Where Is My Comment!!!

April 7, 2013

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About once a day, Someone contacts me to ask why I refused to publish his comment. Some guys get fairly irate about it. Some people seem a little hurt.

The Aging Rebel gets between 2,000 and 3,000 spam comments every day. The worst day the site got about 4,000 spam comments. Some spam comments look a lot like regular comments. Here are a couple of examples from the 46 spam comments that came in during the time it took to write the first two sentences of this story.

Real Live Spam

Quran (4:104) – “And be not weak hearted in pursuit of the enemy; if you suffer pain, then surely they (too) suffer pain as you suffer pain…”

Apple now has Rhapsody as an app, which is a great start, but it is currently hampered by the inability to store locally on your iPod, and has a dismal 64kbps bit rate. If this changes, then it will somewhat negate this advantage for the Zune, but the 10 songs per month will still be a big plus in Zune Pass’ favor.

The above two comments are intended to sell a little but mostly to defeat standard discussion moderation procedures. Generally, if you have commented on this site before and your comment has been approved then all your subsequent comments will be immediately approved. The above comments are intended to seem like actual comments so if I just glance at them and approve them the spammers will be able to make any comments they want in the future without my interference. Here are a couple more.

Favourite friends, when I have not asked on require anyone to mitigate, but soul is such a cruel fancy, that have to apply to looking for help. I’m in a selfsame critical locale, petition Your friends, avoid they can, how much can. I will-power be deeply thankful to You.

That last spam comment then asked readers to click on two separate links.

hello!,I love your writing very much! proportion we keep up a correspondence more approximately your article on AOL? I require a specialist in this space to resolve my problem. Maybe that is you! Looking forward to see you.

This last email then asks readers to click a link to an online store. Some spam comments are hundreds of words long and contain dozens of links to granny porn sites, international pharmacies and numerous, obvious scams.

What To Do

There are not enough hours in the day to actually examine all these comments and separate out the valid comments from the lists of links to the “best” payday loans sites. So basically, an off site robot identifies the comments that come from obvious spammers and also identifies possible spam. If your internet address is close to that of a known spammer, or if you are commenting for the first time, or from a new computer or device, or you haven’t commented for awhile, or if you are on a list that I have assembled of potentially troublesome commenters your comment goes to the “moderation queue” and stays there until I manually review and okay the comment.

The commenters whose words are routinely moderated include suspected trolls, obnoxious cops and commenters who have become a lightening rod. For example, comments by a young guy named Brandon Sharp are always moderated. Comments by three or four people who are pugnaciously unhappy with their club’s president are routinely moderated. These posters are not banned but I want to see what they are saying before they say it on this site.

Two people have been blacklisted in the last four and a half years. For example, all known aliases and Internet Protocol addresses of a man named Mike Yevtuck are listed on a “blacklist.” His comment attempts are automatically deleted. I don’t doubt he will be back but when he is his comments will first go to the moderation queue.

Your Comment

Comments and Spam are examined at least every two hours from either a mobile device or a desktop computer between approximately 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. Pacific seven days a week. Sometimes I just don’t look for hours and hours and hours – particularly if I am in the middle of the Mojave on my motorcycle, or I’m having other fun, or I’m intoxicated or asleep.

Very long comments are more difficult to check on a smart phone than very brief comments and all comments are difficult to moderate on a two inch by five inch phone. The “approve” “delete comment” and “this is spam” fields are very close together on a little phone screen. Sometimes my thumb hits delete when I wanted to touch approve. Then I have to go to a computer with a real keyboard to fix what I have done. Sometimes, your comment may sit in trash for up to ten hours.

That is why your comment was not approved. All due respect. My apologies.




30 Responses to “Where Is My Comment!!!”

  1. stroker Says:

    I’d like to add my “thank You”. I’m betting you spend an inordinate amount of time with trash and spam, even beyond what you’ve indicated above. You’re a sentinel of what’s going on in this lifestyle.
    Much love and respect.

  2. USMVMC Hacker Says:

    Thank you for all of your hard work Rebel.

  3. OilFieldTrash Says:


    I would also like to thank you for helping me keep up with what my wife is up to! She reads your site as well and the adds seem to be tailored to the person’s search history. So, if I see adds for Saks Fifth Avenue, I know what she has been up to!

    At any rate, thanks for the great site; I enjoy it quite a bit.

  4. Tricky WWB Says:

    01000110 01010101 01000011 01001011 0100000 01010100 01001000 01000101 0100000 01010010 01001111 01000010 01001111 01010100 01010011

    Hope it understands that!

    but seriously, I’ve never had a problem posting

  5. Frequent Flyer Says:

    I took one for the team.

    I clicked the “NYPD Recruit” ad a dozen times.

    Now I’m going to wash off with a scrub brush and a bottle of clorox.

  6. Bill Says:

    good to hear!

  7. sled tramp Says:

    Appreciate the words.No more trouble than usual,just the burdens of responsibility keeping me busy.And I’m ALWAYS in the wind…..

  8. Bill Says:

    sled tramp: A while back you mentioned a “sea change” in your life, and the post just above seems a chilly echo of that. Hope you can win this one, whatever it is. Don’t mean to get in your business, but you’re someone here that matters, and a lot of people who have never met you care about you.

  9. whitefxrp Says:

    sled tramp’s last but one post,
    spot on, maximum respect sir,
    some people should not be in our world if they don’t know the way to behave.
    thanks for all your unswaying effort to bring the truth in world of smoke and mirrors

  10. redwood209 Says:

    And all this time i thought it was because i am white

  11. sled tramp Says:

    Muck 1%er`
    Kickin’,screamin’ and fighting the fat lady of fate dragging my ass towards an early demise (Or at least the exit sign by the alley)
    …..Now if the world would only back off a tad….just a tad mind you….When things settle down in sled land I’ll be in touch.
    Yer friend,

  12. Vikingtrotter Says:


    Remember The Clandestine? The Irish Outlaw Biker Comedy. Started on Kick Starter?

    Well they now have a full season in the can..Its pretty funny. Much funnier than The Devil’s Ride.

  13. Muck 1%er Says:

    @ Sled Tramp

    Good to see you’re still kickin my friend

  14. SingSing Says:

    Rebel……keep doing what you are doing,.,,,what you are doing with this site is GREATER than any of our individual cogs….keep chuggin strong hermanito…

  15. sled tramp Says:

    ” Comments by three or four people who are pugnaciously unhappy with their club’s president are routinely moderated”

    Such fools are generally handled in the appropriate way.To discuss or mention club workings in any way at any level however minor is the fast track to being a slickback with a dot.There are so many clubs at so many levels of commitment that all think they’re 1%’ers it’s ridiculous but the same rules should apply.Club stuff stays in the club..You will note many of the old posters here just lurk now rather than post or have simply moved on.Just sayin’.Disgusts me no end….

  16. Tooj Says:

    Did my comment post? LOL

  17. Tooj Says:

    WELL! I NEVER! LMAO!!! Rebel, I could only hope for such public chastisement. The emails have been enough… really.

    It does get old, eh? Folks there are those who consume technology with little understanding of what they are truly doing and those that consume technology knowing what they are doing and they still don’t give a f*ck

  18. sherides Says:


    Thanks for all that you do with this site.
    Not just anyone could or would do what you do.


  19. Dirty Dingus McGee Says:

    I’m actually surprised when mine AIN’T booted into the trash folder. I guess I haven’t gone on a full blown rant here.

    But I’m sure it’ll happen sooner or later. Then I’ll have to wear the probate patch for a while(sigh’s, rolls eyes).

    Having been a moderator on a discussion board before, I’m familiar with the amount of bullshit one has to read to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    I’ll tip my hat to Rebel, for the amount of time and effort put forth.

    Put yourself in for a raise.( going to click an ad or 2, as long as it ain’t for the Scooter dealer)

  20. Snow Says:

    Utmost respect sent your way Rebel, Snow.

  21. mule Says:

    The way I see it from here. No matter who they are, you give anyone a fair shake to comment and to keep it respectful.

    To the whiners, it’s Rebel’s punch bowl, so if your getting kicked out or dismissed. Take a hint your a turd…

  22. Jason Says:

    Thanks for the hard work on this sight rebel, ithe quality is truly appreciated.

  23. Rebel Says:

    Dear Frequent Flyer,

    Don’t do this man. Don’t immitate spam. I understand your satire. The robot doesn’t.

    Other than that, thanks for commenting.


  24. Frequent Flyer Says:

    “hello!,I love your writing very much! proportion we keep up a correspondence more approximately your article on AOL? I require a specialist in this space to resolve my problem. Maybe that is you! Looking forward to see you.”

    Ha ha that made me think of Sven Hoek:



    Mike yevtuck pissing in the pool LMAO

  25. One Eye Says:

    No sweat, Rebel; if a comment of mine isn’t allowed it’s not like I’m not used to someone looking at me and saying,”no comment out of you, smart ass.”
    Thanks for all you do and providing us with thought provoking writing and poignant thoughts.

  26. Glenn S. Says:

    Your site is appreciated, Rebel, as is the time and energy you put into it. I don’t think any of us want to have to sift through the Nigerian scams and ramblings of the deluded to read the legit comments. Thanks for all you do.

  27. slycechyx Says:

    I’m glad you have the patience to weed through the spammers & keep your blog going.

    My comments have stayed in the moderation queue for a short bit & I can understand why.

  28. Gunny4Sawx Says:

    Thanks Rebel, you are dedicated to your craft and to your readers.

  29. springerman Says:

    And here all this time I thought all you had to do was write well researched articles, cover stories that no one else will and keep the masses informed ! Even a short piece about the behind the scenes mechanics of the website is informative. Thank You

  30. troyez Says:

    You don’t want to be in the moderation queue, they piss in the pool there, well Yevtuck did and the LEOs do.

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