Another Motorcycle Of The Future

June 14, 2013

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An electric motorcycle company named Zero Motorcycles in Scotts Valley, California has a development contract to supply blacked out and quiet dirt bikes for the United States Special Operations Command.

The motorcycles produce much less heat than gasoline powered bikes so they are more difficult to identify with infrared sensors. The company also calls the bikes “nearly silent.” The Special Operations model is called the “MMX.”

According to a Zero press release, “an undisclosed number of MMX motorcycles are currently undergoing full operational testing.”


Zero claims the MMX produces 54 horsepower and 68 foot pounds of torque. Both numbers are higher than unofficial measurements for Harley-Davidson’s 883 Sportster with a stock exhaust. The little Sportster produces about 53 horsepower at 6000 RPM and 49 foot pounds of torque at 4100 RPM. The MMX will also operate in three feet of water.

The MMX has a keyless ignition and uses battery packs that each allow the bike to operate for up to two hours. The manufacturer says the battery packs can be replaced in about 60 seconds and recharged in “around an hour.”

The Special Operations motorcycle also features a “specialized military dash for quick and centralized mainline controls,” a headlight switch for “night-time stealth,” “integrated wiring to accommodate quick installation of front and rear infrared systems” and “aggressive foot pegs and hand guards for optimal control.”

Marketing Speak

Zero Motorcycles was founded in 2006 and appears to be the current top dog in the emerging market for electric bikes. The company’s motorcycles are built around a lightweight aluminum frame and it calls its electric motor “revolutionary.” Zero’s public relations are at least professional.

According to Abe Askenazi, Chief Technology Officer for Zero Motorcycles, “The military needed a very specific set of core features on the MMX, and we were incredibly thankful to work side-by-side with them to deliver such a unique product. The great news for our civilian customers is that we made the decision to incorporate into our 2013 MX, FX and XU retail motorcycles virtually all of the powertrain enhancements associated with satisfying this project’s stringent military requirements. Our 2013 product is truly ‘military grade.’”

Zero also sold 59 motorcycles to the government of Hong Kong in May.


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5 Responses to “Another Motorcycle Of The Future”

  1. Vikingtrotter Says:

    I got to ride one of those electric bikes up in the Santa Monica Mtns. I have to say is was a pretty liberating experience being able to hear the wind, birds chirping. I really do think these bikes are the way of the future. Especially in sound sensitive places. Like parks, city centers, etc.

  2. Tim D Says:

    Its a cool bike, But for the future Intended use of the bike, I do not like!! in my opinion another weapon to sneak up on us Americans, but we will find a way to hear them and see them!!! now that we know the UN will prob use them, it seems they are preparing for their one world order, where do they put the Batteries????

  3. Paladin Says:

    At some point, gasoline fueled motorcycles will phased out, along with the people who ride them.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  4. blacksmith Says:

    I dont know if i like it or not but Electric bikes and cars are the future, no doubt about it.
    Right now I prefer the ones that run on dinosaur remains.

  5. SinsSing Says:

    Silent “stealth” motorcycles for Special Forces…Hm.. Guess these bikes will be patrolling the outer perimeters of the oft denied FEMA camps being prepped up for all of us rebels and patriots…

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