are with everytime I see one on the road.

  16. Sieg Says:

    Anytime you post anything on any site anywhere, your IP addy is logged. That in and of itself is no big deal, it doesn’t show your home address, just gives an area.

    Takes at least another five minutes to find your home address, DL number, voting record, taxes, arrests, etc.


    Good thing Rebel is an easygoing kinda guy.

    5 to 1

  17. slycechyx Says:

    Makes me nervous about your “anonymous source in Dubai”.

  18. Rebel Says:

    Dear slycechyx,

    In the most recent case, an anonymous tipster called The Aging Rebel Anonymous Tipster Hotline. The anonymous tip was later confirmed by an anonymous source in Dubai.


  19. slycechyx Says:

    How do you guys find posters IP addresses & such? & How do you find out so much about someone posting on this page?

  20. Rebel Says:

    Dear Budweiser,

    He lives in Englewood, Florida. His real name is Edward Frederick Glowitz. There actually is a guy named John Furin who lives in Englewood, Florida — a kind of nebbishy looking guy. The ruse slowed me down. So much for his anonymity. I got sick of his anonymity after he started throwing my full name and location all over the net — as if he had some great secret he was going to reveal.

    If he doesn’t stop trying to bully me into shutting down, next I am going to run his address and phone number.



  21. RLG Says:

    @RVN69, you cracked the code and got the correct slang meaning of edgy ;-)

  22. RLG Says:

    @chevyweight +1

  23. WARTHOG Says:

    I hope we see this ass clown on “Warlocks Rising”. Now that will be teevee worth watching!




  24. Rebel Says:

    Dear Budweiser,

    Furin is gone again — banned from commenting, so he won’t be answering you. He has a Pennsylvania phone number but he’s in Florida. Although some of the hangups are from the 229 area code.


  25. Budweiser Says:

    john furin- Do you live in the Philly/Chester area or in Florida as you claimed when you were posting as ‘Nightmare 1%’?

  26. john furin Says:

    John Furin, aka Edward Frederick Glowitz of Englewood, Florida, is the Southeastern Boss of the Chester faction of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club. This is one of eleven comments he posted on this site over a ten minute period.

    Phuquehed is a CI watch what ya say in here. Rebel is workin with the ATF

  27. Cap'n Bill Says:

    I just watched ‘Americas Book of Secrets’. Dobyn’s looks kind of scared, a lot…
    I’ll be watching ‘Gangster’s’ here before too long.
    Keep up the good work, Rebel


  28. Austin Says:

    @JMack – Here’s my excuse – “if I don’t go now – gas prices will be higher later” this works for all-occasions.

  29. Frequent Flyer Says:


    Thanks for posting the link.

    LMAO at Ciccone’s hairdo.

  30. JMacK Says:


    Thanks Man. I’ll keep trying. Or maybe it’s the excuse I’ve been looking for to ride to Montana…



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