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April 3, 2013

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Today in Australia, police are in a panic because Hells Angels are riding to the city of Darwin near the top of the country for their national run. State police have implemented something called Operation Sitara. Sitara is a Sanskrit word that refers to the planet Venus. What Operation Sitara means is that militarized police wearing body armor and carrying military style weapons are stopping every motorcyclist crossing into the Northern Territory and offering them courtesy safety checks.

Commander Wayne Harris, the police genius in charge of Operation Sitara, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation yesterday, “They check out the individuals as they arrive…just making sure everything is compliant law-wise as they arrive in the Northern Territory.” Harris also said, “outlaw motorcycle gangs” trouble him because they are “involved in extortion, murders, stealing and drugs.”

Police have estimated that 200 Angels are riding to the national run. The Northern Territory News reported this morning that a pack of 150 Hells Angels are headed for Darwin on the Stuart Highway – an 1800 mile long road that crosses the continent from south to north. The run officially begins April 5. The News reported Monday that “swarms” of police would be riding along with the patch holders. The News also reported in the same story that six Red Devils had just crossed into the Northern Territory from the state of South Australia. Maybe it was a slow news day.

Beer Ban

In order to thoroughly ruin the bikers vacation, the Northern Territory will institute an emergency “beer ban.” The ban forbids bars from selling alcohol to anyone wearing club colors. The ban will be in effect from April 5 through April 11. Apparently, the ban will be enforced by police who have vowed to follow “the Hells Angels for the whole time they are in the NT.”

A state politician named David Tollner has proposed that the ban be made permanent. Tollner didn’t say who would enforce the ban. One Australian news source speculated, “The move could see young backpackers trying to throw bikies out of pubs.”

Matthew Gardiner, an official with the Liquor Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers Union said the proposed ban would put “people in confrontational positions for no real reason.”


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23 Responses to “Biker Beer Ban”

  1. stroker Says:

    Thanks. About what I expected.

  2. Tricky WWB Says:

    ban beer? 81 will just bring a truck load along with them. all you do is ruin the chance for the local economy to take some profit out of the situation

  3. 10guage Says:


    It went off as expected and un eventful…except to try and blow up a small bar fight between two mutual combatants into a semi big deal….These little political ploys have been going on for decades in mant different states, provinces, countries, and continents to absolutely no net effect…It was more about some politicians letting their consticuancies and other politicians and piggy backers know how badass they think they are….turns out many locals want to know why SO MUCH FUCKING MONEY was spent following bikies around and trying to fuck up their BBQs.

    Get up and get down 911 is a joke in your town…FUCK THE POLICE

  4. stroker Says:

    So………’d their run go? Anybody heard?

  5. Tim D. Says:

    10 guage,LMFAO!!!! LOL!!! that was good!!! LOL!!!

  6. Tim D. Says:

    10guage….. LMFAO!!!!! LOL!!!! poor statutory steve and slick sam the con man!!! LOL,LOL…

  7. Tim D. Says:

    10guage…… LMFAO!!!!! LOL, Man that was good!!! man poor statutory steve, and slick sam the con man!!! LOL!!!

  8. BrianF Says:

    Your analysis is spot on.

  9. Tooj Says:

    How low can you stoop, but to take the liquid bread from a man’s table?

  10. Tim D Says:

    fucken commies!!!! no beer???? there gotta be a way to sue, stoping them for safty checks, commies!!!!! how in the fuck do these pigs know when they are rolling? and where they are rolling? change the date, another way, buy the booze ahead of time, and go to a place where the booze will be,man, I hope that crap doesnt happen here in the U.S. L&R to HA in Australia, I hope you all find a way around this crap your going thru, Tim D.

  11. 10guage Says:

    With the 25 check points and random stops they will be facing…packs won’t stop to party until the day is through we’re there will be PLENTY of libations…’s not like the 60s, 70s, and even 80s anymore….even for the most part here depending on we’re you are going…So this political thing is just really about not being NICE to those bad Bikie blokes…Well FUCK YOU…you never liked us

    AND Frankly this really reminds me…

    of the change in attitude and focus if you will, that happened in Northern California in the mid to late 1990s…Places we used to ride and bars that were forgotten in time and left alone for years to be self policed by Bar tenders, scooter tramps, day laborers, ranch hands, hustlers, local tough guys, drunks, and hill people started being actively patrolled….Turns out the motorcycle craze that saved Harley shook things up to say the least.

    Especially after Joe Jimbo the Neighbor wandered in there with his “bros” after “a pack ride” from the gated communit y nomito gaze at their pristine Heritages….problem is as smart as these people are in “their” circles and as seemingly monetarily successful as they are…they just lack common sense…for example the stools along the back side of the bar facing the front door, two steps from the back door with a perfect view of the curb out front and the parking lot in the rear, ARE TAKEN..even when currently empty….These belong to scooter people who either don’t have a prospect with them or independents who many have fought for the right to be able to enjoy their libations and still see who is coming ang going, have a quick way to leave if need be, and be able to keep one eye on their chronically uninsured motor scooter… when Jimbo the Bad ass dentist decides he wants to “sit here its a free country Bro!” Things don’t go so good…for him and his venears……and there was lots of Jimbos….

    Not to mention Statutory Steve, his sloppy drunk buddy from College, who hates his life, and his wife, and his kids, and buys a factory custom before they were even called that, just so he can sneak a blow job from any hard belly at the bar who’s drunk enough and half willing to do it….problem is….he asks your ol lady or the bartender you have known for 15 years. Obviously this does not end well for old Statutory Steve.

    Ahhh I would be remiss if I did not bring up Slick Sam the Con Man…Always the life of the party and fancies himself as one bad ” Nine ball shooting” Peacock!! All because he grew up playing pool in his parents basement and watching it on TV….Of course he doesn’t realize we have all been playing pool for beer and weed money in bars and pool halls our whole lives! And we learned young, if you really are good enough to hustle money off someone th last thing you want to do is draw attention to yourself by dressing like a Pimp. But Sam has the sort of cocky false bravado and arrogance that only comes from being raised without ever being hungry or beaten, or worried over losing….not a baseball game, but really losing or failing…the kind of cocky that comes from living life with a safety net….But because of this he doesnt pick up on the suttle things that happen before things go bad…like the women leaving or conversations shifting, or the bartender trying to get the glassware off the bar or any other of the things that makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck when youve gone through life knowing that loosing means prison or 90 in county at the least, or the hospital or the morgue….But Slick Sam still thinks he is living a Sammy Hagar video, and he does just love his Cabo Wabo …One shot! Two shots!! Three shots woo !!! Mas tequila …..and when he steps on his dick or Earl, the local tow truck driver’s toes, and is then suddenly living a Lynard Skynard video…gimmee three steps…gimmee three steps mister…Only then does he realize much too late, that although his teal ostrich boots do match his teal custom ostrich seat perfectly….they are not at all practical… this stupid fucker only makes it to the stop sign and is trying to use his feet as out rigors dropping his 50,000 dollar Fat Boy painted canary yellow with a rock n roll Taxi theme….

    And I haven’t even said anything about Tough Man Todd who has been taking Muay Thai and claims to be a black belt in karate. Funny thing about Tough Man Todd is..he doesn’t ” talk shit” ever but his six buddies do constantly …. Which in our world is the me you can stomp my ass and you don’t shut him the fuck up and bloody his face I’m comin after all of you…That’s just how it is

    If these guys sound familiar??? It’s because they came out the woodwork with the Evo…and again.but we have adapted we always adapt….

    I have heard tell of prospects getting the attention of a Sheriff posted up in front of one of these establishments by sneaking a metal folding chair out of that bar down the alley to another bar and throwing it down the back hallway…or into the basement….They scream……He leaves…they leave.

    Even various cautious bikers who split at shift chage.

    Or even vary concerned citizens who make sure and report any suspicious activity that they might encounter even if it is all the way on the other side of town

    So many ways to skin a cat

  12. Thump Says:

    There is a great Australian TV series that you can find on Youtube. It’s called ‘Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms’. In six episodes it tells the story of the beginning of the Comancheros Club in the late 60’s and the break away chapter that patched over to the Bandidos. It ends with a bloody battle in the 80’s. This is in no way anything like the LEO propaganda shit we see in the land of the free. It tells the story from a club perspective without some superhero undercover pig tryin to take down the evil criminal biker [email protected] It’s about guys who like to ride bikes and demand respect. It presents the club as a club and not a criminal enterprise. Check it out.

    Too bad the powers that be down under are trying to do everything they can right now to destroy the clubs. They have been tryin out every new wacky law they can to crush these men and haven’t been very successful. Now they expect these bars to act as police and kick out their own customers. I guess if they can’t pit one club against another to start trouble they’ll try and get bartenders to fight the clubs. Pathetic.

  13. MikezinNC Says:

    Not to mention, beer is a staple in most countries, especially Australia. Kids drink it, they drink it with lunch, ect… This is crazy man… World is going to hell! And not in a good way.

  14. Rashomon Says:

    The Northern Territory is ~520,000 square miles of pretty much nothing. According to, it’s currently 93 degrees there (and humid as hell) so a bunch of cops running around in body armor etc. is just plain stupid and most locals would do nothing more than laugh at them.

    Assuming the riders were being followed by a crash car, all they’d do is pick up a few cases of beer and sit in the shade and drink which is pretty much the national pastime anyhow. I’m not sure it’s quite as bad as it sounds – just a bunch of stupid cops playing silly buggers and trying to gather some intelligence.

  15. PigPen Says:

    LMAO @10guage. nicely done sir.

  16. Glenn S. Says:

    Maybe some people opposed to the police state that live along that road would offer the hospitality of their property and make a run to the store so the club members could stop for a beer along the way. Maybe some of the locals, including the local young women, might be invited as well, so that a general welcome could be extended to the guys on the run, thus flipping the bird at law enforcement.

    I guess this comment will go in the moderation box. I changed my e-mail. AT&T’s service sucked, and the nice lady in the condo next to mine lets me tamp into her fast top-of-the-line internet service for a small fee.

  17. Phuquehed Says:

    It can’t possibly be happening in Australia. They’re supposed to be a democratic nation there, with freedoms almost akin to ours here in the states. I am positive someone got the story mixed up with something happening in North Korea or China since those countries (and the others like them) are the kind who one *EXPECTS* this kind of barbaric treatment and show of how afraid they are of nothing.

    I’m sure glad I visited Oz (at the time it seemed like a one dog town called Geraldton) back in ’81 when the country still was run by people with balls and the citizens told those running it how it was supposed to be done, not vice-versa like it is now.

    Fuck you Australian pigs, you bunch of fucking pussies.

  18. slycechyx Says:

    Funny they call the stops “safety checks” like they give a shit about how safe the bikes are. Just another harrassment ploy & those that have already posted, they are hurting the local economy & the locals will notice that.

  19. 10guage Says:

    On a positive note…Jack Daniels sales went up 1200%

  20. Pig Says:

    Horseshit! Horseshit! Horseshit! See? This is what happens when you let them take your guns. Then they can do whatever the fuck they want! If I’m a proprietor and I want to sell alcohol to other adults, making rules or legislation banning me from doing so is nothing but pure despotism. If they have the authority to create and enforce arbitrary rules such as this, then they have the power to rule the people. Hell it’s already happening here!

    “Those who hammer their guns into plows, will plow for those who don’t. “

  21. stroker Says:

    @Sin Cal
    not to mention what it’s costing the people of Australia, so the police in their super-hero swat outfits can play bad-ass shadowing the HA.
    (The mental picture that comes to mind is like something outta Mad Max,
    with the 81 running true and strong heading north, and bands of marauding LEOs in blacked out SWAT vehicles sucked along behind, to the side and ahead, like armed to-the-teeth remora, daring the bikies to even look at them)
    The losers here are the local economy and the government budget for the OT (read people’s money) that the cops must be paid.
    The winners are probably the gas stations. Cops and HA both need gas!
    I’m betting the Red & White will find a way to party on anyway.

  22. Whitepride Says:

    Fucking Nazis!!!

  23. Sin cal Says:

    All this is really doing is hurting the local economy I’m sure that all the pubs and other establishments that serve beer will be upset.

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