Dan Bifield’s Sentencing Statement

May 28, 2013

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Dan Bifield, the lead defendant in the recent federal racketeering case in Columbia, South Carolina will be sentenced tomorrow. He is likely to spend the rest of his life in prison. His sentencing statement was filed this morning. Readers who have followed the case for the last eleven months may find Bifield’s words interesting.

Bifield’s statement is reproduced in full below.

Sentencing Letter / Statement

My name is Diamond Dan Bifield and I would like to make a statement for the record.

I am a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and I have been for 38 years. The two things I love the most in my life are my wife, Lisa Bifield, and my club. I would never do anything to hurt or betray either one of them. I am a man of honor and respect, and I would give my life for what I love and believe in.

I am making this statement on behalf of my wife, club and myself. I want to try and set the record straight. I am guilty of some things but I am not guilty of a lot of the things that I am being accused of. I will accept whatever punishment the court gives me, but I would like the record to refleet what I have to say because it will be the truth and from my heart.

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is not a criminal enterprise nor have they ever been. As a Hells Angels member and a president, I know this club better than anybody. This club is not about drugs or crimes. Whatever crimes I have done or am guilty of have nothing to do with the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. They were of my own choice.

As a president of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, I had no authority or right to ask or order someone to commit a crime. I would never do that. We do not discuss crimes or sanction them. And no member could tell or order anyone to commit a crime.

What we discuss are events like anniversary parties, runs, funerals, meetings and other personal situations that we may have. You will never see or hear of a Hells Angel going to a school and murdering small and innocent children or would ever be involved in a terrorist act against our country. We are Americans, we are proud of our country, and we will fight and die for our country. We are brothers, friends and family. We take care of our own. Yes, we have problems and faults; we are not perfect.

For the record, I have never discussed or talked about crimes, drug or guns among any of my Hells Angels brothers. I have not asked any of them to sell guns or drugs, and they have never asked me to, nor have I given any of them money concerning crimes. Any crimes I have committed had nothing to do with the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. I take full responsibility for what I have done. I know there are many recordings that were set up and done by the confidential informant, Joe Dillulio, talking about drugs and guns but they are mostly lies and stories to get money out of him. Just like Joe Dillulio was telling us lies and stories to make us think he was doing this and that. We never believed most of what he said because he was a liar. I did ask my wife, Lisa, if she wanted to sell her legal gun to Robert Pantori which she did and gave him a bill of sale. I also told her, if she wanted to, she could sell him some more guns since I could not do it because I was a felon. We did not know or believe that Joe Dillulio was a felon. I told Lisa that myself. I took his name and other information and the paperwork came back three times saying “no record found” and only three precious metal violations and some fines. The main reason I had him checked out was because he asked me to invest and go into the jewelry business with him.

Joe Dillulio told me he was in a certain federal prison for a year for terrorist threats, that he was in maximum security, and that he had weapon and fraud charges. Well, I have many friends in prison that I know personally, that call and write me. I asked them if they knew or heard of Joe Dillulio. There was even a jeweler guy who has been at that prison for over 15 years and he said they never heard of Joe Dillulio.

Joe Dillulio also told me he was a made-man in the mafia. Lisa and I did not believe that for one second. But to make sure he was not, I made three trips to New York and Connecticut to speak to some people of the Italian community who would know and nobody ever heard of him. They said, “he was a nobody.”

Joe Dillulio told me on several occasions that he was going to rob drug dealers, but we did not believe him.

I would also like the record to show that there are a lot of recordings and discovery that is either wrong, missing, held back, erased or a lie, and some of the words have been changed. Joe Dillulio had two recorders and could choose what he wanted or did not want to record.

When I sold legal bathsalts to Joe Dillulio, I told him I did not want to mess with drugs and not to cut the bathsalts with other drugs. I also told him that he did not need to do that because the bathsalts were legal and you could make good money with it. Joe kept trying to get me to mix it with drugs but I would not do it. I also never believed him when he did say he mixed it with drugs. Why would you spend $3,000.00 to cut some drugs with it? Also, we never believed Joe was going to use any guns Lisa sold him to do a robbery, especially since they were legal. When Joe Dillulio first told me he made $70,000.00 from the platinum gold from the muffers and he said he made a lot of money off the gold and silver ad that Lisa and I did for him, he asked me to invest the money in gold and silver, and to get checks for the jewelry business. He never said a word about drugs or a robbery, but then he later changed up his story to drugs. I myself bought him several blank money orders and gave them to him at the front door of his store. Where is this recording and all the other ones? It got to the point where I did not trust Joe Dillulio anymore, especially when my wife told me all the bad stuff Joe Dillulio was saying about me. She even had him on the phone one time and let me listen to Joe Dillulio bad mouth me and tell lies about me. We told him anything he wanted to hear. Then, when he brought Matt around, I knew he was a cop. Joe Dillulio kept telling me he was going to give me $50,000.00 but he never did. I knew he was lying and telling me stories, I asked him what was all this talk about guns, silencers and a robbery with Matt. Joe told me that Matt was trying to impress me. Because of all this, I was just trying to get the $50,000.00 he promised me. When he did give me $15,000.00 on March 1, 2012, I kept it. I also told him that my money came from gold and silver, but when you listen to the recording you can tell I said it but the words don’t seem right and Joe Dillulio is trying to talk over me so you cannot hear me. The words have been changed. I also knew Matt was a cop on November 30, 2011 when Joe Dillulio and Matt ran away from Charlie’s Bar. There is a lot of the recording that is missing, and my phone call to him is missing.

I would also like the record to show that before the C.I. Joe Dillulio and F.B.I. Agent Devon Mahoney came around, there were no crimes being committed and that F.B.I. Agent Devon Mahoney lied and made up stories to start this whole investigation. They both lied and did illegal stuff to set us up and to get us.

During our plea agreement discussion, they left F.B.I. Agent Devon Mahoney in the room with Lisa and myself. When I said something to my lawyers about this, I was told that whatever was said in this room had to stay there and couldn’t be repeated. Well, not only did F.B.l. Agent Devon Mahoney make a statement, he lied about what was said in that room.

I never told or sanctioned my wife Lisa Bifield to testify against anybody or would I ever. And nobody ever told us that Lisa had to testify. All that was said was that Lisa had to be truthful about what she and I did, and that if she did give up information or would testify she could get time off of her sentence. Lisa told me she would not tell on anybody nor would she testify against anybody, and that she didn’t know anything to testify about, so I took the plea agreement.

F.B.I. Agent Devon Mahoney lied about what was said in that room, and I will take a polygraph test to prove it. What the government and F.B.I Agent Devon Mahoney wanted was Lisa to lie and to testify that somebody passed and brought her drugs, and that was a lie. Because she wouldn’t do it, they took her plea deal of five years and added two more years onto her sentence. They gave her two more years for telling the truth.

We were lied about and made to look like we were doing crimes we weren’t. We were charged with fake and imaginary crimes. We are being held responsible for a fake Hobbs Act Robbery and we’re being held accountable for fake drugs and their amounts! They used and lied about the bathsalts being mixed with drugs to give us more time. And we are being held accountable for drugs we didn’t even know about. We are being punished over and over for the same things and for things that never happened.

We knew Joe Dillulio lied and was never a made-man in the mafia, that he never robbed any drug dealers, that the legal gun he was sold was not used in a robbery, and that he never mixed any bathsalts with drugs. That was all a set up.

We’re being charged because we lied and didn’t believe Joe and we used him for all the money we could get, But yet Joe lied and did illegal stuff and, because he worked for the Federal government, it was alright. And on top of that, the F.B.I. Agent Devon Mahoney lied and broke the law to get us and this is all legal.

All this started over a legal gun my wife Lisa Bifield sold to Robert Pantori with a bill of sale. Which by the way the gun was still at the store a week later! Why wasn’t Robert Pantori interviewed? Where is the discovery on this? Where is the paperwork on C.I. Joe Dillulio that I gave him when I had him checked out? It seems this isn’t the first time the government has withheld discovery from us that would show we are innocent of some crimes.

I have also seen statements in the P.S.I. Report that on, June 7, 2012, Fred Keach denied buying from or selling guns for Bifield (Page 37, Paragraph 142). Keach denied any money he made from selling guns to CS-RH went back to the club (Page 37, Paragraph 141).  Bruce Wilson further denied having any direct connection with Bifield concerning guns or gun sales (Page 39, Paragraph 148). According toWlson, Bifield never asked Wilson to sell him or Lisa a gun. Wilson did not give Bifield or the club any part of the money made off selling the firearms.

I would like the court to be aware that a lot of this case isn’t what it seems to be. It was built on a lot of lies and stories, and of crimes that didn’t or were never going to happen. It’s a shame and dishonest to have someone like Joe Dillulio who only did this for money, to make up and cause crimes to get an organization that the government hates and wants to destroy.

I am very sorry for all the pain and suffering I have caused everybody. Especially my wife, my club, and all our families. I never meant to hurt anybody by my actions.

I ask the court to please have mercy on my wife, club brothers and friends! I ask no mercy for myself!

I am a proud member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and, if I am to be punished for it and die in prison, then let it be! I know in my heart that God will give me justice and that he knows the truth.

Thank you for your time.

With respect,

Diamond Dan Bifield


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17 Responses to “Dan Bifield’s Sentencing Statement”

  1. rod Says:

    I met Dan in Columbia SC he looked out for me on many occasions the heart of compassion this man showed was none other than honorable. The injustice which this man has received is truly a crime against humanity. Our governing agencies are corrupt and defiled to the extent that they themselves are the true perpetrators in these circumstances. Miss you BRO!!!

  2. Mike Says:

    I did time in prison with Danny. He was to get out a few months after me,2007. Danny and I hit it off from the moment he was transferred to Allenwood.He was a straight up dude and everyone respected him. I only got to hang out with him for like 5 months. I was like his best buddy,and we talked about alot of things. Danny Bifield got fuck over. Hang tough Danny, like you always did.

  3. Peri Says:

    Thank you so much for covering this story. I just read through many of your previous posts and all of the comments–they were riveting! Thanks again for the fine journalism.

  4. Blind Tom Says:

    Seventy percent of those surveyed said they approved of the Government wiretapping of millions and millions of Americans “to fight terrorism.” This country is totally fucked and most citizens are whacked on brain meds and don’t seem to care as long as they can get their Prozak fix and the teevee is working.

  5. DocOne Says:

    This story is fucked. I never had an actual problem with the police until I started opening my eyes, especially after fighting and being injured in Iraq. When I got home I started paying more attention to everything around me because I, like most vets, truly love my country or at least what it is SUPPOSED to be. It occurred to me that most cops/feds are those to afraid to join one branch or another and fight with the very real possibility of a painful death but still like the Hollywood image of being a “badass” carrying a gun. Who better to take on then a complacent, mostly peaceful population. A high school kid with weed probably isn’t gonna fight back with an AK right? Or even big scary bikers who obey the law, why would an innocent man fight back? The cops have the big dicks with the Beretta. They also know that most people won’t care about someone like Mr. and Mrs. Bifield because “Holy Shit! New Jersey Shore! Kardashians!” Until the people wake up this will only get worse.

  6. rollinnorth Says:

    I know of an incident in my neck of the woods where two drug dealers did a home invasion on another dealer to steal his stash. After the local LEO caught them, call went out to US Atty and, you guessed it, charged and convicted of Hobbs Act robbery. The magic of “interstate commerce.”

  7. IO Says:

    Hobbs Act huh, So now the Rock Hell chapter is a labor union being charged with corruption and extortion regarding labor organizing? These feds seem to just pick federal crimes out of a hat and make it stick.

  8. Austin Says:

    @Rebel – I want to thank you yet again for your constant coverage of the Bifield situation as well as the many other human stories you write. Giving real people a voice, a place for their stories to be told, and even better – a forum where others can interact, reply or opine is a great service. Not everyone has the resources or ability or writerly talent to get it out there in a clear, entertaining fashion. Not everyone is interested in what Mass Media puts out. Here – we all win.
    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
    Seriously – let me get the next round.

  9. slycechyx Says:

    Thank you, Jay, for doing all you can for Dan & the others.

  10. 11c_infantry Says:

    Well, reading that letter just made me feel sick at heart. That a man has to explain himself because the feds are hiding evidence is a sad testament to the even sadder times in which we live.

  11. slycechyx Says:

    Just saw this: Dan was sentenced to 17 years. Lisa 7 years.

  12. Jay Says:

    As one of the investigators working with the defense team for Dan, Bruce, and the others that went to trial I had a very unique opportunity to get to know Dan, and Bruce. So the haters can have something to ding me about, I am a retired Deputy Sheriff now working as a private investigator, and I have known Lisa Bifield for many years as we are from the same home town.
    I know Dan, Bruce and several other members I had the privilege to meet during the course of the investigation to be men of honor and integrity. Just because a man may do something that is labeled as a crime, it does not make him less of a man. From day one in my discussions with both Bruce and Dan, they never waivered in accepting responsibility for the things they had done that were against the law at the time, they only had issue with the “make believe” crimes and allegations against their club. We should all remember that what is against the law today can change tomorrow, our laws are man made and are changed on a daily basis.
    I am proud to have had this opportunity to meet these men and to consider them friends. They and their brothers that helped educate me during this investigation have shown me that much of the “intelligence” law enforcement has about the Hells Angels is just false, and based on fear and media hype. The Hells Angels is a brotherhood of men that put their relationship to each other above all else, they are patriots, not terrorists or criminals. I am also proud of the service I gave my community as a law enforcement officer, but I am also man enough to admit when I have been wrong and when law enforcement has been wrong. We have been wrong in judging all members of Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs on the actions of a few.
    I wish Dan, Bruce and their brothers the best in the future.

  13. Frequent Flyer Says:


    If you haven’t already, I encourage you to read The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout PHD.

    She’s interviewed dozens of sociopath murderers as well as non-violent sociopaths.

    By her estimates, 1 out of every 25 people is a sociopath.

    She also makes the case that the most successful people are sociopaths, because they are ruthless and have no feelings for anyone else but themselves. They don’t care who they destroy on their way up the greasy pole.

  14. I.J Says:

    Don’t do deals with people you don’t know personally…….. do I need to repeat myself?

  15. Paladin Says:

    Note to self: It’s permissible to con the con man, unless the con man happens to be an agent provocateur of the U.S. Government.

    Apparently, having a sociopathic personality disorder is a huge asset and may now be a requirement, when employed by this Country’s judicial system.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  16. rollinnorth Says:

    I do not know Diamond Dan Bifield, but from what I know about him, he is truly a stand-up guy.
    All of those involved in the “investigation” and “prosecution” of this “case” should hang their heads in shame.
    We live in dangerous times.
    Thanks, Rebel. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the Burgess book.


  17. Phuquehed Says:

    Leave it to the pussies who grow up to be prosecutors – no balls, no honor, no integrity, no idea what truth is, lying, cheating, hypocritical cunts – to fuck actual decent persons instead of those who truly need and deserve to be burnt for the shit they do.

    The judge, prosecutor(s) and pigs involved in this case are nothing but crotch scum. They wouldn’t know honor or honesty if it was a skilsaw blade getting shoved up their ass. Bunch of useless, air-wasting pussies.

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