Hooters Bike Night Cancelled

June 13, 2013

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A Hooters in New Castle, Delaware cancelled it’s Wednesday bike night yesterday and instituted a no colors policy after a well publicized dust-up between members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club and men who have been widely identified as former Pagans. The slightly risqué restaurant on Du Pont Highway has been a haven from anti-biker hostility for the last dozen years.

The weekly summertime event attracted representatives from the complete spectrum of motorcycle enthusiasts from sport bike riders to patch holders. Restaurant manager Steve Rudolph told radio station WDEL that he cancelled bike night because he “didn’t want to put employees at harm.”

When the fight broke out at about 8:30 p.m. on June 5th, there were more than a hundred motorcycles in the parking lot. Police said then that the fight involved about 15 Pagans and 35 former members of the club. Initial reports said the fight was between Pagans and members of the Thunderguards Motorcycle Club. The Thunderguards are a black club that has been attracting bad publicity in Delaware for the last six months.

Witnesses told the Delaware News Journal that no Thunderguards were involved. A man identified by the paper as Stoney Woods said “I was standing right there when it broke out. The Pagans had their colors on, but the others didn’t have nothing. It was Pagans and other guys.”

An unidentified man was hit with a bottle and sustained an injury that required 11 stitches and 10 staples to close. He was treated and released at Christiana Hospital in Newark, Delaware. Thirty police cruisers from the Delaware State Police and the New Castle and Wilmington police departments responded to the disturbance.

Police are stumped. State Police Sergeant Paul Shavack told the News Journal he is focused on the man who committed the assault with the bottle. “We’ll do some interviews, review some surveillance video. And when a member of the public gives us a tip on that individual, we’ll move from there.”



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5 Responses to “Hooters Bike Night Cancelled”

  1. ERGO Says:

    assholes ruined a good bike nite

  2. Base Says:

    They “the man” always make Mountains out of mole hills. Makes for better press. And if select the right theme music they all look like hero’s.

    Pussyfooters have always been around. Even before indictment’s, the later being a modern human invention.It’s just more and more of the worlds population have become pussyfooter’s.



  3. SingSing Says:

    GONE are the days (daze) when two guys can go out to the back alley and duke it out, get dusted up and then pick one another up and buy each other a beer. These days we are living in the age of Indictments and pussyfooting……..those days are gone and never comin back….

  4. Whitepride Says:

    I was thinking the same thing RVN. It’s just a fist fight. Relax

  5. RVN69 Says:

    Over reacting a little to a fist fight aren’t they?

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