Operation Red Harvest Update

May 16, 2013

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The hot air balloon called Operation Red Harvest finally started deflating today, a mere thirteen months after the self-congratulatory press conference.

Red Harvest was the secret investigation that began in December 2010 and resulted in a grand jury voting out 226 separate criminal indictments in April 2012. Saundra Rhodes, the blowhard who runs the Horry County Police Department bragged, “We believe this will have a significant impact on the Hell’s Angels. In my 18 years with the department I’ve never seen a grand jury investigation that netted 226 indictments. This is a pretty big deal.”

Today Jimmy Richardson, the Solicitor for the 15th Circuit of South Carolina dropped 103 of those indictments. The charges included numerous counts of conspiracy, assault and battery, kidnapping, tattooing and lynching. They were all trumped up. “What we did was we went through…we looked at each charge individually, and the stuff that we couldn’t prove, we dismissed it” Richardson said.

The Victims

The Horry County case is a straightforward example of using prosecution as a means to inflict extra-judicial punishment. It is redundantly unconstitutional and is itself probably a crime of malice. The victims were singled out because they were Hells Angels. Although many people find the very notion of the Hells Angels offensive the same Constitutional provision that protects the Baptist church also protects them.

The previous 15th Circuit Solicitor, a man named Greg Hembree, who initiated the case virtually admitted the wildly run charges were a kind of bureaucratic punishment. “It’s going to take up a lot of their time and energy and resources to defend these charges,” he bragged at the news conference.

Most of the charges that were dismissed today were the fruit of a single dispute between neighbors. A group of Hells Angels was having a backyard barbecue on the other side of a fence from a barbecue hosted by an off-duty cop. The cop told the Angels to watch their language. When they did not, a fist fight between two men ensued. Presumably the cop lost. The tattooing charges criminalized two separate incidents in which non-club members were allegedly compelled to remove club only tattoos.

The victims who had charges against them dropped today are: Michael V. Parent, Thomas Allen Doucette, Sr., John Marshall Volosin, Ellis Howard Schindler, Joshua Burnette, Storm Anthony M. Bain, Bradley Joseph Trinceri, Steven Marion Brinsfield, Kevin George Schmidt, John R. Bain, David Tennant Graham, Carl Matthew Murdock, Jr., Jeffrey Carl Lozier, Scott Richard Rowan, John Carlton Dyar, Scott Alan Hoy, Jesse Elmer Dietz, Glenn Matthew O’Brien, Joshua Joseph Johnson and Joseph R. Trombino, Jr.

Moving On

Defendants in the case still face 123 charges which are mostly related to the growth and distribution of marijuana. Marijuana is legal to possess and use, usually with medical restrictions, in 18 states and the District of Columbia.

John Hilliard, an attorney who represents several of the accused, told Myrtle Beach television WBTW, “We ‘re certainly happy that those cases are dismissed, but we still have the other cases to deal with and we’re moving through that process. We’re certainly anxious to have it done because the negative impact on their lives has been enormous.”


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7 Responses to “Operation Red Harvest Update”

  1. Amused Says:

    More SC “law enforcement” looking for easy, mediagenic prey instead of having the stones to investigate political corruption.

  2. Base Says:

    Just a thought.

    If some of these John/Jane Go-gitems would smoke a little sweet leaf maybe then they wouldn’t be so uptight and feel they needed to save us from our selves….


  3. chevyweight Says:

    LAWYER: “These people have less record than most people I deal with, I mean it’s very rare to deal with 5 people in a row who have no criminal history in their forties”


  4. rollinnorth Says:

    Totally absurd, but so typical of persecution these days. We could hope that taxpayers would wake up to this waste of our money, but they’re just sheeple.


  5. Glenn S. Says:

    Another example of indictments being too easy for the government. All it takes is an accusation and the trappings of judicial procedure and the American citizen gets locked up and, if he’s lucky, only has to pay bondsmen and lawyers every penny he can scrounge.

    Myrtle Beach has always been worse than average. A few hours in their jail (and forfeiting bond because it cost more to go back and defend against disorderly conduct charges than to just let ’em keep the fucking money) used to be a normal part of a long weekend there if you weren’t mom and pop and the kiddies. (Some bigwig with the Greenville Chamber of Commerce’s son got locked up for whistling at a girl, and the newspapers took notice, awhile back.) Playing with the idea of going down there and catch the last day or so of bike week when I get off work, studying the map to make sure I stay out of the city of Myrtle Beach since they might say my pipes are too loud. I’m hearing they impound motorcycles in the city instead of just writing a ticket and I don’t have enough money to pay tribute to the town fathers so I can ride out. Be nice to have a bike rally in the middle of the fucking Gobi desert, where there are no cops. But I digress.

    Best wishes to the accused, may the crabs crawl up the assholes of the accusers and chew through their backbones.

  6. Phuquehed Says:

    Prosecutors nationwide are nothing but greedy, power-mongering asshats. They survive and live for nothing but burning people. So why doesn’t the ‘new’ prosecutor nail the fucking lame-ass last one who bragged about the trumped up charges that would only make the defendants stay busy? It’d be an easy win since it’s admitted speech on teevee and the asshat didn’t drop any of them?

    Fucking useless, piss-ant government employees…dumber than a sack of hammers, every one of them.

  7. Nihilist Says:

    “It is better to be subject to the tyrannies of robber barons than the meddlings of omnipotent moral busybodies.” –C.S. Lewis

    I’d rather live next door to a bunch of weed-smoking, potty-mouthed Hells Angels anyday than some uptight Fife wannabe whose mouth writes checks his ass can’t cash.

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