Another Mongol Win In Boulder City

June 13, 2013

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Boulder City Municipal Court Judge Victor L. Miller ruled this morning that the arrest and subsequent actions of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department were “malicious” when Vegas Metro officers arrested a Mongol named George Olivo a year ago during the club’s national run.

Olivo was accused last June 24th of Obstructing a Public Officer and of being a Pedestrian Under the Influence On a Highway. Boulder City Attorney David Olsen filed those charges against Olivo after Vegas Metro told him the charges were not contrived and that there was dash cam video to prove it. Olsen dismissed the charges against Olivo when Vegas Metro couldn’t supply the video. This morning the judge ruled that Vegas Metro owes Olivo $571 for his trouble in fighting the case. Judge Miller also ruled that Boulder City did not act maliciously.


Olivo was represented by Las Vegas attorney Stephen “Bowtie” Stubbs (with family in photo above). The bogus arrest complaint will now be included in a federal civil rights suit Stubbs filed on behalf of the Southern Nevada Coalition of Clubs last year. The lawsuit cites multiple instances of blatantly illegal harassment of motorcyclists in southern Nevada.

Vegas Metro and its lawyers behaved stupidly and unfairly from the moment they decided to punish Olivo for being a Mongol in Boulder City. Miller subpoenaed the video of the arrest last September and again last November. Las Vegas police said they could not produce the video without an “event number.” The department then refused to supply the event number until Stubbs filed a Motion to Compel the department to produce the number.

Las Vegas police officials then simultaneously denied the existence of the video to Stubbs and assured the Boulder City Attorney’s Office that there was video. If the video ever surfaces it will prove that Olivo was both cooperative and sober.

Stubbs Speaks

In a motion filed yesterday Stubbs wrote, “Every act made by LVMPD in this case is evidence of malice, including, but not limited to: arresting Defendant under bogus charges, encouraging Attorney Olsen to file charges with a false promise of providing additional video evidence, ignoring the first round of subpoenas and forcing Defendant to issue further subpoenas, ignoring subsequent subpoenas, obstructing the defense by purporting not to know their own event number for the incident and forcing Defendant to get a court order, lying to defense counsel about the existence of video evidence, further lying to Defense counsel in a sworn affidavit denying the existence of video evidence, and ignoring a court order to provide the video evidence (only after Defendant provided conclusive evidence that video evidence did, in fact, exist).

“If LVMPD was honest from the start, Defendant would have not been arrested, and there would not have been a criminal case. Even if Defendant was arrested by mistake, if LVMPD was honest from the start, the charges never would have been filed and there would not have been any costs to be reimbursed….”


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17 Responses to “Another Mongol Win In Boulder City”

  1. Michael Says:

    While it is possible that a camera was installed and running in the patrol car just for this event, LVMPD does not, as a rule, have dash cams in it’s cars. Henderson and NHP do (the NHP cameras are especially good showing both front and back views with a readout of speed and radar information) but LVMPD has refused to do so. Most opinions that I am aware of on why are that LVMPD does NOT want video evidence that might not match up with the police report.

  2. Tim D Says:

    congrats to Mongol Olivo, you would think that they learned their lesson after finn was fired, they still want to do the cover up thing, I hope “MONGOL OLIVO” sues them, for false arrest and much more!!! The Mongols and any MC club should plan a giant MC “PROTEST” Rally next YEAR all the way to the state capitol!!!!

  3. Andy Says:

    Bow-tie how bout getting Olsen fired next? I hate that lying asshole.

  4. Andy Says:

    City attorney Olsen is an idiot. Did you see the interview with George Knapp where he left his microphone on? I don’t know who is a bigger asswipe Olsen or Metro. What a fucking waste of tax dollars these BS Metro shitholes caused. Bow-tie your business must have doubled after getting Finn fired and making the city look like the jerkoffs they are.


  5. lee from england Says:

    hi guys going sort of off topic but has any1 heard about the mongols opening a nomad chapter in england i have heard rumours but have not seen any of them flying colors so was intrested in finding out as we have HA and OUTLAWS so another BIG club moving in is big news, i also saw on a website of a newspaper that we maybe getting VAGOS and REBELS aswell these will be new over here completely and beleve we might be going the same way as you guys over the pond have gone and smaller clubs may be folded in to the bigger clubs an have just brotherhoods and MCs and riders clubs and not mcc clubs that we have, sorry if it sounds like im prying but up until now we have only had the NCC and the VIKINGS MC in my area and it really is interesting to see the scene changing. RIDE FREE AND FOREVER AND STAY SAFE

  6. Rebel Says:

    Dear BadMagic,

    Well, the Bulder City Attorney did drop the charges when he found out that Vegas Metro was full of shit. So the judge ruled he didn’t act with malice. Vegas Metro acted with malice. Whether Chief Finn acted maliciously, and whther Boulder City is responsible for Finn’s potentially malicious acts, will be decided in federal court.


  7. BadMagic Says:


    I got ya. Didn’t get the distinction between Metro and City. What a crock! Isn’t the employer responsible for their employee?


  8. Phuquehed Says:

    So the shit-stains *know* they have assholes and cunts on the force(s) and keep them there because they can afford to fuck up all they want.

    And the fucking sheeple dumbly and blindly keep allowing this to go on and get worse.

  9. Paladin Says:

    Stephen “Bowtie” Stubbs,

    Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to burn through that budget of theirs?

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  10. Stephen "Bowtie" Stubbs Says:

    FYI- Las Vegas Metro’s budget has a $12,000,000/year line item specifically for paying legal claims like this.

  11. slycechyx Says:


  12. Phuquehed Says:

    Man I’d sure like to win a lotto of about a thousand bucks so I could afford to ride out there and shake Bowtie’s hand for fighting so well.

    (yeah, I guess I could’ve wished to win a good deal more, but hell, I get by I just needed enough to get there and back for gas and food, no lodging as I’m used to a sleeping bag and a tent if/when necessary, heh)

  13. Dirty Dingus McGee Says:

    Whether it’s $571 or 571 million, the sad part is the taxpayers are the ones who get it in the can. Any monetary damages awarded should have to come out of the cops pocket, or their operating budget one. Otherwise what pain do they feel?

    And for those who may not have seen this link, it’s worth a look. Makes club members look like saint’s in comparison;

  14. Rebel Says:

    Dear stroker,

    Well Vegas Metro is still a respondent to the Confederation of Clubs lawsuit. And, this morning a judge ruled that they acted with malice. The lawsuit will probably drag on for years. The potential damges are in the millions.

    Olivo was compensated for his approximate actual costs– like travelling back to Boulder City to contest the charge. I think Stubbs had asked the judge to give him $700 and the judge knocked off $120.

    Stubbs didn’t get paid in this. Just Olivo.


  15. Rebel Says:

    Dear BadMagic,

    Probably I wasn’t cleaar. Obviously I wasn’t clear. Two parties were at fault for making the charges. Boulder City and Vegas Metro. But only Vegas Metro acted maliciously. Boulder City’s error was in trusting Vegas Metro and bringing the charges without seeing the videotape.

    The malice finding is important because Vegas Metro is one of the respondents in the COC law suit.

    Did I answer your question?


  16. stroker Says:

    SO……….Olivo gets a paltry $571. for his “costs”. What happens now to the LVMPD? How many counts are there that they should be charged with? Looks like plenty! Anything gonna happen to this bunch of lying cops?

    We all know the answer, don’t we?!!

  17. BadMagic Says:


    “This morning the judge ruled that Vegas Metro owes Olivo $571 for his trouble in fighting the case. Judge Miller also ruled that Boulder City did not act maliciously.”

    Did you mean to include ‘not’ in that last sentence? This contradicts the first sentence.

    Did I miss a sarcasm font?


    P.S. You can erase this post if it was a type. Conversely, you can make an example out of me for missing the point, too.

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