Rock Hell Case Plot Twist

April 11, 2013

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The apparently ongoing racketeering case in Columbia, South Carolina took a strange turn today. Former lead defendant Dan Bifield and his wife Lisa, who is also a defendant in the case, appeared in court together for a two hour motion hearing. Some of that hearing was held in camera – which is the Latin phrase used to describe secret justice.

The result of the hearing was that both the Bifields have agreed to plead guilty; although Dan Bifield filed a ten-page, handwritten list of 56 “issues” he has with the case so far; and the plea agreement Lisa Bifield signed on December 27 was finally made public. It is anybody’s guess where this will lead or what implications any of this might have on future, similar cases.

Dan Bifield

Formally, what Dan Bifield did today was withdraw his motion to withdraw his guilty plea. Bifield signed a very one-sided (in favor of the prosecution) guilty plea last December 27 and pled guilty in court on January 3. After learning the details of his wife’s plea deal Dan Bifield moved to withdraw his guilty plea on grounds of prosecutorial misconduct on February 29. This morning he withdrew that motion.

The prosecution had Bifield over a barrel. A clause on page seven of Lisa’s ten page deal states: “This plea agreement is expressly contingent upon the court accepting Co-Defendant Daniel Eugene Bifield’s guilty plea to Count 2 of the Superseding Indictment.” In other words, if Dan didn’t tow the line the unscrupulous prosecutor in the case, a man named Julius N. “Jay” Richardson, promised “expressly” to hurt Lisa.

Bifield remains furious at his treatment and he is obviously trying to wrangle an appeal. There are several statements in his list of “issues” that are directed at the world at large.

One issue rebuts a statement made by FBI Agent Devon Mahoney that Dan Bifield agreed to let his wife testify against her fellow defendants. Bifield writes, “When we were at our plea agreement (conference) they allowed FBI Agent Devon Mahoney to stay in the room with us. When I asked my lawyer (Allen B. Burnside) about this because I did not want him in the room with us, we were told that whatever was said in this room could not be used against us. We were told that whatever was said had to stay in this room and could not be repeated. Well, not only did Agent Devon Mahoney make a statement concerning things said in that room. He also lied about what was said in that room. I have never approved, sanctioned or told my wife Lisa Bifield to testify against the Hells Angels, members or anybody else. Lisa Bifield or Agent Devon Mahoney never expressly told me that Lisa would have to testify against her codefendants or anybody else. I never said we were a package or any of that other stuff FBI Agent Devon Mahoney said! He is a liar.”

The first three issues in Bifield’s list describe what he is after despite what happened in court today. “(1) Dismissal of all charges against Lisa Bifield and Dan Bifield. (2) Reasons – Prosecutorial misconduct, violation of our constitutional rights, unbecoming behavior of federal law enforcement officials and cruel and unusual punishment. (3) I want all issues put into the record for appeal purposes.”

Lisa Bifield

Lisa Bifield had voided her plea deal when she refused to testify against her fellow defendants. That plea deal was modified today to allow her to remain silent. Overall, it is a draconian agreement. Her previous lawyer, a man named John Wesley Locklair, must be an idiot.

The agreement, signed six months after the first indictment and three months after a superseding indictment, makes multiple references to an “ongoing investigation.” The deal all but brags that the harsh treatment of the defendants was intended to gather the proof the prosecution needed to substantiate charges the prosecution had already made. And it stinks of the shameless bullying Mahoney and Richardson used to get their “win.”

One passage requires Lisa Bifield to agree “to submit to such polygraph examinations as may be requested by the Government and agrees that any such examinations shall be performed by a polygraph examiner selected by the Government. Defendant further agrees that her refusal to take or her failure to pass any such polygraph examination to the Government’s satisfaction will result, at the Government’s sole discretion, in the obligations of the Government within the Agreement becoming null and void.”

The government’s, or as Richardson would spell it Government’s, with a big Gee, actions in this case have been reprehensibly Stalinist. The judge in the case, Cameron McGowan Currie, has allowed Richardson to get as dirty as he wants to get his victory. The case should be retried.


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7 Responses to “Rock Hell Case Plot Twist”

  1. old & stoned Says:

    i agree Tooj, on both counts. there’s something the feds seem desperate to keep secret

  2. Junior Says:

    This whole trial’s a joke and travesty of justice; sickening. Based on the lies and intentional misleading I say forget April 11 even happened and motion to withdraw both pleas (2 seperate motions filed same day), Lisa’s and Dan’s, that way the clause:
    “This plea agreement is expressly contingent upon the court accepting Co-Defendant Daniel Eugene Bifield’s guilty plea to Count 2 of the Superseding Indictment.”
    becomes moot point and a new trial (or a dismissal) is the hopeful outcome. But I’m no Attorney, maybe an attorney can weigh in here with their $.02 -Junior

  3. Rebel Says:

    Glenn S.,

    Projectile bleat! You made me laugh.


  4. Tooj Says:

    Rebel, the reporting is not what I am going to refer to, you always give your best.

    There’s something missing here that NOBODY is talking about. The pieces aren’t fitting.

  5. Glenn S. Says:

    If some third world shithole coerced somebody to plead guilty in a way that held his wife hostage and forced both to sign away their rights, the sheep would projectile-bleat that the government should do something about the human rights violations. So where the fuck are the do-gooders when that happens here at home?

    And a polygraph test as a condition of a plea bargain!? What’s next? Pentothal? Water torture, uh, I mean waterBOARDING? What lawyer would agree to that if he was truly representing his client? (Shyster, if you’re reading this, you might understand why here in SC, lawyers are held in low esteem) The judge, defense attorney and the assistant US attorney should be disbarred, but that’ll never happen.

    We the People need a Bill of Rights.

  6. Bill Says:

    The simple cruelty of the prosecution’s game against these two is truly disgusting. Is this the best this country can offer? This is inhuman and certainly not fair. Isn’t there a document somewhere that is supposed to protect us citizens from ‘our’ government’s abuse of its power? Aren’t there any sufficiently indignant defense attorneys out there that can find a Constitutional basis for appeal in this travesty? Is this still America, or did that cute notion never mean anything at all to begin with?

  7. Paladin Says:

    Obviously, because of Mr. Bifield’s age 20 yrs.= life. The only thing Mr. Bifield can fight for, is a lesser sentence for his wife.

    At this point, I don’t see how Mr. or Mrs. Bifield can trust either the prosecutor or judge in this case. About the only thing the Bifield’s haven’t been stripped of, is their dignity. Hopefully, richardson and currie (small r&c awarded to small people) won’t be able to cheat them out of that.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


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