Jason Fogle Sentenced

May 13, 2013

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The crusade against the Rock Hell City Nomads charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club claimed another victim two and a half weeks ago. Jason Brian “Trouble” Fogle, a former prospect with the charter was sentenced in state court by Judge Clifton Newman to six years in prison for selling two tenths of a gram of methamphetamine to a confidential informant named Marty “Cowboy” Deloach.

Fogle is a former member of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club who prospected with the Rock Hill charter. He avoided federal charges because he left the Hells Angels on good terms with the intention of returning before a federal indictment charged 22 people with racketeering. Fogle was arrested on June 6, 2012. The federal indictees were arrested the next day.

M.S. Merckle

Fogle was originally charged by a cop named M.S. Merckle with four counts of distribution/manufacturing methamphetamine and one count of common law conspiracy. The Aging Rebel has not yet determined what part Merckle played in the federal investigation.

Deloach had agreed to testify at the federal trial but did not.

Fogle was represented by an attorney named Emily Howard. On her advice, he pled guilty to the single narcotics charge and the four redundant charges were dropped. Since the amount of actual methamphetamine he sold Deloach was minuscule, Fogle anticipated a maximum sentence of one year.

Collateral Damage

Fogle’s is a sad and familiar tale of American justice.

“We waited all day for the sentencing,” Fogle’s wife Sheri said. “At four-thirty we were told the judge wouldn’t get to our case that day so we asked the lawyer if we should get a room to stay over. She told us the case would be transferred to another judge upstairs. It only took him a couple minutes to sentence Jason to six years.”

“I’m still in shock,” she said. “Six years this man has to be away from his family, miss his son’s high school graduation and miss his daughter’s graduation from kindergarten. There isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t ask ‘Can I call my Daddy? Is my Daddy okay?’ She sat at the kitchen table the other night with pen and paper writing her Dad a letter. This was devastating to my family. It’s unreal. Six years for two tenths of a gram of dope.”



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  1. Mrs. Outlaw Says:

    Lady Justice is blind is what has been said over many decades. Ha that bitch isnt just blind, shes death, shes greedy, mute & a false sense of security for most Americans. U can go murder & rape some1 & u might get 3 years. Serve less than that. But if u do anything the government isnt profitting from guess where & how you will spend your days. Lol & this is the American way – O No thats the Greedy Selfish Elected Things most of us put into a higher position over us cause they can preach the words, but have no backbone to WALK THE WALK. MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE IN THE LAST YEAR HAS GIVEN ME MORE INSIGHT 2 ALL THIS THAN I EVER WANTED.

  2. Budweiser Says:

    Phuquehed- Your grandma must have a high tolerance……and, yes I, know you were being sarcastic.

  3. Glenn S. Says:

    I’ve said it before on this site and I’ll say it again:

    A few years back, South Carolina Republican state treasurer and multimillionaire Thomas Ravenel was charged with cocaine trafficking. It was alleged that he provided cocaine (more than 2/10 gram) to business associates in furtherance of his real estate business (which, btw, was probably never referred to as “the enterprise” in court documents). His political ally, Republican state attorney general Henry McMaster, who has run for governor under the “tough on crime” banner for decades and never even won the primary, decided that it would be a “conflict” to charge Ravenel under the state law, which carries a mandatory minimum of 25 years and is classified as a violent crime under SC law. He pled guilty in federal court and got 10 MONTHS. The assistant US Attorney had asked the judge to give him probation.

    Also a few years back, politically connected SC businessman John Ludwig left a party attended by state politicians and drove his Maserati, going about a hundred on a secondary road, through someone’s living room, killing the homeowner. Ludwig was not tested for drunk driving. Word on the street was that he was in the company of a state politician at the time of the wreck. He got probation, which was revoked after he spat on a man in a bar and the man pressed charges for assault.

    Yeah, I know its naive to actually expect the common man to get the same measure of justice in the courts as the wealthy and powerful. But it needs to be remarked on when the difference in sentencing is so dramatic as to leave even the most determined ostrich with the firm belief that the system is wholly and not just incidentally corrupt.

  4. Tim D Says:

    what a bunch of crap!!!! for 2 10ths of a gram of dope?? what the fuck!!! that judge is obviously prejudiced against bikers!!! or any
    1%er club member, or prospect of any 1%er club or their associates,
    to me that’s cruel and unusual punishment. I wonder is there any way to grant “FOGLE” A HEARING, and reduce his sentence.
    All over the USA the jails are releasing everyone early, and giving most people with low crimes ,TIME SERVED, because of financial woes thru out county’s states and fed correctional institutions, but they screw Fogle???? for 2 10ths of dope??? Lord GOD!!! I hope someone in the court system see’s this, and sets him free!!! L&R to you mr fogle, and your family, I pray something happens to free you!! Tim D.

  5. One Eye Says:

    It seems to me that their strategy is very simple: The government and LE cannot declare the clubs as criminal enterprises so they collude to fabricate charges, blackmail those arrested, withhold exculpatory evidence, garner convictions that should never happen and mete out sentences that are egregious. The worst part is that this “honest” work that is saving society from the evils of clubs is all predicated on the lies and the entrapment of CIs who, in most cases, have committed crimes far worse than anyone getting busted. Where is Amnesty International and the ACLU in these cases?

  6. Phuquehed Says:

    My 73 year old mom wouldn’t get high from that amount!

    It must be nice to be a fucking useless, dishonest, unethical judge and persecutor and be able to sleep at night. I hope their kids and/or wives/husbands die in a car wreck or plane wreck or just any kind of wreck. Fuck ’em all.

  7. Rebel Says:

    Dear BigV,

    According to the lab report, which I have seen, the actual amount of methamphetamine was “.2 gram.”


  8. BigV Says:

    2/10’s of a gram is 200 milligrams.

    That is, no doubt, 200 milligrams including binders, fillers, etc.

    How much of that 200 miligrams was even a quantifiable illicit substance ?

  9. WARTHOG Says:

    @uncle don,

    That’s exactly what I was thinking. What the hell did he sell it for…a dollar?




  10. Frequent Flyer Says:

    6 years.

    Talk about a kick in the balls.

    There but for the Grace of God go I.

  11. Not Surprised Says:

    Classic ineffective assistance of counsel. No one in their right mind would have plead guilty under those conditions for a first offense.

    It is extremely difficult not to wish the most sever ill consequences on those behind this and I don’t even know Mr. Fogle.

  12. Hardway HSMC Says:

    HOLY SHIT ! this makes me sad/enraged/aghast all at the same time. 2/10ths of a f*cking gram?!

  13. uncle don Says:

    I threw out more than that with the baggie. Back in the day that is.

    uncle don

  14. Goldsboro Williams Says:

    “Six years for two tenths of a gram of dope.”


    But we can’t catch two morons in Boston who are sending emails and making phone calls about Al-Queda, after the Russkies warned us about them?

    How much you want to bet that the gang-banger in New Orleans that just shot 19 people doesn’t serve much more time than that? Of course, the feds won’t charge his “gang” or seek RICO indictments against them for his actions either.

    I think our government has some of their priorities screwed up.

  15. RLG Says:

    Once is bad luck. Twice is co-incidence. Three times is enemy action.

  16. Rebel Says:

    Dear Budweiser,

    Fogle was a first offender. Merckle, the Lexington County Narc, has been described to me as a “brief case carrier” for FBI Case Agent Devon Mahoney. Merckle wanted Fogle sentenced to 15 years. Basically, Fogle was lynched.


  17. Trip Says:

    Absolute bullshit two tenths of a gram really? Fucking 6 years for that? It seems like the attorney was even defending him!


  18. madman Says:

    for two tenths of a gram, a judge can take six years of a mans freedom in a couple minutes, unfuckingbelieveable

  19. Budweiser Says:

    Did this guy have a serious prior record? The six year sentence means he must have some prior convictions. Rebel, do you know if he was caught up in any of the ATF Warlock investigations?

  20. wtf chuck Says:

    This is a travesty. The second judge read the charge and six years sounded like a good round number.The sentences keep getting more unjust every year.

  21. Bipolar&Proud Says:

    That is a crying shame. This has just all gone to hell.

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