Georgia Outlaws Farce Part Three

May 6, 2013

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Larry “Larry Mack” McDaniel, who is a regional president of the American Outlaws Association in Georgia, was arraigned again today in the latest attempt by a United States Attorney and an apparently unprofessional FBI Agent named Mark Sewell, to get McDaniel on something. Today it was “Conspiracy and Tampering with a Witness, Victim, or an Informant & Intimidation or Force Against (a) Witness.”

By ironic coincidence, this absolutely essential arraignment was conducted on the very same day that something called the “House Committee on the Judiciary Over-Criminalization Task Force of 2013” was holding an organizing meeting. The House Committee aims to stem the growth in the number of criminal statutes and regulations that carry criminal penalties. The goal is to reduce the number of federal inmates which has increased by ten fold in the last 30 years. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Robert Goodlatte, who is an ex-officio member of the Over-Criminalization Task Force, told the Wall Street Journal that Congress “creates 500 new crimes per decade” and that many of them weaken “standards as to whether the crime had to be intended.”

The first thing the Over-Criminalization Task Force should take a look at are the last three federal cases against Larry Mack.

The Back Story

This first iteration of this ongoing case became public in August 2012 when the government announced that the FBI had carried out a successful infiltration of the biker counterculture in Georgia and as a result 23 people were arrested. Twenty-one of the accused were members of the Outlaws, Southern Knights, Black Pistons or Hoodlums Motorcycle Clubs.

In the government’s press release, FBI supervisor Brian D. Lamkin announced that, “Today’s arrests of the numerous members of the Outlaw Motorcycle Club and those of several of its affiliate clubs represents the unified efforts of our region’s law enforcement in addressing a serious and very structured crime problem. The Outlaw Motorcycle Club, its affiliate clubs, and its membership are not above nor beyond the law and today’s arrests, the culmination of a two-year intensive investigation, should serve as clear evidence of that.”

In the same release Sally Quillian Yates, the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia gloated, “All but two of the defendants charged in this investigation have direct ties to the Outlaw Motorcycle Club or other motorcycle clubs that are affiliated with and controlled by the Outlaws. The charges unsealed today allege that these motorcycle club members engaged in substantial drug trafficking and weapons offenses. This case is a big step forward in making sure that these groups don’t threaten the safety of our North Georgia communities.”

McDaniel, King and Brown

McDaniel and two other men, Sean King, an Outlaw from Gordon, Georgia and Howard Brown who is the Georgia President of the Black Pistons Motorcycle Club, were charged with obstructing a criminal investigation.

What had happened, according the government, was that McDaniel had found out that the FBI was conducting an undercover investigation and “had placed either an Undercover Employee or a Confidential Informant inside the Black Pistons Motorcycle Club’s Cleveland, Georgia chapter.” So McDaniel apparently suggested that that chapter be shut down – which it was. It is unclear what else McDaniel should have done.

There was then an investigation to determine how McDaniel knew what he knew and a second indictment of McDaniel, King and Brown for impeding “the due and proper administration of the law under which a proceeding was pending before the Federal Bureau of Investigation, an agency of the United States.” That charge actually turned out not to be a crime because, to slightly over simplify, FBI investigations are not “proceedings.”

Indictment Number Three

The government, however, stubbornly refuses to believe that. In an indictment filed in chambers on April 24th, the government alleges:

“Beginning in or about June 2012, and continuing until on or about August 16, 2012, in the Northern District of Georgia, the defendants, LARRY MCDANIEL, a/k/a ‘Larry Mack,’ HOWARD BROWN, and SEAN KING, did knowingly and intentionally combine, conspire, confederate, agree, and have a tacit understanding with each other, to commit offenses against the United States, that is, (1) to violate Title 18, United states Code, Section 1512(c){2), in that the defendants would corruptedly obstruct, influence, and impede an official proceeding, to wit: an investigation being conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in which D.B.S. was acting as an undercover informant for the FBI and Michael Griffin, a/k/a ‘Griff’ a law enforcement officer was acting in an undercover capacity, and (2) to violate Title 18, United States Code, Section 1512{c) (2), in that the defendants would corruptedly obstruct, influence, and impede an official proceeding, to wit: a federal grand jury investigation into criminal offenses investigated by the FBI, said FBI investigation involving D.B.S. acting as an undercover informant and Michael Griffin, a/k/a ‘Griff,’ a law enforcement officer, acting in an undercover capacity.”

William L. McKinnon, Jr. and Sally B. Molloy, the two prosecutors in the case, like that charge so much they say the same thing three times, so this indictment has three counts.

The Way Back Story

Of course, this case is unfolding in the south where, William Faulkner observed, “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”

FBI Case Agent Sewell has an interesting past. In May 2001, during a racketeering trial of seven men connected to an Atlanta stripper bar called The Gold Club, Sewell blew up multiple times in court after he was romantically linked to a club employee and alleged prostitute named Jennifer Moranello. At one point Sewell threw a videotape at one of the lawyers in that case.

Donald F. Samuel was among the attorneys in that courtroom that day. Samuel now represents Larry McDaniel.

McKinnon and Molloy don’t want this case to go to trial. They simply want to use the federal judiciary as a weapon to punish McDaniel, King and Brown for frustrating the volatile Sewell.


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22 Responses to “Georgia Outlaws Farce Part Three”

  1. Trip Says:

    I think it’s so funny how in the video this dipshit is in a picture with “Chief”. Anyone can get a picture with him, it doesn’t mean he’s his old buddy from way back that’s for damn sure. What a fucking loser, I guarentee he has never been a patch holder nor even remotely close to becoming a patch holder. And as far as the case in georgia is concerned it’s just another attempt of the goverment to try and completely shut down all MC’s around the U.S of A! It’s a sad damn day when you can’t ride or associate with your brothers cause of rat bastards like this fuck!


  2. Snow Says:

    @ Glen S.
    I agree with you completely, really good advise you’ve given, unfortunately it seems in modern day Amerika you only have the rights they’ve given you.
    They don’t want to prevent crime, crime for them is a big income provider, they only want to convict someone, anyone really.
    This is nothing but a waste of time and money, as well as ruining people’s lives, because their little plan fell apart. They are nothing but little pricks.
    ACAB FTF Fuckem all. SYLO Respect sent to those who deserve it. Snow

  3. Glenn S. Says:

    Some thoughts on the case in Georgia: If an American has freedom of association, surely he also has a right not to associate with whomever he pleases, including undercover pigs and their pet rats. If I were defending against such a charge as Mr. McDaniel is, I would present evidence of every instance of law enforcement planting agents and paid or coerced rats in a motorcycle club and then enticing members to commit crimes they otherwise would have not committed. I would present evidence of undercover cops and rats manipulating situations where violence was a possible result. I would present the decision to shut down the support club as what it likely was: a crime fighting measure. And I would send top-shelf hookers to entertain and inform reporters covering the case, and their editors, if need be, to insure the story was presented accurately, widely, and thoroughly.

    By shutting down the support club, Mr. McDaniel obviously prevented crime. The cop and the rat would have certainly encouraged and orchestrated criminal acts, just as they did in Rock Hill and elsewhere.

    I would ask the jury to decide if it was a crime to refuse to give silent approval to crime when the criminals are government agents.

  4. One Eye Says:


    I would look forward to that.

  5. Prospect Says:

    Where was his crack pipe? When the brothers finally do snatch him up, i”ll bet he fukin wets hisself.


  6. Phuquehed Says:

    I was able to handle 2minutes and 32 seconds. This guy found two dolts who wouldn’t know a spark plug from a radiator on their own cars much less *anything* to do with motorcycles and those who ride them as a life. I mean listen to the way he talks, he can barely form a sentence (the ‘tard may be the father of Brandon!) and kept trying to toot his own horn and tell them all about the differences between a rat, a rat and a rat. The guy interviewer, I think, knew he was full of shit. The woman was just there wasting air as the look on her face said that the word ‘the’ blew her mind and made her head hurt.

    The only fucktards who will think this rat is actually anything real, is as others have said, the fucking RUB’s and fair-weather riders…and morons like Brandon…and of course the dumbshits who work in the justice system are no brighter than Brandon so they too will think this buffoon is worth knowing and listening to only because they’re too stupid to come up with the bullshit Caine is coming up with before them.

    If this shit-stain Caine was actually a patched member of any 1% club, with him being as wormy-looking, weak, wimpy and stupid as he is and does, I’ll eat the old worn grip off my bike. They guy is so full of shit the whites of his eyes are brown…and I got all this from just two and a half minutes!

  7. JMacK Says:

    @One Eye

    I thought you might be, but couldn’t recall. I don’t drink anymore but I used to spend a fair amount of time in Texas and they were always shocked that I could drink 2 of their beers for every 1 they drank! And its about time for Rush for sure! I’m an Oiler fan so I vaguely remember what the playoffs are…haha

    If I ever get out of work long enough to finally do my cross Canada tour, I’ll look you up…


  8. Big Bry Says:

    What a waste of time and money. Clearly there was no crime and this is just another example of the feds using their unlimited money to try to wear people down until they and their families are ruined.

  9. Tim D Says:

    @pigPen, I agree, all the weekend riders read it and believe it to be true and Jerk off to it, thats about right!!!! dont care ffor the fucken weekend riders, or people writeing fucken lieing books for $$$$$$, the asshole anyways, L&R to Ya, Tim D.

  10. One Eye Says:

    @JMack; I hear you, I’m Canadian! I’ve had this long running pissing match with buddies in Wisconsin about which Pabst Blue Ribbon is better; ours or theirs? So I brought some when I visited, we had a taste off and guess which PBR some of them begrudgingly liked better? We have a lot of great things, man; Rush just got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and it’s playoff time! As far as titty bars go I live in a city on which 60 Minutes once did a segment titled “Tijuana North.” Ha ha ha ha!

  11. Dirty Dingus McGee Says:

    I too just watched the video. Such a prize Caine is, I’m surprised he wasn’t made the new Pope.

    And if anyone is interested; the photo of the Outlaw wearing the South Carolina patch( at 4.10 in the video)is a rat. Testified/lied to save his own miserable ass in the kangaroo court that took down Milwaukee Jack 1%er.

    I certainly hope nothing were to happen to him, should someone by chance bump into him.

  12. Frequent Flyer Says:

    “the rush” with Mike and Fiona


  13. WARTHOG Says:

    Fucktard has his facts a little twisted. He talks about my club in his book and while discussing us implies that we helped set off the war in Illinois, and then the next paragraph says the war came to a head three years before the shit he just described. His whole timeline with us is completely off. Fucker’s full of shit.



  14. JMacK Says:

    What a load of fucking garbage. That best part of that motherfucker obviously dribble down his mothers leg. He’s obviously the drop she should’ve swallowed. I hope his family is proud of him. I can guaran-fucking-tee you that his country isn’t.

    @ One-Eye
    I can appreciate the disdain for this motherfucker as well as the others that you mention, but lets go easy on Canadians in general. We have good beer. And titty bars. And all sorts of good shit.

  15. PigPen Says:

    JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. i just watched the video, and what a load of horse shit. that guy has made up such an illusion in his head to sell a book that he might actually believe it to be true.
    un fucking real, like what i said before, this asshole writes a book, all the weekend riders buy it, jerk off to it, and believe it to be true, and not a lick of it is.
    ass fucking hole. i hope you get yours motherfucker.

  16. Hose-a 1% Says:

    That fucking duche bag brags about testifying 142 times.How the fuck does he look in a mirror.
    More government persecution what a crock of shit.
    Hose-a 1%er Pagan’s M.C. retired F.T.F.

  17. 10guage Says:


    Besides being a compulsive liar, ego maniacal, and deceitful …Alex Caine must have some form of Dementia….I know he says his first book is supposedly autobiographical, was very cathartic, and was his last ditch effort to garner some type of love from his family he treated like shit for decades but he now actually believes the lies he has been telling in court for years…142 court cases with only 2 losses…that’s a lot of lies …….and it seems as the years pass they get more grandiose… the crazy drunk uncle that gets beat up every other Thanksgiving

    Great Article as always..

  18. Matt Says:

    These so called infiltrators keep coming out of the woodwork to sell more books. I sure would like to do something weird to that blonde girl in the interview though.

  19. PigPen Says:

    Pathetic. They can’t prove shit, so they are going to continue using their infinite resources to keep coming up with crap. They know that your average tax paying citizen does not have the money to compete with everything the government can throw at you. They know that they can pull 5 charges out of the air, to keep making you get a lawyer and pay for it. Eventually, they hope you will plead to something, anything, just so they can justify their 2 year investigation that bore no fruit. We spent 3 million dollars in tax money and man power, but we got those dirty biker bastards on jaywalking. ha ha! let that be a fucking lesson to the rest of em’. Wear a patch in my county will ya, I’ll show you.
    Fucking disgrace. And what is worst, the public eats this shit up. Like milk from mommy’s teet. Oh my god, 23 ruffians taken off my street, that you local justice! Thank you brave men of the badge for protecting me against these modern day pirates on 2 wheels.
    My thoughts are with Mac, Sean and Howie. I hope you guys get through this shit as quickly as possible.

  20. One Eye Says:

    Rebel,if I didn’t have trust in the accuracy of your journalism I wouldn’t believe what I just read; it’s more far fetched than Ayn Rand or H.G. Wells.

    Alex Caine: he’s SO incognito and needs such anonymity that he appears on a television show. I like the part that states the war between the clubs is 60 years old, which would mean the war began in 1953. I wonder how he explains the photo of Funny Sonny riding two up with an Outlaw. It’s not bad enough that Canada has given the world Julian Sher, Yves Lavigne and Justin Beiber, but now this. This guy is so full of shit he should have a second rectum implanted to relieve the pressure.

  21. Dirty Dingus McGee Says:

    This is the biggest waste of time and money going on in Ga at the moment. MOST of the other defendant’s took plea deals, some are still standing strong. There now seem to be some problems with the snitch, D.B.S., that might see the light of day soon.

    Malicious prosecution? You bet. Main goals at this time seem to be financial ruin of these ” evil, nasty, scary” men, and massaging agent Sewells ego.

  22. Snow Says:

    Another childish federal prosecutor, you have to let them win or they throw a temper tantrum. If my tax money is going to be pissed away on foolish nonsense let me choose, after all I’m the one who worked for it. FTF FTP ACAB.

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