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April 15, 2013

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Rebel has returned from Phoenix and will probably soon begin work on a story tenatively titled “Worst Motorcycle Ride Ever.” The story will feature hurricane force winds, the mother of all bee stings, missed connections, a dust storm, rain and a motorcycle accident. In the mean time another really important story, the advance notice for the second season premier of The Devils Ride, titled  “Devils Ride Version 2.0” has been corrected.

Click the link to read the corrected version of this major story.


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  1. Coolaid Says:

    sorry about that.. I meant to say the facebook page has that posted.. I don’t know what good it would be to anyone with a serious club, but I wouldn’t doubt that someone would buy it for the traffic they think it might generate and point it towards their own site.

    I agree the show could have been interesting.. I found myself shaking my head more then enjoying it. I think if they actually stood back and invested time into filming and then found the stories in the editing room rather then making fake scenarios and “wars” they could have a serious in depth show about the culture and lives of bikers.. Hell, even a mom and pop club would be viewed with more respect then a club name that is blatantly owned by a production company.

    Edit: That is strange.. I just looked at the site again and it is showing stuff from the show again.. The other day all mention of it was gone.. hmm.

  2. BigV Says:

    Rebel: When the Season Finale doesn’t even crack the Top 100 cable shows I find it safe for you to say, the show is fucked and cancelled.

  3. Sydney Says:


    The wind is still going strong up here in Kingman. I drove back from San Diego yesterday and all the way home the wind was pushing riders and semis all over the place.

    Be safe out there!



  4. Rebel Says:

    Dear Coolaid,

    I already said I thought the show was probably cancelled on the 12th, but really I don’t know. The 12th would have been a logical day for all the casts members or their representatives to be notified — if the production company and network are considerate of their employees — which doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. The 12th was an educated guess but not an informed opinion. So, I finally got around to looking and BHE-TV is still bragging on the show on their corporate site, The LDMC website is in the same condition it has been for months — with the same, “Hey, please give us money for nothing” solicitation on its front page. And I see the Laffing Devils’ page is still up on facebook. So I don’t know that the show has been cancelled. As I think I wrote, it could be an interesting show. It hasn’t been so far, but it could be. And really, unless BHE turns over the rights to the marks for the two imaginary clubs, what good are the websites to anybody?


  5. Drifter Says:

    @Slick Rick and Johnny D;
    Godspeed to your Brother, and condolences to his family and partners…

    Reb, glad you are alright…

    I am not even going to start talking about road rash except to say, Rubber side down…

    Respects to you all….

  6. Rebel Says:

    Dear Coolaid,

    I think the show was cancelled last Friday. Maybe I’ll buy the website and FB page. I got five dollars.


  7. Coolaid Says:

    So, I did a little searching the web after reading this.. You may find it to tickle your happy bone (not that one) that Bischoff-harvey entertainment (the producers of devils ride) have remove all mentions of the show from their site.. Also.. I found this on Laffing Devils website.. lol

    Anyone who is interested in owning all the facebook pages message me at [email protected]…. Everything will go to the highest bidder that we have within a week…’s your chance!!

    So far highest bidder is $4
    $3 a button, & 1/2 a piece of juicy fruit (depending how much you like gum or buttons..

  8. Slick Rick Says:

    @10Guage….Thank you again. Great poem. I will share it with the rest of the brothers same as I continue sharing something “sled tramp” wrote to me back in late January 2010 after we lost two brothers a week apart.

    Much L&R,
    Slick Rick

  9. 10Guage Says:

    Slick Rick and JonnyD

    I am very sorry for the loss of your Brother Bullet..

    .He’s gone to where the water tastes like wine, and it’s 85 degrees with a slight summer breeze all the time.
    The roads are long and smooth, and the women hot and loose.
    There are no pigs to cause trouble, all the speed limits have been doubled.
    He’s riding tight and fast, with all the other club legends who have passed
    And sometimes in the wind…I swear I can hear them
    EVERYTIME we wear our colors….we REPRESENT these Brothers

    Strength & Honor,

  10. BigV Says:

    The 1984 FXR EVO was the first Big Twin I ever owned. Kicked myself for selling it, a million times. I had had a Suzuki GS as my first bike, then I had basketcase Ironhead, and then I had a running Ironhead. A patch from Atlanta hooked me up a guy who wanted an Ironhead for his old lady and she couldn’t keep the FXR up.

    The biggest difference on the FXR to Dyna to me is 32* rake on the FXR where as the rake is like 28* on a Dyna. The FXR frame did not like to take a wide glide and you had to butcher the fork/tree stops in order to put one on. Doing so also killed the handling.

    One of the stories I’ve heard is Eric Buell- who had worked on the FLT frame and was the “man behind the FXR”- had dealt with someone in racing who had a Triton, which for anyone who is my age or younger means a Norton “featherbed” frame and Triumph engine. I’ve heard that the guy later adapted a Sportster engine to the Norton frame and that set off some ideas.

    I always thought the frame was closer to a Jap bike like the GS series Suzuki or the Triple Kawas, and most of the older guys I met busted my balls that my old Ironhead must have gotten drunk in Okinawa and 9 months later a brand new FXR must have shown up on my doorstep.

    If you look at a 1980 FLT frame, which is the first 5 speed Harley and first rubber mount Harley, you will notice it is like a giant upsized version of the FXR frame in many ways.

    The only things I ever had go wrong my FXR were: the top mount went, bottom isolator went, and the Cleve blocks were going wonky on mine.

    I sold the bike while I was in school, and 2 months later in the dead of winter the guy who bought it paid me a tidy some to get rid of the Cleve blocks altogether.

    They had these concrete benches around the UGA campus that were nearly as high as a motorcycle lift table and about as long. The day after classes let out and everyone had to be out of the dorms, I did my first cleve block retrofit using what was then the new 2002 Touring Swingarm. He had gotten one from a place that did pig trike conversions and we found it would fit.

    Two hours into the job a campus cop snuck up on us, sat down on a bench behind us and began eating peanuts he had swiped from steakhouse. We didn’t know he was there until we were trying to find something to support front of the swingarm as we were aligning it. I thought it was my buddy who found something, because someone handed me a little galvanized metal Longhorn peanut(ice) bucket. One of those is just perfect height to support the end of the swingarm that attaches to your transmission. He politely asked us if we could be done before dark. Someone had called the cops on us swearing we had stolen a bike and were stripping it.

    The closest I’ve gotten to owning an FXR since then is a Kenny Boyce frame I bought as a basketcase in Abbeville SC, and I still have a 1980 FLT I converted to look like a Duo Glide Frame FLH.

  11. sherides Says:


    Glad to hear your incident was a relatively minor one.
    I too have experienced the wayword bee – bugger got me on my cheek. Raised a small welt was all.
    The insect I remember the best was a June Bug – those bastards hurt upon impact.
    Got me on the top of the throttle hand, first time I was out riding in traffic. Immediate thoughts were – ok, so that’s what that feels like and then hmmmmm I don’t ever recall having his happen while riding as a passenger.

    I have to admit that last year after a day of riding I neglected to follow the order of: drop the kickstand, then shut off the bike. It was more like shut off the bike, drop the bike. I did this on the mainstreet in our small town in front of the big picture window of the local greasy spoon at the dinner hour. I was soooo embarrassed, but managed to laugh it off after realizing there was no major damage to the bike.


  12. RVN69 Says:

    Good to hear that nothing exceptionally bad happened. Gotta disagree with Stroker on this one though, low speed get offs are sometimes pretty bad. Friend of the club used to go to breakfast with us on Sundays, made a turn a little wide on the parking lot and caught the edge and dumped his bike, footboard trapped his ankle as it went over and snapped his leg above the ankle like a twig, we could hear it break. Never did walk right again.
    Customer at the shop leaves on his FXDWG, rides around 600 miles into Illinois, checks into a motel, parks the bike goes to put down the kickstand, bike falls over to the left, he puts down his left arm, it breaks about halfway between the wrist and the elbow and then his face meets the concrete and he loses about 3 front teeth and breaks his jaw.
    First get off happened at about 1-2 mph, last one dead stopped.

    Hate bees, one stung me in the forehead on a ride, two or so days later I had a knot the size of a golfball on my head. Turned out the bee left his stinger behind and it became infected.

    And sometimes it snows near Pittsburg in June, buts its all part of riding.

    Sigur Ea Valhalla

  13. JohnnyD Says:

    Yea, I was with Slick Rick on that trip to LA, the storm we rode through hit Phoenix that night and tore off roofs and pulled up trees. I was most pissed of that we had two trucks behind us with friends who were laughing their asses off and none of them took pics. I would love to have one of Slick leaning hard into the wind when it shifted and he headed straight at his bro on the left. If I wasn’t being blown around so hard I would have laughed too. I’m glad that you’re all good Rebel, I wish we had met up in Phoenix. If not for losing our brother, we could have shown you a good time.

  14. Uesque Says:

    The only real issue I’ve had with mine (FXRS-SP) has been the usual Evo base gasket leaks, and that’s more engine than bike. The SP(ort) model sits about an inch higher than the base and will tear up the back roads. The story is that Eric Buell did the chassis tuning on a race track.

  15. Grumbler Says:

    I know a couple of guys who dubbed their FXRs as FiXers after being plagued with all sorts of maladies. That was a whole bunch of years ago so don’t recall the specifics other than the rubber isolators being well overdue for replacement on at least one of ’em. We have to keep in mind that it’s not always the bike especially if the owner doesn’t take care of it. Both were Evo models.

    One of them let me ride his FXR on Hwy 160 btw Freeport and Antioch. It looked liked a Harley, sounded like a Harley, but didn’t *feel* like a Harley as it was damn smooth. That was my first experience with a FXR. Yeah, got a crink in my neck thanks to the dragbars on short risers. Am much taller than the owner.

    Got pulled over by the CHP onna FXRP in November 1992 while hauling ass on westbound Hwy 85 near the Hwy 87 on-ramp. Told the CHP motocop that I was inna hurry to get back to the hospital to visit my wife and newborn daughter. His stern demeanor faded, and he offered his kudos as well as a warning to watch my speed instead of a ticket. Talked about his FXRP, and he claimed that the reliability and maintenance weren’t acceptable for a cop bike. OTOH, he thought it was a great bike for regular riders.

    Of all the HDs in the crew I rode with in CA, only 2 of ’em passed me on the winding backroads, and both were on FXRs. One on eastbound Hwy 49 to Downieville although it was close while other absolutely blew me off on southbound Hwy 25 enroute to the Hwy 198 junction during our San Jose to Coalinga New Years Day ride. It was fuckin’ cold that morning. We encountered black ice on Hwy 198 in the shady spots.

    If I was in the market for a new or used Dyna today, it’d prolly be the Fat Bob as it seems to be a good compromise btw the Street Bob and Road King. Would change the rear fender as ducktails don’t work for me.

  16. Slick Rick Says:

    @10Guage……thank you and it was one of those tweaked out mfers in a tractor trailer that plowed thru our Brother Bullet on a dark stretch of the I-10 down near Tucson at 10:20pm on Saturday night the week before Easter.

    @PigPen……I like that…”highway toast”. Cheers

    Slick Rick

  17. Uesque Says:

    Rebel, glad you’re OK. I’ve had an amusing/embarrassing dismount or two along the way.

    Matt, the FXR is just as good on long trips as it is around town. I don’t usually put the windshield on until the temps dip below 40 but I have a rider backrest that takes the wind strain off my arms and back on the highway. 4-500 mile days are easy as is riding to work. If you’re going to go with just one bike, the FXR with the convertible bags and windshield is how to do it.

  18. slycechyx Says:

    I was on a charity ride a few weeks back, we rode over a hundred fifty miles in very strong wind gusts, it was blowing us all over the road, semis were rocking back & forth & it was about 40 degress. I didn’t realize how hard it was until the next day, my thighs were so sore. This was in between Wickenburg & Wikkiup,& on up to Seligman, so there was no where to stop to get out of the wind.
    You know it was a hell of a ride when you can’t walk the next day.

  19. PigPen Says:

    we call it “a highway toast”
    a few times we have been riding, for whatever reason, we drift into our Brothers on the highway, be it a cager not seeing us, wind, one of us getting loopy after 10 hours, you can hear the the handle bars clink into each other sometimes. most of us have high bars, and they like to trade chrome sometimes. it will make you pucker mighty quick, or at least wake you up. you can usually hear someone in the line yell out “CHEERS!”

  20. 10Guage Says:

    Slick Rick,

    Been thru that too….even worse when it’s 80 and snow through the pass…turns out you can’t see shit and you are freezing your nuts off….literally……did I mention I fuckin hate riding in the snow…..well unless its late spring after hot pizza and beer.

    Good to hear you and yours made it through safe…turns out crossing lanes into your brothers SUCKS but is much safer and MO BETA than getting blown intothe fucking trailer of one of the tweaked out mfers posted up trying to blow into LA on the 10



  21. Austin Says:

    Awwwww… Dammit! Windy Point can be a real B*tch. Especially in March & October.
    Rest Ice Compression Elevation on the leg.

  22. WARTHOG Says:

    Well, if we’re telling war stories, I have a couple. I was stationed in Yuma, Arizona in 1986. First time I had ever been far west of the Mississippi. The ex and I would ride to SD a couple times a month and we would pass a sign that said, “high winds possible next 30 miles.” We would laugh at that sign every time since it was always calm there, except for one time that ended all laughter. I couldn’t go faster than 5mph and my scoot got sand blasted. We pulled over under an overpass and tried to wait it out. While we waited a car full of Mexicans pulled up and asked if I had any gas I could spare. Uh, dude, I got half of a 5 gallon tank and need every bit of it. We decided they didn’t make good company and braved the winds for another 15 miles.

    Only been stung by bees twice…on the same day. I’m not allergic so no big issue with that.

    I did blow a rear tire coming home from a rally in Southern Illinois at 80mph. I actually had it slowed down to about 60 before the bike and I had to part ways. I was having a hell of a time keeping the rear from passing the front so I had to bail. I swear the zipper on my coat sleeve got cherry red sliding down the interstate and I couldn’t get that jacket off fast enough when I finally came to a stop. Why did my tire blow? Well, you see folks, I’m a headstrong dumbass. I changed my rear tire a couple weeks before and rode out to San Fran. In my haste I had used 2 different length bolts for axle adjustment and belt tension. When you leave the same amount of threads on those bolts it tends to angle your tire and I only got about 4,000 miles out of it. So I stopped at Dodge City, Kansas for a new tire. Well, they didn’t know the bolts were of unequal length and that tire was worn by the time I got home. I really wanted to go to that rally and took a chance on it making it there and back. Didn’t work out so well for me. Only broke a toe and sprained my wrist, so my pride was hurt the most.

    Glad you came out of it ok, Rebel.




  23. Slick Rick Says:

    Glad to hear you’re ok. Sorry we got our wires crossed. Was really looking forward to having a beer with you.

    My brothers and I were on our way to lay our Brother Bullet to rest at Riverside National Cemetery last Monday the 8th of April when we encountered 80 mpg gusts coupled with rain as we blew thru Palm Springs. It got really hairy …really fast. I thought for sure some of us were going down. My brother who was behind me cut was flappin in the wind like a sail. Dont know how he kept it up. We found a rest area about a mile or two after myself and a few others were blown over into the other lane. We waited for a half hour then got back on the road. I gotta believe Bullet was the guiding hand for our safety.

    I’ve been thru that area before back in 2008 for the American Heat Run. It’s always windy there as I remember. Just not gale force and raining too.

    Slick Rick

  24. Bob Says:

    Glad you are o.k. Rebel. I would sure miss your excellent writing if you were out of commission for awhile.
    I will have to agree with Stroker, sounds like a “low speed rest stop”.
    Reminds me I was in Georgia working about ten years back when I decided to ride up to a local bar after work for a few cold ones. I pulled out of the campground I was staying at and stopped at the main road for traffic so I could pull out. I put my left foot down but there was a damn pothole in the drive. Anyway I was left laying on my back with the bike on top of me and my foot in the pothole. The worst part were the idiots in their cars and trucks that just looked and went around me. I assume they were the same type of assholes that in their youth liked to turn turtles on their backs and watch them struggle to get upright. Anyway, finally got up, tossed back a couple of cold ones and life goes on.
    Good luck to you.

  25. BrianF Says:

    Glad your OK. I went down once and was pinned under the bike for a while. What hurt the most was people I work with slowing down and then driving past with my head inches from their tires. Fuckers.

  26. Phuquehed Says:

    @10Guage –

    Wind doesn’t fuck with your back? Man any thing with gusts over 35 mph bug the shit outta me and definitely fuck with my back and hips on a ride more than 100 miles..which sucks…we get some pretty strong gusty winds over the mountains, off the coast, and down the valley…on long runs I put my extra flannel, leather if needed, or rain gear if needed, and an old mexican blanket I have rolled up there to deflect some of it and that helps a lot.

    Oh, don’t get me wrong, riding the bike still hurts, just not anything near as badly as sitting in a truck or car, but windy days really don’t make it any worse. The main problem I have with the back is the un-healed and un-healable muscles and tendons that are a constant pain and the major factor is I can’t stand up ‘straight’ like I used to be able to do before I got hurt. I get to a certain point and ‘something’ (can’t say if it’s pain or what) hits so fast and hard that I black out for a second or two – so sitting the bike is a real good position for me and straddling the seat and the way my legs set – it all works out to not be anywhere near as painful as anything else I do. Weird, ain’t it? I still pretty much have to stop about every 100+/- miles too to stretch my legs and ass, no matter how many pain pills I take, but I don’t mind that at all. I’m never in a hurry so a bunch of pit stops don’t make me sweat anything, heh.

    On long runs, I *always* bring my leather jacket and a long-sleeve shirt too and of course the sleeping bag and the pup-tent (for if it looks like it might rain on me during the night I’m sleeping…if it don’t look like rain, the ‘bag on the ground is fine).

    I’m lucky that bug bites/stings don’t affect me like they do a lot of folk, like you and a few others who posted here. Those are allergic reactions I’m betting. I don’t have any allergies to anything, luckily – except fucking spiders and fat women (which I seem to be a damned magnet for, blech!).

  27. stroker Says:

    Rebel……sounds like maybe a “low-speed-dump??”
    I don’t count them as accidents…..they’re just “rest-stops”.
    Hope that was the case….looking forward to whatever descriptive tale you will tell.
    Been down 4 times hard myself, in a 44 plus year riding career….agree with Sieg: Only 2 kinds of bikers:

    Them that’s been down, and them that’s goin’ down!

    Weather: Seen a good piece myself…..trapped under a bridge in Wyo. as twister roared by, maybe 1/4 mile away….rode leaning over sideways many a time in our great Western Divide from gale force winds. Sand SUX! Big Time. Best to get to shelter and wait it out if possible. Rain…well, rain’s just a fact of life if you ride….but there’s rain, and there’s Good-gosh-amighty-whatthefuck rain! The kind the boys down south call a “gully-whumper.” That kind of rain is the killer kind. Get to shelter, or, whimper slowly alongside the road. Only thing to do.
    Bees! Yeah, been stung a few times. BUT, my all-time best bee story didn’t happen to me, it happened to my buddy Chuck (same guy who ran up the deer’s ass in Griffith Park). We wuz ridin’ on the north fork of the Kern River one year, just down from Johnsondale, when Chuck snorted a bee! I knew something was up when he slammed on his brakes and slid to a stop!
    I watched him as his face went through all sorts of gyrations….he told me later he had at first tried to gently blow out the bee, which was headfirst up his nose. Then he had to sneeze. Just before he let loose, the bee zapped him! When the sneeze came, he blew out bee, blood and snots all over the gas tank of his 64 pan. His whole face swelled up. Couldn’t see outta his eye for over an hour. This was back before epi-shots, and we didn’t even know about “anaphalactic” reactions (yeah, I know I spelled that wrong!). We basically just sat there on the side of the road, drank beer, smoked weed, and took some aspirins, and waited till his eye opened up enuf to ride. Then we rode back to our camp near River’s End, and got drunk!
    He was ok by morning.

  28. Base Says:


    Good to read your all good.



  29. Screwdriver Says:

    rebel, glad to hear your ok.

  30. swampy Says:

    Rebel, I’m glad that your accident wasn’t any worse. I’ve had Red Wasp get caught in a helmet on a few occasions. Those fuckers can sting multiple times but they always retract their stinger. Going down on a dirt shoulder of a roadside in a fire ant mound has happened to me before too. Respects, swampy

  31. sled tramp Says:

    Yep,all kinds of weather in the PNW…All shitty for 9 months of the year.The wife was packing one time and had a bee shoot up her sleeve that started going to town.So, there I was,riding along happy as can be when she suddenly starts beating the shit outa me, flailing her arms and yelling.Not that that’s entirely unheard of with me but still….my brothers thought it highly amusing while I was trying my best to remember what I’d done,going down the standard “I fucked up list”…Babe at the last gas station? Too many parts receipts came back same time? Didn’t call home for a week? hmmm….
    Glad it was a minor dump.40 years of falling down can appreciate your incident.As long as I don’t fall on my patch it’s all good.Better to slide on my face.

  32. OC VAGO Says:

    Great Dennis Leary video!

  33. Rebel Says:

    Dear 10Guage,

    I am fine. The damage was minimal. The bike is fixed already. It took nine and a half hours to ride from Phoenix to LA, which is pretty slow, and the ride ended with my left boot trapped under the left side of the bike as it lay on its side and I sort of lay next to the bitch. The two or three seconds before that was probably pretty amusing if you were just watching and weren’t me.


  34. JMacK Says:


    Yeah up here in the Great White North, we either get bombarded by bugs or rocks…had to go with the wimp fairing a long time ago. Just too many swarms. Never mind the cold…

    And chicks dig it. So I’m told.


  35. Matt Says:

    Baggers are nice on long rides. I love my roadglide. I’m still young enough where I prefer the little windshield cuz it looks better. Some of the graybeards use these giant monstrosities. I would like to have a shovel or evo fxr to rip around town on though. Just waiting to hit the lotto.

  36. Goldsboro Williams Says:

    Wind and bugs… Ugh.

    I’ve had bugs hit me in the face and it felt like I got hit by a rock. Wind has almost gotten me as well, but only on a dirt bike. I had a KLR650 that I used to ride on trails and just for fun occasionally. One day I decided to ride into town when it was gusty. The KLR acted like a sail, and I almost got blown under the wheels of a semi. Scared me enough to sell the KLR on Ebay.

  37. 10Guage Says:


    I hope you are ok or at the very least on the mend…..Hopefully good insurance (oxymoron ) is involved somehow and you will wind up sitting pretty with a little settlement, the scooter of your dreams, and a little cutie to play nurse….

    Been down that road my friend don’t mean to make too light of it.

    Strength and Respect

  38. 10Guage Says:


    Wind doesn’t fuck with your back? Man any thing with gusts over 35 mph bug the shit outta me and definitely fuck with my back and hips on a ride more than 100 miles..which sucks…we get some pretty strong gusty winds over the mountains, off the coast, and down the valley…on long runs I put my extra flannel, leather if needed, or rain gear if needed, and an old mexican blanket I have rolled up there to deflect some of it and that helps a lot….no wimp shield or fairing yet…? But who knows a bagger is starting to look real nice especially on a run wher you need to turn and burn

    Yup .bugs never bothered me either used to get stung and wait till we got to where we were going or stopped for gas or whatever and have the ol lady pull it out….STUPID really…the last one in my neck swelled up my whole face neck and chest…had to get steroids to clear it up….next I stepped on a bee on the beach left the stinger in till later and my whole foot swelled so bad that I couldn’t put my boot on…had to take meds for that and the doc gave me an epi pen so I don’t have to run the risk of dying….never used to be like this hell I got stung by MANY MANY. Bees wasps you name it…but once you start down this road it ain’t good…now I get those fuckers out super quick ..even use my blade if i have to and stop if I have problemo


  39. Snow Says:

    Fucking bees, hate those little bastards when their swarming all over the road, ouch. Rode the bike during a hurricane evacuation several years ago, whoo hoo that was a wild ride. Hope all is well with you Rebel, stay safe. Much respect sent, Snow

  40. slycechyx Says:

    hurricane force winds, a dust storm, rain

    You must have been here on the 8th, crazy weather day.

    I was working a stop on a charity ride & a group came in covered in squished bees, they must have ridden through a swarm.

  41. mad matt Says:

    Phuquehed, I’m not sure what made me click your name, but I did. And I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. All it takes is a “thank you for serving” and that person has my respect. Its a sad world when the young cant show the men and women who put their lives on the line that same respect. If it wasnt for the Nam vets before me i dont know where the fuck i would be. Oh and I couldn’t have put together a better batch of cartoons myself.

    To all those who served their time before me, thank you from the bottom of my heart. To the Nam vets still kickin, thank you for the war you fought overseas, but I can never repay the debt I owe you for the battles fought at home. Colors don’t matter, I’m in RI and I’ll always have a place for you.


  42. Sieg Says:

    Sounds like a party, my man.

    Come up nawth, you can have yer wind with snow in it, then you really know you’re alive…cuz yer frkn miserable!

    PH, man, I hate to tell ya this, but it’s only two kindsa riders, those who have been down, and those that will. Hope ya stay in the first column…I’ve rolled around on greezy asphalt more’n once.

    5 to 1

  43. Phuquehed Says:

    I get a kick out of ridin’ in the wind. I’ve ridden during a tornado that was only a mile away. In my opinion it’s like a roler coaster ride!

    The bug stings don’t stop me either – wasp, bumblebee, bee, doesn’t matter. I reach over to wherever the critter is in my shirt and squash the little bastard and keep goin’ on my way. Not sayin’ I like it, but won’t stop or slow down for it. Did get one the other day in the middle of my left cheek that felt for a while like it got infected – hurt more like a big zit or almost like a boil, but never felt the little bastard hit my face, that’s what bothers me, heh.

    Rain is okay unless it’s a cold rain and no place to get out of it within a few miles to warm up a little.

    Never been on the bike in a dust storm and since I grew up many years in Vegas and some in AZ, I know about them and I’ll just say – better you than me…unless that’s where the ‘accident’ comes in!

    Missed connections…I can see how that would suck to someone who needs them to keep on top of their stories and those with the info. Me, I got a cheapo tracfone simply for emergencies only as I can get away with that.

    I can only hope that I never get in an accident and I hope like hell you aren’t hurt or hurt too badly and your bike isn’t fucked up also.

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