Kid Versus Cop

May 7, 2013

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The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is one of the world’s leading proponents of “zero tolerance,” which forbids police to use discretion when citing citizens for any of thousands of possible infractions. It is a law enforcement philosophy that blatantly encourages cops to search for excuses to bully citizens and it only works one way. Citizens must scrupulously obey authority but cops can do anything they want.

It is also an offensive perversion of official power and it isn’t just people who read pages like this who think so. Which explains why the video below has gotten about three million hits on YouTube since it was posted to a thread on the social media site Reddit three days ago.

The clip, which was actually posted to YouTube last September, documents an encounter between a 12-year-old named Jeremy Drew and a Vegas Metro motorcycle officer who refuses to identify himself. The kid documented the encounter on a smartphone and it has already sparked an informal debate between pro-cop apologists who accuse the kid of being rude and the generally unacknowledged majority of Americans who are fed up with police.

The Encounter

In the normal course of being twelve, the kid observed the cop’s motorcycle parked on the sidewalk in front Terrible Herbst’s convenience store. Terrible’s is a common chain of convenience stores in Vegas. Do to the kid’s experience and training, he was aware that most people aren’t allowed to park on a sidewalk in Vegas.

When the cop exits the store with a giant drink in his hand – the kind that may soon be illegal in New York City – the boy asks, “Um…hello? Is there a reason for you to park on the sidewalk? Is it an emergency or anything?”

“Because I can,” the surly cop growls.

“Can I see your badge number?”


“Uh, because I have the right to.”

“You do, huh? What are you? A junior lawyer?”

“No. I just want to see your badge number.” The cop ignores the kid until the kid asks again, “Can I please see your badge number.”



Moving to the offensive, the cop asks ”Do you have ID on you?”

“No. I’m a minor.”

“Well, if you don’t have ID how do I know who you are.” It’s how cops think. How can the kid prove he isn’t Al Qaeda if he doesn’t carry his official papers. It is an official affect that worked for the Nazis.

“I’m Jeremy Drew.”


“I’m Jeremy.”

“Well how do I know that?” After a brief exchange about whether police have to obey the same laws as civilians the cop accuses the kid of “loitering.”

“No. I’m actually mailing this.”

And then the heroic policemen rode off.

The video began appearing on various television stations throughout the country this morning. It has not yet been broadcast in Las Vegas.



32 Responses to “Kid Versus Cop”

  1. Goldsboro Williams Says:


    Agree with most of what you said, but you can’t diss Selleck’s mustache. Long after you and I (and Selleck) are dead, that mustache will still be getting laid.


  2. ap Says:

    The comments encourage child abuse and excuse the ppig? Nice. And emergency call? Guessing the only emergency this fat fuck heads to.involves a bathroom.good kid. Stand up for yourself. Cops aint fucking crime fighting heros. They dont deserve shit.

  3. Snow Says:

    @ can’t use
    Respect is thinking before talking or writting in this case. Our host gives us plenty of freedom so we try not to abuse it, there are always assholes who do though, so basically remember not to talk in a way you wouldn’ t want to be talked to. Welcome if you choose to stay.

  4. Can'tUseMyInitials Says:

    I’ve been coming to this site for a while now, embarrassingly because I thought no way “Devil’s Ride” was real, and a search on that brought me here. My eyes have been opened more and more each day as I go through the articles and comments and realize I see the world much more like a biker than I ever thought possible.

    I have been reluctant to post any of my own comments so far though. I’ve never myself been on a bike and have but one friend who rides a crotch rocket maybe once every 2 months. I also tend to be a smart ass, sometimes unintentionally, and seeing that respect is a huge part of the culture didn’t want to piss anyone off. Which again I would probably do unintentionally. In a nutshell I don’t feel worthy of commenting.

    BUT, this story and the insane comments on the Facebook link have pissed me off to the point of breaking my silence.

    Since I don’t feel like retyping what I said on Facebook, I’ll just copy and paste my 2 cents. Just ignore the first sentence, it’s aimed at Facebook not the commenters here:

    I don’t think the people commenting here fully understand what’s happening. LVPD has a “zero tolerance policy” for their officers. Meaning no discretion for upholding the law towards civilians. In layman’s terms If you get pulled over for doing 55 in a 40 zone, you don’t get a warning, some form of lesser charge that costs the same, not even a speeding ticket that is dropped down to 46 in a 40. You get a 55 in a 40 ticket. It is illegal to park on a sidewalk. That is hypocrisy. The flippant way the cop says, “cause I can” is the actual problem with this video.

    The “what if he had a call” line is B.S. Long time ago, I worked at a fast food joint. I can’t tell you the times a police car or EMS vehicle would park right in front of the front doors and the officers would come in and order food. A number of times, the lights would flash once or twice with no one in the car. I came to learn that that meant a call was going out from dispatch. How did I learn this? I would see an officer or emt in line turn to notice the lights, wonder allowed if they should get the call and their partner say, “I’m sure someone else will”. So a Whopper was more important than getting said call. If we DON’T hold the people that police us to the same standards they hold us to then WE ARE ALL SCREWED.

    ~ I wanted to go on, but let’s face it, most people on Facebook have short attention spans. I figured the more I typed the less people would read it all and the more “attacks” I would receive.


  5. E Says:

    A small window into the entitlement of some law enforcement individuals, his disdain for being questioned by anyone for his actions was very apparent. The officer seemed to be exhausting all his options to harass the minor in response (ID request, implication of loitering), which is just a sad abuse of authority. Sad in that it is against a minor committing no crime and that this is a full grown adult with arrest powers who cannot come up with a better response than, “You got ID kid? You loitering?”, to a 12 year old.

    Metro, and more recently Henderson Police, have shown, through their lack of seat belt usage, travelling at high rates of speed without lights or siren, and disregard for most traffic laws, that a lot of them do not believe those laws apply to them at all. The justification that they should have the ability to violate these laws on the basis of preparedness and quickness of response would almost be reasonable, if it didn’t put the safety of every other citizen on the road at risk.

    Lights and sirens already give the department the ability to a quick response for emergencies. It is not a free pass to do whatever, whenever they want when behind the wheel.

  6. RT Says:


    Don’t you people have a kiddie porn site you can visit instead of this one?

  7. Trip Says:

    You feel embarassed? Really? I think your just like every other piece of shit cop. You say it but you really don’t mean it. Subconsciously, your probably laughing your ass off and probably jerking off to the 70’s porn star mustache this guy has. You fucking assholes always seem to have to be all up in the kool-aid trying to see what the flavor is. Fuck you find another forum! This is not for the gate keepers of the sheeple!!!


  8. Drifter Says:

    arealcop said; “Sigh, it’s an uphill battle sometimes.”

    Ya think, so next time one of your buddies lies on paper, bap him upside the skull with a mag, prob end up with carpal but it’s worth a shot…..

    Just look at it as your own personal crusade to combat corruption….

  9. Snow Says:

    Any updates on our mutual friends? Much respect and best wishes sent to all.

  10. WARTHOG Says:


    Right the fuck on, man. Right the fuck on.




  11. PigPen Says:

    You got the grapes to come to this site and talk to us..about an uphill battle? Motherfucker. Aint that some fucking shit right there. Why dont you think about that shit next time you roll your dunkin donuts ass behind us and pull us over because its tuesday. Get the fuck down off the cross messiah.

  12. arealcop Says:

    I’m a cop and I’m embarrassed by that video. The cop seems to have a sense of entitlement he doesn’t deserve, and then when he gets called out on it he tries to shakedown a child. Sigh, it’s an uphill battle sometimes.

  13. Snow Says:

    @ Bowtie Stubbs
    Much respect sent your way.

  14. akwyoutahclay Says:

    Good work Bowtie ,hats off to you ,There is nothing worse than a state sanctioned Bully Your work will make Bully cops think long and hard about their actions

  15. akwyoutahclay Says:

    Yeah @ Phuquehead , whats up with all those cops wanting to beat their kids ? Its scary the mindset of a Cop They are basically raising conformist drones . training generations of conformist boot licking lackeys . I have a brother in law who is a cop ..I dont trust him and never will ….my poor nephew is already brow beaten and is being taught to conform and think inside the box …..If I did what that Cop did i would be Id ,grilled , searched,and given a ticket It made my blood boil ,when Walrus boy stated “Because I can ” these assholes operate with impunity i hope he gets some sort of discipline

  16. Stephen "Bowtie" Stubbs Says:

    The most offensive part of this is the fact that the police officer tries to bully the kid with the “ID” issue. This commonly happens in Las Vegas.

    NRS 171.123 does in fact set out a “duty to identify” if (and only if) you are being detained (there is reasonable suspicion that you have committed some crime). The Supreme Court of the United States (highest court in the land) interpretted this statute in Hiibel v US to mean that a person (if they are being detained) must state his/her legal name, and nothing more.

    Despite a Supreme Court ruling, some Metro police officers continue to demand identification (which they have no legal right to do) and bully people (in this case a 12 year old kid).

    As a side note, under a different law, if you are the driver of a vehicle, you are required to provide your drivers license on demand (but not the vehicle passengers).

    Stephen “Bowtie” Stubbs

  17. mad matt Says:

    Its time to take the fight to them, uniformed or not. If my kid came home with this I would be on the warpath! I think mudman had it right, kill a cop day needs to make a comeback!

    Bring the AOA to Rhode Island

  18. SMFtwstdHICK Says:


    I hear ya there man. I have a 6 yr old and I am just in disgust in regards to how this country is turning to shit. And how much worse this world will be when he gets my age.

    Sucks to wake up every morning, kiss the little guy goodbye as I head out to work, and already whisper to him “I’m sorry”… Fucking kills.

  19. Snow Says:

    I clicked the link and could only read 4-5 comments before getting angry, sheeple have forgotten that cops are public servants not authority figures, most of those responding would fall to their knees to suck this prick’s dick.
    Lord help you if you question anything, fall in line comrade, bow down, lick my boots.
    I don’t do facebook so I couldn’t post my thoughts, probably a good thing.
    Respect sent, Snow.

  20. JMacK Says:

    What a bunch of mindless fucking sheeple. The video doesn’t piss me off as much as the comments. I expect cops to act like fucking douchebags, especially when they can bully a young kid. Doesn’t shock me at all. But for the general population to excuse the pigs lack of respect because a kid asks a few questions?? Fuck that. Retards.

    I feel sorry for what North America is gonna look like when my kid is my age. Pitiful.


  21. 00 81 Says:

    I keep telling them we need more Andy’s and less Barney’s but no one listens…They should use Mayberry as an example of How To.

  22. PigPen Says:

    The kid doesn’t respect authority? How the fuck do you respect authority, who doesn’t respect the laws, he is supposed to enforce? How do you respect someone, with a tom selleck mustache in 2013? how do you respect someone who answers a kid “because I can”
    That prick cop, can get fucked by a rhino with herpes, because he deserves it. I wish I could meet that kid right now, i’d buy him a beer. Good for you kid, keep questioning everything, you got my respect.

  23. slycechyx Says:

    The cop handled that so wrong. Instead of being a smartass, he could have explained to the kid why he was parked there. I felt the kid was being respectful, asked a hinest question & the cop responded by being a dick. Nice public relations, not.

    The commentors on the facebook page are disturbing. Whatever happened to “officer friendly”?

  24. Phuquehed Says:

    @akwyoutahclay – I’d bet my bike that all the posts *against* what the kid did are from pigs and/or pigs’ wives. Notice how they’re almost *all* complaining about how the kid doesn’t ‘respect authority’. Only a pig would see it that way, and only a pig would say he needed his ass beat for it.

    There’s no such thing as a decent pig. They’re all worthless as a dog shit on the dinner table.

    I’ve got a patch on my vest, on the back that says ‘Love it or leave it’ and it is implying about America. I’ve become so fucking disgusted with my government that I cannot in all honesty say I want it on my vest anymore. I *am* however, going to make a custom one. It’s going to have ‘FTF’ (fuck the feds, just not this explanation, just the three letters), ‘FTP'(fuck the pigs), ‘FTG’ (fuck the government), and somehow or another it’ll have FTBATF, FTDHS. Then I’ll figure out some kind of simple ‘picture’ to have in the center and those terms will surround it, sort of like a top and bottom rocker-like thing. I got no fucking imagination at all, but it’d sure let the fuckers know how I feel about my government anymore.

  25. Drew Thompson Says:

    Like the commercial says, where they’re talking to kids:

    “It’s not complicated.”

    Hopefully the cop was at least disciplined, not because he parked on the sidewalk, I mean they all take liberties like that, but because he was caught, and acted unprofessional when he knew the kid was recording. I mean, looking bad on TV is a serious offense when you’re in the public sector!

    I’m just saying. I guess not all adults have the instinct for “teachable moments” when dealing with kids.

    I’m sure an adult asking the exact same questions would have ended up in cuffs.

    I’m not one who says “Fuck the police”, though I do say “Fuck people with no integrity”. I know for some of you there’s no difference between the two statements…

    No, I’m not a cop. I lack the arrogance required!


  26. Budweiser Says:

    Did the Pig have that ridiculous mustache before becoming a cop or did he grow it for the job? What a douche bag.

  27. akwyoutahclay Says:

    Hey Guys, here is a Facebook page I ran across Read the comments of all the power tripping bully cops …. Pathetic …….This is a good cross section into the warped minds of the modern COP

  28. One Eye Says:

    The typical hubris of the cops. If anyone else had done this they would have received a ticket, but since he’s a cop he not only broke the law, he’s arrogant and flippant about doing it. Typical fucking bag of shit that operates with impunity.

  29. Tetelestai Says:

    Bet that kid knows Steven Stubbs…if not I sure hope they meet someday.

  30. OC VAGO Says:


  31. Paladin Says:

    It’s always nice to see a police department that leads by example. This is especially true of a police department that is a proponent of a “zero tolerance” policy, when it comes to how its officers interact with the public.

    The hypocrisy depicted in Rebel’s article, combined with a “zero tolerance” policy are some of the reasons why I retired. I also grew tired of continually having to wear hip waders, ’cause the shit was so deep.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  32. Viking 1% Says:

    Making my daily visit was gonna post a link to that vid but ya beat me to it Rebel. Gotta give that kids folks props they raised a kid with some balls and to question authority instead of being a fucking sheeple like most people do now. Wonder how the pigs are gonna spin this one cause the kid wasn’t being a smart ass like I would have when I was his age he actually gave alot more respect than I think he should have 3 million hits should get LVPDs attention pretty quick.

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