First Mongols, Now Mormons

April 12, 2013

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Boulder City, Nevada Police Chief and bully Thomas Finn will probably be fired when he reports back to work on Monday and he is not taking that well.

Finn’s woes began last June when he decided to use his police powers to bully members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club. The Mongols chose Boulder City as the destination for their national run. The Mongols were accompanied by a local lawyer named Stephen Stubbs who had filed a federal civil rights suit on behalf of the Southern Nevada Confederation of Clubs. The suit complains about the multiple incidents of harassment, intimidation and other abuses by Las Vegas area police departments. Finn tried to cover his own tracks by destroying some of the records related to the harassment of the Mongols.

Finn tried to bully Stubbs into silence with a defamation law suit. Stubbs won that legal battle, was awarded $17,000 in damages and began garnishing Finn’s wages. Finn earns about $185,000 in salary and benefits from Boulder City and he gets another $109,000 in retirement income from his previous employer, the city East Brunswick, New Jersey.

The Victim Finn

After losing civil cases to Stubbs and a Boulder City cop named Dan Jennings, Finn kept complaining that he was not a bully but rather a victim. And a rat. He filed ethics complaints with the Nevada Attorney General against Boulder City’s Mayor, the City Manager and a City Councilman. He also filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in which he claimed he is about to be fired not because he is a shameless bully that not even other cops can stand, not because he is a fool whose department lost an M-16, but because he is Catholic. He will probably file another suit this month against Boulder City after he is officially thrown out of his office.

Finn has also learned a little about how journalism works during his time of troubles. He complained on-camera to the CBS affiliate in Las Vegas, KLAS, “I’ve got 35 years without a verbal reprimand, no discipline in my file. I’ve never been charged with doing anything illegal, not even a policy violation. For them to now destroy my reputation in this way, and take pleasure in doing so, I’m just standing up. I am not going to let that happen.” Finn acts like a man who believes his own lies because he hears them coming out of his mouth.

The Mormons

Finn was back on KLAS this week talking to the station’s “Chief Investigative Reporter,” a man named George Knapp. He told Knapp that he is a victim of anti-Catholic bias by Mormons. Until recent decades, Nevada was a largely Mormon state. About 16 percent of the residents of Boulder City are Mormons and many city officials are Mormons.

“They are trying to blame everything on me,” Finn told Knapp. “I’m surprised they haven’t blamed the Lindbergh kidnapping on me, but I’m sure that’s coming.”

Fortunately for truth and justice, Finn only knows a little about how journalism works. He has managed to attract attention to himself and he has managed to portray himself as a victim to a television guy who needs an attention grabbing story. But Finn really does not appear sympathetic on-camera. The Las Vegas metropolitan area has been economically devastated in the last five years and he might find it difficult to convince area residents that anybody who makes $300,000 a year is a victim. Finn isn’t going to get his job back no matter what he claims on TV. And, the best Finn can hope for is that his fantastic claims of victimhood will eventually attract all the Vegas news sharks.

If he had the sense to come in out of the rain Finn would understand that more press scrutiny is the last thing he wants. You can watch the KLAS video below.

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23 Responses to “First Mongols, Now Mormons”

  1. Steve H. Says:

    Yo Rebel: Finn is finished. LVReview Journal reports he got his dumb ass fired.Best news I heard in a long time. Also LV Sun said he was given opportunity to resign and refused so they fires him.

  2. Chief Says:

    Old & Stoned –And here is a check to Boulder City for one dollar and NINE CENTS!!!

    Karma is a MoFo!!

    With Respect,


  3. Tooj Says:

    If we are to assume that the tactics used by cops toward the average PH are in play regarding what is said (even when ridiculous):

    “They are trying to blame everything on me,” Finn told Knapp. “I’m surprised they haven’t blamed the Lindbergh kidnapping on me, but I’m sure that’s coming.”

    This guy bears investigating further…seems he did it. Why else would he mention a kidnapping when he is an upstanding cop?

    “And that’s all I really need…”

  4. Paladin Says:

    “How can anyone that makes that much money cause so many problems for himself? Heck, pay me that salary, and I’ll love everyone.”

    Goldsboro Williams,

    You’re right, it’s really not very hard. All you have to do is be respectful and reasonable in your dealings with people, and when possible, always enforce the spirit of the law, not the letter of the law. Now, how hard is that?

    Because Finn is a bully and “Captain Queeg” delusional he set himself up for failure by trying to create a problem where there was none. To think that he (Finn) was going to save Boulder City from becoming the next Hollister, was totally ridiculous and his actions to that end, were fueled by paranoid and a delusional mind set, as is his (Finn’s) claims against the Mormons. Yes Mr. Finn, “they’re” out to get you! Actually, at this point, they probably really are.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  5. Goldsboro Williams Says:

    I was going to ask if there are Mormon Mongols, but then I realized that it might be hard to put more than one wife on the back of the bike.

    How can anyone that makes that much money cause so many problems for himself? Heck, pay me that salary, and I’ll love everyone.

  6. Rashomon Says:

    “The news media fails to grasp the fact that the Mormons have about as much to do with Finn’s alleged criminal activities, as does the late Bhagwan Rajneesh”

    He should just let Bhagwans be Bhagwans and move on with his miserable existence I say – Nice to see the jack boot on the other foot for a change.

  7. old & stoned Says:

    Phuquehed; i forgot ’bout shithead. i busted up.

  8. Frequent Flyer Says:

    Dare I say it, Finn takes it in the balloon knot.


  9. tiger Says:

    @ Phuquehed but he’ll still have his chair.. and the ashtray… Rebel a most excellent piece. You have a true gift and I thank God at least someone can write what is really going on. FTW Tiger

  10. Phuquehed Says:

    @old & stoned – And watch him cry as his police dog ‘shithead’ runs away from him as fast as it can since it never wanted to be around the dick-sucking punk in the first place (sorry…had to add that last part about Finn, hated to mess up a good movie scene).

    @VINCE 1%er – You and me both wish that on that scumbag punk bitch and his family!

  11. gabster .1% er Says:

    Any news on the Rochester NY. My best thoughts to Mitch. I can”t contact for awhile. Parole up my Wazzzoo. love respect Gabby T. Gabster. .1%er I send you good mojo mitch…….

  12. JMacK Says:

    @old & stoned

    Hahahahaha I could almost see that scene in my head! Hilarious!

  13. VINCE 1%er Says:

    FUCK FINN…..I Hope He loses His Job,Meager assinine reputtion,Assets,pension and his family starves to death while fighting illegal immigrants on a breadline !

  14. Sin cal Says:

    He wanted to be a hero in that town and it backfired on him. He went after the MONGOLS MC and it turned around to show his CRIMINAL ways. The club just wanted to spend time with their brothers and families instead it was plain harassment and profiling. Now he wants to play victim for his wrong doings.

  15. old & stoned Says:

    “and then i’ll sue this lamp,(shuffle shuffle) and this ashtray (shuffle shuffle) and this chair,,,,”

  16. Erudite Hillbilly Says:

    Someone hand Finn a Snickers… he’s acting like a little bitch.

  17. Frequent Flyer Says:

    Finn is certifiably insane. I’m talking Caine Mutiny. Scary to think psychos like him can even become cops never mind put in charge of the whole kit and kaboodle.

  18. matt Says:

    This guys belongs in the same class as Ken Starr.

    I think the $300k salary is a proper salary for someone in that position. What is shows is how bad working people’s salaries have been stagnated for a variety of reasons like moving production off shore.

    After taxes and other thing, $300k is about right for a family with a few kids and stuff. What sucks is that things have gotten to where only the few can actually get reasonable salaries.

    If you think $300k is too high, think about how far it would go if you bought everything made in the USA and there was no stuff made by slave labor in places like China. You probably wouldn’t complain about a pair of Levi costing $125.

  19. 11c_infantry Says:

    Mormons (along with any other Christian based religion), fat people, and tobacco users are the last bastion for bigots. In today’s politically correct world, it’s not okay to point out the problems in the black community, to talk about illegal immigration (excuse me…undocumented workers), or to disagree with the homosexual lifestyle choice. However, it is perfectly acceptable to harass people for their religious views, their weight, of their tobacco use. I guess you can add gun owners to the list too; it’s perfectly acceptable to suggest they are all mindless redneck psychopaths. What the hell happened to my country?

  20. Paladin Says:

    The news media fails to grasp the fact that the Mormons have about as much to do with Finn’s alleged criminal activities, as does the late Bhagwan Rajneesh.

    It looks as if KLAS used Finn as a way to segue into a video about possible “Mormon collusion in Boulder City”.

    It doesn’t look like Finn or the folks at KLAS like Mormons very much, especially the ones that inhabit Boulder City.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  21. Cajun Says:

    Fascinating story Rebel. Such an interesting character. In light of some of the other motorcycle club related shows on television these days, maybe he can get a reality show to follow him around. It could be centered around fantastic conspiracies befalling him. Since he’s such a shit magnet, they could send him to all sorts of locations to get to the real truth, like Area 51 and the Bermuda Triangle. With the camera crews by his side, he could reveal what others have only claimed. Hell, maybe it could fill the time slot The Devil’s Ride has vacated. Thanks again for all you do Rebel.


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