Another Mongols Indictment

May 1, 2013

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Late this winter, an Assistant United States Attorney in Los Angeles named Elizabeth Yang convinced a grand jury to indict a turn of phrase. The phrase is “Mongol Nation, an unincorporated association.” Yang is the Chief of the Violent and Organized Crime Section of the Office of the United States Attorney for the Central District of California. The indictment is full of spurious and unproven allegations.

An excellent reporter named Mike Doyle, who covers the Department of Justice from Washington, D.C. for McClatchy Newspapers, ran a syndicated story about the indictment yesterday. Doyle reports the indictment was returned in February. The grand jury was convened in October 2012.

Mongol Nation

The indictment illustrates a quote usually attributed to Albert Einstein, but actually taken from a 1981 pamphlet published by Narcotics Anonymous, which defines insanity as “repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.” The Mongol Nation criminal indictment seeks, for the fourth or fifth time, to seize ownership of the insignia of the Mongols Motorcycle Club.

The indictment traces “ownership” of the Mongols’ patch and name from a corporation owned by former Mongols President Ruben “Doc” Cavazos and named Shotgun Productions Limited Liability Corporation, through a short lived corporation named Mongol Nation Motorcycle Club Inc. (which was dissolved on September 19, 2011) to an entirely theoretical defendant named “Mongol Nation, an unincorporated association” which is then called the “Mongols Outlaw Motorcycle Gang” and at other times in the indictment, “The Mongols Gang.” Since there is no legal entity named “Mongol Nation, an unincorporated association,” Yang might as well have indicted Harry Potter. The theoretical Mongol Nation includes every member of the club.

The spurious debate over who owns the Mongols name and patch is no longer even a valid legal issue. The Mongols insignia are not “trade marks” for use in commerce and trade like the name and insignia of the Sinister Mob Syndicate Motorcycle Club on reality television. The Mongols insignia are collective membership marks owned by the Mongols Motorcycle Club which is a legal, ongoing and evolving institution with an evolving membership like the Knights of Columbus, the Veterans or Foreign Wars or the Benevolent and Paternal Order of Elks. The insignia of the club are a form of constitutionally protected speech. The government has been trying to seize the Mongols marks since October 2008 and three federal district judges have already told them to stop.

The Indictment

The indictment is unusually half-assed; worm eaten with errors and larded with lurid details. For example, the indictment refers to the Mongols name and logogram as the “Word Image” and the “Rider Image.” And, the indictment describes “wing parties,” which are a kind of perfectly legal sex orgy.

Another passage in this amazing example of junior high rhetoric states as fact: “Many full patched members also displayed a patch with the designation “1%” to distinguish themselves from the “99%” of motorcycle club members who were legitimate and law-abiding and identify themselves as being within the “1%” who were not legitimate and did not adhere to the law or the rights of others.” Okay, Liz Yang, prove that.

And again: “The Mongols Gang also enforced its authority by directing attacks against members of the general public who defied or unwittingly came into contact with Mongols in a way that was deemed ‘disrespectful’ to the Mongols Gang. Persons in conflict with, or who might be perceived to have shown disrespect to, Mongols were often beaten severely or even killed by being kicked repeatedly with steel-toed boots, stabbed or shot.” So presumably, no Mongol victim was ever kicked by a Mongol wearing tennis shoes.

The actuality behind some of these accusations says far more about the accusers than it does about the accused. Like:

“The Mongols Gang did not allow African-Americans to be members. The Mongols Gang was also hostile to the presence of African-Americans in bars or clubs where Mongols were present or in proximity to female associates of the Mongols Gang.” In fact, the indictment alludes to a specific incident at a night club in Hollywood. What happened was that an African-American male, obviously full of himself, inappropriately fondled the sister of a Mongols patch holder and refused to apologize. A fight ensued during which three undercover ATF Agents, ever aware that they were being audio taped, screamed “nigger” over and over.


“Mongols Gang leaders, including Ruben Cavazos, Senior, Ruben Cavazos, Junior and Hector Gonzalez, and Mongols Gang full patched members also enforced the authority of the Mongols Gang by directing attacks against rival motorcycle gangs, such as the ‘Hells Angels’ and the ‘Sons of Silence.’” The Sons of Silence reference is particularly dissembling because in that case the beating was imagined, instigated and carried out by a paid ATF mercenary named Dan Horrigan.

Malicious Prosecution

There has not yet been any criminal action taken against the Mongols Motorcycle Club or any of its members as a result of this indictment. Two months after this 44 page artifact was voted out by the grand jury it remains a meaningless curiosity that simply reiterates the long running and still ongoing federal case titled United States of America versus Ruben ‘Doc’ Cavazos et al. The indictment does append three crimes committed by Mongols and not mention in the Cavazos indictment, including the murder of Hells Angel Mark Guardado by Mongol Christopher Ablett in September 2008.

The point of the indictment is obviously to rattle the Mongols and make the club pay to defend itself against whatever wacky thing the feds, with their unlimited budget,  might try next. A member of the Mongols mother chapter, speaking anonymously, said:

“If you go to a grand jury they will indict based on the same dog and pony show they always put in front of them. We tried to keep it (the indictment) quiet because that’s what our attorney advised us to do while he researched the case and made a bullet proof motion to get this thrown out. They haven’t even served the indictment properly and cannot even call it to court. They embarrassed themselves on March 7. This is malicious prosecution! Its a waste of time and money. They are trying to bankrupt the club. We are fighting it all the way.”

Although, the Mongols Motorcycle Club might not have to bother to fight the indictment because the club itself hasn’t been indicted.

Thom Mrozek, the genial spokesman for the Central District of California, had “no comment” on either the indictment or Mike Doyle’s story. Mrozek did confirm that this latest attempt to “get the Mongols” and “rip the patches right off their backs” originated in Los Angeles and was not instigated by the Department of Justice in Washington.


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33 Responses to “Another Mongols Indictment”

  1. john furin Says:

    John Furin, aka Edward Frederick Glowitz of Englewood, Florida, is the Southeastern Boss of the Chester faction of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club. This is one of eleven comments he posted on this site over a ten minute period.

    Geee alot of po po and poo poo in here

  2. john furin Says:

    John Furin, aka Edward Frederick Glowitz of Englewood, Florida, is the Southeastern Boss of the Chester faction of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club. This is one of eleven comments he posted on this site over a ten minute period.

    Rebel and Phuquehed got caught blowind each other again

  3. Trip Says:

    Very well put……respects!

  4. stroker Says:

    @Trip and @ Tiger:

    ah yes……we are our own worst enemys. And yes Tiger, I remember that Pogo cartoon from years ago. It’s Apt! Bikers are by nature: freedom-loving, belligerant, cocky, fun-loving, road-kill tasting, hard-riding, horny, suspicious, at times paranoid, ready-for-a-scrap, gun-loving, skirt chasing, furry-faced, sometimes greasy, all-up-in-yer-face motherfuckers! We have a softer side we keep hidden from all but our closest families, but we have an edge about us, that at times, is our downfall. We love that edge. We look for it, we ride it, we fondle it, we love it and die for it…. it’s our “spice.” We are not always very smart about the way we do things. We are trying though….we’re forced into self-preservation mode these days, and those of us that can fight thru the courts and legislation, are doing so. We don’t WANT to, but we have to. I don’t wanna go to Reno this weekend and sit in one seminar after another, but I will. I get something from each meeting of course, but I’d druther be out on my sled, maybe cruising up to Virginia City to the Bucket of Blood, or maybe to see what’s up out at Mustang. But I will go, because I’m able, and hopefully, I’ll bring something back to my brothers and sisters that we can protect ourselves with. Hopefully, my own “wild-hair” won’t get the better of me, and cause me to do something stupid. Hopefully, all of us attending this convention will come away a little more positive for our future in this evolving police-state. Hopefully we’ll all party at the Patch-Holder’s meeting Friday night, and award those deserving at the Silver Spoke Award Banquette Saturday night. Hopefully our ride up will be awesome California Sierra Nevada, with no smokies on our trail, on some of the best ridin’ roads in the country. Hopefully we’ll forge our bonds again with the many clubs there. Hopefully the southern boys will bring their “shine.”

    There are some out here, working to do right for the rest of you….trying not to trip over our own selves in the process, trying to do just what you lament Trip, that is, make and keep alliances (some new, some old), and show the LEOs and the press we CAN and DO get along (at times), and we will fight for our (collective) rights.

    Mi Vida Loca

  5. Trip Says:

    Yes I think the NCOM is a good start, but there is a lot more we need to do as we’ll! One is stopping all the bullshit amongst each other, I mean sometimes I just sit back and watch the news and see what’s going on overseas and here in the U.S and I understand to a certain degree why we have targets on our backs. We can’t expect to change things for all clubs without some sort of understanding that not only are we our brothers keeper, but what we do as individuals within our clubs directly reflects on our clubs. Just saying….


  6. sled tramp Says:

    t anybody in the Oregon/WA areas,tomorrow is May 4th and the annual protest in Salem.Around noon is a good time to raise your voice.You can look for me if ya get lost…I’ll be the guy in a leather cut on a black sled….There’s a swap meet and other shit but ride in to listen to those that fight for you.Don’t show up….don’t bitch later.

  7. tiger Says:

    @ REBEL Oh sorry. Another excellent piece of work. Love reading The Rebel Rides over and over. May the truth make it to the sheeple one day. Respect always Tiger

  8. tiger Says:

    This is sad that our (sic) government has become a total farce of what the founding fathers fought for during the revolution. The propaganda machine that is in use is something that Hitler would have dreamed of. Down-under Rupert Murdoch started this farce of lies and the people feel hook-line-and-sinker for it. The real criminals are the politicians with the media PR campaign that have taken our liberties through lies that create fear in the sheeple so they scream “Protect Us From The Boogeyman!”. This is such a load of crap the stench should have been noticed by the supposedly protectors of liberty the ACLU. They have shown they’re true colors as well. Yellow. Fuck’em All! I do not fly for my own reasons which do not matter but, my heart will always be with my family that do and they know I will always love them no matter what. What was the words from the POGO cartoon a few years back? “We have found the enemy and it is us” FTF FTP FTW and FUCK THAT CHINK BITCH!

  9. stroker Says:

    There IS some club uniting going on, it’s called the COC’s, and next weekend is NCOM (National Coalition Of Motorcyclists). This is neutral ground, and ALL clubs band together to discuss how to fight anti-biker legislation and discrimination. These conventions have been going on peacefully for some time now, and while not every club in America participates, most do, even if they disagree with one another on other issues. The NCOM convention has been, by consensus, “hallowed ground”, or “sanctuary” for many disparate clubs and identities, with the common goal of learning how to stand our ground and fight for our rights against a common foe: Law “Enforcement” (which we all know, is not about enforcment, it’s about persecution!).
    My hope is that this convention will again be one of mutual tolerance amongst clubs, with us all working together towards a common goal, as we have in the past.

  10. Trip Says:

    I have been a big fan of “Rebels” for a while now and this is the first time I have posted on here. I have to say I agree with you TIM D, but I know it will never happen. We are all guilty of not standing by other clubs and sometimes talk alot of shit about each other and as long as this continues to happen I believe we are in trouble not only as clubs, but brotherhood and the lifestyle as a whole. What the goverment wants to do is break us down systematically and they are doing one hell of of a job at it. If we continue on the same path it’s gonna get worse. So the next question I ask is how do we bring ALL clubs together on the same page? Too many personalities good and bad that is gonna prevent that from happening just my opinion.


  11. Tim D. Says:

    what the fuck!!! those fuckers wont stop!!! theres gotta be a way to file a harrassment law suit against the state of calif, and the fed gov,3 Judges have told them all to stop doing what they are doing, if there was a way to file a suit of harrassment and malicious prosecution,for the purpose of depleting the mongols treasury to constantly hire lawyers to defend themselves and their patch and “MC CLUB” over and over again,they need to sue them, the gov,and leo’s, put clubs against clubs to try and destroy each other and weaken the MC clubs across america and throughout the world,one day, I hope “ALL” mc clubs will unite!!! then they can group with each other and find out just who’s who, when these agents try to get into their clubs and infiltrate them,not to mention the strength they will have with a humongous BOND with each other,this is bullshit what they are doing to the mongols,and if they by chance succeed they will try and deplete all MC clubs across america,with the same tactics they use with the mongols,But I do not believe they will succeed, if anything all clubs will get stronger and more united,because there is a true honored brotherhood ever in “ALL” MC clubs, and that is something they can never “TAKE AWAY”L&R to the mongols and all clubs, and I hope this passes for you and your club,if your lawyers succeed,then that means they also succeeded for all clubs. TIM D.

  12. Frequent Flyer Says:


    I hear ya. Fuck both political parties: The Communists and The Vichy Regime.

  13. Snow Says:


    Thanks for the input, that bullshit just pissed me off, such a waste of time and money. They are like the little kids in the yard who only let you play if you let them win, assholes.
    Oh by the way Books a Million will order your books. Giving them to a friend for his birthday. Thanks for what you do, much respect, Snow.

  14. Phuquehed Says:

    Fuck that imbecile Graham. He’s bitching about the ragheads but then turns around and wants to grant them amnesty! Fuck him with a 1956 Mack Truck up his faggot ass. The fucktard needs to walk under an steel I beam as it breaks from a chain!

  15. Matt Says:

    “Those two muslim scumbags advertised all over the internet their intentions and allegiences and the FBI couldn’t be bothered.

    But this, this really requires all their manpower, resources, and funding.”

    Why would the feds wanna stop terrorism when it scares the sheep into forking over more tax money and recklessly abandoning liberty? I’d love to know what it cost to have the entire alphabet soup there to bring down 2 kids.

  16. Rebel Says:

    Dear Dr. No,

    Don’t blame the grand jury for believing what an Assistant United States Attorney told them.


  17. Dr. No Says:

    While several readers seem to blame the U.S. Attorney’s Office, I would like to argue that this indictment is really the fault of the Grand Jury. It is the Grand Juries duty to “…conduct official proceedings to investigate potential criminal conduct and to determine whether criminal charges should be brought.” They can demand the production of documents and can compel witnesses to give sworn testimony and they are allowed to perform investigatory functions.

    I’ll contend that Assistant United States Attorney Elizabeth Yang got lucky and got a Grand Jury that was comprised of slow readers, or were very lazy (e. g. “Yeah, indite them and let’s get this over with.) or wanted to be somewhere else (e. g. Hey, I can’t sit here all afternoon – I got a business to run!)

    I find it hard to believe (though not impossible) that someone in the Grand Jury didn’t come to the conclusion, during Assistant Yang’s presentation, that “Hey, all this shit has gone down before, it’s been thrown out of court before, it’s all a waste of time.”

    Essentially, the proposed indictment should have never got past the Grand Jury and should have died there. Just my $0.02.

  18. Frequent Flyer Says:

    Those two muslim scumbags advertised all over the internet their intentions and allegiences and the FBI couldn’t be bothered.

    But this, this really requires all their manpower, resources, and funding.


  19. Stevo Says:

    Doesn’t the US Government have a record sized, crippling defecit? Aren’t there better things they could spend money (that they don’t have) on? Just think, if the alphabet brown hatters had been watching muslim Chechen terrorists instead of men who like to ride bikes an attrocity may have been averted.

  20. WARTHOG Says:

    Too much in the truth they say
    Keep it ’till another day
    Let them have their little game
    Illusion helps to keep them sane

    Cornucopia–Black Sabbath




  21. rollinnorth Says:

    One Eye,
    Since the Department of Justice is under the Executive Branch of the Federal government, until Attorney General Holder tells them to knock it off (LOL ROFL), US Attorneys and their staff will thumb their noses at Federal Judges (Judicial Branch), and continue this nonsense. A fish rots from the head.


  22. Rebel Says:

    Dear Snow,

    My reaction after reading the indictment was, “This is really fucking stupid.” Since the indictment was returned in late February or early March and there has been no action on it yet, and since it indicts what is now basically a nickname, I don’t think it is going anywhere. It is saber ratling.


  23. Rebel Says:

    Dear Paladin,

    Yeah, I didn’t even excerpt the long passage about Laughlin. All of this is mostly propaganda.


  24. Rebel Says:

    Dear One Eye,

    Right. This is what the government does.


  25. Rebel Says:

    Dear Erudite Hillbilly,

    Not that I know about. We live in a world of secrets.


  26. Erudite Hillbilly Says:

    Is there a link to read the entire indictment somewhere online?

  27. just an RFM Says:

    “Mrozek did confirm that this latest attempt to “get the Mongols” and “rip the patches right off their backs” originated in Los Angeles and was not instigated by the Department of Justice in Washington”

    Why do I get the feeling Ms. Yang is being romanced by John the Midget.

  28. One Eye Says:

    I understand the concept of their unlimited budget, but isn’t there a point when accountability overtakes the ego hard on? Three federal judges have told them to stop and yet this continues?

  29. Glenn S. Says:

    Makes me wonder how a lawsuit would fare naming the defendants as “All Pigs Everywhere, Along With Their Pet Rats”.

    Seems I remember reading in a law book that a suit was dismissed against “Satan and his servants: the warden of (some pen)” because the defendants were improperly named.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where the tax revenue is being wasted these days.

  30. Paladin Says:

    After reading the excerpts from this indictment, I can only conclude that the bar to be a Section Cheif within the U.S. Attorney’s Office is set so low, that one would have to be careful not to trip over it. I believe Elizabeth Yang missed her calling. She really should be writing for the news stand tabloids.

    Among many other things, it also seems that the Feds. suffer from an acute case of poor sportsmanship.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  31. Phuquehed Says:

    I’ll buy the fucking beer if someone can point out an honest DA anywhere. I hate, with a maniacal passion thieves and liars, and from the past 20+ years when I started to pay more attention to the goings on of the government (local and fed) by those high-up and in charge – like DA’s – I have every right to hate every one of the useless fucktards.

  32. Snow Says:

    This a perfect example of malice and malicious intent as well as a violation of civil liberties. As an extorted tax payer I am totally pissed at the assholes who waste money on such childish bullshit, and they wonder why we hate our government. FTF, FTP, fuck them all. Respect and best wishes sent to the Mongol Nation, Snow.

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