Updating The Rock Hell Case

May 8, 2013

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The Rock Hell racketeering case filed eleven months ago against members of the Hells Angels, Red Devils and Southern Gentlemen Motorcycle Clubs in South Carolina zombies on.

In the last week a couple of notable defendants have been sentenced. Two more are scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow and two more are scheduled to be sentenced later this month.

Byrum And Chitwood

Two members of the Southern Gentlemen were sentenced last week.

Kerry “Gowilla” Chitwood was sentenced on May 2nd to 20 years in prison followed by ten years of supervised release. He must also participate in a substance abuse program and forfeit his motorcycle. Chitwood, apparently on the advice of his attorney, pled guilty to narcotics conspiracy on February 11 as the trial of the remaining defendants in the case was about to begin.

Ronald Dean “Big Ron” Byrum, who pled guilty to narcotics conspiracy on January 17th, was sentenced May 3rd to 51 months in prison. In addition, Byrum must endure a subsequent 96 months of supervised probation. While on probation, Byrum must cheerfully “participate in a substance abuse treatment program, to include drug testing” and “participate in a mental health treatment program as approved by the U.S. Probation Office.” “Substance abuse treatment” and “mental health treatment” are what the North Koreans more frankly call “re-education.” Unless he comes out of prison with a job waiting for him, Byrum must also “participate in a Vocational Training or Work Force Development Program as approved by the U.S. Probation Office.” Byrum also forfeits his motorcycle. Byrum was tape recorded bragging to fellow defendant and club brother Kerry Chitwood that he had seen “multiple kilos” of cocaine.

Rhodus And Looper

Two of the alleged conspirators will be sentenced tomorrow.

James “Sonny” Rhodus pled guilty to money laundering on January 17th. Rhodus deposited money in his bank account for a despicable federal informant named Joseph “Midas” Dillulio. Although Rhodus never actually met Dillulio, Rhodus did him the favor anyway. Rhodus will probably be sentenced to probation.

Johanna Looper will also be sentenced tomorrow. She pled guilty to racketeering conspiracy on January 17th. Looper was the girlfriend of a Hells Angel Prospect named Donald Boersma. What she actually did was deliver 50 legally obtained Percocet pills at the request of the pills legal possessor, Frank Enriquez, to Dillulio with the knowledge that Enriquez was selling them to Dillulio for $300. Dillulio then asked Looper if she needed any money. Looper, who was in dire financial straights, said “yes.” Dillulio, who cultivated the reputation of a big spender, then tipped Looper $40 at which point, the government argued, she became a racketeer. Looper also almost delivered more pills to Dillulio two weeks later before Dan Bifield told her not to associate with the man. Looper faces a potential sentence of 20 years in prison.

The Bifield’s

Dan and Lisa Bifield, the husband and wife the government has repeatedly accused of being at the heart of the alleged underworld conspiracy, were scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow. They will now be sentenced together on May 29th. They both made plea deals last December 27th. Dan Bifield agreed to plead guilty and be sentenced to 20 years if his wife did not have to testify and was sentenced to no more than five years in prison.

When he learned that his wife would be required to testify Dan Bifield sought to withdraw his plea deal and, subsequently, Lisa Bifield refused to testify for the government. Lisa Bifield now faces seven years to life in prison. Judge Cameron McGowan Currie denied Bifield’s motion to withdraw his guilty plea in April.

Bruce Long

The argument between attorney Joshua Kendrick who represents former Hells Angels Rock Hell Nomads’ charter member Bruce Long and prosecutor Julius N. Richardson remains unresolved. Long (photo above) was found guilty of numerous counts including narcotics conspiracy and racketeering conspiracy on March 14th and Kendrick moved for a directed verdict of acquittal on April 3rd. Kendrick believes that Long’s alleged crimes would never have occurred without the instigation of Dillulio.

Richardson has argued back that “a RICO conspiracy does not require that even a single racketeering act occur, much less a pattern. The gravamen (a lawyer word which means grievance or crime) of the conspiracy is the agreement, which does not require that any specific act actually occur. As RICO conspiracy does not require an act to have occurred, it also does not require that such acts be related or pose a threat of continuity. While the agreement must contemplate an enterprise that commits a pattern of racketeering acts, neither the enterprise nor a pattern of racketeering acts need actually occur.”

Richardson also argues that Long must be guilty because he is a Hells Angel. He claims “the acts were related based on the kickbacks the Hells Angels and their leadership obtained as a result of the members’ racketeering activity…the standard operating procedure for the Hells Angels, by which the group existed to facilitate the illicit ‘business’ of its members.”

Kendrick has until Friday to formally reply to the prosecutor.

This story was originally published on May 8, 2013 and was corrected on May 9 and May 10 to correct factual errors.



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13 Responses to “Updating The Rock Hell Case”

  1. Elliot Ness Says:

    Wouldn’t it be refreshing if these guys told the truth, and admitted to their crimes? Their claims of innocence are so unbelievable, as to be laughable. According to them, they’re little more than a bunch of rowdy Boy Scouts on motorcycles.

  2. rr Says:

    time to see if there is room for help.81

  3. rr Says:

    rolls says he allso

    has the means to help

  4. rollsroyce Says:

    who ever sent the kill notice nice going i am one of the people that found about things that is positive for dd.RR

  5. rollsroyce Says:

    miss you dan /can bigguy frombrid conn contact me.81 foreves

  6. Trip Says:

    No Sonny is not a “Rat” but I know there is probably many more people involved in this situation than meets the eye! Thanks to Rebel for the exceptional journalism and not distorting the facts like all normal media outlets do and writing on the facts and his opinions. Good looking out Rebel L&R


  7. Bipolar&Proud Says:

    You are correct in saying the money met Dillulio, but Mr. Rhodus himself never met him or even had a conversation with Dillulio. Where do you see it, no one ever said Sonny was a rat. Do tell where you may have seen that statement. Thanks again Rebel for all the great reporting you have provided throughout this.

  8. Rebel Says:

    Dear Bipolar & Proud and Where do you see it,

    Bipolar and proud is right. He is at least half right. I did briefly say Bruce Long was Prez. I know he wasn’t. I don’t know why I said it. I know he wasn’t Prez. Maybe I liked the way it sounded. When I reallized I had written that I turned on the computer and corrected it. You probably saw it during the period of time before I fixed the error. I think the error was up for almost 12 hours. I apologize for the mistake.

    I believe you that Rhodus never met Dillulio. However, the government says he washed Dillulio’s money through his Wachovia account. I have the account number although I won’t say it here. Racketeering act 46 of the superseding indictment says he made the deposit on March 5, 2012. Let me look at that charge some more tomorrow and if I can’t prove what I said I will correct the story to reflect that Rhodus never met Dillulio, just his money.

    Don’t hesitate to correct me. The idea is to get the story right and I am just the one guy, about three thousand miles west of you. So mistakes are inevitable. What matters is that I eventually, as soon as possible, get an accurate story on the record.

    Stay strong,

  9. where do you see it Says:

    @Bi Polar
    Where did he say Sonny was a rat and that Bruce was president? I do not see where rebel even remotely said such things? Please do tell.

  10. Bipolar&Proud Says:

    No disrespect, you have pretty much been dead on in your reporting, but I have found 2 incorrect statements in this article. First and foremost, James “Sonny” Rhodus has never meet that RAT Joe Dillulio, let alone ever had any type of conversation with him. Secondly, Bruce Long is not and never has been the President of the Rock Hell Nomads charter os the Hells Angels. Plesae fel free to contact me via email shuld you have any questions. Thank you for all the great information and reporting throughout this whole ordeal, youve been great


  11. 11c_infantry Says:

    I guess thought crimes are next. All you have to do is think the wrong thing, and Big Brother will throw you in jail and continue reeducation upon release.

  12. Trip Says:

    More trumped up bullshit…There is your goverment hard at work once again!! I think it’s a damn shame that they are having to deal with all this, when everyone of those guys would give you the shirt off there backs if you needed it. I got a great fucking idea for all the agents out there trying to make cases against bikers! HOW BOUT MAKE REAL CASES AGAINST OUR SO CALLED GOVERMENT POWERS THAT BE, IN WASHINGTON, DC!!! That would be a hell of alot more productive than spending all that money to prosecute bikers. Motherfuckers are just trying to get certain individuals re-elected and more swift prosecutions to make themselves look good! LH&R to the ROCKHELL NOMADS


  13. Snow Says:

    All this keeps getting better, you don’t have to commit a crime to be charged and convicted of those crimes that never happened. What kind of bullshit is that?
    Best wishes and much respect sent to Rock Hell Red and White. Snow

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