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December 17, 2008

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The cat in the orange bandanna is Gretzky. The helmet law violator in the tank top is Loretta.

Loretta represents California’s 47th Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives. The 47th District is mostly Garden Grove, California which is where South Vietnam moved after the war. Although, Loretta is not Vietnamese. She is Chicana. And, the bike of course, is American. And, Gretzky appears to be Persian. All of which may say something good about America.

“Holiday” Card

The image that accompanies this thin little piece-the words, not Loretta-is Representative Loretta Sanchez’s official “Holiday” card. “Cruisin’ into the New Year full of hope and holiday cheer.”

Representative Sanchez is sending the cards to about 500,000 of her closest friends and contributors. And, while the thoughts of many men, well some men anyway, might stray to visions of Loretta licking envelope after envelope after envelope, over and over and over, five hundred thousand times…. Oh yeah, baby! Most people, normal people, don’t appear to have given all that licking a second thought. What most people seem to have noticed is that Representative Sanchez is not wearing her all important plastic hat.

What do you think that says about America? Just asking.

Mistakes Were Made

Anyway, Sanchez sent out a press release explaining that she wasn’t actually riding a motorcycle when the photo was taken. She was in a studio and then the photographer had access to Photoshop. So it is okay that she is not wearing a helmet.

Also, the card includes an actual “disclaimer” that cautions recipients to always wear a helmet when doing dangerous activities like riding motorcycles, or bicycles, or skateboards or big plastic tricycles at the park. Apparently, when she shot the card Sanchez did not realize how important it is to many of her colleagues that bikers be saved from themselves by politicians.

Apparently, she got us for about a minute before more sober political considerations spoiled her fun.

“I like to give the people in my district a good little laugh and give them a little smile when it’s holiday time and everybody is so stressed out,” Sanchez explained. So, not wearing a helmet, was really, just part of the joke. Okay. Ha, ha!

Merry Christmas Loretta

Still, Loretta is unmistakably smiling in this picture. So, maybe it is not farfetched to imagine that she at least likes the idea of riding a big, American motorcycle and feeling the wind in her hair. Maybe the idea is not so bad. Maybe, it is just actually doing something a little dangerous and a lot of fun that politicians hate. “Kids, don’t try this at home!”

But, Loretta is still smiling in her picture. Maybe the smile was Photoshopped but it sure looks real. So maybe, for a moment Loretta really did understand how we feel. Maybe that is Loretta’s Christmas gift to us.

And, if you didn’t get one of these cards email Representative Sanchez. She will send you one.

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