Prescott Cover Up Continues

March 27, 2013

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More than three months after the fact the Arizona Department of Public Safety has still not released its long awaited report on a cop motorcycle club riot in Prescott last December 22. When the DPS began its investigation last year, it promised to issue a report in March.

What happened last December is straightforward. An unknown number, but greater than a score, of members of the Iron Brotherhood Motorcycle Club were drunk, disorderly and belligerent in the historic Whiskey Row section of Prescott. The club members flaunted their police powers and displayed both patches and badges simultaneously. Three of the revelers were high ranking local policemen. They were Prescott Deputy Police Chief Andy Reinhardt, Prescott Valley Police Chief Bill Fessler and Prescott Area Narcotics Taskforce Commander William “Mongo” Suttle.

About 10:40 p.m. in Moctezuma’s Bar an inebriated young man named Justin Stafford asked Chief Fessler about his patch and was immediately attacked by several members of the Iron Brotherhood. One patch holder, a Homeland Security Officer whose name on the road is “Top Gun” broke Stafford’s nose. Top Gun, who works at the Homeland Security office at 410 North Malacate Street in Ajo, Arizona, then fled to his hotel, which has already been established to have been the Hotel St. Michael’s. Since then he has successfully eluded the short reach of the DPS. According to a statement made by Mongo Suttle to Prescott police shortly after the assault Reinhardt was there and Suttle told him to go home before the cops showed up. During its long investigation, the Arizona DPS has issued a statement that, “Chief Reinhardt was not in the bar at the time of the incident.”

All of this is already public information and most of it has been reported by the Prescott Daily Courier.


Suttle was placed on paid administrative leave on February 21 and he and a previously unnamed member of the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, Captain Marc Schmidt, resigned from their jobs on March 17. A Sheriff’s Office spokesman named Dwight D’Evelyn announced the resignations and said he “did not know” why either man resigned. Last Friday, D’Evelyn said Suttle was still being paid. The Associated Press reported that Suttle intended to retire.

Fessler finally quit his job on March 18. The day he resigned he issued a statement that read: “It has been an honor and privilege to have served the citizens of Prescott Valley and been involved in building a police department over the last 23 years. Because of the controversy associated with the events of December 22, I feel compelled for the good of the agency and of the Town to take this time to examine my career and choose to retire from the Town of Prescott Valley. I am proud of my service record as a professional police officer with the Town.”

Reinhardt is still on the job. The Arizona DPS is still investigating.



18 Responses to “Prescott Cover Up Continues”

  1. Steve H. Says:

    Rebel: I tried to foreward an article vis e-mail but it will not recognize your e addy. So if you are in terested in some more info check out Prescott E News. They have the unredacted reports from Cops in Prescott that investigated the IB.

  2. Grumbler Says:

    The Daily Courier – 4/18/2013 9:55:00 PM
    New Prescott police chief tackles tough issues: Monahan talks about Iron Brotherhood …

  3. VINCE 1%er Says:

    GUTLESS Scumbag COWARDS One & All (soft assed pot metal fake fucking badge carrying BULLY Sissy ASS Bitch Faggot PUNKS). I’d have cleaned a clock or 2 if it were ME being attacked by such a soft bunch of BULLY PIG Motherfuckers.Been there,done time for it & FREE & PROUD Now and I NEVER Look back(just Forward).

  4. Glenn S. Says:

    Erudite Hillbilly said: “If only the sheep realized that the “sheepdogs” are nothing more than un-restrained mutts that the farmers aren’t willing to control or put down.”

    “Bleeting and babbling we fell on his neck with a scream.
    Wave upon wave of demented avengers marched cheerfully out of obscurity into a dream.
    Did you hear the news?
    The dogs are dead…”

    Pink Floyd

  5. Danny G Says:

    These guys are a joke. There riding the coat tail of the real mc’s. Im sure it would be a different story if there were an actual mc there,but im sure thats why they were there and not a place where 1%ers hang out. Im sure TOP GUN is the TOP GUN during a circle jerk. You cops are CHUMPS and thats all there is to it. Wanna be bad asses. You fuck with the public,dress up as tough guys and beat up kids. Thats awsome. Way to go copper. And these are the people that say mc,s are corupt. You cops are just mad you couldnt hack it.

  6. Frequent Flyer Says:

    Prescott is a micro speck.

    The federal pigs “homeland” I spit having to say that “security” I vomit having to say that has purchased WITH YOUR MONEY 200 billion rounds of ammunition and our congress doesn’t have the balls to ask why.

    People, shit is hitting the fan real soon. And 1%ers YOU HAVE A CHANCE to win— but stop KILLING EACH OTHER.

    You have a mutual enemy. PLEASE. Please. Stop killing each other.

  7. BigV Says:

    Junior: Well-fucking-said.

  8. madman Says:

    “top gun fled” in true pig fashion didnt have the balls to stand and take the consequences for his actions aint everybody can sucker punch a kid and be called top gun,maybe they shouldve cuffed the kid first…bunch of fuckin goofs,their about as hard as a soup sandwich

  9. Junior Says:

    It takes a special type of unproductive, power hungry leech to become a drain upon society at large (cop). -Junior

  10. Erudite Hillbilly Says:

    Very well stated Glenn S. If only the sheep realized that the “sheepdogs” are nothing more than un-restrained mutts that the farmers aren’t willing to control or put down.

  11. Glenn S. Says:

    It helps my blood pressure to realize that law enforcement is not the protector of society that it claims to be. Take that incorrect assumption out of the mix and what you have are a bunch of weak assholes with a lot of expensive toys and good PR enforcing the will of the most corrupt entities (the present American political cartels) ever known to man. There is no high and noble purpose, no real courage, no sacrificing oneself for the sake of love for humanity, just a bunch of children playing with guns, secure in the knowledge that mommy and daddy won’t punish them when they shoot the family pet.

    The law itself is no high minded endeavor, just the demands of a bunch of manipulative puppets that somehow convinced an easily manipulated, dumbed-down citizenry to allow them to represent the real power in once noble councils. The real power just wants to restore a feudal system where the average American is a serf, either by choice or in some form of prison.

    To paraphrase George W. Bush, they hate us for our freedom.

  12. One Eye Says:

    Posers. This is both disgusting and pathetic on every level. For all the cops who stop by this board and comment: Maybe you should read the duplicity of this entire event and spare us the holier-than-thou bullshit. Flashing patches and badges; go ahead explain to us the egalitarianism of the law and refute the “laws for them and the laws for us” mentality. Played biker and it went sideways and then retire to a nice cushy pension. Fucking cowards and hypocrites, but hey, at least you have a Top Gun on your team.

  13. Sydney Says:

    I have seen the cops in Mohave county raid houses of “known associates” of other clubs for less then what the IBMC did. The cops around here are some of the most arrogant crooked asshats in the world. One of our city employees was fired because her husband belongs to a local club. I have dug through all of the facts on that particular case and its all crap. She was fired just after Christmas and the local news around here still hasn’t reported it. I have asked our local editor about it and they said the city will not comment on an ongoing case. That shouldn’t stop them from reporting that she was fired and including what her letter of termination from the city said. But, I have noticed that the State of Arizona is ass backwards. Law Enforcement and other government officials directly control any news that is reported in this state and it seems the only thing they are interested in reporting is how horrible the big, bad bikers are…but, only if they’re part of a REAL club. The LEO clubs in AZ will always get a free pass.

  14. bones Says:

    these cops-wannabe,i’m not sure what,are the real “outlaws”
    no offense to ciggarettes.

  15. calexpat Says:

    Holy jeebus, never comment via your cell phone! Lady justice is a bag whore is what it should have read, unprescribed drugs, the winding was supposed to be while. But hey I think ya’ll get the point. Anylytic was supposed to be about…sigh…

  16. Sneaks Says:

    What a warped sense of equality exists in our country. That the powers that be feel the public should be satisfied, merely with a few of these officers being forced into semi retirement , is shameful. We deserve better

  17. calexpat Says:

    And after all of this time, no 4am flasbang, tear gas dog killing by bearcat riding masked intruders? Shocking!

    Seems to me this is a CLEAR case of RICO violations; conspiracy before and after the fact, obstruction assault under the color of the law, probably federal telephonic violstions, possible interstate violations. I am sure that should the homes, shops and offices of the member of the RUSTED SISTERHOOD be inspected there would ne a plethora of in prescribed narcotics, in accounted for funds etc…

    Unfortunately, Lady Justice has been subverted and turned into a bag white to be exploited and turned out by the “Law and Order” machine.

    So rather than WaMu.g up in a 9×5 thee ass hats will be gathered around their bbq’s swilling ice colds and telling exaggerated stories analytic what billy bad asses they are.

    Sigh, I dispair for the future of the American ideal.

    Ok off my soap box and background to rewiring some tweekers attempt at being a mechanic. But hey it pays the rent!


  18. WARTHOG Says:

    Douchebags. Well, looks like we got our answer on the smoker challenge. Hopefully they disband at the very least.




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